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Aaron felt the sun before he saw it. Laying in bed he could feel the rising warmth travel slowly up his body until, irritatingly, it reached his face, forcing him to open his eyes.

He sighed. His alarm clock to the right indicated 04:30, way too early to be getting up. "Wait.what" It was four thirty in the morning, why was the sun up? He quickly climbed from his bed and crossed to the window.

The sun was literally up, right in the sky, which shouldn't make any sense at all because he'd literally just felt it cross across his body. But even weirder than the sun, was the fact that his garden was not outside his window. In fact, there was no garden whatsoever. No grass, no shed, no items laying around like the barbeque or bicycles, just flat orange dusty ground.

Much like you see in adverts on t.v where countries are experiencing extreme drought, the ground was dry. "What the fuck, what is this" Rubbing his eyes repeatedly did nothing, his vision didn't change. Outside seemed like a dry desert, a huge expanse of nothingness that just went on as far as the eye could see.

Panic began to take over as he crossed to his bedroom door on the opposite side, opening it only to find a brick wall.

Sweating and beginning to shake now, Aaron forced himself to calm down. Taking five minutes like this usually calmed him down completely, but when you've woken up to find you're in the middle of a desert trapped in your own bedroom, normal methods don't work so well.

Aaron forced himself to stop spiralling, deleting thoughts of dying out of his mind as soon as they entered. Finally under control he reached for the window opening it wide, luckily it was wide enough for him to fit through and be able to slide down his tiled roof and land with a thump on the parched ground.

Immediately he turned to look back at his house, but it was gone, again replaced by the vast expanse now all around him. Funnily enough Aaron did not feel the heat he was expecting to. Looking up at the sun and judging by the ground around him, he should definitely be burning up right now but he felt strangely cool and comfortable, something which gradually began to help ease his nerves.

He must be dreaming. He must be dreaming. He had to be dreaming. That became his mantra as he continued to scan the horizon before seeing what he thought was a house in the distance. Shrugging his shoulders he started to make his way towards it. As he walked he repeated his mantra, trying not to focus on the fact that he was only wearing boxers, without any shoes.

Initially the house seemed a long way off, but soon after what only felt like a few minutes walking, Aaron began to get close. 'House' probably isn't the word to describe it. From the distance it seemed to be the right shape and colour of your average detached home, however on closer inspection the building was actually made of some type of metallic substance.

Shining brightly in the sun it had a mirror like quality, one that was only broken up occasionally by window-like turrets holes, much like ones you would expect to see on a medieval castle.


Aaron stood before the structure, taking it all in. There seemed to be no discernable entry yet the building was drawing him in, oddly enough Aaron felt himself get excited at the thought. Although this wasn't your regular excitement, he felt this feeling in his loins, as if the closer he got to this building or whatever was inside, the hornier he became. Now, Aaron was 21 and he'd like to think that he was old enough to not let his penis rule his decisions but he also kept telling himself he's dreaming, so why not?

Almost as soon as this thought came into his head, a doorway opened in the mirror-like surface of the building directly in front of Aaron.

He entered into the darkness inside. The door shut behind him plunging his surroundings into darkness but he still felt the comfortable coolness he was feeling before. Suddenly a pillar of light illuminated before him, blinding his eyes that were now used to the darkness.

"What in the fuu…" "KNEEL" Aaron threw himself to the floor. It was as if someone had tied ropes to both his knees and yanked hard on them, driving him downwards. He looked up. A figure stood before him. Undeniably alien yet undeniably beautiful, and somehow completely feminine. He had no doubt in his mind that this figure was a women, she certainly looked it.

Auburn hair flowed from her head, down the shoulders and ended just shy of the back of her calves. Her body seemed petite yet powerful. Her breasts standing out firm, with strong nipples prominent through the alien fabric of her long gown. Her legs and backside hidden by her hair yet obviously matching the standard of her flawless physique. "ARE YOU SON OF ORA-LAIN?" He realised this voice came from his head, the beautiful mouth of the women in front did not move an inch.

Although a small smirk appeared as she noticed the rising tent in Aarons boxers. " mean Orlain? My mum?" Aaron stuttered. His head was so foggy. His mind constricted in her attraction. He was pretty sure the voice in his head pronounced his mothers name with a gap in the middle but undoubtedly was saying the same word.

"YES. YOU HUMANS HAVE ALWAYS CHANGED OUR NAMES, YOUR TONGUE CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUE NAMES OF US. EVEN ORA-LAIN IS A SIMPLIFIED VERSION OF HER BIRTH NAME" The female's voice echoed through his mind both loud and soft. A sensation difficult to describe. 'God I must be dreaming' Aaron thought. "YOU ARE NOT." Now if Aaron had had water in his mouth, this is the point where he'd spit it out.


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YOU HUMANS ARE SO PRIMITIVE." He obviously knew this women held him in low regard but honestly he was too busy trying to memorize the beauty of her face.the smell of her body. "FOCUS! YOU MUST LISTEN, I DO NOT HAVE MUCH TIME" The allure suddenly switched off. Aaron's head snapped back. It was almost like being pulled from cold water.


Yet something in her words and this whole experience made him want to believe. He could almost FEEL the truth. He could see in his mind's eye a planet stricken in black smoke, no vegetation visible, with thousands of humanoid aliens, much like the one standing in front of him, screaming and crying in terror.


SEXUALLY POWERFUL BEINGS THAT CAN WITHSTAND THE TRIALS OF MATING WITH AN ALIEN SPECIES." Honestly if this situation had not already been so surreal and insane, Aaron would have laughed. But again, the severity of her voice touched strings in his heart.

"So you need me for what? A breeder? Do you need my sperm or something?" "NO. MATING IS EQUAL PARTS RITUAL AS IT IS BIOLOGICAL. I'M GOING TO GRANT YOU POWER.

SEXUAL POWER. FOR YOU TO GAIN FULL MASTERY OF BEFORE BEING READY TO TAKE ON FEMALES OF MY OWN RACE" "Power? You mean like mind must be fucking with me" Aaron thought back aggressively.

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"DO NOT TAKE THAT TONE WITH ME CHILD! YOU KNOW NOTHING OF THIS POWER, YOU MUST EXPERIENCE FIRST HAND AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND MY WORDS. WHEN YOU ARE READY I WILL RETURN" "Wait! Wait! I have more questions, what about my mum? Do you know where she is?!" "SHE IS BACK HOME CHILD, NOW GO" And with that the figure in front disappeared, leaving a tiny pinprick of light floating in the air.

There was time for three deep breaths before Aaron felt himself being pulled towards the hole. Reality seemed to warp as his body was sucked into the impossibly small gap. He felt like he was falling for a time before&hellip.jolting awake in bed. Chapter 2 Panting and covered from head to toe in sweat, Aaron looked around to gain his bearings.

He was back home, in his room, in his own house, which had the normal garden out the window. He looked to his right again to see his clock showing 06:45. His alarm went off. Turning it off he sat for a moment quietly. Then he started to laugh.

That was crazy! What a dream! He couldn't believe that he almost thought that was real. He laughed more as he climbed from bed to head down to the shower. Aaron lived alone. His father had disappeared shortly after realising Aaron's mum was pregnant. Leaving the twenty something to raise a child alone. She had fared unnaturally well, being the smart savvy women she was, she had managed to make unbelievably good decisions in the stock market which allowed investment in property which in turn produced a continued income.

However, on the eve of Aarons sixteenth birthday Orlain had gone missing. She had left a note detailing her assets and bank accounts be left to her son along with all of her possessions. Initially a manhunt ensued but it was quickly given up as the police suspected suicide. As a result, Aaron was alone from the age of sixteen.

He had no extended family to turn to so he continued school and left at eighteen and had been working various jobs since then, working purley for the pleasure of routine, the money wasn't needed. Following his mother's abandonment Aaron had gained weight. He didn't look after himself and good genes and a high metabolism were the only thing keeping him from obesity.

So, he was overweight. Standing at 5'11 his fat wasn't very obvious. He could easily hide under layers and fool those into thinking he was slimmer but in reality he wasn't, and he hated it.

Although his feelings towards his body were strong, he never could quite motivate himself to work out. He never had any reason to. If Aaron was brutally honest, he was a little socially awkward so didn't feel the need to be confident.

Childhood trauma could do that to you. For some reason that morning was different. After the shower had washed away the remnants of the dream that he now barely remembered, he felt energised! Motivated almost. His mind felt keen, smart, clearer.

Usually his body just wanted to go and lay down and chill out but this time no. In fact, he thought smugly, he felt like going to the gym. "The gym, am I kidding myself" Aaron muttered as he walked out of the shower. But as he passed his mirror he stopped. Looking down at himself for moment his mouth opened slightly.

He'd lost weight. Not just a tiny bit.a lot! Like maybe 15 or 20 pounds. And was he taller? Aaron stared at himself in the mirror for longer, in absolute disbelief. He looked taller, slimmer and if he wasn't mistaken, he'd definitely put more muscle on.

His mind suddenly flew back to his dream, a vague deja vu feeling. That couldn't have been true though, right? He is not about to suddenly gain sexual powers. Shrugging his shoulders, Aaron got his stuff together and went to the gym, making sure to take his drawstring shorts. At the gym Aaron definitely noticed a change in his body. He was lifting weights he never though he could, with energy he never thought he had and with a focus he'd never experienced.

But it was when he finished his second set of weights, his focused changed. Like a dog catching a scent Aarons head whipped up.

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His nose was becoming increasingly full with the strong smell of sweet honey. He looked around, trying to guess who decides to eat in the weight area, but he couldn't see anything. In fact, what he did find was an extremely attractive women walking past the weights. The smell of honey was coming directly from her. Aaron looked around, but apart from the occasional glance from the men in the area, nobody paid much attention to her. She really was phenomenal. She was dirty blonde, with her hair tied in a practical ponytail.

Wearing skin tight leggings and a tight top, her perky B size breasts looked incredible. Her flat stomach and toned bum made it obvious she was a regular at the gym. Aaron had always admired women who gym. He couldn't imagine going somewhere and having everyone check you out, hypocritical, but he couldn't help it, his dick was growing just looking at her.

Which just added more to the unusual day he was having, Aaron would never get boners just by looking at a hot girl in the gym, why was his sex drive so sensitive? He tried to ignore his growing horniness but it was hard. He kept lifting weights trying to think of something else, but his mind kept wandering, getting even worse when he caught the girl sneaking a glance at him too. She had a cute smile, but he couldn't help imagining himself bending her over the weight table and having his way with her.

Thinking this current thought whilst looking at her, Aaron saw her gasp in surprise and drop the dumbell she was just about to use. No one took much notice of her, but Aaron could tell she was definitely flustered, her face red not just from exertion. But that couldn't have been him right? She must just be feeling sick or something. Nevertheless Aaron felt the need to try again, being careful to hide his growing hard-on.

This time he waited until she had just got on the treadmill. Luckily the gym wasn't very busy and there was a free spot near her. He walked over and climbed on, already cranking the dial and running at a speed that he never would've been able to maintain before.

Slowly he let his mind clear, focusing on the exercise of running. When he felt he was focused enough, he quickly glanced over to the girl who was jogging lightly. In his mind's eye he imagined her getting horny, picturing what her panties would look like when they were wet. He imagined the feeling of hands running all over her body, caressing between her legs and stroking her breasts.

He could almost see the sensation in the girls face. He couldn't believe he was doing this. He heard light gasps and pressed onward.

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Now imagining the feeling of a tongue, licking delicately between her legs, slowly but surely causing pulses of ecstasy to travel throughout her body. To add the cherry on top he pictured her hard sensitive nipples rubbing against the fabric of her top, sending an intense pleasurable sensation through her body. Without warning Aaron heard a low moan or grunt, followed by a large crash. He immediately stopped what he was doing and ran to the girl, she had fallen from the treadmill, no doubt because of his attention.

Aaron couldn't believe it! The dream was real?! "Oh shit, are you ok?" Aaron asked in genuine care. "Yeh, thanks.phew.guess I just wiped out there, I don't know what happened" The girl replied in a British accent. She looked very embarrassed. "Here, let me help you" At Aarons touch the girl gasped softly. She jerked and stared at him, her eyes burning with a deep lust. Aaron could clearly see her nipples harden again and saw the wet patch between her legs noticeable against the grey fabric.

"Um.thanks" Her voice had changed, becoming slightly more husky "I think I've hurt my leg, I've got a bit of muscle spray in my bag though." "No worries, I'll grab it for you" Aaron stood and began looking around her treadmill. "No no, it's in my locker, mind helping me there though?" She said. "Of course." Quite strange to ask a stranger to help you to your locker, but who was Aaron to argue? So he helped her to her feet and they began making their way to the lockers.

Aaron did not fail to notice how much she kept close to his body, nor how obvious she was faking her limp. "I'm Aaron by the way" "Jane. Nice to meet you, thanks so much for the help, not a lotta guys would've helped me up" "It's no problem don't worry. Hey aren't these the ladies? I'll let you go in" "Um. do you mind bringing me in?" Aarons awkward meter flew up. He did not like the idea of going into the female changing rooms, but for some reason he felt that with his new found abilities, he might be ok.

Plus the potential of what could happen threw caution out the window. Nodding he walked her in. Luckily the changing room was empty&hellip.perfect. Jane stopped in front of him and turned around. Her 'injured' foot went down to the ground and she walked slowly and seductively towards him, swinging her hips as she came. "You know, my foot feels ok right now. But since you've been so kind, could you give me something else?" By this point she'd made it right in front of him.

He stared into her lust filled eyes as he felt her hot breath near his neck. "I'm at your disposal, what do you need?" Aaron tuned into her body again, he couldn't believe this was happening! This time however, he felt her own horniness, raging like a deep fire in her body. "I. Want. This" She said, grabbing Aarons already hard dick in his gym shorts.

Her hand began to caress up and down his member, pausing to rub gently at the head. She then slowly sunk to her knees, pulling his shorts down as she went. "Holy shit" Came her voice. Aaron looked down. "Holy shit!" Aarons dick was huge! This morning he was a shy 6 inch, now he was a very very proud 9. His smile was huge as Jane began to lick him from top to bottom. Locked inside one of the cubicles, Aaron felt it safe to let out a small moan. Jane covered him in her saliva before taking his head in her mouth and slowly moving downwards.

Now Aaron had received blowjobs in the past, but never this good. Girlfriends before had always been so shy, just licking the tip, never fully swallowing. But this girl swallowed. Gagging sounds came from her mouth as Jane began to deepthroat his dick, taking more and more of him into her throat before bottoming out about an inch shy of his pubes.

The sensation was incredible. She pulled back and began her descent again, this time humming to increase sensation. Aaron felt his climax building and quickly found a bench to hold onto as the sensation peaked. Just before it did however he had an idea.

Focusing on Jane he imagined an orgasm, equal to the level he was about to experience, smash into her as well. So Aaron let his orgasm take him as he blew load after load of hot thick semen into Jane, just as she herself experienced a huge orgasm swallowing his juices.


Her knees buckled as she shook, threatening to throw them to the ground if she had not already been on her knees. A moment of deep breathing passed, followed by a loud pop as Jane let his dick slip from her mouth. But Aaron was still hard.

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In fact, he could cum again. He switched his attention to Jane, willing her libido to spike to unprecedented heights as she ripped her clothes off, exposing no bra and a thin lacy thong.

The front of her panties were soaked but she didn't remove them, instead she grabbed Aarons dick and began rubbing it on herself. Moaning almost constantly now she ripped her thong to the side and positioned the head at her entrance.

One last look into Aarons eyes and she plunged herself down on his rock hard penis. Immediately half of his dick was encompassed by her hot wet walls. The tightness of her squeezing him as he entered. They paused for a second, Jane trying to get used to his size, before soldiering on. She pushed harder this time, squeezing more and more of his penis into her until finally Aaron bottoms out. A tremor ran through Jane as she squeaked, eyes rolling back for a second. Aaron seized this pause to search her body again.

If sexual arousal and attraction was heat, Jane would be an incinerator. Her body was on fire with sexual energy, and it was all directed at Aaron. He smiled wide. For some reason Aaron's instincts told him she liked it hard and fast, he didn't know where that came from but he wasn't going to argue. Grabbing her hips he spun to lay her back on the bench he was just sat on and began to fuck her. Sliding in and out harder and faster building in pace.

A rhythmic slap slap slap filled the air as their pelvis slammed together. "OH GOD&hellip.YES&hellip.OH OH" Jane was barely in reality. Her moans rose in tempo, each thrust eliciting a short scream or grunt. "YES.FUCK.JUST LIKE THAT" She continued. Aaron could feel she was nearing her climax and he was too. Again, like last time, he pushed her to the edge hard, just as he was cuming himself. She went silent. Her body froze and began to vibrate violently as her mouth gaped open in the most intense sexual experience.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as her back arched in pleasure. Aaron himself was experiencing something exactly the same, more hot semen pumping into her as they both came simultaneously, over and over again until they passed out. Aaron opened his eyes to find the petite panting body of Jane laying on his chest. They had obviously rolled over and she was nestled into his chest hair sound asleep. Not much time passed because he could still feel himself inside her. With a wet pop Aaron removed himself, the action stirring her awake.

Jane moaned happily as her eyes fluttered open slowly, before immediately focusing on Aaron's face and jumping up. She awkwardly climbed off him as quick as she could. "Oh shit, I'm so sorry, oh my god, you must think I'm such a slut, I never do that!" Her face was a mask of pure horror. She kept trying to pick up her clothes but in the cramped stool she couldn't reach certain items. Her anxiety was obvious. "Look its okay. Don't worry.

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You aren't a slut, we just had fun, I won't tell anyone" Aaron searched her mentally, cooling her anxiety, replacing it with a feeling of contentment, making sure she was happy with everything that happened.

She soon calmed down and they both got dressed. Jane left the cubicle first, coughing loudly as a sign that the coast was clear before disappearing. Aaron stayed in the cubicle for a moment, sat on the bench, smiling like a cheshire cat. "This, is gonna be great."