Sexy Schwangeren Frauen Haben Spaß Am Gynäkologischen Stuhl

Sexy Schwangeren Frauen Haben Spaß Am Gynäkologischen Stuhl
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Sam and Angus had departed for work by the time Tegan exited the shower and Brandon's door was closed with no obvious signs of life beyond. She assumed since he had a day off from classes he was going to sleep in now that his morning urges had been dealt with, leaving Tegan at something of a loss of what to do with herself.

Being drilled in both holes this morning had left her with a fire between her legs but she was determined not to relieve herself, hoping that sooner rather than later her release would come naturally as one of the guys used her. After towelling off she threw on another sundress, again forgoing underwear, and busied herself with a few chores.

She put on a load of washing and started to fill the sink to take care of the dishes from last night's dinner. As she dipped her hands in the soapy water to wash the dishes she drifted away into a daydream, imagining Sam coming home early, bending her over the sink and driving into her from behind.

She gripped the edge of the sink as she bent forward, biting her lip as she clenched her muscles, imagining his length sliding in and out. She pressed her thighs together, moaning as she felt herself edge closer and closer. Abruptly a sound from the doorway startled her out of her fantasy and she spun around gasping in shock to see Brandon standing there, his mouth agape, a deep in the headlights look on his face, with him apparently being just as startled as her.

She felt strangely vulnerable and not because of her semi-nakedness under the dress but because she felt like she had inadvertently shared a moment with him even more private than making him unload hot semen on her face. "Sorry." Brandon was the first one to speak. "Sorry!" Tegan echoed, louder. "I didn't mean to jump. I just didn't hear you." she wiped her wet hands on her dress then leaned back against the bench, trying to adopt a casual air.

"So." She left the particle hanging in the air between them, waiting for Brandon to make the next move. It had been about an hour since the handjob so there was no doubt Brandon would be more than ready for another round. Unfortunately she had no idea what he wanted from her. Her horniness had her wanting to simply spread her legs invitingly but felt that this kind of forwardness from her would only drive him away.

Brandon opened his mouth as if to speak a few times then ultimately gave up and instead raised a hand to beckon to her. Tegan stepped slowly towards him then let him take her hand in his, guiding her back through the lounge area and down the hall, pausing before taking her into her room flicking on the light, even though the morning sun was streaming in through the vertical blinds.


Whatever Brandon had in mind he wanted to see it. Tegan guessed he chose her room because it was tidier, though she self-consciously cast her eyes around for anything particularly out of place. She hadn't remade her bed after her rude awakening from Angus, though thankfully there was nothing particularly revealing apparent there, such as any stains from errant fluids. Brandon guided her into the room to stand by the bed then took her dress at the hips and started to lift it.

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She helpfully raised her arms in a delicate, almost ballet-like movement to help him slip it off her to reveal her nude form once more. She lowered her hands to her sides, unabashed, though Brandon barely looked at her as he draped the dress over the cheap rocking chair from IKEA that held about a quarter of her wardrobe.

Finally he looked at her directly, his body scanning from her face down her nude form. He lingered on her small pert breasts and hard rosy nipples and then again when he reached her smooth hairless mound and slightly puffy lips.

Then his eyes swept up again and she couldn't help but notice that he avoided meeting her eyes this time.

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Shyly, after a long moment of hesitation, he gestured to the bed. She slowly sat on the edge then after he repeated the gesture, lay down, resting her head back on her pillow. Apparently Brandon was too timid to verbalise, but as long as she didn't ask any questions and remained compliant he was happy to direct her.

That was fine, compliant she could manage. Standing beside her alongside the bed Brandon leaned over her and started to stroke his fingertips along her skin starting at her shoulder and down her arm, then starting again at her shoulder and down her chest, carefully avoiding her hard nipples and continuing down the sides of her belly and thighs. Tegan tried not to squirm, though it tickled, especially at her sides.

Brandon then ran his fingers back up her body, becoming more deliberate with her touch, now running his hands over her skin. He groped her breasts gently then firmly, massaging the tissues as if trying to commit to memory the exact feel of them.

He gently circled her nipples with his thumbs then gave them a gentle pinch between thumb and index finger that sent a thrill of pleasure down her body, making her clit throb and legs quiver.

If Brandon noticed he didn't respond, content apparently to explore her body at his leisure. Tegan pondered how many girls out there would be happy to allow things to progress in this manner in a traditional relationship.

Presumably after years of exposure to porn and none to real women Brandon had a lot questions. She felt another thrill run through her body as she wondered how deep his curiousity ran and what she could help him discover.

Presently Brandon slipped his hand between her thighs which she parted slightly to allow him access and fought to keep her back from arching as he slid it up to her bald, puffy slit. She parted her thighs a little more as he gently eased his fingers between her outer and inner lips, plunging them clumsily towards the slippery heat of her core.

After some moving around she felt a single digit inside her and she stretched her legs, pointing her toes as her hungry hole gripped at the intruder. She turned her head to glance at him and he seemed to be completely transfixed by her sex. At some point he had let his pants drop to the floor without her noticing and his erection was noticeably straining at the front of his boxer-briefs. Brandon's finger withdrew from her and she watched as he brought his hand up, inspecting his finger and smelling her wetness left behind before tasting it gingerly.

His face didn't give anything away of his thoughts on the matter but he instead ran his hand up her thigh and repeated the process, this time finding her opening more easily and sliding two fingers inside.

Tegan stifled a soft moan, feeling him push into her then cup her pussy with her hand, sliding his fingers out then using them to spread her lips and massage her clit. Truth be told it had been days since her last orgasm and she had been fucked several times since then, so Brandon's inexpert ministrations were driving her wild with need. He gently held her clit between her fingers and massaged it in small circles causing her hips to automatically rise up to his hand seeking more pressure, more speed.

Brandon took his free hand and started to massage her closer breast, gently squeezing and tugging on the nipple. Taking a cue from the urgency trembling in her body he started applying more vigour to her clit, making faster circles.

Tegan let out a strained moan as she crests closer to her release and in her desire she reaches for Brandon's stiff cock through the material of his underwear, bobbing tantalisingly near her shoulder, and then a startled cry as Brandon pulls away, her orgasm fluttering away like a swarm of so many confused butterflies.

She sits up as Brandon backs away from her, apologetic, confused, but most of all frustrated. "B, what's wrong? Come back, please?" She raised her arms, trying to coax him towards her into a gentle embrace as he glanced at her with a look that she almost mistook for betrayal but quickly realised was embarrassment, shame. She looked down at his briefs and saw the unmistakable dampness of ejaculation in the front of his underwear and a distinctly deflated bulge.

The poor guy must have been on the brink himself, and all she needed was a touch to set him off. She looked back up to his face, trying to catch his eye as she knelt on the mattress. She had to give him back control, make him realise that it wasn't over yet.

"B, come here. I'll do whatever you want. Just come here. Please?" she did her best to make it sound pleading instead of frustrated, like she needed him considering the sexually frustrated state he had her in it wasn't hard.

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He sidled back over to the bed and she took him gently by the arm and lay him down, offering a nipple to his mouth as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his sticky underwear and coaxed him out of them.

Seemingly distracted he was happy to comply for now, as she begrudgingly pulled her nipple from his mouth and kissed her way down her torso to come face to face with his cock.


Following his accident she had something of a mess to contend with, with a sheen of semen coating his shaft and balls. Well that was just fine, and she was going to convince him it was ok with her if it killed her. "What a mess you made." She chastised him, hopefully making it clear to his nervousness that she was trying to be playful as she took his cock in her soft hands and gently caressed it, feeling it immediately respond… there was no doubt Brandon had the stamina befitting a young single man to go and go and go… he just needed experience to slow down that hair trigger.

"What a sticky…" she licked at his tip "…gooey…" she gently took one of his balls in her mouth and swirled saliva all over it, sucking it clean of his jizz "…mess." She took his blossoming shaft in her mouth, swallowing it in one swoop as she sucked it clean, savouring the flavour. Semen wasn't a particularly nice flavour, she'd be lying if she said it was (especially if the guy didn't eat a lot of fruit), but it was something she enjoyed because it meant that she'd provided pleasure and the association was too strong to disconnect.

"Cum is my favourite food" Tegan lied "so from now on if you need to cum I will consider it a personal insult if it doesn't go in my mouth." Brandon groaned as Tegan took his swelling member in her mouth again, remembering how this went last time. The idea of blowing his load in her mouth had seemed insanely hot but he was worried that it was somehow offensive, that women only did it in porn or because men wanted them to. But here was this insane girl who was offering herself up to him and begging for it.

Even as he gazed down at her polishing and cleaning his shaft and balls he was visualising the porn he'd seen, videos of women taking a load in their mouth and on their faces, sometimes even playing with it.

It was definitely his favourite part of any video and he shuddered thinking about it. Was this for real? She seemed to have no problem cleaning him up. Would Tegan willingly take it anytime, any place? He groaned aloud at the thought before bringing his attention back to the soft lips enveloping his manhood, the emerald eyes shining up at him.

Finally he found the courage to speak. "I want to taste you as well." "Mmm?" Tegan responded, feeling him twitch in her mouth. "I want to eat you… can we sixty-nine?" "Mmm!" Tegan moaned in agreement.

She eagerly hopped up on the bed then lowered herself over him, swinging one knee over his face to lower her dripping gash to him as she resumed her oral ministrations on his shaft. Brandon had a height advantage over Tegan so with her head bobbing smoothly over his crotch he found himself gazing down at hers, face to face with the real thing for the first time. He curled his arms around the outside of her thighs and grasps her firm cheeks, pulling them apart to expose her fully.

The first thing he noticed was the tiny puckered star of her butthole, at the moment looking a little swollen and irritated. He had a guess as to why and he groaned as his dick involuntarily flexed in Tegan's mouth at the idea.

He'd seen his share of anal porn but again, this was something he had long suspected would never happen to him in real life.

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Just a tiny distance away though was the real source of his desires. Her hairless outer labia were parted slightly to expose her pink insides, her inner lips just slightly peeking out.

He crawled his fingers a little, altering his grip and pulled her lips apart to reveal more of her soft folds, wanting to gaze directly at her warm entrance. Another involuntary flex in Tegan's mouth and his entire body shuddered this time. He took her by the hips and pulled her bodily closer to his face, closing his mouth over her pussy and delving in with his tongue, probing for that wet hole and lapping her juices.

Tegan gave an appreciative moan as she used her hands to direct him better to her mouth. With the height difference she could not take him as easily but she compensated by using her hand to stroke the bottom half of the shaft and caress his balls while continuing to focus her ministrations around the head.

Brandon oral skills were enthusiastic at least, and she couldn't help but grind her hips, trying to find some way to get pressure on her throbbing clit as he seemed singularly determined to push his tongue inside her. At the other end Brandon's inexperienced tongue was quickly beginning to tire so he decided to change strategy.

He swirled his tongue downwards and found her clit at the cleft of her inner lip then closed his mouth over it applying suction. The muffled moan around his cock was a sure sign he was on to something so, taking encouragement, he started massaging that area with his mouth, varying the amount of suction and occasionally flicking it with his tongue.

This elicited more moans and he noticed that Tegan's efforts were becoming slower, less focused. The idea that he was giving her so much pleasure she couldn't properly reciprocate suddenly overwhelmed him and he let out a loud groan, digging his fingers into her ass cheeks and sucking her clit with as much force as he could muster as he felt his balls tighten.

Tegan held him in her mouth and started stroking him rapidly with her hand as his hips bucked more of his length into her mouth and she applied suction, tightening her mouth around the swelling head as he exploded against the back of her throat. Brandon's sucking mouth against her aching clit finally pushed her over the edge as well and she moaned through a mouthful of his thick seed, greedily swallowing it down, her body quaking as she finally released her pent up need.

The swallowing sensation set off another release of Brandon's and he flooded her mouth a second time before pulling his mouth from her slit and laying back, breathing hard. Tegan swallowed again and started gently easing off, a few last slow movements of her head, a swirl of the tongue to clean up any last remainder, then she let his slowly wilting meat slip from her mouth.

She lay across him catching her breath and feeling somewhat spent, gently holding his dick in her left hand content to wait until he decided to break the silence.

After a few minutes, just as Tegan was wondering if Brandon had dozed off, he asked "was that good?" "Yes, it was wonderful." "I mean, did you come?" "Oh, yes. I did." She stifled a giggle. Coming always made her a little bit giddy and having a conversation about it was weird.


"Really, you're not just saying that?" "Really. I'm not going to lie Brandon, some girls you meet will fake it. I've done it before, when I feel like it's important. But not now, with you." She gently slid off him and rolled onto her side, propping herself up on her elbow to look at him. "Is it important that I come?" "I… you know… I want to know you're enjoying it." "That's more considerate than a lot of guys." Tegan said with a small smile.

"And if you have a girl you care about I am sure she will appreciate it." "I care about you!" Brandon protested.

"Brandon I've basically agreed to be a live-in sex toy. Not just for you, but for Angus and Sam too. I… I don't want to ruin the mood here but I don't want there to be any misunderstandings that lead to jealousy." "I know, I didn't mean it like that. I just mean I care that you enjoy it too." "Well the deal is that you get to use me for your pleasure. I might not always come, girls are tricky like that.

Don't worry about it too much." Tegan sighed and rolled onto her back, stretching with a yawn. "The reality is I'm going to be having a lot of sex in the near future.

Sometimes I'll come, sometimes I won't." Brandon pensively stared at her for a long moment, mainly at her nipples, before asking "What made you agree to this?" "Made me?

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It was my idea, remember." "Ok why did you suggest this then." "I'm single, you guys are single, and this is way easier than finding another job. It helps that I like sex a lot too, but who doesn't?" "Have you been with a lot of guys?" "Are you asking out of jealousy?" "No, just curious." Tegan propped herself up on her elbow again. "The answer is no. I've been with two guys before this week. I lost my virginity in 9th grade. That guy lost interest in me as soon as he got what he wanted.

I didn't hook up with anyone again until I was in university. We were together for a year, then broke up. I've been single ever since." "Oh." "You seem kinda surprised." "I guess I thought you were…" "…a slut?" Brandon shrugged awkwardly, avoiding her gaze.

"I'm not offended. What else would you think? Anyway, if I wasn't before, I am now. And I'm not ashamed of that. It's actually…" "Liberating?" "Exactly. If there's one thing I've noticed about older people it's that they more often regret the things they didn't do more than the things they did. So, I'm doing things. While I'm still young." "So… what other stuff have you done?" "What do you mean?" Tegan asked, coyly.

"Well I mean apart from what we've done together… you know. With your boyfriend." "Jeez, you want me to go into the sordid details of my one significant relationship?" "I guess not, not really." "Brandon if what you're trying to figure out is what kind of stuff you can do with me… let's just say for now that there's very little not on the table.

Use your imagination." After a moment's pause she added "Just nothing involving like… poop or vomit." "Gross." Brandon grimaced. "Glad we're in agreement on that! Any other questions?" "Have you ever been with a girl?" "Aargh!" Tegan threw up her hands and flopped back on the bed. "Yes, ok Sherlock, you got me." "Well?" "Oh so now you want details?" "Well… yeah!" "No dice, B. Maybe another time. When I'm drunk." Tegan laughed. "Really drunk." "I guess for now I'll just use my imagination." "You're imagining it right now, aren't you?" Tegan lifted her head to look at him, watching his cock swell from half mast to full again before her eyes.

"Really?!" "Sorry?" "A woman's work is never done." Tegan said with a mock sigh as she crawled over to him and swept her mouth over his swollen member once more…