Euro sluts receive nailed by the pool

Euro sluts receive nailed by the pool
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I was good a good cock suck when Master found me. I enjoyed sucking the way most women enjoy an orgasm.

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I found that my favorite cocks were about six inches long, thick and uncircumcised. Race was unimportant to me. I liked the way they felt and tasted.

Swallowing cum, to me was the most enjoyable part of it. When I met Master, he asked me several times how good I was at sucking. I was getting frustrated because every conversation came down to this question.

If I told him that I never had a man complain, he said that most men would not complain because it often did not do any good, and besides no man wanted to leave things at a point where a woman would not wrap her lips around him again. I hesitated to tell him that previous boyfriends said I was the best, I knew Master played a lot and the problem with being the best, is that there is always someone better than you. There has been only man I could not suck off, but that is a tale for another time.

So I down played my talents and even though he was less than impressed with what I said he still agreed to see me. I met Master on a Sunday evening. It didn't take long before he had a collar of consideration on my neck. Shortly after meeting I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth. I smiled to myself when I saw his cock. It was about 6 inches, as thick as they come, and uncircumcised.

I could have thanked his mother right then and there. I was getting it wet with my tongue, running it up and down the shaft, saving the head for last. When he was as wet as I could get him, I put the head in my mouth. I heard him moan. I was watching him as discreetly as I could when I was licking him. I sucked the head. Taking it in my mouth, pulling tightly, running my tongue around it, paying special attention to the tip.

I listened as he moaned, groaned, and watched him close his eyes. His fingers were busy wrapping my long dark hair around them. He was holding my head close, almost cradling me against him. I was sucking further down his shaft. His cock was the perfect size. It filled my mouth, yet left me enough room to let me keep my tongue moving. He was choking me, in just the right way. Where he could hear it, yet I was not in any danger of throwing up.

This went on for at least thirty minutes. He was moaning, groaning and sometimes I would catch his eyes rolling back into his head. He never let go of my head.

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He kept me right where he wanted me, and I did not want to be anywhere else. I loved it. I was wet, leaving puddles of cum on the blanket below me. My pussy was aching, but it was a good ache. I wanted to be filled, but I was enjoying the feel of him in my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum, not just his precum. I wanted to swallow him. I wanted him to cum in mouth so I could taste him when I swallowed him. Finally, he could not hold it any longer. He let it go, his hands relaxed.

I pulled back to the tip, catching all of it in my mouth, savoring it before I swallowed it. Running my tongue through it, over it, wanting it. Master, put the leash on the collar and with one finger motioned me to follow him. I did not need to be told, I knew I was going to go wherever he went. We went upstairs to a bedroom. He sat in a chair, I kneeled at his feet. His boxers were still on, covering him. I wanted to see him. I moved to rest my head on his knee. I inched closer, until I knew he could feel my breath hot, against him.


He reached down, pulled out his cock and I began to work him again. Starting by getting him wet, then inching my head down from the head to his balls. He was moaning again in no time. He was mumbling, some of it I could understand, some of it I could not. I loved it. I loved his scent, his taste, his control.

This was the start of our game.

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He fought to maintain control of his erection and cum. I sucked to make him lose it. I felt him vibrate in my mouth, this is the tell tale sign that any man is about to lose control and cum. I smiled, backed up on him to the tip and tasted and swallowed him, tasting him again.

This time I licked him clean. From the tip of his cock to his balls. Every bit of him was licked clean.

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He pulled his cock from my mouth one more time, I would have held it as long as he would let me. He motioned for me to move away from him. He gave me a drink.

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We talked, but my eyes kept going back to his cock. He finally pulled it back out. He said I could put my mouth back where it belonged.

I started this time, the same as before. Licking it, getting it wet, kissing his balls softly. Then slowly moving down and around his shaft from the tip to his balls. I listened to him, I felt him twitch in my mouth, I glanced up to see him enjoying the moment. I was learning, what he liked, what he did not. I was paying attention to the groaning and kept my tongue moving the same pattern that was causing that moaning. Over and over again. My own need growing and cum again dripping from me to the blanket below.

He could not hold this long.

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It was the third cum in less than 2 hours. There was not a lot left when he came this time.

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I left his cock deeper in my throat, as I knew it would be small. I held him there, in my throat until the twitching stopped, until he became still. I wanted to keep him there longer, but he reached down, stroked my cheek and slowly pulled his limp cock from my lips. I felt him leave my throat, I pulled my lips tightly around him, I wanted him to leave it, I was not done savoring him.

He groaned and I released him. He gave me something to drink and said he was going to enjoy me many times. He later admitted he had never had his cocked like this before. He wanted know where I learned that, when he asked me to get his drink, he saw the wetness I left below me.


I froze, embarrassed. He thought that was beautiful.

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I smiled and nodded. Knowing I would be fetching his drinks and whatever else he wanted for a long time.