Mi amiga de Guatemala muy caliente

Mi amiga de Guatemala muy caliente
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Stepdaughter Laura: Let me start by saying this is all true. My wife and I have/had been married for ten years, that is until a year ago. This was the second marriage for the both of us. My wife was married thirteen years before she divorced.

She has a son thirty-nine and a daughter thirty-five (eleven and seven at the time of her divorce). My ex and I divorced after a twenty-seven year hitch and I have no kids of my own; there are a lot of stories connected to my ex (more on that later). My wife and I had our daily routine for the ten years we were married that is up to a year ago; I lost her to cancer. The past year has been a big adjustment for me. There aren't any prospects as far as feminine companionship is concern in our circle of friends, if I was even looking.

Laura is a lot like her mom, strong willed and independent.

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Her mom was five foot 6 two hounded-twenty pounds, size 22W with 38D breast. Laura is five foot eight size ten with 36DD breast. She has a son five and a daughter three. We could count on Laura calling at lest twice a week.

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Most of the time when her call came in, my wife and would be sitting at our computers naked playing games are surfing. As the girls talked I would roll my chair next to my wife and finger her pussy and she would stoke my penis or suck it when Laura was long winded. Just knowing her daughter was on the other end of the line always turned my wife and I on. Some of their conversations would last as much as an hour. There have been many times I was filling my wife's mouth when Laura would as a question requiring a answer from my wife, it was hard not to laugh out loud as her mom tried to speak clearly with a mouth full of my cream.

Well, last Sunday evening I was naked at one of my computers, I only dress when I have to go out, when I heard the carport door open. It's only takes eight steps to get from the carport door to the den opening.

"Pop," it was Laura. My wife had given her a key to he house years ago. "Here in the den baby," with so few steps I had no time to cover up.

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"I just came by to see …," her voice trailed off as she rounded the freeze and got a clear line of sight into the den. I watched her face as her eyes focused on my penis. "Are you alone?" I ask. "Um, oh yes I came by my self." "Good I'm glad." I said.

"You were about to ask if I needed anything, right?" She focused her eyes back on mine, "Ah, yes." "I guess I'm doing fine for the moment." She enters the den and takes the chair in front of the computer next to me.

She then noticed the desktop photo, "Where did you get that photo?' "I found it in moms e-mail,' I glanced down at the shorts Laura was wearing, "is it you?" "Yes Pop it is," she said. "It wasn't supposed to be circulated." I placed my hand on Laura's leg, "Was it taken by Jason," she didn't try and stop me as I sipped my fingers up the leg hole of her shorts.

"To be honest with you Pop, it wasn't," she then asks, "Did mom see this?" "It was sent a month are so after mom died, so no." With my free hand I unsnapped and unzipped her shorts exposing a pair of pink Low-rise panties. "What are you doing Pop?" I just looked at the photo on my desktop then slipped my hand down the waist band of her panties, "What do you think baby." She just sat motionless as I unbuttoned her blouse and slid off her shoulders revealing a black V-plunge push-up bra.

"Well now," I said, "this doesn't look like just an innocent day trip outfit." Her mom told me every thing she and Laura ever said, on the phone or off and knew the she and Jason was having troubles. Laura tried her best to look puzzled at my statement, "What ever do you ever mean Pop?" From the sound of her voice, I didn't know if she was trying to convince herself or me. "Even mom never wore a bra and panties that sexy unless she was planning to get fucked." Her mom and I might be in our sixties but our sex life was still very good.

"POP, really now. How can you say something like that to me?" "Mom has told me that you and Jason have been having problems with your marriage." She looked at me with a socked look on her face.

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"Oh she did! I never expected her to tell anyone." "She and I never kept secrets from each other but that would be as far as it went as far as we were concerned." Laura just sat there not sure what to say next, which was not like her or her mom.

I reached behind her to unhook her bra freeing her DD tits. She was now sitting next to me; only her short and panties remained on. Most of the time Laura would stay with Alan and Linda whenever she was up here.


They have been friends for years, even before Alan and Linda got married. They have two boys, one seven and the other one four.

"Like what?" I took hold of Laura's shorts and panties and pulled "Well for one thing," I took a deep breath and then continued, "Remember the three days you stayed up here before Christmas without Jason are the kids?" "So, what about it? I have to be up her a lot by myself you know that." She did her best to sound completely innocent.

"Well mom saw Linda at the hospital a few days before and she told mom that she and her kids was going to spend a few days at her parents and that Alan had some work he had to take care of and couldn't go." I slipped two fingers inside her pussy, "you told mom you came up to shop for the kids and Jason's Christmas and was going to stay with Alan and Linda." She knew she was caught.

"Mom never told me that." "Well, you been telling mom that you and Jason are having issues and you suspect that all the trips he take with his friends without you and the babies are not always with just the guys as you put it. Mom and I have discussed it more than once if we should say something are not." With three of my fingers now working on her pussy I continued, "it's not our place to tell you whom you can fuck, we just don't want you to get in any trouble.

Are you having an affair with Alan?" Her pussy juices were now flowing over my fingers and down her legs, "not really." "Oh, so you didn't have his penis in your pussy Christmas?' Her words were slow in coming by this time, "I did buy Christmas presents when I was up here." "And, …" now I was working her pussy with three fingers.

And we both are now naked.

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"And yes I slept with Alan those three days." "Is that all baby?" I was trying to get more details out of Laura. "Well Pop, I have let him fuck me four or five different times." She had no qualms about talking to me about it. "With Linda and the kids there any of the times?' "One morning Linda was down stairs fixing breakfast and the boys were out side playing and Alan was fucking me in the bedroom." "Do you think Linda or Jason suspect anything?" "Linda knows I let Alan fuck me sometimes." "And she fine with it?" "She and Alan knows that Jason and I hadn't had sex in three years.

That's why I stay with them and she doesn't mind Alan fucking me when I need it." "From the bra and panties you had on when you got here I take it that you plan on Alan fucking you tonight." "That was my plan Pop." "Well give him a call and say that you've been delayed," I leaned over and gave Laura a kiss on the mouth.

Laura got her phone and gave Alan a call as I turned her to face me. Kneeling on the floor, I spread her legs and began eating her pussy as she made the call. As she listened for Alan to pick up, "Pop, not while I'm on the phone." I just looked into her brown eyes with a devilish smile, "Put it on speaker," then went right back eating her out. Laura's call was answered on the third ring. "Hello," the voice on the other end was that of Linda's.

"Hi Linda, this is Laura," she was breathless as I worked on her pussy. "Is everything alright Laura, Alan and I were expecting you an hour ago." "Well it wont hurt Alan to wait a little longer to get in my panties," until now I only half believed Laura was fucking Alan with Linda's knowledge.


"Alan hasn't fucked me all day just saving himself to give your pussy and mouth a good working over," I heard Linda laugh as she said it.

As the two girls talked, I keep fingering Laura's pussy and began sucking one of her nipples. "Are you okay Laura?" Linda could hear her soft moans as I worked Laura's pussy and nipples over. "I'm fine Linda, just a little busy right now," Laura didn't want to say much more than that. "I'll be there in an hour or so." "Well I guess Alan will just have to wait to get in your panties then want he," Linda let out a soft laugh.

Laura tries to laugh between the moans; "He's got to learn he can't have me when ever he wants." "I guess I'll have to drop my panties for him till you get here," what Linda wasn't saying was that Alan was eating her out as they were talking. When the girls got off the phone, Laura sucked my penis drinking every drop of my cream then she dressed and left.

There is more to this affair that I will relay later on.