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Sexy brunette babe Casey Calvert gets fucked by a black dick
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Once again I was straddling him. His back against the wall, his hands roaming my back. Going up to my neck and down to my lower back. Then all of a sudden grabbing me as if it were for his life. His lips busy with mine, crushing them, yet so tender.

My hands at his neck, down to his shoulders, to his bulging muscular arms and up again to his neck. How could he be so strong and powerful over me but yet so soft and delicate. His hands now at my hips, his mouth leaving mine, going lower, leaving a trail of kisses behind.


Lower. Reaching my shoulders, he goes along, leaving more kisses. Reaching my spaghetti straps, my bra straps, he removes them one then the other one with his lips and tongue. Lets them slip down my arm, going up to my neck, nibbling on his way. Across my neck, to the other side. Now at my left shoulder, again, leaving kisses behind.

Removing my straps. Finding his way up my neck and up to my cheek. Up to my earlobe, nibbles it and he goes higher. "I want you." Just above a whisper. Crosses my face, kisses my eyes, down to my nose, and once again his lips are dancing with mine.

He goes down, again. Lower, my head goes back in pleasure. He rips my shirt off of me. His lips go to my shoulders again, his hands start roaming upwards again, reaching for the clasp of my bra. Loosens it and lets it fall in between us. His mouth now licking its way down. Placing his face on my chest, between my breasts.

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Moving it from side to side. Finally deciding onto my right breast. Moving closer, then moves up to the top. Sticking out his tongue, making a spiral like trail, leading to the nipple. Teasing as much as possible. Finally he reaches it, licks over it once, my head moving further back, engulfs the whole thing into his mouth.

Moving onto my left breast. Again with the spiral trail, I'm whimpering. His mouth leaves my breast and moves up, looking, searching for my mouth.

Breaking it for a breath, his forehead against mine, our eyes closed. His eyes open, looking at me. His piercing blue eyes looking at me. "Allison!" I heard, "It's me. Open up." Jennifer.

I turned on my bed, saw my clock, six. I got up, putting on my robe over my panties and over sized shirt. Walked over to my living room, then to the door. I opened the door, looked outside but there was no one. I walked out to the hallway, suddenly feeling arms around my mouth and my waist.

Picking me up from the floor. I try kicking but I'm put to sleep, by a sudden pain on the back of my head. I open my eyes, looking around I recognize my bed sheets and my room.

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I still feel my head spinning. I try getting up but I find it hard to concentrate. Then its all pitch black again… Opening my eyes once more. No pain at all, looking around I'm still in my room. I sit up, nothing happens. Swing out of my bed, walking over to the door which was closed.

Opening it, I walk down the hallway. I hear noise from the kitchen, I walk back to my study across the hallway from my room. Behind my desk, I go through my drawer, finding the small pistol, I walk to the kitchen. Carefully, I round the corner, aiming at the person in there.

"Who are you, and what are you doing in my house?" I call at them. He turns and faces me, Nikolai. He raises his arms, his piercing blue eyes, horrified looking at me. I lower the pistol, relieved it was him. "Sorry. Didn't feel you awaken. I took the liberty to make some coffee if that's okay?" He turned around to the stove again.


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I guess" I responded, sitting down on the little island stool. "So what are you doing here?" I asked when he sat down, handing me a cup of coffee.

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"Well, I wanted to talk, I thought that maybe if I surprised you, you would listen to me without closing the door in my face." He added sugar and cream to his coffee, "But I think I surprised you a little too much?" "Just a little.

If by surprising me you mean hitting me on the back of the head and dragging me inside, to my bedroom, then taking the liberty to make yourself coffee, then mission accomplished." I said adding sugar and cream myself.

He chuckled, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you. It's just that, well, you started kicking. It got me by surprise and I didn't know what to do. So I just placed my head on your neck and when you swung back, you hit yourself on my head.

I didn't know you would fall unconscious. " I studied him. He seemed to be telling the truth. As I did, I couldn't help remember my dream from the night before. "Why would I close the door in your face again?" I asked. "Well, after the little argument we had, I didn't know how you would react." He leaned forward.

"About that. Look I know I'm quite stubborn. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone off like that. It's just that, well, Jennifer was still going through a lot of stuff. You bringing up her ex like that didn't help much." I remembered him, yelling at Jennifer, our friend, how stupid she had been dating her ex. She was upset from her parents separating and then her boyfriend dumped her, I tried consoling her while he yelled at her.

I stepped in and cut him off, smacking him across the face and yelling at him to leave her house. "You're right. I know I shouldn't have done it. But I was furious at him, for just leaving her with all her problems." He looked sincere. God, I almost melted. His eyes were sad and I could see the sincerity in them. It took all my will to jump off my stool and into his arms kissing him. The truth was, I've had a crush on him since the first time I saw him.

He was the first one to start a conversation with me. WE became friends right away, having many things in common. I wasn't the only one that tripped and fell for him, Jennifer had too. Being my best friend, I never attempted anything, since she crushed on him too. Keeping my feelings to myself, not wanting to interfere with them. Although he never took much interest in her, and thought of her as a younger sister.

Later on she lost all interest in him, but my feelings were stronger. "Helloooo! Are you okay?" His hand was waving in front of my face. "Huh? Oh yeah. Sorry. What were you saying?" I asked, his eyes showed curiosity.


"Nothing much. I think your thoughts are more important than me anyways." He chuckled again. He got up, "I must be leaving then. If you don't find our conversation interesting enough to listen." "No, sorry. I was just remembering something.

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Please stay." I grabbed his hands. I was used to holding his hands, we usually just randomly held hands, but this time was different. There was some kind of electricity in it. I think he noticed it too, since he looked at me. "Okay. I'll stay. Got nothing better to do at home anyways." He sat back down on the stool.

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"But tell me, what were you remembering?" "When we first met. Remember?" I answered. Standing up. I saw him stare at me, then I remembered I was still in my sleeping wear. My cheeks flushed, "Sorry, I forgot I was in my sleep wear. Let me go change." I ran out the kitchen to my room. I put on some old gym shorts, and a clean shirt. I walked back, finding him in the living room, sitting on the couch.