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Sex gey big ass teeny movie and anal total gay xxx The squad that
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This starts off as a true story. As with most "based on true story" books, this one has its own twist, mostly later on. It is not really incest, but if you have any problem with that at all I suggest you don't read this. If you don't want to read anything vulgar or anything about child molestation, don't read this.

If you are comfortable with those two things you should enjoy it. I'm going to make it sexy. Since it has been several years since, I wish I was old enough to realize what it was and enjoy it.


Enjoy! I always felt guilty when I would notice how hot my new older brother was.

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He was 16 and he had just moved in, his mother had died and my mom adopted him. He was a rebel, got in trouble with the law, was out of school, and really hot. I was 11 and I had to give him my room when he moved in, but after time went on we just started sharing the room. His name was Nathan by the way and we really got along. We shared our room for about a year all up and we really got along.

We would pretend fight and entertain ourselves with games. There was this one game he loved to play called the sleeping game. It was now about 6 months since Nathan moved in. We still shared a room but I really didn't mind. The first time things started getting exciting was when we were watching TV. We were jumping on each other like normal, however, Nathan was significantly larger than me and when he sat on me I realized his pants had somehow fallen down. It was the first time I had seen a man (boy) naked before and at first it felt gross.

He was squishy at first and then he started to get harder and harder. He asked me if I liked how it was getting harder. I laughed and new that I shouldn't be doing what I was doing.

"You want to lick it?" he asked me. My first reaction was ewww!! It was probably very dirty, but as I was holding I felt like I wanted to touch it with other parts of me. I slowly began to put my small mouth on it and the second I toughed it I pulled away wanting to spit. It was just as gross as I thought it would be. "It's ok, he was telling me. He sat down on the bed and started rubbing his dick with his hands.

I had no idea what he was doing, I had never been exposed to sex of any form before this and the word "masturbation" meant nothing to me. He was moaning as he was toughing himself, "What are you doing?" I hesitantly asked. "Making myself happy," he said.

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"It would go faster if you did it for me" he told me, while giving me a hungry look. Since it wasn't using my mouth I agreed to rub my hands around him to make him happy.


As I continued to masturbate my brother I began to feel wired sensations going through my own body. Getting scared by these new feelings I wanted to stop. "Keep doing it for one more minute baby! I'm going to cum!!" He was still moaning and breathing harshly. I felt his dick jerk and warm liquid sprayed all over my hands.

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He layed back clearly exhausted and I told him I was going to go to bed. Later on that week Nathan went to buy a trailer for him to sleep in the backyard so we didn't have to share a room anymore. This was saddening in the beginning, I got so used to him sleeping near me I felt lonely without him.

We hadn't had any more masturbation exercises since that one time. But every time we talked about it he would want to play a game called the sleeping game. During the sleeping game Nathan and I would go into his bed under the covers and see who could fall asleep the fastest.

He would always hold me while we slept, to me it was brotherly, and until one day he took it a little too far and scared the crap out of me. We were both lying in his bed, his hands weren't were they usually were slung over my hips. I could feel his hands working them slowly up and down my back. I didn't like the feeling of this and I asked him to stop. He didn't say anything.

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When I felt his hand go under my shorts I wanted to jump out of that bed so fast. (Now that I look back on this I felt I could have really enjoyed him sticking his hands down my pants and making me cum for him. But at 11 who knows that!) He said it wasn't him and so naïvely I actually believed him. He didn't try to feel me up under my clothes at least till I had turned 12.

By the time I was 12 I had a BF. But at 12 what does a BF mean other than a kiss on the cheek and someone to make you feel pretty.

I paid a lot more attention to Nathan then I did my own BF. Nathan was the only one I let touch me, let caress me. As we watched TV in the public room his hands would glide up and down my legs he starting going to high up that his hands started pushing up my shorts.

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And I felt good with him toughing me like this. After all these feeling of joy Nathan had produced I really started to trust him. He soon wanted to have dares and torture games. He made them sound like he didn't like them at all, but even at the time I wasn't so ignorant and I knew he loved it.

He would get me to sit on his face to torture him, the only torture it gave him was a boner threatening to break his seems. For however long I sat on his face he would sit on mine. I slowly started developing the want to lick his balls and dick while he was sitting on my face.

He would groan and tell me never to stop and he would repay me by licking me when I would sit on his face. It was a wonderful experience but I don't think I enjoyed it to its full potential as he would cum many times and during that session I didn't cum at all.

"Finger yourself!" he said to me one day. It a really nice feeling for girls too.


I had never thought about fingering myself before and I was too scared to try it. "Can you do it for me?" I asked him. He grinned like that was what he was hoping I would say. He laid me flat on my back on the ground, and brought my legs up to the bed to he had easy access with him hands and mouth.

He rubbed his fingers over my wet virgin vagina. I never thought I would have sex with Nathan… EVER! But here I was wanting it like some dirty slut. He stuck a finger inside me pushing against my hymen. He didn't hurt but it felt odd.

He rubbed fast, too fast. I lost control of myself and before I knew it I was gushing juice all over him. "You squirted!!" he shouted at me. I felt so tingly and light. I just wanted to lie up against him and sleep.

"Oh we aren't done yet!" he said with giddiness in his voice. Before knew what was happening he had his dick out of his pants and was rubbing it against my opening. He didn't insert it until I nodded my head and then I felt him plunge into me… HARD. It hurt at first.

And then was replaced by a better feeling. The need to make noise and move against him filled my head. I found myself meeting each of his strokes and a pressure started to build inside of me.

I wanted to scream, to cry out his name and tell him to not stop doing what he was doing. "You're liking that aren't you!!" he shouted over groans.

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I felt my body tighten and spasm in release, triggering a similar response from Nathan. "OOOHHHHHH" he groaned. "BEST SX EVER!!!" and I couldn't agree more. Who knew at 12 years old I could learn so much about sex with a now 17 year old. We continued to have fun together and even though I know what happened between us wasn't a good thing and wasn't right I don't regret it. And when I am horny, I imagine those moments with him.

Like I said before, most of this story is true. There are lots of parts that don't fit in and are missing but it is the most significant parts that I remember. Let me know what you think!