Straight teen boys giving each other blowjobs gay This was one

Straight teen boys giving each other blowjobs gay This was one
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Uma Jolie seduces a lucky dude into destroying her vagina

"Ummphhh!! Yess yess Fuck a little bit more!!" I moans loud as I grab the bed sheet tight. Bending my bubbly rounded ass for him. My pussy squeezed his mediocre sized cock tight, as he pounds me as deep as he can. Trying to force myself to cum quick as I know he don't have that long. "Fuck baby I!! I'm sorry!" He groans as he slammed his cock into me and I can feel his cum drooling into my pussy.

Fuck, he can't even cum right! I groans in disappointment as I pulls my pussy off. I can feel his cum dripping on the bed as I push myself up and hurried to the washroom, letting his cum leaking on my thighs as I walk and I close the door a bit loud than usual. I can hear his apology from inside the room. I sighed as I look at myself in the mirror. Fuck. What have I gotten into? I asked myself. It's been 19 years since I married Tom. Back then, we are wild.

We fucked everyday, everywhere. And yes we got married a bit early but we had a blast. And we even have Dick. Our son. But a few years back he had his accident. His waist down almost paralyzed but the doctors managed to fix that.

But somehow the neurons that connect his reproductive system is not as good as before. I tried my best to live with that. But after years of active sex, I can only stand it for so long. And it's getting more and more depressing lately. Moreover, I am thinking to have one more baby. Just one more, to keep myself company as an aid for the disappointment.

But looking at what just happened tonight, it might not be the case. I wipe my tears in the mirror. My long red wavy hair or ginger some might call it falls onto my breasts and my back. I slowly pulls them to my beck, exposing my fair skinned neck.

I have such a busty 38DD breasts, a perfect MILF breasts, hourglass body shape, thick ass, a pair of thick thighs. I slowly rub my aching pussy. Aching for touch, aching for fuck. I bite my lips as I start to finger myself. I try to hold my moans as I bite my lips, my left hand is on the sink as the other is fucking my pussy. I bend my ass at the sink as I starts to thrusting 3 of my fingers into my pussy, fucking her hard, imagining those fingers are a cock.

A hard thick fat cock. A hard thick fat veiny cock. Ummphhh… Fuck. I can hear my pussy squishes as I keep fingering my pussy. My tits are jiggling under me as I feels my feet weakens. My fantasy becomes wilder. I tried to fantasize my husband with that cock, but the reality keep kicking in.

I shake my head off and replace him with another man. A young hung teen that is muscular. His hands on my waist, he spank my ass hard as he fuck me savagely. "Ahh ahhh yess!!" I moans softly. My fingers echoed the rhythm of the fantasy young teen in my head pushing me more and more to the edge. "Yess!! I'm!!! Cum!!" I moans softly yet rough as my body jerked and my pussy finally explodes from an orgasm.

I am panting from the orgasm. I pulls my wet fingers out and see my own juices coating the fingers, with some white stains of Tom's cum. I usually lick them off but remembering how disappointed I was, I decided to wash my fingers off instead. Feeling at least, satisfied, even from my own fingers.

**************************** I sip my iced coffee as I look at Emma, my colleague. As she scrolling something in her phone. "Hey, you know what, if you want to look at your Instagram you don't have to call me out and ask to meet me." I said sarcastically. My red hair sways a bit as I look around, as usual, the cafe is packed during lunch.

She chuckles. "Oh I'm so sorry Norah. Habits." She said as she keep her phone away. "I have something to tell you." She said a bit excitedly. I leans forward a bit, wanting to hear it. "What is it?" I asked. She leans in too. She blushed a bit before saying. "I… I fucked my student." My eyes widens hearing that. Emma is a lecturer at the university in the town.

We talked about our sexual life a lot. But since I am a married woman, I only leave that in a fantasy world and luckily my husband is very fulfilling. Well, back then. "You… You slut! Isn't that illegal??" I asked as I laughs, impressed and jealous with her sexual adventure.

She smiles back. "Only if people knows about it" She grab her knife and fork and start to cut her croissant with a large smile on her face. While I am still her in disbelief. "How was it?" I asked. She grinned as she put down her cutleries. "Though you never ask! So fucking good!" She said a bit loud. Then realizing where she is before she whispers. "He's so hung, and thick… And his stamina… Oh… He fucked me until I barely walk back home!" My eyes widens fantasizing being fucked by a young hung teen describe by her.

My pussy throbs agreeing, wanting the same thing. I bite my lips as I blushed. "I told you not to marry that early, you are the one who wanted to be all princesshy, Oh I'm love. My true love. Now you missed all the fun." She mocked me as she laughs. I smiled bitterly. She must have caught my bitter smile as she reach for my hand. "Norah? What's wrong? Everything's allright?" I blushed. Thinking if I should even share this to her. "Urm, well… You know that Tom and I, have been… You know, more than satisfactory in bed right…?" I asked her, because I do share with her that, and I didn't feel that lost in sexual adventure compared to her because I have Tom.

She nodded to my question. "You know, I never told anyone about this but… Since his accident last year… He… his… you know… cock… doesn't do the same thing…" I said. It's her turn to widen her eyes. "What?" She asked in disbelief. I nodded. "I… I tried. I tried to suppress the feelings but it's just getting more and more disappointing. And… I am tired finishing the job myself&hellip." I said as I tears a bit.

I can feel her hand squeezed mine. She sighs. "Well… Luckily he is not my husband… I might just cheat on him. Or maybe even cuckold him." She said. It sounds a bit rough but it's the way she is.

"I… You know I can't cheat on him… I love him…" I said. Then I noticed a word I am not familiar with. "W… what is cuckold?" I asked. "Well, it's an act where a woman, fucking another guy in front of their husband." My eyes widens hearing that.

"Wait, what?" I asked in confusion. "Won't the husband be mad or something?" She shake her head. "Well, some of the guys low keyed submissive. And most of them because they have small dick, or can't satisfy his wife in general." She explain as she take a piece of her croissant into her mouth.

I bite my lips, now that is not something that I can do. I take another sip of the iced coffee. "I can't do that…" I said. She smiles. "I know you can't Norah. You are that wholesome soccer mom that whole modest. So enjoy your toys for the rest of your life." She said in a bit challenging tone. But hearing that, I know I can't survive with that.

************************************** 2 WEEKS LATER I just got back from my work. I told Dick, my son that I will be late but surprisingly my job were done much quicker than I thought thanks to my fellow colleagues that decided to help me.

While my husband told us that he got an urgent meeting that requires him to stay overnight. All the talks with Emma 2 weeks ago almost faded off my mind, as I make myself clear that I won't do anything bad, or any adultery.

Plus I am a 37 years old woman. No such teen would want me. I take my steps on the stairs and paused when I hear noises. Moans, gasp, pant… My eyes widens. Is Dick bringing girl home? I take a few more steps slower.

The moans and gasp and pant is getting louder, and clearer. The light comes out from his room door, barely shut. I gulped. My first instinct was to burst in there and asked the girl to leave and maybe ground my son for a whole month as a punishment like a proper mom should. But here I am, tip toing as I peak at the gap of the door.

My eyes widens as I see… Not one, but two girls with my son Dick!! I almost dropped my bag as I see he pounds a red haired girl on all four, her tits jiggles as she moans, while the other black haired girl is underneath that girl, spreading her legs wide waiting for her turn to be fucked as she kisses the girl on top of her.

No wonder Dick didn't hear my car just now! "Ahhh yess fuck me with your big thick dick, Dick!" The red haired girl moans. I can hear his breath and the wet naughty noise of his cock slamming her wet young pussy. "Ahh fuck… Your mom does know how to give you a name…" The black girl tease before she sucked the red haired girl tits. I can see my son there, all muscular and athletic. His dark red hair are short, and his body is glistering with sweats.

I can't see his cock because it pounds into the red haired girl so rapidly. "Heh. You with your pun!" He groans as he fucked harder into the red haired girl. Her body arched and shivered as her mouth gaped wide, telling everyone that she came. And she came so hard that she almost fall on top of the black haired girl.

What the hell Dick? I asked myself. But I didn't realize how I am right now. Squeezing my thighs as I can feel my pussy is soaking wet. I start to breathe heavily as Dick pulls out his cock from the red haired girl's pussy. My eyes widens more. It's must be fucking 10 inch long! And thick! Fuck his cock looked like a pornstar's!

The red haired girl chuckles as she pant. "Don't mention her mom… He will be all over you if you do that…" She said teasingly as she rolls over besides the black hair girl. Her eyes widens. "Really…? Ummm… Then why don't you fuck mommy's pussy, huh…?" She tease more as she use her fingers spreading her pussy lips.

"And make me cum again like a good boy…" She tease more. My heart almost dropped hearing that. My own son have a mom son kink!!??

This is too much! I start to breathe heavily waiting for Dick's response. "As you said, mom…" He replied as I hear his grins. "Naughty bo.aaaahh!!" The black haired girl moans loud as I can see his fat cock spreads her pussy wide, filling her inch by inch. He fucked that girl so hard as the bed rocks and the red haired girl kisses the black haired girl as she moans.

"Fuck, my son in a threesome…" I whisper. "Ahhh yess yess fuck your mommy Dick.! Ummphh!! Yess Yess!" She moans louder and louder, playing her role as me. And the red haired girl encourage him more. "Umm. Naughty Dick…" And without long, the black haired girl came, and like she said, again.

Her body arched as she squirms . "Ahhh yess fuckkk mom… ahh…" My son Dick moans before he pulls his cock out. "I want to cum on your face and tits mommy…" He said. And something in his tone like saying directly at me. Both of the girls quickly push themselves up and so does Dick, the girls kneeled on the bed as their cheeks meet with their tongue out.

"Cum for mommy, Dick… ahhh. cum for your mom…" The black haired girl keep teasing as Dick stroking his cock furiously, and with a groan, his cock erupted with cum. They spurted and blasted rope after rope, landing on the girls tongue, face, tits, and hair.

I bite my lips almost panting. Watching such a live intense porn infront of me. He groans as the girls keep catching his cum with their body. Then they both lick and suck my son's cock before they kiss each other, swapping cum like a proper slut. I slowly take my steps back as I realized now I am sweating!

I leans on the wall next to the door as I slowly slides my hand into my office pants, feeling how wet I am. Fuck… I am about to leave to my room when I hear the black haired girl's voice. "Wow, you really have kinks on your mom huh?" She chuckles.

The other voice continue. "Yeah, I would play as her mom when I wanted him to get extra rough with me. Though you are lucky. She always came in me when I did that." She chuckles. My son groans. "Hey, I am here allright. Plus it's just a general fantasy…Not my real mom… That would be weird…" I can hear the bed creaked meaning one of them is getting off the bed. "Oh really? Then why you love fucking me so much more than the other girls?" The red haired girl voice asked in a tease.

My eyes widens. Other girls? My, my son is really popular among girls? The other girl chuckles. "What? Shut up." He lose his arguments. "You're lucky you have such a big cock and know how to use it that we don't even mind you want to fuck your mom or whoever." "Yerp… and let's get shower… Perhaps if you're lucky, we might blow you off or even let you fuck us again…" Shit!

I quickly steps into my room and close the door slowly just before I hear them heading to the shower room together. All 3 of them. My eyes widens still shocked with all the information.

1) My son have a huge thick hung cock! 2) My son fucked a lot of girls in his school! And… 3) My son have a fetish fucking me????!!! ********************************************* I open my eyes, awake from my sleep. I push myself up trying to remember what just happened.

My pussy throbs, sticky from all the orgasm I had, touching myself from a forbidden fantasy. I never feel this turned on in my life. Never with Tom, never with anyone. I bite my lips as I push myself up from the bed, seeing my clothes scattered on the floor. I don't really remember when and I did that, but I just realized I am naked.

Fuck, I must be really horny then. I grab my towel and wrap my body around it. The clock shows 1 am. I head to the shower and have a quick shower and put on my loose oversized T-shirt reaching my thighs, it slides to aside showing my shoulder. With a pair of cotton panties.

I look out of my door and see Dick's room light is still on. I walk pass it slowly, putting my ear on the door expecting some more moans. But all I can hear is just typing noises. Meaning he is doing his assignments.

Well, good to know at least he doesn't ditch his responsibility. I walk pass his room towards the kitchen. To my surprise there are a few slices of pizza inside the microwave waiting to be heat up. I set the settings and press Start and the machine starts to hum. I pour myself a glass of orange juice as I try my best not to think of what happened just now. Both on Dick and herself. If I talk to him, how should I explain how did I know? I sighed. Maybe I let this one slip, and perhaps if I catch him again, hope I have the strength to do what is right.

The microwave Ding after a minute. I grab the plate out and take the orange juice to the dining table. I sit down and start eating. My mind wanders again to my son's huge cock. I shake my head off. Stop it!! Sighs. Then I hear steps from upstairs. Shit! I blushed as I put down the pizza. I see my own son's figure coming down. Wearing his black Tshirt with some music band logo on his shirt with his cotton loose long pants. "Hey mom…" He said smiling as he went to the kitchen.

"Hey…" I replied shortly. Not knowing what to say. I keep biting the pizza trying to do things as usual, as I try to keep my composure.

My eyes couldn't help but wanders to where his crotch is. And I can see the shape! It's not hard but it's there. How can I miss that all this while? I blushed as I take a sip of my orange juice. He grabs a box of chocolate milk from the fridge and sits on the site of the dining table. He take a huge big gulp from the box. "Dick, I told you to use glasses, or mugs." I said for the hundredth times.

He just grinned as he wipe some of the chocolate milk on his lips with his fingers. Cute!! I bite my lips as I look away and keep eating. I am starving! "When did you get home, Mom?" He asked as he look at me. I blushed. "Urm, I'm not really sure. I just so tired. I got back and head to my room and dozed off…" I replied.

He nodded. "Nah, it's just that… I took a couple of my friends home, to do some homework. When they came, your car wasn't in the porch yet. But when they are heading back home, there is." He explained. "Oh, then… I didn't realized it…" I replied as I keep biting.

Feeling nervous. Like I am the one who is being interrogated. Fuck! I am the one who should interrogate him!! He nodded. "But next time when you decided to bring girls home you should ask me first." I said. Well, more like slipped off my lips. His eyes widens a bit. "I… I didn't said anything about girls…" Fuck!!! "Oh, I… I just assumed…" I replied trying to act calm. He looked at me carefully. Reading my body language. I can feel his eyes scanning my movement.

Or my body. Oh shit. "Mom… Did you hear us…?" He asked as he leans a bit. There's a tone of worry, curious and maybe… Excited? I shake my head, a bit too quickly. "What? Wh… what should I hear?" I asked playing dumb as I put down the half eaten pizza slice. I take the orange juice and have a few sips as I look at him.

He smiles a bit. "Fine… I will confess first." He said. "Yes, I did bring two girls and we… we had fun and we might be a little too loud mom… So, I really won't believe you if you said you just… Passing my room without even hearing anything.

The door wasn't even shut properly!" He said confessing. I bite my lips. "The question is, why you just, let us?" He made that thinking face. I sighed. "You're way too educated for me…" I admit. I blushed. "Fine, I saw you… And the other two girls… Urm… Having fun…" I said confessing. I blushed deeper as I look down. "Why… why didn't you bust in? Or talk to me about it? Like it's wrong or… anything…?" He asked curiously.

He always been this curious since little. I sighed a bit more. "I… I feel wrong to interrupt you and the other two girls… You guys were having so much… fun…" I said admittedly. He nodded. "Yeah… we… we did…" Then he looked at me. "But so are you right? I mean, you and dad, almost everyday I hear you and dad fucking…"His eyes widens hearing himself cursing.

"I… I'm sorry. I mean, having fun." I bite my lips and the word fucking did send a shiver to my body. Ignoring his curse word. "Urm, well… We… we did not have that much fun, lately…" I replied. His eyes widens. "Oh.? Is it because of the accident? I thought… I thought the doctor said everything is allright?" He asked in his true concern voice for his father.

I nodded. "I mean, he can walk, he can run. But some nerves that connects to his reproductive system… Well, doesn't work as good as before…" I replied. I blushed. He leans back on the chair as he take another sip. Then he look at me. "Does it mean that…? You… didn't have your fun… For a year now?" He asked in a bit shocked voice.

I nodded. "How about other man?" He asked like it's a normal thing to do. My eyes widens. "Dick! You know I can't cheat on your father!" I said in disbelief but still in a calm way. He chuckles. He nodded. "I understand…" He take another sip from the chocolate milk box.

The silence filled the dining area a bit before I asked. "H… how many girls have you… Urm… Fucked?" I asked. Something makes me said the word. And I can see he shocked a bit. "Urm… Well… Cheerleader… 6… Classmates&hellip. 4&hellip.

Some juniors, or seniors… another 4…" He replied casually. My eyes widens. 14?? He nodded. "Well, I'm not sure but I think you should be proud." He said as he smiles.

I can't help but smiled too. "I am not supposed to but I am…" I replied. He look at me back. "What else did you hear, mom…?" I blushed. Fuck. Is he going there? Or making me go there? Oh shit. I tightens my thighs, realizing my pussy is throbbing hot for more than a while now. "I… I'm not sure what I heard… Moans… And… something about… urm… Mom fetish…?" I asked trying to be vague about it.

He nodded. "Ah… yes… I… oh that is embarrassing…" He blushed as he shake his head. "I shouldn't… I'm sorry" He said apologizing. I bite my lips. "Is it real? I mean, are you fucking the red head girl because you were thinking about me?" I asked. Feeling slowly more open to him. He blushes as he look at me. He look at my hair, then my neck, then to my exposed shoulder, before go to my busty breasts shaped on the shirt.

He nodded. "I'm sorry mom I just can't help it…" He said admitting. I sighed. Blushing at his confession. Fuck Fuck Fuck! "You're just… So hot… I mean all the girls are good, fun, and sexy but you… You are just… Different…" He replied.

I blushed as I bite my lips. My pussy is throbbing like crazy between my thighs as I crossed my legs. "And something told me that… You need someone to… Fill up daddy's place…" My eyes widens hearing that. My face blushed deep like never before as I look into his eyes. My fantasy just starting to become reality! I should stop this but my body froze. My lips watered. "Maybe that's why you didn't bust us, maybe you watched us? Fucking…?

As I spray my cum all over their face, fantasizing that is you…?" He asked confidently. Fuck. I know my son has always been a confident kind of person but I didn't know he have such a great seduction skills! No wonder he got 14 girls inside his pants! I still froze. Admitting everything he said is true. He smiles. He pushes himself up and I can see his bulge is already hard, hung and ready.

He walk around the dining table getting behind my back. He put his hands on my shoulders, slowly massaging my tense shoulders as he kisses my head. "Say something mom…" He whispers. I feels like I got out from a trench. As I feels his manly hands massaging me. I bite my lips. "T… this is wrong… I… I am your mother…" I said trying to give a not very convincing talk. I can hear he smiles. "So…? Everynight I hear you moans… You are the one who motivate me to become a guy who can make girls moans… So I hope one day I can make you…" He kisses my red hair again as his hands massaging my neck.

I can feel my pussy throbs. Enjoying this tease. My breath is starting to get harder. I bite my lips as I feels his hands going down to my collarbone, slowly down to my busty breasts, at first his fingers and palms are just caressing, and brushing on them. She kisses my ear. "I love you… mom…" And with that he squeezes my juicy plump tits suddenly. Making me gasped in shock. My eyes widens. "Ahhh!" he grins as he start to squeeze and fondle my tits over my oversized shirt, and without any bra, he can feels how juicy, busty and soft I am.

"Ohh… Mom… They are way better than I fantasized…" He said as he kisses my neck. I can feel his breath on them. Making me tilted my neck a bit. My hands are on my thighs as my breath getting heavier by each seconds. "D… dick…S… stop this…" I said helplessly. But I know I love this. I wanted this. "Then why don't you push my hands away mom…?" He challenge me as he keep squeezing my tits, feeling her own mother's breasts.

Then he pulls his hands. He take my hand softly and pulls me up. He wrap his hands around my waist as I look into his mesmerizing blue eyes.

Then without me knowing I feel his lips meet mine. He kiss me softly but I can taste and feel his lust and passion in kissing me. His hand slides down reaching my bubbly ass and squeeze it hard, feeling them. He jiggles them and spank them softly making me gasp as he slides his tongue into my mouth.

My eyes widens but I start to fall into my need. Into his needs. I am sorry Tom… I close my eyes as I wrap my hands around his neck. He then pulls me closer and tighter after got my permission. And I swear I can feel his huge thick cock on my belly. Making my breath goes heavier than before. He knows what I am thinking as he grab one of my hand and put it on his thick bulge.

I break the kiss as my eyes widens. "D… Dick… Your… cock…" I blushed as I start to massage it over his pants, stroking it, feeling how thick and hard he is for me, his mother. He smiles as he lifted my chin up and kiss my lips, lustfully. I grab his cock tighter as he squeeze my ass and our tongue starts to swirl around each other. Our breath meets as I grinds my busty breasts on his athletic chest. I can't hold myself back anymore. I need him!

I break the kiss and slides down, kneeling before I pulls his pants down, releasing his big thick fat cock that I saw earlier. A cock that fucked 14 teenage girls and make them crave for more. A cock that is hard for me. I bite my lips as I stroke it back and forth. My eyes up at him with my puppy lustful eyes. "You have such a huge cock baby… Ahhhh…" I moans as I leans forward and taste my own son's cock. He groans a bit. "I believe you have most of the credit, mom." He replied teasingly.

I smile as I start to lick his thick fat cock all over, his shaft, his tips, his balls, tasting my own son's hard throbbing cock as he grab my hair, lifting it up to see my body. My luscious body where he come from.

His cock throbs more as I know exactly what he wants. I look up teasingly before I slides his cock into my mouth. "Ohhh mom!" He groans as I start to suck his cock harder and harder, my head starts to bob back and forth, trying to take your cock into my throat as I fasten my pace, making wet slurping and gagging noises as I suck his cock lustfully, feeling my mouth filled again is such a wonderful feelings!! I suck it harder as I start to feels his cock moves too, fucking my mouth.

Then he grab my head and hold me in a position as he start to fuck my slutty mouth. I look up at his wild lustful eyes as his cock thrust deep and hard into my throat making my head backed in every fuck.

The sight of my own son using me is turning me on more and more. How did I get here again?? I don't know and I don't care. I suck it hard as the wet thrusting noises is filling the dining room with our moans. "Fuck mom!!! I'm!! I'm cumming!!" He groans as his cock swollen a bit in my mouth before erupted with his thick creamy warm cum in me. Filling my mouth and throat with his such cum. Forcing me to swallow every drop of his cum.

I look up into his eyes as I keep swallowing. "Ohhh fuck mom this is so sexy. Ahhh…" He groans as he pulls his cock out and let the rest of his cum drooling off his cock onto my lips. I lick it fast as I smile naughtily. He rubs his cum coated cock all over my face before he lifted me up. Then without any warning he cupped my pussy, barely covered by my thin cotton panties and rub it softly. "Ohh Mom you're so wet for me…" He groans as he kisses my neck and his other hand grab my busty tits and squeeze it hard and lustfully.

I thighs tightens his hand as I pant. "Ahhh… D…Dick… Ahhh… Y… Yes… I am so horny… I need you baby… Ahhh… Ummphh… I'm such a terrible mother…" I said admitting before he tear my shirt off.

I gasped in shock. My busty breasts are now exposed to him as I leans in and kiss them lustfully. "Ohh. You might be a terrible mother mom… But I want to be your good son…" He tease as he lick my hard erected nipples teasingly. My body arched as I feels his mouth cupped my MILF breasts, sucking each tits lustfully and hungrily.

His tongue and his lips just know where to touch and where to suck. My body arched in lust. "Ahhh baby… Ahhh fuck… Umphhh Ummmphhh." I moans more. I feels my legs is getting weak both from his mouth on my tits and his fingers on my wet mount.

But luckily his other hand holds me around my waist as he devour his mother's tits. "Ohhh Mom, I love your tits. They are bigger and better than all the girls!" He groans as he buried his face between them.

I chuckles. "You did like them even when you are baby Dick… ahhh…" I moans as I grab the dining table for support. He then suck my nipple hard before letting it go with a pop noise. My breath getting heavier as he pulls his fingers back. Then to my surprise he lifted me up like a princess. He carry me to my bed room, my tits jiggles and my heart skipped a beat. The same feeling on my first night with Tom after we got married. He then throw me on the bed.

I chuckles as the bed bouncing. I can see the pictures of me and my husband Tom, his father besides our bed. I put the face down, feeling a bit guilty.

I look at Dick as he smiles. "Shy if dad watch us?" He asked as he take off his shirt, showing off his athletic perfectly shaped body. I bite my lips. He smiles as he climbs on the bed and stand the picture up back. And I can see my husband's smiling at me in the picture, making me feel guilty. He then kisses my neck as his hands roaming on my lewd luscious body again, feeling every inch of my naked body, squeezing, groping, massaging.

"Ummphh… Let dad watches us mom… Let him know how you wanted to be fucked… And let him know how proud he supposed to feel that… the person that fills his place is his own… son…" He kisses my neck more before he attacked my lips again. Reminding of what Emma said before. "You mean… cuckold…?" I asked, feeling turned on weirdly.

I grab the bed sheet tight as my other hand rubs her hair. He nodded. "Yes… We'll let him watch us… While he jerk his cock… Ummphh… How does that sounds, mom…?" He asked in whispers as he keep kissing my lips. I nodded. "That sounds… Sexy…" I replied.

He smiles as he spread my legs wide. He then ripped off my panties off my pussy and throw it aside. Making me gasped again. "Ahh!" He smiles as he kisses my lips deep. Our tongue swirls lustfully. Then I can feel it. His thick hard fat cock brushing my wet horny pussy where he came from. My breath is getting heavier as I know I am about to do a very taboo sins. But I can't help it.

He spread my legs wide as he starts to enter me. My eyes widens as he break the kiss, he leans back and slowly pushing his cock inch by inch without any pause.

My body arched as my pussy squeezes his cock tight, welcoming my own son's cock back into my pussy. "Ahhhh fuck. You are so big honey!! Ahhh!" I moans louder as he grab my waist and keep thrusting as I feels his cock reaches a point never been explored before. "Ahhhh!!" My eyes widens as I never feel this deep. Never feel this filled. And I can feel his base touches my pussy lips, hinting that my pussy swallowed every inch perfectly.

I pant as I gasp. Moaning. "Umphh. ahhh. baby! You're so huge!" I moans as I grab my busty tits, massaging them as my son lifted my leg and lick my feet. Kissing it. "Ohh mom, you're so tight. So perfect with my cock… Ahhhhh…" He groans as he look into my eyes before he grab my waist, then he start to pulls his cock back up until his girth, before he shove it back in with one thrust. Making my body arched. He pulls and thrust again and again. And the thrust becomes faster, harder, and digging deeper into me.

My body arched as I moans in every thrust. Never before I thought such pleasure is possible. But here I am, with my own son's cock in me, pounding me hard and mercilessly. He grab my waist firmly as he pounds me so rough, so wild, but with love and lust. His cock slams my womb where he was hard, eager to satisfy his own mom and himself. "Ohhh fuck, mom!! Mom!! Your body is so fucking tight!" He groans as he keep pounding me. My bed where supposed only me and my husband should make love or fuck now disgrace by such a taboo incest fuck and adultery cheating fuck to my own husband with my own consent.

I squeeze my jiggling breasts harder as my other hand grab the bed sheet tight. "Ahhh yess baby. Fuck this feels so fucking good! Ahhh yess yess yess!" I moans louder in each fuck. Pushing me to the edge more and more. "Ahhh sweety if you keep going like that I'm gonna!!!" I moans as he fasten his pace at my words, knowing exactly what to do.

My body arched and squirms as my pussy throbs around his cock tight before myself explodes in such a loud orgasm I had ever feel in years!!! My pussy bursts my cum all over his pounding cock. He slowed down giving room for me to cum but keep on going.

Never stop. "Ahhhhh!! Yess!! Ahhhh!!" I moans loud as I keep cumming all over my son's cock. My pussy squeezes him tight as he leans forward and kiss my lips. Softly as his cock throbs in me, slowly thrusting in and out. "Ahh… fuck… that was… ahhh…" "Amazing…?" He continued smiling.

I nodded as I smiled at him. I wrap my hands around his neck. "You are such a good boy… ahhh…" I moans. He nooded. Then he leans back before he pulls his cock out, making my pussy throbs in disappointment. I am about to beg for his cock again before he flipped me over, get me on my four. "Ummm… bend that ass for me mom…" He said.

And I did. I bend my ass for him as I shake them a bit, knowing they are fairly bubbly and busty for my body. I know I can be a good twerker if I wanted to. He caresses my ass cheeks as he put his cock between them. He grinds between my ass as he squeezes me, groping me, feeling me.

I look over my shoulders at you smiling. "Do you like mommy's ass…?" I asked naughtily. He nodded. "Yes… But tonight… I wanted to enjoy this…" He said as he pulls his cock and shove it into my pussy in a single thrust. "Ahhhh!!" I moans loud as he start to pounds me hard, and fast this time.

He grab my ass, and waist, spanking them hard making them jiggles as his cock pounds deep into me. "Ahhhh fuckkk yess!! Ahhhh!" I bite my lips as I look up, seeing the picture of my husband Tom smiling at me. My son knows what I am seeing as he spank me again, while his cock filling me up with every inch of his cock. "Ummphh. Tell dad mom… Tell dad what he is missing…!" He groans as he pounds me harder and deeper.

My red hair pulls to aside as my breasts bounced and jiggles underneath me. "Ahhh ahhh ahhh ummmphhh!!

Tom!! Ahhh!! I'm sorry!! Ahhh but his cock is so… fucking… ahhh. good… and huge!! Ahhh… Fuck!" I moans as I look at the picture. The guilt slowly faded. Drowned by the lust, by the pleasure of my own son's cock pounding into me. "Ahhh I'm sorry baby but… Umphhh!! You can't… ahhh. satisfy me anymore!" I moans loud as my son spank me again. "Ahhh yess mom… ahhh fuck… your pussy is tighter when you said that… you love this don't you?

Ahhhh" I moans and I nodded hearing the words. Realizing that I am a bigger slut than Emma now.

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I grab the bed sheet as I look over my shoulder at my son pounding me from behind. His hands never stop roaming all over my ass. I bite my lips as I am about to cum again. He moans loud as he fasten and deepened his pace. "Ohh fuck mom! Ahhhh I'm close!! He groans loudly as I bite my lips.

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I nodded. "Me too baby!! Cum in me Dick, cum in mommy's pussy!!" I groans as I always wanted another baby and this my chance. I bite my lips as I look at my husband's picture again.

"I'm sorry Tom but our son is going… ahh to breed… me!!!" I moans as he nodded. "I'm going to breed my own mother! Ahhh I'm cumming mommy!!!" We both moans as he slammed his thick fat rod into my pussy, pushing my cervix as his cock pulsed and erupted into my pussy, shooting loads and loads of his thick creamy healthy seeds into me. And at the same my pussy throbs, exploding myself all over his cumming cock as she milk his cock, wanting every drop of his forbidden seeds in me.

We keep that position for a few minutes making sure we cum until we can't. Our breath and pant filled up the room before he pulls his cock out and lay down beside me.

Where his dad supposed to be. I turn around on my back as I feels his cum drooled a bit even I tried my best to keep them all in. "Ahhh… I… I can't believe I did it. With you, mom…" He said as he look at me. I look at him back as I smile. "Me too, baby… Ummphh…" I moans a bit as my pussy keep throbbing feeling his cum pooled in me, heading towards my womb to make a baby.


His cock is getting soft now but still impressive in size. He then slides in and rest his head on my busty breasts. "I love you mom…" I blushed as I nodded, my fingers plays around his hair. "I love you too baby&hellip." My mind wanders, because I know our life will change so much now. ****************** We just had our dinner. I lost count on how many Dick teased me whenever Tom is not looking. I blushed as I look myself in the mirror. Dick and my husband, Tom is watching a game show downstairs.

I smile at myself, seeing the lingerie that I am wearing. I am wearing a black bra with the front hook, squeezing and pushing my busty jug up, showing how huge they are. With a matching panties, and a pair of garter belt that hooks to my matching black thigh high socks. I am wearing a pair of black heels to match the lingerie. Dick and I fucked a lot last night. We even skipped work and school to keep fucking. And we both come to terms that we will tell Tom, about us.

So that we can fuck freely without hiding anything.

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I step down to the noises of the TV. Both eyes look at me. Their eyes widens. "What the fuck…?" Tom said in shocked. I look at him then at Dick. He just smile as his eyes enjoying what he see. "What the hell are you wearing Norah? I mean, Dick is here…!" He said in a mad tone. I smile as I walk seductively and stand in front of them blocking the TV. "Well, that's the point. I'm wearing this not because of you, but… Because of him…" I said smiling.

His eyes widens as I can see his jaw dropped. "You must be fucking kidding me." He said. Dick smiles as he widens his legs. Giving hint to me what to do. I smile naughtily as I kneels between his legs. "You see, I tried to… accept that you can't satisfy me anymore but… I… I just can't help myself… Our son is too… good…" I said smiling seductively as I roam my palm on his crotch.

Feeling his thick hard cock. Dick grinned as Tom look at us in disbelief. "I can't believe you guys do this to me. I'm your husband Norah! And I'm your father!" He said. I smile naughtily as I leans down, bend my ass and lick his shaft over his pants before I pulls down his pants. Showing off to my husband what have been taking over me. A 10 inch thick fat cock. He gulped. Admitting defeat. "Unless you can beat this… " I said letting my words hang. Then I start to stroke my son's cock up and down, feeling it grows inside of my hand before I unclip my bra, letting my busty tits hang exposed to both of them.

Dick put his hand on my head as I start to squeeze his cock between my tits. I move my body and tits up and down, stroking his massive manly teen cock as I moans. "Ummphh… " Dick smiles as he look at his dad. "I'm sorry dad… I'm just trying to be a good son… Helping my mom out…" He said. Tom look at him and then back at me in disbelief. I can see his bulge is forming as I fasten my pace. "Take out your cock baby… " I said as I keep fucking my son's cock with my busty MILF tits.

Tom hesitated but slowly he pulls down his pants, revealing his 6 inch cock. That cock supposed to be more than suffice to me. But since he can't perform as he did, it looked tiny and almost useless compared to the one between my tits. I smile at him. "You can stroke your cock baby as you watch me and our son…" I said naughtily. Feeling naughty and turned on more and more by this. Dick smile as he look at his dad's cock then down at me. "You got me now, mom… I will make you cum again… and again… and I will give you a baby… A brother or sister for me…" He said confidently.

Tom starts to stroke his cock but stopped when he heard that. "You… you wanted to make your mother pregnant?" He asked in disbelief. "Oh he already did. Or I think so… I have this feeling like something is going on in here…" I tease as I keep moving my body up and down, squeezing my busty tits around my son's cock.

He moans and groans as I can feel my ass jiggles. "But even it doesn't work out yet, we will try again… and again…" I tease as I pulls his cock out of my tits and wrap my fingers around it before I slides his cock into my mouth. I start to bobbed my head up and down, faster and faster, making wet slurping noises as me and Dick keep moaning enjoying this. Loving this. Tom keep stroking his cock slowly, knowing he will cum if he go to fast. I smile as I suck faster, harder and deeper.

"Ohhh mom… Fuck you are good at this!" Dick moans as grab my hair and guide my move. Faster and deeper as I start to deep throat my son's cock. I moans in lust as I keep sucking and sucking like a hungry slut. Then Dick pulls my head back pulling his cock out, I can see his saliva coated cock throbs. "I need to fuck you now mom…" He said as he pulls me up making me sits on his shaft, with his cock between my thighs. "You guys are… really? Ummph!!" Tom can't even finish his words as his cock throbs and his cum leaking from the tips, all over his fingers and shaft.

I smile at him. "Don't worry baby… You can still enjoy the show…" I said smiling as I lifted myself up and slowly slides Dick's cock into my tight wet pussy, without even bothers to take the panties off, only slides it to my side.

"Fuck mom you're so fucking tight!" He moans. I look into his eyes. "I'm yours Dick. Mommy is all yours…" I said naughtily as I feels only lust in my head and body.

I let myself go down, swallowing his cock into me every inch, until it pushes my womb. "Ummphh… Fuckk!! Its filling me Tom!!" I moans loud as I look at my husband. He still look at me in disbelief but I can see a sense of awe in him. My body starts to bounce up and down on my son's cock.

A new sudden rush wash through out my body as I see my husband's looking at me for real now. Fuck this is turning me on more than I expected! I bounce my bubbly rounded ass up and down faster and harder, making wet slapping noises all over my son's cock as I moans and groans.

I can feel Dick's hand roaming on my ass, squeezing me, molesting me. As we kisses like we never should. Our tongue swirls around each other as we suck each other's mouth and tongue. His other hand squeeze my bouncing ass before he leans down and suck them hard as I keep bouncing on his thick fat cock. "Ohh Tom!! Look at your son!! Ahhh he is fucking me!! Yes!! Ahh he is so good Tom!!" I moans lustfully louder and louder as my body jerks, my toes curled inside my heels as my body explodes in another orgasm on my son's cock!

"Ahhhh Tom he is making me cum!! Ahh yess!!!" I moans loud as my body arched in lust. Then suddenly my son push me aside and pulls my ass high. He slams his wet cock on my ass before he shove it back into my pussy. My body arched as now my face is just a few inch from my husband's cock.

I look up at him as my body rocks infront of him. My tits jiggles underneath me as Dick spank my ass more and more. Making me gasp and moans everytime. "Umm! Take this my slutty mom… Ahhh. fuck…" Dick groans as he spank me again and again. I look up at my husband.

"Ahhh… our son is spanking me, Tom!

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Ahhh. His mother!! Ahhhh!" I moans in lust turned on so much by this. I grab Tom's cock and starts to stroke it as I being pounded mercilessly by my own daughter. "Ahhh yess!! Yess Dick fuck that is deep!!" I moans as I spit on Tom's cock as I stroke it. Feeling its getting hard again.

He moans as he look at my ass, jiggles while being pounded by his own son. "Fuck mom! I'm cumming!!!" Dick groans loud as he grab my waist and pulls me back, as he thrust his fat thick cock into me hard making my body arched, making me gasped, making me moans, making me squeeze his father's, my husband's cock tight! And with that all 3 of us explodes in orgasm at the same time.

My pussy bursts again all over my son's cock as he fill me up again with every drops of his cum in me. And Tom's cock pulsing in my hand, with his cum leaking, drooling on my fingers. All 3 of us pants and moans. "Umm… D… do you… want to lick it…?" Tom asked hesitantly. I look at him in the eyes as I smile. "I'm sorry Tom… Ahh… Not today…" I smile. I wipe my cum coated fingers on his shirt before my son pulls me up and lifted me up.

Making my legs wrapped around his waist. "Come, mommy. Let's go somewhere more comfortable… I want to fuck you more." He said as his cock still hard, erected hard under my ass. "Sure baby… Urm… Tom, do you mind sleeping outside tonight?

Me and Dick will be using our room…" I said as I look at him. With Dick hands around my waist grabbing my ass like I'm his. Well, I am his. He just nodded. "A… allright…" Then I get an idea… I pulls my panties off, noticing how wet it is from my juices and throw it at his cock. "You can use that if you get horny again…" I tease as I wink.

Dick chuckles as he carry me up to our room. And I know that night too we won't have much sleep again. ********************** Since that day Dick has been fucking me like crazy. Almost everyday, almost everytime when we are not busy with our chores and responsibilities, hell sometimes he even fucked me while I'm doing laundry.

Tom? He basically moved into a guest room now. While the master bedroom are now where me and Dick fucked most of the time. And Dick still sometimes bring girls home.

And I let him because I know as a teenager his hormones are raging. And I can't be selfish keeping my son only for me. I never fucked Tom since. Sometimes I did gave him handjobs. But that's it. And other times I love letting him jerking himself while watching us fuck.

At first I thought he would be reacting something worse like divorce or something but luckily he accept it. Which is a relieve because I still love him. I do. I still do all my responsibilities as a wife. Well, except in sex. But I think its fair cause he can't provide in that aspect too right? And I am actually surprised that after we started the cuckold incest thing, his performance at work increases.

I guess Emma was right. And that brings me here today. I am scrolling my twitter feeds. The chatters around me are like a music in the café.

But I do enjoying it. Then Emma came and sit on the other side of the table with her cup of cappuccino and a plate of sugar coated donut. "Whuw. Sorry! The guy before me obviously in here for the first time. He take way too long to order." She mumbles as she take a sip of her coffee. I shut the phone down and put it inside my pocket. "Well, we all have that moment" I said smiling.

Emma eyes widens seeing me happy. "I do notice you are getting happier lately but something about today tells me you are a bit different. Like, glowing?" She said as she start to cut her donut into smaller pieces. I bite my lips blushed. "Well… I… I am pregnant, 2 months now!" I said excitedly. Her eyes widens. "Really???

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Wow!!! Congratulations!!!" She said as she keep chewing. She leans forward and give me a hug and kiss on my cheek. I can feel some of her sugar stick on me and I wipe it off. She just chuckles. "I am glad Tom still can do it" She said. I shake my head off.

"It's not Tom." Then she put her cutleries down. "You took my advice?? Which? Cheating or cuckold??" She said whispering knowing the words are taboo in public. I bite my lips. "The later one…" Her eyes widens. "I would never thought you would do something like that!" She said still surprised. "Right??? So was I…" I said as I blushed.


Thinking my own son's cock pounding in me. "So who was the guy who knocked you out, you dirty slut?" She asked teasingly. I blushed as I chuckles before I answered. "My son, Dick." *********** END