Bigtit Fett Amateur fickt 2 schwarze Schwänze und nimmt in den Arsch

Bigtit Fett Amateur fickt 2 schwarze Schwänze und nimmt in den Arsch
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It had been exactly two months since Riley's incident with Charlie, nothing awkward after thank god. And no one had found out, well except for Cheyanne and she wanted details; details Riley refused to give to her.

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"Rye! C'mon! No ones around, everyone's gone to class already!" Cheyanne and Riley were in the Library skipping their sixth period class. "Chey, I can't Charlie wouldn't kiss n' tell so I wont." Cheyanne had been dogging her about it ever since she first found out, and she was dieing to figure out how Riley seduced Charlie into it.

Cheyanne was a good looker, blonde bombshell; but in this case she wasnt blonde, perfect breasts, tiny waist, she was atheletic as was Riley they both ran track and attempted the girls wrestling team every year. Cheyanne had burgandy colored hair, she had a monroe and her tongue peirced, she dressed sort of like Riley but her jeans were never torn up and Cheyanne wore skirts and such, skirts that made every one of her classmates wish she would drop her pencil and forget about the skirt.

It was track season, so that meant spending loads of time with eachother, coach, and the other girls and guys that looked amature. "Sanders, Scott come show our freshmeat how to do the track right." Coach Fraiser was good looking he was in his mid twenties and in great. He looked like a spitting image of John Stamos in his last days working on the set of Fullhouse.

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He dressed just like a friend of theirs would, he wore either ripped up or dark colored pants, dark colored shirts, and he had to take out his lip ring to be the coach. Lets just say Cheyanne and Riley wanted a peice of him. "K, Coach." Riley Slyly took off her track jacket left in her sports bra and track shorts, she ran the obsticles he had put up a couple of times and came back not even winded.

"Good job Sanders! You're turn Scott." A lot of the newbies glared at Riley as she jogged around the track itself doing laps. Cheyanne did the obsticles once and returned back to Coach. "Scott, maybe you should watch Sanders." "I've been doing this longer, just because I dont like to show off doesn't mean I'm not good." Cheyanne was annoyed.

Pay back would be a bitch. After practice Coach invited Riley and Cheyanne over for dinner. They flat out accepted, they wanted to see more of that hot coach of theirs. "So Coach, you got any good movies?" Riley asked, she was planning on some cuddeling and under blanket touching.

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"Yeah I got a few. Want to watch Requiem for a Dream or Final Destination?" "Both?" Cheyanne asked. "Ok." Riley finished. They were all sat down watching one of the movies, Riley in the center leaning closer to Coach Fraiser than Cheyanne. "Coach, can you rub my shoulder, it kind of hurts." "Where?" Riley grabbed his hand and basically made him touch her boob.

"Whoa, how'd you hurt it in the front?" "I dont know. I think its bruised come look." Riley grabbed his hand a drug him into his bath room.

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She lifted up her shirt and exposed her breasts. "Oh god Riley." "What, dont you like them?" "Fuck yes I do." "Go ahead touch them I dont bite.Hard." "I cant fiance." "I wont tell.

and Screw her, you got me." Riley took his hand and made him cup her breast, she removed her hand and he continued. The lust in his eyes growing, Riley assumed he hadn't gotten "any" in a while. She was going to make the next few moments worth while.

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-Back in the Living room- "Whats taking them so long?" Cheyanne thought aloud, she had grown bored of staring at the paused movie. "Lets see how dirty my coach really is." Cheyanne began to flip through Coach Fraiser's digital cable searching to see if had boughten any pornography channels, maybe she would have some fun while waiting for Riley to stop whining.

-In the bathroom.- At this point in time Coach's pants were down to the floor and Riley was on her hands and knees teasing his cock as she had preveously done with Charlie. "Oh god Sanders!" Coach said.

"Riley, get it right Coach." "Well if were on a first name uhn." She hit a good spot, he gulped and continued. ".basis call me Derek." "Oh Derek." She raised her eyebrows and blew him a sexy kiss, she wanted things to grow with her and Coa- Derek. "Riley get with it, suck me already." On a daily basis Derek masturbated to the porn Cheyanne was currently fingering herself to, his fiance was out in Milan cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend, Derek was clueless of everything.

Riley began to suck his penis, he was a little bigger than Charlie, but all the more to have fun with. She did pretty much the same thing but this time she tried playing with the balls, which she could tell Derek liked. With the top half of the penis in her mouth she licked the bottom of his penis, kind of waving her tongue back and forth; this caused him to grab on to her hair with a death grib.

She decided on just letting him throat fuck her. "Fuck my mouth." Riley put her mouth back onto his penis, and waited for it to register in his head. And about five seconds after she said that he began to ram his cock in and out of her mouth. "UHNNN!!! OHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDD! RILEY! OH MY GOD!" He panted. I had heard some where that if you hum while giving head its supposed to stimulate something and make it that much more pleasureable.

So she tried it. And just as she thought, he began to do it faster and faster and eventually. "OHHHH GOOOODDD! I'M COMING DONT MOVE AWAY!" All Riley did was suck on it like a vaccum cleaner, and eventually she got that tasty come shooting into her mouth. She waited until she got the majority of it,swallowed and let the rest still coming out of his cock fall free onto her exposed breasts. Little did they know Cheyanne had over heard Derek's screams and was half way concerned. So she walked to the bathroom and knocked.

"Coming." Derek said to the door, then directed his attention back to Riley. "Well not anymore, follow me grab Cheyanne." Derek opened the door cock exposed, he walked past her with Riley following him. As Riley walked by she grabbed Cheyanne's arm and pulled her along with them. Cheyanne began to get nervous horney.

She didn't know what to expect but expected something sexual since her best friends breasts were come covered and exposed and her Coach's penis was out in the air. They followed Derek into his huge room, queen sized bed, two nightstands, a dresser, and a closet. There were posters of random artists but nothing to out of the ordinary. "Cheyanne suck his penis." Riley demanded. "Bu-but." Cheyanne was nervous. "Do it! You want the experience!

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Try on this hot fuck!" Riley was a bitch when she was horney. She took control over a lot of situations, and became boss.

"Fine!" Cheyanne grabbed his cock and stuck it in her mouth. Not expecting to taste come she removed it from her mouth. "Whats that?" "Come Scott, now continue." Derek was annoyed he wanted Riley, not Cheyanne. Cheyanne rolled her tongue ring along his penis, the feeling made the thought of Cheyanne do it disappeer and the thought of pleasure appear. "Oh Cheyanne.


I'm going to do something dont freak out." Riley said. Riley grabbed Cheyanne's shorts and removed them. Cheyanne tried to fight it but just gave in, she was scared, nervous. Riley made her spread her legs, got on her back and slid between Cheyanne's legs.

Cheyanne lowered her body so she was "sitting" on Riley's face. Riley began to lick her and lap at her freshly made juices, since Cheyanne became scared after fingering herself earlier everything went bone dry; till now.

Riley moved her tongue up and began to finger her while tasting her. This was both their first times with lesbian experiences. So Riley was very unexperienced but thought about what she would like done to her and forwarded it out in actions.

Cheyanne was still sucking on Derek's cock, she began to moan in her throat which sent vibrations into Derek's cock. "Oh god! Cheyanne don't stop! That feels so good! OHH GOOOODDDD!" Derek was close to comming but didn't want only head he wanted to feel those four walls of both their vagina's.

"Cheyanne do--- you know h-how to sixty-nine?" "I've heard about it. Can you show me?" Cheyanne knew exactly what it was, but she wanted to see Riley get some pleasure other than pleasuring her.

"Ok.Riley lay on top of me." Riley obeyed and layed on top of him shoving her vagina in his face. And putting her face infront of his cock. She licked the head, she could taste pre cum and saliva.

Let's just say she liked it, a lot. She put the head in her mouth and proceeded as she had in previous times, she licked the lower portion of the cock while sucking. Meanwhile Derek was having the time of his life, he was tasting her sex and rubbing her clit with his tongue, this caused Riley to get shivers.

Within minutes of this happening Riley came and with her climax and jolt of juices Derek just had to come too. Riley swallowed his come, as she had before. "UHNNN! GOOODDDDD!" Derek had came for the second time that night, normally he'd be spent for a while after the first time.

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"Yumm." Riley loved it, and at that time she was tired from the days activities. "Girls, I am exhausted. Want to sleep?" It sounded more like a statement than a question. "Sure, just got to call my dad and Cheyanne is fine she was supposed to be at my house anyways." Riley walked out of the room, naked, and used the phone.

Minutes later she returned to them both naked asleep on Derek's bed. Riley wanted sex still, but she would have to wait.

She walked up to Derek and nudged him. "Date me please. You're girl is cheating on you anyways." "Anything you say." He kissed her and added some tongue.


Riley laid down in front of him, his member next to her ass and passed out.