Marvelous Gina Killmer gets a beef bayonet

Marvelous Gina Killmer gets a beef bayonet
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Raising Her GPA I loosened my paisley tie with my right hand as I brought the three finger glass of Jameson up to my lips with my left.


It was ten after five and I sat back into the chair to relax as best I could. Setting the glass back on the hardwood desk, I turned my attention back to the beautiful blond sophomore sitting on my lap. I stroked the inside of her bare thigh under her skirt as she went back to kissing me and weaving her hands behind my head. I had been fucking Morgan for three months or so. I normally didn't fool around with my students at the office, but it was Friday and it had been an exceptionally long week grading mid terms.

During office hours, Morgan followed me to keep me company after our class. She was an exceptionally bright student but seemed to be more motivated by having fun than getting good grades. No matter what, I knew she would get her degree. She was just doing what all college students do, experimenting and trying new things. "Mmm Professor," she moaned as I traced circles way up on her inner thigh. I felt the heat from her anxious wet pussy and knew that I wouldn't hold out much longer.

We had to get back to my place soon or I would do something I regret at work. I definitely wasn't a perfect man; I had slept with my share of coeds, but I tried to keep work and my mischievous social life in their own separate realms. I ran my hands down from her face, over her beautiful breasts and held her waist. She was still forcing her tongue into my mouth and echoing a series of soft moans from the back of her throat.

Just as I was about to lift her off my lap we were interrupted by two firm knocks at my office down. Morgan giggled nervously but did not leave my lap just yet. She wanted me to get rid of whoever it was and quick. It was probably Professor Marley wanting to find out if I could sub for him again. He was constantly trying to get out of teaching his classes and begging for other professors to fill in. Another set of knocks. I had hoped that whoever was behind the door would have given up after I didn't answer the first time but no such luck.

"Hello?" I called out. "Professor, I need to talk to you about my grade," a soft voice murmured behind the closed door. "Sorry, office hours end at five, try again next week," I told her and went back to running my hands over Morgan's firm little ass. "Professor, please, it's Alexandra and it can't wait. I need to talk to you about Civil Liberties.

I'm really worried about my GPA." I suddenly realized who was on the other side of the door and a smile crept across my face. She sits in the front row of my Tuesday and Thursday morning class and is an exceptionally hot little number. I had definitely taken notice of her and she was even hotter than Morgan. After teaching for years though, I'd developed a sense of which girls were willing to mess around with their professors. Ali always struck me as too quiet and shy to hook up with a teacher.

On the other hand, she needed something from me, not the other way around. I didn't see the harm in hearing her out. I had a nice buzz going and I had a naughty idea. "Get under my desk and don't make a sound," I whispered to Morgan as I slid my chair back and let her down. A wicked smile adorned her face and she slid under my large mahogany desk. "Hang on," I said, moving to unlock the door and let her inside.

"I can give you a few minutes, Ali, this is my weekend you're cutting into and you missed office hours," I told her.

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She sat in the wide leather chair opposite my desk as she said, "Thank you so, so much." "What can I do for you?" I asked, sitting back into my desk chair and sliding in slightly to cover the space where my student was hiding. "It's just my midterm grade from Civil Liberties. It puts me in a very tough spot to pass your course this semester, let alone maintain my GPA.

I know there's still the final but I was hoping to address it with you now and sort of stay ahead of it," Ali explained to me. "Well Ali, I'm not sure what else can be done besides a different study approach for the final. You were there when I handed out the syllabus. The course material is structured into two parts. 50% of your grade is the midterm and 50% is the final. What did you get on the midterm again?" "A 52," she said, looking down at the floor, appearing ashamed.

"I've already figured it out and I need a 90 on the final, just to pass the course. Even if I get a 100, I'll never be able to keep my GPA." She was starting to show just how upset she was. "I understand that's not where you wanted to be Ali but I lectured on all the material, I gave a fair test, and several other students did well.

I'm not sure what else can be done now. I told the class on the first day that I won't be offering any extra assignments or make ups." "Please, I have a scholarship and I have to keep my GPA up. There has to be something.

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We can think of something!" She was practically pleading now, but not quite begging. I flinched a little as I felt Morgan's hand rubbing my knee from under the desk.

She must be loving this. "What did you have in mind?" I asked her. "I don't know, I've been so preoccupied with my grades that I can't even concentrate in my other classes." "With all due respect, Miss Grisham, you came to see me. You had nothing in mind? You wanted me to what, just change your grade?" I said as I leaned forward on my desk. "No, no, I just.I wanted to ask you if I could write a paper maybe, or doing anything really, to soften how I did on the midterm.

I've had a really stressful semester and I." "Ali, think about this from my perspective," I interrupted her. "You did badly on the test and you're suggesting that I spend extra time reading a paper?" "Ok, I guess not, but Professor, I am asking you for a huge favor here.

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Please, can you think of something? Anything?" Ali said. "Let me put it this way, I want to hear all about whatever you would be willing to do. In the most descriptive way possible." I grinned and poured more Irish whiskey into my glass before taking a sip.

Fuck it, I thought. I might as well keep drinking if I put that out there. "Professor, are you asking if I'll. sleep with you?" she asked meekly. "I'm not asking anything, I'm giving you the chance to tell me what you're willing to do.

That's all. " "But I don't want to do anything like that. I have a boyfriend," she protested.

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"Very well, Miss Grisham. I don't think there's anything else for us to talk about. Thanks for stopping by," I told her and started to stand up. "Wait, please.just wait," She was definitely pleading this time.

"I just need to say what I'd be willing to do? Just talking?" "Ali, you don't have to do anything you don't want to," I replied, dodging her question and leaving it open-ended. "No, no I want to.I mean, I will," she said.

"Go on then," I told her, settling back in my chair again. "I would show you my boobs?" she offered nervously. "Keep going. Don't wait for me, I'm listening." I sipped my drink again and smiled at her. I flinched as I felt Morgan's hand suddenly reach up and rub my crotch. I had gotten so caught up enjoying watching Ali beg, I forgot for a moment she was still here.

"They're not the biggest but they are plenty firm. I would spread my legs apart, sort of like this, and hike up my dress. You could see my shaved vagina." "Pussy," I corrected her. "Right, pussy. I would rub my pussy for you and get myself all wet," she said. Morgan was rubbing my cock up and down pretty firmly now and I wondered whether hearing Ali was turning her on as well.

"I could bend over your desk and you could spank me if you are into that kind of thing?" She offered. "Now we're talking," I reassured her. "I'm what you would call an ass man and you have a world class back side, Miss Grisham." She blushed a little but continued.

"I bet you would love to punish me for how poorly I did on my midterm then, wouldn't you?" she said, beginning to speak more freely I felt my zipper being undone and Morgan fished my cock out of my khakis.

I breathed heavily when I felt her warm mouth enclose my cock head and start bobbing slowly up and down. Morgan gave amazing blowjobs, definitely one of the best college girls I've ever had. I tried to turn my attention back to Ali.

"I'd let you spank me once for every question I got wrong," the girl sounded more and more like the slut I was hoping for. "I'd bend over so far you would be able to see everything and once my ass was all red, you could touch it." "Yes, tell me more," I said. "I'd let you finger my tight little pussy and stick a finger up my ass too. I'd take out your cock and start jerking it up and down, like this," she motioned a circular hand job action with her two hands.

Morgan pulled her mouth off my cock and gave it several nice tugs up and down as she heard this. "Once you were really hard and ready for it, I'd take you in my mouth," she told me as she slid back in the chair and moved her legs all the way apart.

She slid her dress all the way up to her stomach, revealing her thong covered mound. She moved the panties to the side briefly and exposed her perfect cunt to me. It was slightly moist and was so tight. It looked like it had never been used. "I'd suck your cock until it was all wet and slippery.

Once you were ready for me, I'd bend over your desk again and BEG for you to fuck my naughty little pussy. I've been such a bad girl to you, failing your test. I owe you my pussy." She was really getting into it now and started to slowly run her fingers over the outside of her pussy lips.

Morgan had gotten back into sucking my cock on overload now and I was sure that she was getting turned on by this. I always knew she was kinky but this was fantastic. To have my girlfriend blowing me under my desk and be completely ok with another girl simultaneously talking dirty and showing me her pussy was indescribable.

I was getting pretty excited now and knew I would cum before too long. "I'd let you stuff my tight little pussy until you couldn't take it anymore and you filled me with your cum," Ali said. "Not there," I told her, choking back a gasp because of what she was saying and what Morgan was doing. "No?" she asked me, confused, pausing.

"Somewhere close by." She blushed again and smiled that evil slutty grin. "Ahh, well Professor Markes, in exchange for the favor you'd be doing me by changing my grade, I'd be happy to do that for you." "Do what? Say it!" I moaned softly, knowing that Morgan had me real closing to cumming at this point. "When you grew tired of fucking my pussy, I'd let you take that big cock out of me and force it up my tight, virgin asshole.

I've never had anything up there, ever, and I know you'd like to tear my ass apart for being so naughty." Morgan took this as her perfect cue to get me off. knew all about my fixation with anal sex and she let me fuck her up the ass on a regular basis and loved it. She grabbed my balls gently with her hand and moved her head a little faster now, using her tongue furiously on the underside of my shaft.

"I'd beg you to pull my hair and spank me as you force your cock deep into my bowels as I wince from the pain. I'd be so grateful to you, that I'd be happy to take your cock slamming into my unused asshole, over and over. I would clench my ass around your cock and milk every last drop of your precious cum to spray deep into my ass where you want it." She bit her lower lip now and at this point had a finger going in and out of her pussy.

I threw my head back right as I pictured fucking Ali right up her little ass and I exploded into Morgan's mouth.


It had been a while since I last came, so shot after shot of my steaming hot cum coated the back of her throat. It was way more than what she could fit into her mouth and I could feel my cum running out of her mouth, down her chin and into my khakis between my legs. My cock continued to spasm as Ali stared at me with a confused smirk. I was completely drained of cum and I drained what was left in my glass of Jameson. "Professor?" "Ahem, well yes, Miss Grisham.

I get the picture," I said more firmly this time. "I understand why you came to see me but those things are quite inappropriate to say. I'm your teacher and I don't get involved with my students." "But you said you -" She started to say.

"Ali, there's nothing I can do and I suggest you leave now before this gets any worse for you." Tears formed in her eyes and she quickly rushed to her feet before opening and slamming the door.

"That was amazing," I told Morgan while pulling and fastening my pants. She wiped her mouth and just smiled at me before I took a firm grab of her ass. This elicited a cute squeak from her.

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"What should we get for dinner?" I asked her, shutting the light off in my office.