Eight Beautiful Soles Being Teased Up Close

Eight Beautiful Soles Being Teased Up Close
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Long ago there was a primitive country named Tonk barbaric activities were on a massive scale there especially for female natives. When they won any battle he captured all girls of conquered region and distributed them to nobles of the capital.

One of the richest and most powerful noble Divnoor was a sadist he loved torturing, tormenting and killing females. Once after invading a country numbers of female prisoners were bought in the town center all girls were allotted and on the highest bid by Divnoor made him the owner of me.First Meet.I was in chains in the cold prison where they kept me after invading my country.

I was wondering about what will happen next. Suddenly prison door opened and two guards dragged me outside towards a fat man sitting on a chair and stepped back He the fat man stood and barely skimmed my body. I screamed and shivered in pain and tried to remove is hand from my tit flesh he enraged on my stepping back and pulled my body towards him by painfully pulling my tit with his hard hands as I was new to this treatment and pain I cried with tears flooding from my eyes.

This made him angrier. He punched hard in my belly I felt on floor by his thrash then he kicked in my vagina mercilessly to deliver more pain.


In pain I cried �please have mercy on me and free me please �he laughed and said �don�t expect any mercy you�re my asset now and another cry or plead will rip your body� and ordered guards to get me in wagon.In Wagon.The guards picked me up and threw me in a wagon two men were already there they taped my mouth and tied me to the rough wooden bench.

I tried to scream but tape on my lips was not allowing me to. One of them ripped my top exposing my young mid size soft tits .I was powerless to stop them. After many breathless moments I felt one of hem�s fingers begin grazing my soft nipples lightly pulling and pinching my nipples my head began to spin �the feeling was so gentle, arousing.

Soon he went from gently tugging and pulling my nipples to twisting them and pulling them roughly. He tugged and pulled them harder and harder this pain full session continued for at least ten minutes leaving marks on my tits.

I gasped no one has ever touched my tits with such wicked cruelty. Other came next to my whipped body with injections in his hand.

He injected the liquid in my nipples and without saying anything both left the wagon. After sometime a huge pain struck my body and marks started vanishing after almost an hour my body was clear again. I was just thinking �why this is happening to me? What will happen next to me?

�Divnoor my owner sadist entered�.Owned.And notified me that �if u put any barrier or scream during my procedure you will experience hell� and then removed the tape from my lips. I felt the cold sting of freezing metal on my nipples I cried out in pain and he laughed. The pain in my nipples was both terrible and exquisite at the same time.

The pain that shot through my sensitive, swelling nipples the more my pussy began to throb with a need I�d never felt before. The pain was so intense and I could feel my poor, helpless buds swelling and hardening I have never felt before. Just when I thought I couldn�t take anymore, he pulled the clamps causing them to bite over my nipples.

Then he Punched and pinched my tits harder and harder until my nipples bled and developed cracks on them the pain I experienced needed no words. I was so stunned at what had happened to me that I couldn�t move for a moment. I felt him rolling a prickly metal wheel over my flushed skin, concentrating the points over my aching nipples. Around and over my areolas and the tips of my nipples he rolled that devilish thing and I arched my back to escape that horrible pain but it only made him laugh and continue his deviant torture.

After a few minutes, I felt something rough and scratchy close over my nipples-the clothespins! They clamped down so hard on my abused flesh, I whimpered miserably he placed the pins all over my breasts and moved his hand back and forth to create a wave after wave of pain across my most sensitive parts.


The pain in my nipples and tits was so intense that I didn�t think that I could stand a chance. As he pinched the tips of my nipples that were protruding from the pins pain was threefold. After a few minutes he ripped the clothespins from my abraded breasts and nipples and pain came yet again violently and unexpectedly. I was thinking if this is heaven? What will be hell? Suddenly He forcefully inserted a rod like machine in my vagina through my hymen i.e. breaking it.

But I managed to keep from scream in pain but I couldn�t stop from crying in tears then he untied me after inserting a hook through my nipple and dragged me nude by pulling harshly by the hook inserted through my nipple tearing it then he attached a rope to the hook and tied me to a pole by my right tit.Rape.Divnoor told his guards at least 50 in number pointing at me to enjoy.

Then they one by one pumped in and out me mercilessly like wild animals while slapping my tits and roughly pulling my abused nipples even when I cried to in pain. This continued for the whole night it was like a horror night which left me with blood stains on my body, pain, bite marks on tits and a belly full of cum this destroyed my vagina and its fertility after a whole night of screaming in pain I was not even I a position to utter a word.

I was treated as a fuck toy made of meat. Next day I was carried to cottage where guards made me bath cleaned my soft young beautiful body dressed me, fed me good food and made me sleep on a good bed but pain still persisted so they injected large quantities of alcohol into me, then I collapsed from pain and exhaustion.Milky.The liquid they injected in my tits resulted in formation of lactation properties in them.

Every day they left a huge basket in my room I was ordered to fill it with my milk by pressing pulling thrashing my tits myself this was to inflict pain myself to my tits. One day I failed to fill the basket only a small quantity was left. Then they extracted blood through my tits to cover the quantities. This continued for months.

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But the time period healed my body Pain day.One day Divnoor entered the room and ripped her bra. Taking her left breast in his hands, he held it up and inspected it closely. Then slapped hard on it. Then he pulled her breast up roughly and forced the tit into her mouth; and ordered her to hold it in her mouth by biting her nipple for holding it up, and started spanking tit with a ruler and turned the pale white skin of her breast red until he got tired of hitting her.

A few tears escaped her eyes. This enraged him so; he once again tied her hands around her back and took two leather straps after slowly soaking them in water. He knew that when leather dries it shrinks and tightens up on itself. Divnoor took one of the strap and wrapped it around brunette�s right tit around the base. He did the same the other side.

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The brunette stood there with the leather straps around her tits. Both her nipples sticking out invitingly.

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At this time a long pole about 6 feet in length is laid across her. One of the guards hits her across the back of her legs sending her to the ground shrieking.

Her legs are next tied to pole as far apart as possible at the ankles and the pole is lifted up by a rope on both ends. She is now on her back on the ground her body on a 45 degree incline with her legs spread apart and her naked cunt lips open and glittering in the sun. She is no realizing that her tits are beginning to hurt like hell from the straps tightening. They are actually turning blue. Without her noticing Divnoor picked up a cane and begin beating the brunette on her cunt lips.

Whack� whack� with each whip of the cane the brunette contorted her body in every direction and screamed to the top of her lungs but the pole was secured in its place by two other guards keeping it from twisting itself.

After 15 minutes of this, the canning stopped and the brunette laid there with her legs in the air and her hairless cunt bruised with welts. Rivulets of blood pooling at her asshole. Quickly a rope was thrown up and over other branch of the tree. This rope separated to a �V� at the end with two small steel hooks. The hooks were placed under the leather straps which were now tight around her tits and with a slow steady pull on the other end she was lifted off the ground by her tits.

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She was screaming but trying not to contort anymore as she realized that her tits could sever completely off under the force of her weight. Then the sadist Divnoor started punching, kicking and whipping her for 10 to 20 minutes when he got tired of beating the poor girl asked the guard to untie her and send her back to her room and the guard followed.Heal To Peel.For three months I was left alone locked in the room with bathroom to heal and made me available with good food and clothes.

But every night Divnoor emptied his balls in me and left.

One morning when I awoke, she found herself pilloried at the market cross. In the wee hours of morning�s breath, two guards unchained me, from my shackles and led me to a raised Dias erected the previous day.

My head shook with fright before I reached the platform, what little clothing I wore was removed from me. For those men who had looked upon my beauty the day before could not remove their gaze from my lovely body. Most were looking forward to the event as there hadn�t been a good execution for as long as anyone could remember.It was almost time.

I was strapped down to a cold stone slab. My wrists were tied together to eyelets above my head. A rope was tied around each my lovely ankles and was then itself connected to a pulley above.

As the rope was pulled my legs were cruelly raised above me. The crowd became silent in anticipation of the first of many events. The guard was holding a poker over his fire, hammering its tip against his anvil. The tip was glowing with such intensity that one could not look upon it for the light.

As the guar came towards my helpless body. The rope was pulled higher, bringing my legs far above my body. I was lying defenseless upon the Dias. I could feel my nakedness and eyes of hushed crowd on me.

I knew that these hungry eyes will devour me long.


As my legs and buttocks were spread apart, I felt the fear and humiliation of this event. I braced myself for the certain pain that was just moments away. Even before the poker was applied I began to cry with fear and rage.

The rage of being helpless, powerless to stop this from happening. Then the deed of the day made itself known to me. It was the pain my mind could have never conjured up in a million years.

The sharp and searing heat of this poker entering my delicate anus. Just inches away I could sense the pain, once applied it became threefold.As the iron was inserted, the screams of mine bellowed above the cheering of the crowd. The guard enjoyed his role, he enjoyed the complete control he had over my body and he knew how to use it. As he retracted the still hot iron from me. My cries could be heard throughout the town despite the noise now being made from the crowd.

I thought I would die from the pain alone and almost prayed I would. As the poker entered my body a wave of in describable pain, more intense than anyone could imagine seized me.

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I felt as my belly was going to explode from the intense heat and as the poker was removed. I could smell and feel my own flesh burning as the iron was withdrawn, then he thrust into me third time before finally removing it for good.

His hands were full with my blood. Even as he stood, facing the crowd with the poker raised above his head. And I lay nude upon the stone slab for all to see.Slowly the men at the ropes lowered my legs while another torturer approached me and brought with it a horse with a rope, the man wrapped my left tit and the other end of the rope was fastened to the horse. Tears streamed down my face.

The length of the rope was long enough for the horse to gain speed needed for removal of my tit. Finally, the signal was given. The horse galloped off at top speed and in matter of moments a scream could be heard among the on lookers and my tit was savagely torn from my screaming body bloody pieces of met were hanging from my breast. Then I heard voice calling on me it was my maid then I realized that all my body is intact and it was just a horror dream.