Roleplaying Emo Scene Couple In Virtual Game Having a Good Time

Roleplaying Emo Scene Couple In Virtual Game Having a Good Time
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It was Friday and the day before me and Elliot were going to babysit and we were at sixth form, and you know how long a day lasts when your stuck in lessons all day which you have no care for, well it was one of them days. It started off with chemistry which wasn't a bad lesson as I shared it with Elliot but, and it's a really annoying but, I don't sit anywhere near Elliot so I spend a 2 hours stuck with a boring people who I wouldn't notice if I didn't sit near them.


It was now break which I had been looking forward to for the whole of chemistry, not just to go see Elliot but to get away from the most annoying teacher in the world. So anyways I went to find Elliot which ended up in people sending me all over the place where they last saw him and eventually I found him in the canteen just finishing up and I sat down opposite him and started to move my foot up his leg towards his crotch but the bell rang and I nearly blew up, he just smiled and said "looks like your going to have to wait" The next 2 lessons where boring as hell and I couldn't get Elliot out of my head but knew I would have to wait much longer as it was lunch and I could go find him.

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So the search began and unlike break time is took less than half the time  which meant I got to spend over half an hour with him which I was ecstatic about, we first headed for the canteen again to grab a burger and a drink which I ate and drank as fast as I could so I could get on with what I had planned next. So I dragged Elliot as fast as I could to the changing rooms, we walked in and I push him down onto a bench and straddled him.


I leant down and kissed him on the lips, he then pressed his tongue into my mouth and his started to dance with mine. I then pulled his shirt over his head and started to lick down his neck and then met one of his nipples which my tongue licked circles around and lightly nibbled which Elliot obviously loved as he started to moan and his hard cock was pressing through his trousers and into my stomach which made me drive my tongue down even further and after giving his belly button some attention I started to pull down his trousers and boxers at the same time once they were round his ankles I pressed my lips up against the head of his cock and started to lick his belend, I slowly lick down the bottom of his cock all the way down to the base, I kept going and found his balls which my tongue loved to play with.

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I then licked back up his cock and took the belend in my mouth and slowly got lower down until I had about half of his cock I lifted up and back down fast and I kept going, Elliot then put his hands on the back of my head and started to thrust his cock into my mouth really hard and then he thrusted as hard as he could and I felt spurt after spurt of his hot and creamy cum hit the back of my throat.

I kept my mouth round his cock until I milked out as much as I could and with the bit of cum I kept in my mouth I lifted back up and started to make out with Elliot and we started to swap his cum around until he swallowed it And then to wreck the moment the bell rang and Elliot rushed to get his clothes back on before the sports students arrived.

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After making it out of the changing rooms just in time we rushed off to our last lesson of the day which we spent sitting next to each other hand in hand under the table and hand on cock for part of it, which we had to stop as the teacher came and stood next to us as we watched a short video of an experiment. The lesson finished without any more fun  but I was gloating as I only had one more night sleep before I got to spend the weekend with Elliot and the kid he was babysitting, O shit I forgot about that detail, how the hell are we going to do stuff with the kid there?

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I said goodbye to Elliot and went home not being able to think of anything but the weekend and trying to plan how I am going to get around the whole issue of the kid, and then it came to me, maybe we could get the kid involved That night I slept well :P Hoped you liked it, and sorry for not going straight into the weekend but it didn't seem right without a little build up to it. I think I am only going to one more of this series but what do you think shall I do more?

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