Twinks fuck their tight assholes

Twinks fuck their tight assholes
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So, Dee came home from the weekend at Dottie's, she looked like she had a good time. I asked her"Did you have fun?",all she would say was "It was different." When it was time to go to bed I was horny, I had not fucked Dee in over a week and I was ready !


When she finally came to bed, she was wearing a tee shirt, and as I started feeling up her tits, I felt the nipple rings. What is this? Oh, those are something Dottie dared me to get, I was drunk, and well there they are.

I loved them I tugged her nipples and it definitely was a turn on for her. Is there any other additional additions? Well, just one. Dee spread her pussy and there was a piece of gold peeking through her thick bush.

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Wow! You got your clit pierced ? Yea, I woke up and their it was? That is quite a weekend for someone who won't even let me fuck her in the ass!

I've been thinking about that…would you want to try that now? Well, hell yes, I flipped her over raised he hips up and sunk my cock in her ass clear to my balls ! She didn't even flinch! Fuck me baby, fuck be hard ! That was no problem,in a few minutes my hot cum was filling her hairy asshole.

I was amazed, that was the best sex we had in the last 20 years, and I would soon find out that was just the beginning. The week rolled around, and I fucked Dee in just about every position I could imagine.

There was one difference, Dee had suddenly liked "rough" sex, the rougher the better, twisting, probing,pain, she was a "new" woman and I liked it. Thursday came ,and when I got home Dee told me,"Dottie called she wants a few of us to go to a crafts show this weekend, is that OK" Yeas ,I have to work this weekend anyway, it will give you something to do.

Saturday morning rolled around I got up, to go to work, I'm leaving, have fun! OK, Dee said,I'm sure I will.

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Dee got into the car and drove the half hour to Dottie's house. When she got there there was a few cars already there.

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Dottie came out to meet her,"Hi baby!" She then gave her a deep kiss her tongue washing the inside of her mouth. She put her arm around her waste. Girls this is Dee. Dee, this is Livvy,Jenny,Dawn, and the cute little thing on the floor is Dana.

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You and Dana will get to know each other really well thi s weekend.Livvy was a redhead, with a small waist and huge tits.Jenny was a curly haired brunette, with big tits, and a little on the chubby side.Dawn was a Viking princess, big tits and long blond hair.Go ahead an kiss Dana,said Livvy she is mine and needs to be welcomed !

Dee walked over to Dana, and kissed her on the cheek! Dottie slapped Dee's ass,Kiss her bitch she's family !

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Dee then pressed her lips to Dana's and slipped her tongue until it was meet with Dana's. That's more like it baby! Well, the weekend is short, what do we want to do first ? Livvy say's I want to play with your bitch Dottie! Is she really a redhead? O yes Livvy,You can have her use the upstairs bedroom, I think you like that one. Come on my little cunt, Livvy said as she grabbed Dee by the hand and headed up the stairs.

When they got to the room, and opened the door there was an iron rail bed with iron rails for a head board. Livvy pull ed Dee into the room pulled the door shut, and immedialy pushed Dee against the door grabbed a handful of Dee's tit and thrust her tongue down Dee's throat! Dee wrapped her arms around Livvy's back and offered her mouth to be tongue fucked, and Livvy obliged. Livvy threw Dee on the bed and stood in front of her,"Undress me." Livvy was wearing jeans with boots, and a pull over sweater with a scarf.

Lookin anything but a dyke. Come on, we don't have all night ! Dee took of her scarf and lifted the sweater from the bottom,she exposed skin that was alabaster covered in freckles, and tits that were even bigger than Dottie's. The bra baby, take it off.

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Dee, reached around the back and released the snaps, and Livvy shrugged her shoulders dropping the bras to the floor. Like them baby? What is there NOT to like said Dee? Her it is we 44DDD, with half dollar sized aereolas and stiff nipples. I have a special treat for you baby, but finish undressing me first. Dee sat Livvy down on the bead, removes her boots,unsnapped her jeans, and slipped them off exposing a lace G string with a very thick bush sticking out around it in every direction.

Now you baby, strip for me !

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Dee, began with her top and bra. Dottie wasn't lying you have great tits, and baby don't worry about being a little chubby, I like meat ! The Dee removed her pans leaving her underwear on. No,no baby off with the undies, I like to see what I'm about to eat.

Dee, removed her underwear exposing her hairy pussy.

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Ummm, I do love a hairy pussy.Lay down baby. As Dee lay down Livvy climbed on her straddling Dee's thighs, with hers, rubbing their tits against one another,stimulating Livvy's tits.

I'm sorry baby, when I get stimulated I lactate, just lick it up and suck on my tits it will stop and give you a treat. Dee latched her lips around Livvy's tit a sucked the rich baby milk down her throat. As she did that Livvy, slipped a hand down through Dee's bush, grabbed a handful and tugged up causing Dee to become unlatched. Keep sucking my little slut, there is a lot to come !

Finally,Livvy had enough and said ," OK my little slut roll over and put that gorgeous ass of your in the air". Dee did as she was told, and could hear Livvy rustling around in the room behind her.


Suddenly she felt the cold, slimey lube being applied to her ass and pussy.What a pretty brown asshole you have, I don't know whether to eat it or fuck it ?

I think fuck it ,and with that Dee felt her asshole being probed by something.