Roundass babe blows dick after fucking anally

Roundass babe blows dick after fucking anally
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This story is rather short but it covers a little background and everything that took place in the short span of time when it happened so there wouldn't be any more to tell unless I made it up. ---------------------------- This happened one afternoon during the summer several years ago while I was in Western Arizona.

I had spent most of the earlier day on the beach by the river where I saw plenty of nearly naked girls in very brief bikinis. By the time I left I was pretty horny.

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Just outside the town's city limits there is a large porn store right off the main highway and that is where I headed. The store has a video arcade and two small adult theaters inside. One of the theaters features gay porn and the other shows straight porn. I had been there a number of times previously to go to the straight theater.

The theater screen is just a large TV mounted in front of the room.

The walls and ceiling are painted black and the whole room is dark except for the reflected light from the TV screen. A row of chairs is located against the rear wall and more chairs are located beside each of the two side walls. XXX videos are shown continuously on the TV screen.

After you pay your admission you can go into either theater that you want and stay as long as you want until closing. The entry door buzzer for the theater access and the video selections that are shown are controlled from behind a counter inside the store which is some distance away from the theater entrance. I have never once seen the owners, store managers, or law enforcement authorities enter this theater. So once you are inside the theater there is not much reason to be apprehensive or inhibited.

Most of the times that I had been there before, there were at least two or three other guys there and they were always wanking themselves or wanking each other while the movies were playing. Blow jobs are also a common activity in the theater.


Occasionally couples visit this theater and they sometimes play around with each other in plain view of others in the theater. Once in a while a couple will invite one or more other guys to join in. One time I saw a couple come in and start fooling around with each other. She was slim and probably in her mid to late forties. She wore a dress that opened up in front and after a few minutes the dress was fully open with the entire front of her body exposed. There were about five other guys in the theater then and she had all the guys' attention.


Her husband or boyfriend motioned to one guy to approach her. After he had a chance to feel her up she told him to take out his cock. She took it into her mouth and sucked him until he shot his load in her mouth.

During a span of about forty minutes she gave blowjobs to every guy in the theater including myself while the guy she was with was watching. She would take a short break between blowjobs and then continue. Normally I would cum in five minutes or even less but I had already cum once before she arrived and so I lasted at least ten minutes before I came in her mouth.

She didn't seem to be in any hurry though and obviously enjoyed what she was doing. After she had finished giving oral satisfaction to each of the male audience, she closed up her dress, then waved and smiled to everyone and left with her companion.

On this one weekday afternoon when I had come from the beach, I was in the theater for a while when a woman entered the theater by herself. This was the first and only time I had ever seen a female come in there alone. She walked back and took the seat in the back corner right next to me on my right.

There was only one other guy there at the time. He was sitting a couple seats to my left and we had both been jacking off before she arrived. She was younger than me, probably early to mid-thirties, short and average looking with fair skin and reddish brown hair and just a little bit chubby. She wore a loose fitting top and a short skirt and tights.

The movie that was playing was showing a woman enjoying sex with several guys together. After a while I gradually resumed jacking off. A few minutes after I started stroking my exposed dick, I noticed that she had begun massaging her breasts over her blouse.

I asked her if I could have a peek at her breasts and right away she obliged.

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She undid her shirt and I could see she wore no bra. Her breasts looked to be a large B or small C cup size. She then started gently rubbing her exposed nipples while I watched.

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It wasn't long before I had one hand on her breasts while my other hand continued to stroke my very hard dick. After a few minutes her hands went down to her crotch and she began to rub her cunt over the tights she wore. I got out of my chair and then stood directly in front of her while I continued to stroke my cock.She pushed her tights and panties down over her hips and past her knees, exposing her cunt which she continued to rub.


After a minute or two while we each masturbated and watched each other masturbate, she said "Oh, lick me. Make me cum." I knelt down between her legs which were now spread apart. Then I began running my tongue over her slit and around her clit and pussy lips while I inserted my middle finger of one hand inside her vagina. I was fondling her breasts with my other hand. She rested her hands on the back of my head. Her pussy smelled and tasted fresh and clean. I was really enjoying it and so was she.

This went on for a while until she began to breathe heavily and moan and quiver. Her orgasm lasted for more than a minute before her quivering came to a halt. I asked her if she wanted more and she said she was well satisfied but she would like to see me finish jacking off and watch me come.

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I was somewhat disappointed that she didn't offer to blow me but that was okay. I sat down again in the chair next to her and stroked my dick and rubbed my balls while she looked on. Her clothes were still undone with her tits and her cunt exposed. When I got close to cumming I stood up, about to shoot off and she motioned toward her stomach. When I came I shot a massive load all over the front of her torso.

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Soon after that we both cleaned ourselves up with some paper towels I had brought. The two of us were now alone in the theater. The other guy that had been there must have gotten himself off and left without us noticing. She got up to leave, smiled and said thanks for the fun afternoon.

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I told her I'd like to arrange to repeat the experience but she said she wasn't able to let me contact her but maybe we'd be able to meet again sometime by chance like we had just done. I took that to mean that she was most likely in a relationship but enjoyed a fling now and then. Although I've been back there many times since then, I've never met up with her again. I've had a lot of other fun experiences in that theater and some of those may be the subject of later stories.