Nude erect gay twinks But before he can feel that backside around his

Nude erect gay twinks But before he can feel that backside around his
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Ok this is part 2 of the beach trip. If you did not read part 1 maybe you should but you don't have to. After a world class blow job on the balcony we moved into the room and went to bed to sleep this time.

In the morning, I got up for some coffee and left Tammy sleeping. I slip on my bathing suit and went down to get some breakfast and coffee and bring some back to the room for Tammy also. As I was getting my coffee I looked up and the same guy as the night before was at the counter filling the cereal container.

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I walked over to talk with him and I asked him if the beach was good today. He looked a little startled at first and nervous till I told him I knew all about it and I was ok with it.

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I told him we were going to the beach after some breakfast. He asked which part of the beach are you going to? When I told him the north end he said you know that a topless beach right. I chuckled and told him yes, we know and we were going all the way to the north end of the beach where Tammy could do some nude sun bathing.

I left him smiling and wishing he could get off for the day but he needed the hours to get his car fixed. I got Tammy some goodies for breakfast and went back to the room to get ready for the beach. Tammy was in the shower when I got back to the room I handed her some juice in the shower and she asked for a new razor so she could shave in the shower.

I love it when she shaves she is so clean looking and lovely. I sat watching the beach people from the balcony till she came out drying her hair that's when I went in to get a shower also. I put my bathing suit on and Tammy had her very little bikini on when I came out of the bathroom. Tammy slipped on her sundress and flip flops and we left the hotel for the beach.

The weather was great, a gentle breeze and mid 70s as we walk up the beach. I had stopped at the car to pick up some things Tammy wanted on the beach. We had a beach stroller the wheels were tall and thin but it makes taking things down the beach a half mile easer. There are no roads after the first couple of hundred feet and about five hundred feet the sign for the topless beaches start showing up.

As soon as we got to the first sign Tammy stopped and slipped of her sundress and asked me to pull the string on her top. Smiling I did as ask and Tammy massaged her breasts then smiled and we kept walking. Just after the first sign there are always a lot of people mostly guys sitting around looking at the girls. Tammy and I kept walking and shortly the beach goers thinned out a lot till it looked like we were the only people there.

If you go all the way to the end there's a lot of big rocks around at the water edge. And a small beach area you have maybe 50 feet from the water's edge to the tree line.

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This is where we liked to go. Some of the rocks can give you shade if it gets to hot or too much sun. I started to set up our little beach place with the blankets and towels and the radio. Tammy walk out to the water and went for a quick swim to cool off. When she came back she was carrying the rest of her bathing suit I had already stripped mine of and was sitting on the blanket.

Tammy walked up to me with the sunscreen and stood between my legs and asked me to put the lotion on her. Now remember she is 22 and 4'11" and 105 pounds' blond hair and blue eyes and naked outside right I was as hard as a rock. I covered her with lotion and in the end, I started to rub around her butt and pussy she stopped me before I could get anything started. As she sat down I asked if she would lotion me up please. She said oh yes, she would love to lotion me up she said roll over dear, so I did as she asked Tammy started on my back then down my right butt cheek and down my legs then back up the other leg.

When she got to my butt again she poured a lot of lotion on my butt and started to work it in she said she didn't want me to burn my cute butt but I felt like she was up to something else hell I hoped she was. I just laid there letting her work her hand closer and closer to my butt hole at this point she slipped a finger into me and slowly worked it in. It felt so good I just let her keep going and in went the second finger then the third one by now she was really fucking me as far as she could get her fingers and my hips were moving with her fingers.

She had just slipped the fourth finger in and all that was left was her thumb and she would be fisting me on the beach.

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When we hear someone behind us. We both looked up we were so lost in what we were doing we never even heard them walking up 4 of the guys from the restaurant yesterday were standing there smiling.

The waiter was the first one to speak up he said keep going don't stop because were here finish fucking him little lady. So, Tammy went back to screwing me with her hand as the guys got comfortable as in naked one of them was watching Tammy working my butt with a big smile and even bigger hard on. Tammy was trying to get her hand all the way in now but I was just too tight and one of the guys wanted to go down on Tammy and eat her pussy something she will never turn down.

So, she pulled her fingers out of me and I went to move but the waiter was sitting next to me put one hand on my back and the other on my butt cheek. Tammy smiled and said to me looks like you're going to get fucked today sweetie. Now there were four of them one was playing with my ass he already had three fingers inside me and his fingers were much bigger then Tammy's.

Tammy had already laid down so one could lick her pussy another one knelt over her head and fed her his black cock. The fourth one looked at me and smiled as he rubbed his cock back and forth and held it out to me.

The one beside me got up and knelt behind me and put the head of his cock at my asshole. It felt so dam good as he pushed it into me I moaned.

Tammy had never seen me getting fuck before or sucking a cock either. She wanted to see it but it just never had happened before now. He was working it into me a little at a time Tammy had turned her head and was watching him and told him to fuck me really good pound his ass for me she said.

At that he pushed his cock all the way in and I felt like he was in my stomach somewhere. The last guy handed me a pillow we kept with us to put under my chin and he sat down in front of me with his cock on the top of my head. As he leaned back his cock came down and into my mouth then he sat back up some pushing his cock into my mouth.

Tammy screamed at that and I look over to see her cumin all over the guys face as he held her down. The other guy was sucking on her nipples and biting her neck and kissing her as she went nuts. When Tammy could she got one of them to lay down and she climbed on top and worked his cock into her pussy. She reached over and pushed on the back of my head making me take even more cock down my throat.

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Then she told the guy fucking me to pound me hard and fast till he comes in my ass. He looked at her and ask you want me to fill his ass with my seed and she said Yes fuck him like a little bitch and finish as deep in his ass as you can get. Tammy sat up on her guy's cock and started pounding looking at the guy in my ass and he started pounding me. My god it felt so dam good the one in my mouth pulled out and leaned back watching me getting fuck.

Tammy was having her second orgasm and that pushed the one in me over the edge he pushed as hard as he could into me I felt him pumping into me. As he pulled out another one got behind me and pulled me up on my knees and slammed into me.

I was not sure I could take him in this position he felt like he was coming into my stomach. But he was not to be stopped he just pound away at me I felt like he was tearing me apart. Then he pulled me in deep and I felt him cumin when he pulled out I rolled over and sat down and I could feel the cum running out of me.

By now Tammy had finished fucking the first guy and the other one had cum in her mouth Tammy.

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But the waiter still wanted to try Tammy little white pussy. So, the guys pushed a lot of sand up making a little hill then they had Tammy lay down with her pussy in the air about 3 feet and her head down at the bottom.

The guy walked up to her and standing he slipped his cock in to her he was now pushing into her on an angle his cock was making marks in her stomach you could see the outline of his cock in her stomach. At first Tammy felt pain but as she got used to it and it felt good till she was asking him to fuck her even harder.

The one that had gotten the blow job wanted to have some of her pussy as well was now ready to fuck Tammy too so I sucked on his cock to help get him ready. When Tammy and the waiter both came and he stepped away the next guy stepped up and drop his cock in he was a little bigger so Tammy still felt stuffed. When he finely came, and pulled out Tammy had asked them to lay me down on the blanket so I laid down on the blanket and the guys pick Tammy up and put her pussy on my mouth she was sitting up so the cum just ran out of her into my mouth.

The combined juices of all of them and Tammy's juice was great and the guys loved the site also. My cock was like a rock by now but Tammy was to soar to fuck anymore. The guys thanked us and left. Tammy and I went into the water to rinse off and yes that was not the best idea the salt water on our very sore holes burned we did not stay in the water long. After some resting we loaded everything up and started back down the beach for the hotel.

Tammy was getting sorer as we walked and we had to stop a couple of times She had put her bathing suit back on and the crotch was wet from the cum leaking out of her. As we got closer to the hotel and ran into people they were looking at us mostly the guys but some of the girls were looking also.

You could see them thinking what the hell had I done to Tammy's pussy to get her that wet.


After our showers, we ordering some food from a local Italian restaurant. I looked at Tammy and said you know I never got to cum down at the beach today. She laughed and told me her pussy was out of use for a few days she was way too sore. So, I pulled the lube out and sat down on the bed and lubed up my hand and cock and started to jerk off as she watched.

Tammy came over and started to suck on my nipples and watch me jerk of. When I was getting ready to cum Tammy made me stopped so she slip my cock into her asshole for a few strokes.

She smiled and turned around and lower herself onto me reverse cow girl on the edge of the bed. When I felt, my cock slipping into her ass I stopped moving and let her fuck herself with my cock. Knowing that dinner was coming and she did not want this to last very long she squeezed my cock with her butt and I held her waist and started fucking her hard and fast I never could hold back when she wants me to cum. I had just started to fill her with my seed when dinner got there.

I was not sure what to do but there was no stopping for me.

Tammy said come in she was sitting on my lap with my cock up her ass and she's saying come in? Well the deliver guy walks in to see Tammy naked and I am still cumin in her ass. Tammy said sorry we were busy can you put the food on the table please. Now I am still pushing into Tammy as he sets up our dinner. Crazy right I feel like I would never stop cumin and Tammy is moving around on me making sure I don't. Now the delivery guy is watching us and is getting hard. He was wearing shorts and we could see his cock growing he was trying to hide it but there was no way to hide it.

Tammy was still naked and I am thinking how is she going to pay this poor guy sitting on my cock like this. As he finishes he looked at us, Tammy looks at me and asked are you finished love?

I said yes mam so she stood up slowly so as not to leak anything in front of the poor guy. I picked up a towel and wrapped myself and headed for the bathroom. Now she is still naked getting the money out for the guy and asking him if he ever had anything like this happen before?

Now I am in the bathroom trying to get cleaned up when I hear Tammy asking the guy if she can help him out with his problem for a tip? Being naked in front of him and having sex at the same time has her dripping wet again. She pulled his cock out and sucks him for minute then bents over the bed and asked him to fuck her asshole.

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The young man told her he never fucked anyone in the ass before but it was so very tight. As I came back out of the bathroom he's pounding away at her butt holding on to her hips. Seconds later he's filling her his cum shaking as he came.


As he left he thanked me for the tip and offered to bring us any more meals we would need. We had our dinner on the balcony and watched the stars for hours that evening.

What a trip and we have another day yet but I was sure there would not be any more sex.


Some naked sunbathing on the balcony maybe but no sex well maybe not!