Gay sex philippine movieture and big black cock slaves galleries

Gay sex philippine movieture and big black cock slaves galleries
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Fbailey story number 737 Just Bags On Her Chest She had been turning me down for months but I had been persistent. I caught her in a good mood after our office Christmas party. She had a few too many to drink but I was pretty sure that she knew what I wanted…sex. I got a few very nice kisses and she didn't seem to mind when I reached up under her dress to caress her panty-covered pussy.

Hell, she even spread her legs and cooed in my ear when I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. She made some excuse to leave the party early and told everyone that I had been kind enough to offer her a ride home. The girls thanked me knowing that she was in no condition to drive. The guys were all assuming that I was going to get to fuck her.

Laurel was also known as The Ice Queen. No one knew of any dates that she had been on since joining the company three years ago. I helped her on with her coat and as I reached for her breasts she closed her coat and said, "Let's go." In the car she allowed me to play with her pussy as I drove her to her house.

She knew why I was there, she had promised me sex, and I was there to collect. In the bedroom she insisted on turning the lights off and getting in bed. I wanted to see her naked but I figured that could wait until morning if it had too. When she tied my hands to the bedposts with silk scarves I realized that sweet innocent Laurel, had a darker side to her. She sucked my already hard cock into her mouth then quickly slipped her pussy down over it.

The room was pitch black, but her pussy felt great rubbing up and down on my cock. The friction was incredible and I came all too quickly.

As I lay there she kissed me and I felt her breasts going from side to side across my chest. She snuggled in and I felt her head against mine as we drifted off to sleep together.

When I woke up in the morning my hands were free and she was gone. Gone where? It was her house. She had to be somewhere so I got up and started looking for her. I heard the shower running and went into the bathroom.

I entered the shower just as she was washing her hair. Shampoo was everywhere, running down her back and her great ass.


I closed the door and put my hands around her body as I pressed my erection into her ass. Then I grabbed her breasts. She cried out, "What are you doing?" I just continued to hold her very soft breasts in my hands. Then I started feeling of them.


They really were soft and they were long. They felt wonderful to me so I replied, "Holding your magnificent breasts." The soap was rinsed from her hair and body. Her hands came up to hold my hands, which were still holding her breasts. She kissed me and then she asked, "Do you really like them?" I kissed her deeply as my hands strayed to cup her ass and pull her pussy into me harder.


I said, "I love your entire body. How would like a kitty bath?" She asked, "What's a kitty bath?" I said, "I'll lick you from your toes to your nose. Meow!" She looked at me and then she looked down, "You do know that these fun bags are empty." I kissed her again and pulled her ass into me harder as I said, "Look, I'm telling you that I love your body, I love your empty fun bags, and I'm pretty sure that I love you." All she could do was cuddle into me, grind her pussy against my hard-on, and cry.

I turned the water off and held her tightly until she stopped.

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Finally she asked, "You love me?" I replied, "Yes, I'm pretty sure that I've been looking for you my whole life." We got out of the shower and I wouldn't let her dry off until I had a good look at her naked. Now I had seen my share of breasts. Those that sagged from weight or size were usually three inches thick or more.

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Her breasts were about one inch thick and longer than most. I took her back to bed, still wet and then I spent almost an hour working on her breasts. I convinced her that I really did love them.

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All this time she had not dated for fear that the men would make fun of her breasts. I told her that I was not like other men. She believed me. Two days later we had to get dressed for work. I watched her put on her bra, lean over, and tuck those breasts into each cup. She looked very nice standing before me in just her bra and panties. I reached out and ran my finger up her slit giving her a nice camel toe. Now that made her even prettier. We drove to work in my car because her car was still in the parking lot.

We walked in holding hands. People just smiled at us. I walked her to her desk, kissed her, and then I went to my desk.

We ate lunch together and she filled me in on all of the juicy gossip. Ron and Sally hooked up in the coat closet. Donna got so drunk that she stood up on a table and stripped for the guys.

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She only left her panties on. Jill and Bonnie made out in front of everyone.

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Trudy Xeroxed the Rose tattoo on her breast and gave all of the men a copy. She handed me my copy. I told her that Trudy had already given me my copy but I graciously took the second copy. Of course, me melting the Ice Queen was the highlight of the party. I moved in with her and a year later we were married. The End Just Bags On Her Chest 737