White amazon women scene empregada and camareira

White amazon women scene empregada and camareira
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Jaded part 3. Jayne tentatively eased her tongue among the folds of Miss Cathcart's sex, it was Thursday evening, she had work to do, a presentation to finish, and yet somehow she had gone from returning a set of play handcuffs to the sex shop for a refund to licking the owner's sex in less than forty five minutes.


The sex was pungent, acidic, she wondered if this was normal, presumably different girls had different tastes, different odours, yet as she licked a certain sweetness developed and the anxiety faded, she knew she could do this, she felt a guilty pang of pride, and then Miss Cathcart moaned slightly and relaxed, relaxed too much and realised there was no backrest on the packing case an almost overbalanced, only saving herself by clamping Jayne's head with her thighs.

"Office, office chair!" Miss Cathcart ordered as she regained her equilibrium, and she stood up and tugged Jayne's leash. Jayne followed as best she could, she just couldn't walk in the ridiculously high heels and she crawled and hopped along behind as Miss Cathcart unlocked the store room door and ushered Jayne out and then hurried along to her office, seemingly oblivious to the fact she was now dressed in only her black corset with pink tapes and her black peephole bra.

Jayne was too concerned with keeping up with Miss Cathcart to worry that she was completely naked, except for her collar and leash and the impossibly high heeled shoes, that the doors to the shop and Club were unlocked never crossed her mind and when Miss Cathcart sat on her favourite revolving chair and tipped the backrest back Jayne once again resumed licking the soft pink folds of Miss Cathcart's hairless waxed pubes.

Jayne panicked momentarily as Miss Cathcart took her head in her hands and pulled Jayne tighter into her sex, but she relaxed again, trying to work out what she wold want Henry or John with an h to do to her, if, that is, either would actually do anything so intimate to her. "Oh that's lovely Jayne, up a bit please," Miss Cathcart requested. Jayne's whole world revolved around Miss Cathcart's crotch, except after a moment or two it started to feel totally normal totally right and unconsciously Jayne's thoughts passed to her power point presentation for tomorrow, damn!

Five minutes, she had it down to six but, "Yes tongue," Miss Cathcart pleaded, It was the still photographs, Jayne realised, maybe she should just show them as a film strip instead of talking over them, she shifted her position slightly as Miss Cathcart relaxed further into her chair and neither of them heard Shelly approach until the door was open and Shelly was right there in the office.

"I brought the seventy, oh!" Shelly said, "Sorry!" "Don't just stand there show Jayne how it works!" Miss Cathcart ordered. "No!" Shelly protested, "No way!" "Fifty per cent commission?" Miss Cathcart offered.

"Oh, you know I need the money, oh all right," Shelly agreed. "Pump it," Miss Cathcart ordered. "Yes I do know!" Shelly replied. Jayne heard the click of the key in the office door lock, the rustle of clothing being discarded, and then a gasp, "It's cold," Shelly explained.

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Jayne didn't look, she concentrated on Miss Cathcart, and her power point presentation. "Is she wet Shelly?" Miss Cathcart asked. "Not very," Shelly explained, "I'll give it a go, hang on." Miss Cathcart watched as Shelly tightened the strap, the seventy seven ninety nine strap on, dildo combo wasn't the sort of thing one could advertise too widely, pink with a black strap, it also came in ebony with a white strap, but it was the remote reservoir and finely atomised spray to mimic a mans ejaculation that really set it apart, that and the reservoir with its pump that was pre heated to body temperature,by being inserted in the wearer's rectum.

Shelly actually looked ridiculous, she had a shirt on, her blue denim jeans were around her knees with her panties and yet she had the huge, although actually only seven inch, phallus strapped around her waist and the connecting tube disappearing up her bottom, but Jayne remained largely oblivious to this as she pleasured Miss Cathcart and planned her power point presentation.

"Umph!" Jayne exclaimed as Shelly touched he for the first time, a single digit inserted into her sex and then before she could react the much larger phallus of the strap-on was easing into her, raping her, she never gave permission, she reasoned, and yet it eased on remorselessly propelled by Shelly's weight. "That's it Shelly ride her, ride her." Miss Cathcart urged as the thrusting forced Jaynes tongue ever deeper into Miss Cathcart's pungent softness, as her fluids leaked and coated Jaynes mouth nose and chin.

"Shh," Jayne protested but she couldn't get the words out and then suddenly the phallus wasn't raping her, it was comforting her, a warm wet glow was spreading quickly within her. "Ohhh, Jayne that's wonderful, are you sure you're not bi?" Miss Cathcart asked rhetorically, and then although Shelly had barely thrust twenty strokes Miss Cathcart said, "I think now please Shelly." Shelly reached down and around, around behind her to get to the control button on the strap on, it was already set to seven, seven pulses, that is, automatic, seven separate pulses of the atomised spray of body heated purified water to quench Jayne's fire, all controlled by a cunning hydraulic mechanism with a manual over ride.

"Here goes," Shelly announced and suddenly the shock of the strap-ons squirting orgasm spasmed through Jaynes entire body, she gasped for breath tipping Miss Cathcart over the edge and into her own rippling squirting orgasm which further inflamed Jayne.

"Ohhh," Jayne moaned in synch with Miss Cathcart while Shelly had her own agenda.

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"Six, seven, rest," Shelly counted, "That did absolutely nothing for me," she announced, "Nothing!" Jayne turned to look at Shelly, "Watch your hair on her pussy juice," Shelly cautioned, "She comes like a leaking drain pipe." "Oh wow!" Jayne exclaimed, "Phew!" "It's all very well!" Shelly exclaimed, "But really, it's just not fair." Jayne smiled weakly as completely drained she just wanted to sleep.

Jayne stayed away for a few days, disturbed that she enjoyed the threesome with Shelly and Miss Cathcart so much that she needed time to think. It was the following Thursday when she was on her way home that she came across a familiar figure, he saw her first and came up to join her, "Hello, it's Jayne, Jayne with wye, isn't it." he said quietly as Jayne stood in line at the newsagents as she bought her evening newspaper after work.


"Sorry, do I know you?" she replied as she turned to look up at him. "I recognised your hair, your neck, your ears although you have different ear rings, you are Jayne aren't you?" he said, "From the club?" "Oh, I see, and you are?" she asked as she looked more closely at the man standing in line behind her, blue eyes, light brown hair and most unexpectedly a light brown moustache confronted her as he smiled hopefully.

"John, although we weren't introduced." he announced as he looked appreciatively at her seeing her perfect white teeth and cheeky smile for the first time. "No," she agreed, "And yes I am Jayne with a wye." "John," he said again, "Oh wow, what a coincidence," he struggled for words.

"Will you be at the Club later?" she asked. "Ah, no sadly funds are depleted," he apologised. "Oh, that's a shame," Jayne replied, "So what have you planned, a quiet night with your girlfriend?" "No, no there is a vacancy in the girlfriend department," he joked, "I'm just a bit strapped for cash that's all." "Oh," she replied, non committally, and then the line moved and she had to pay at the till.

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She waited by the doorway for John to catch up, her heart pounded as she found herself waiting for the inevitable feeble chat up line. "I'll see you around then," John said cheerily, "Goodbye." "Oh!" Jayne exclaimed. "Unless you would like to buy me dinner," he laughed, "I really am broke!" "Cook dinner, I could brush off the cook book and boil an egg," she suggested hopefully. "Then lead on sweet maid," he replied, "Or where is home?" "I'll pay for the ticket, it's only three stops on the underground," she offered.

Jayne turned the key in her front door and stepped inside, she turned the lights on and reset the alarm, "My humble abode," she said with pride, "The bathroom is upstairs on the right, next to my bedroom." "Shall we forego the preliminaries," he asked and before she could reply he lifted her off her feet and ignoring her protests he carried her upstairs. She undid the bedroom door and he settled her gently onto the bed, "Jayne." he said, "You can say no if you like," "Ah, just let me hang my jacket up would you," she asked, and he stood back as she quickly hung her jacket over the chair back and wriggled from her skirt and white blouse.

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She heard him undressing, and looked up and saw him in the mirror, she watched as he peeled off his shirt, and a vest, how boring she thought, and then he sat on the floor and peeled off his dark trousers, underpants and socks in a single motion, his penis looked as nice as she remembered it feeling, long, but not too long, nicely rigid, streamlined, not circumcised, very acceptable.

It was as if they were an established couple not two people who had literally never seen each outer until an hour or so earlier, and then he looked up saw her looking at him in the mirror and smiled, "Moment of truth," he said earnestly. "Yes," she agreed as she slipped off her expensive and slightly incongruous maroon brassiere and peeled down her matching panties and pantihose. He came to the bed and gently held her shoulders and then he kissed her on the lips, she melted into his arms and lay back as he gently pressed her down onto the bed.

She just wanted him, she was ready physically, she knew she was already damp, and mentally she just needed him, she didn't want to resist yet didn't know how to ask him to simply take her. She wondered what to do, "Shall we?" he asked.

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She merely nodded and parted her knees and immediately he moved to match her, she felt his hand move down to guide his erection and then she tingled to the feel of his foreskin against her labia, and thrilled as it began to ease inside her spreading the walls of her vagina and filling the mental and physical void inside her.

"Ok," he asked. "Mmmm," she sighed.


"Are you just going to lie there?" he asked. "Yes!" she agreed, "I'm just going to lie here." she said softly, as he began to ease gently in and out of her, and then she pulled his head down and raised herself up to kiss him on the mouth.

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"Mmm, that's not lying there!" he muttered, "But its nice," he said, "You're nice, who wants fucking nice." and he slammed into her with a sudden urgency.

"That's even nicer," she said and laughed, "Don't hold back, just do it ok?" "Oh," he said in mid thrust, "K." and he started to pleasure himself grinding into her while waiting for her protests which never came.

"That's nice," she whispered again.

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"Bloody hell," he snapped, "I'm working hard here, oh sod it, I'm cumming!" "MMmm, nice," Jayne said once again, "It's so much nicer bare back." John subsided to lie on her for a moment but then remembering his manners he rolled off her and lay on his back, his shrinking penis glistening with their juices, and Jayne grabbed a hand-full of tissues from the bedside table and offered them to John, before she dashed to her en suite shower room. She returned a moment later to see him lying back resting, so she grabbed his shirt to hide her nakedness and rushed downstairs to the kitchen to start dinner.

"We could have eaten out." John suggested as he came downstairs a few minutes later. "You're broke remember." she reminded him. "You could have paid?" he suggested. "No, I want to show you a good old supermarket ready meal!" she confessed, "Roast Chicken dinner with roast potatoes!" "Oh, I see!" he agreed. "And then when you have recovered you can thank me," Jayne suggested, "Properly." The end.

or to be continued, what do you think? This story was a draft for "Out of Twilight," which emains incomplete at time of posting but is sufficienty different I feel to be a stand alone story This is a work of fiction and neither loations nor characters are based on real locations or persons.