Big Dick POV Blowjob Russian Teen and Doggystyle

Big Dick POV Blowjob Russian Teen and Doggystyle
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Hey, this is my first story, I hope you guys like it.

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I hope that this story is well received, in which case, there will be a part 2 (and maybe more). It all happened the summer before my 16th birthday at a 3-month summer camp (more of a classroom setting thing, but it had a lot more outdoor stuff). It was kind of fun actually; I made a lot of friends and stuff, but that's not what made that summer special. There was always this girl that sat a few chairs away during the class sessions.

Her name was Stephanie, and she was freaking gorgeous. She was about 5' 6", with this beautiful black hair that flowed down to her shoulders. Her smile was amazing, but not many noticed, because she didn't seem to talk much. I've had lot of girls flirt with me before, but nothing really serious had ever happened before.

Anyway, I often caught her staring at me, and when I did, she always did this turn-away-and-blush thing. Every day, we were let out for two hours just so we could get out of that damn classroom. It was scorching hot outside, so naturally, I run for the lake that was nearby. A few other kids went, but that day, it seemed nobody went for a swim. I had never skinny-dipped before, but I figured it was okay, since no one was around. I had never given that much thought to my body, but my weight never seemed to reach past 130.

Thankfully, even at that age, I had been blessed with an eight-inch cock. I was a pretty horny guy, but like I said, nothing ever serious ever happened before. About 10 minutes in, someone must've jumped in the lake while I was underwater, 'cause I saw clothes on the dock, but I had heard nothing. And holy shit, there she was, the most beautiful girl in my class. She had also taken off all her clothes, which meant that her beautiful and exposed body was a few yards away from mine.

When she saw me, instead of screaming or something, she just laughed like this was the funniest thing that ever happened. "Hey, Andy!

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", she shouted. "…This is kinda weird, huh?" she quickly blurted. I knew it would be rude to swim toward her, besides, I probably would've been too damn shocked by the turn of events to do anything so bold anyway.

"Hi, Stephanie! I guess you thought it was pretty hot too, huh?" I guess something was lost in translation, 'cause she thought I said that she was hot, which she definitely was. She kinda had this strange look on her face.

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After a few seconds, when she realized what I meant to say, she laughed in that beautiful voice and swam over to me. 'Holy shit, she's coming this way' is the thought that was racing through my mind like 5 times through my head while she slowly swam over to me. When she came close enough, I couldn't stop these horny thoughts in my head, and my cock grew twice its size to and almost full seven inches.

Damn, my erection had got so painful 'cause the water wasn't exactly murky, if you know what I mean. I could see her breasts, which I would guess were around 32C. Damn, she was hot. "So, you know, Andrew, I caught you staring at me the other day. You know…kind of like you're staring at my breasts now?" she giggled and flipped her hair back. I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed in my life before. "Uh, no I wasn't! I was just—", I stammered as my cock just kept hardening and elongating.

"Haha, don't worry Andy, I've been watching you in class a bit too, you know. If you want my opinion, you're pretty hot yourself. And…wow!" her eyes darted at my now fully erect eight inch cock.

Well actually, she didn't dart as much, she just gulped and stared at it while her face was fully blushed red. "Er…s-sorry about that.


It's just that, you're just…s-so beautiful, you know?" I had absolutely no idea how I had enough balls to say something like that. "I can leave if you want." I almost began to swim back toward the dock to hide my erection. "Um…!

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You don't have to go. It just seems like you need to…you know, release yourself." Giggle- "Let's see how I can help!" "Uh…Stephanie, what are you—", And then it started.

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I felt something wrap around my cock, and I looked down and her hand was hot and stroking me between my legs. Pleasure shot up through me as her hand went up and down on me, and I could see her nipples were rock-hard. It took all of my concentration to make sure my legs were moving, so that I didn't down (It wasn't so easy considering there was a hot girl hand stroking me!) I felt a passion of such great intensity that I had never felt before, and I refused to lose this girl.

I wrapped my arms around her, and covered her mouth with mine. I kissed her passionately, eventually getting my tongue inside her mouth. Her nipples pressed up on my chest, and I could hear her moaning every time we touched. By that time, she was panting hard and I decided to bring her over to the dock, where we could concentrate less about keeping afloat.

Neither of us talked, but she giggled as she swam first to the shore, making sure to display her tanned back and perfect ass, where there were no tan lines at all! She walked up, naked onto the shore, and I was right behind her. This gave me a much better view of her splendid fit body. Her stomach was completely flat, and the curves around her hips and thighs had my cock pulsating again.

And I swear, her pussy was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. It was flushed pink between her two tender lips, and I could tell that it was shaved (what a naughty girl).

I wanted to take her right there, but she immediately pushed me on my back onto the grass. Holding my cock in her hand once again with a ravenous look in her eyes, she commenced to give me a blowjob. 'Damn! This girl's going to—', that's all I could think, 'cause her lips were already on my cock and my mind went straight to heaven.

She was uncomfortable at first, but soon, she was licking all over my head and started to suck on my throbbing cock. She gasped as she took her mouth off of me, a line of saliva still connected between her tongue and my head, and squealed, "Andy…" another gasp- "your cock is huge!" "Thanks Stephanie, this feels amazing…" I got out. She started moaning again, as I fondled her breasts, and rolled and gently rubbed her rock-hard nipples.

It must've relaxed her, I guess, because she started giving me a freaking deepthroat! Keeping her hands at the base of my cock, she tried to wrap her tongue around it and proceeded to take all eight inches. We were both moaning and panting pretty loudly, and it was lucky that nobody was around to see a hot girl giving an amazing blowjob.


She seemed to be lost in the pleasure, as did I, as we both began to reach climax (apparently, even nipple stimulation got her horny enough!) I tried to hold it in the best I could, but Stephanie was just too good at this… "Ugh…Stephanie…I'm going to—" I couldn't think straight. She tried to nod her head, but my rock-hard cock kept her head locked down. She managed a weak but sexy smile, where I could see that see was making a pretty big mess!

"Haaah…hhh…uuuhh…" is all she got out. And then, I exploded, right inside her mouth. I released rope after rope of cum into her mouth, where she was trying her best to keep it all inside, not spilling a drop! She moaned in ecstasy, as did I, as my cum filled her up and around my pumping cock. I could see her eyes flickering and rolling up into her eyelids as I eventually came to a stop. I must've shot around 15 ropes, taking around half a minute to unload it all! Being careful not to spill anything, she wrapped her tongue around my cock, and kept her lips tight around my head as I pulled out.

"Hh…huuhk…", she managed before she opened her beautiful mouth that was filled up to her lips with my white cum. She giggled and gave me a wink right before she took a huge GULP and laughed as she opened her mouth. "Like that, Andy?" "Damn, Stephanie! That was amazing! I think I'm in love with you.", I gasped. "Me too, Andrew! Just wait until I get you inside—" And then, I heard the counselors calling back the other students over the loudspeakers.

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"Damn. Hey, Stephanie, can we—" "Oh don't worry, I've got a lot more surprises for you tomorrow" She winked and smiled deviously