Tattooed brunette toys herself on webcam

Tattooed brunette toys herself on webcam
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Thanks for the positive feedback. I'd love to hear from you or maybe swap stories or ideas for stories with any of you. Feel free to PM me. How About a Pic? - Chapter Two Laura Arrives I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was determined to keep my cool. I stood in the pool where my sister-in-law Hannah and I had just fucked. I was still a little perplexed at the whole scene as I had never thought in real life I'd be able to fuck my buxom sister-in-law.

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Hannah rounded the corner toward the garage, naked as a jay bird to greet her friend Laura, that was evidently in on the "surprise." I loved seeing Hannah's ass jiggle and wiggle as she hurried to meet her friend. I wasn't exactly sure who Laura was until I saw them both round the corner.

Then I remembered her. She stood about 5'2" tall, jet black, shoulder length hair a "tramp stamp" tattoo on the small of her back, pierced nose and belly button with small b-cup tits and an apple-shaped ass that was absolutely amazing to behold. It was small but had a perfect roundness to it.

She probably weighed about 95 pounds but wasn't boney or skinny by any means. She was the perfect weight for her tiny frame. Laura was wearing a pair of soccer style shorts and her bikini top. She carried a beach style bag that was pretty large.

"You remember Laura don't you," Hannah asked as they dropped her belongings by the lounge chairs and she bent down to open her bag. When she did he seemed to push her butt cheeks out and as Hannah was introducing her, she turned around to look at me.

"Who could forget Laura," I said as Laura and Hannah both giggled. Hannah swatted her butt and proceeded to pull Laura's shorts off of her.

Laura stepped out of them and then returned to an upright position and placed her hand on Hannah's left tit. She sucked it in her mouth. Hannah's hands quickly moved to Laura's bikini top and loosened it and allowed it to fall to the pool deck.

Laura looked up at Hannah and they kissed passionately.

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I made my way towards the pool's edge to admire their display. After the pounding I had given my sister-in-law less than 10 minutes ago, I was surprised it had begun to spring back to life so quickly. How could it not? Two beautiful girls/young women were making out less than 10 feet away from me. Hannah and Laura became more passionate with their kissing. I could see that they shared their tongues back and forth and looked as though they were experts with each other.

My hand made its way between my legs and I took my cock in my hand and slowly stroked from the base to the tip. Hannah and Laura continued their make out session. Their hands explored each other's chests and nipples.

I couldn't get a good view of Laura's nipples but her tits were very pert and suspended nicely against her chest. Hannah then reached down to take Laura's nipple in her mouth. I could see that they were nickel sized tiny nipples that stuck out like small pencil erasers. Hannah's tongue swirled around the nipple and Laura's eyes locked towards mine.

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She licked her lips and then began working the bottoms of her bikini over her hips as her ass came into view. She rubbed her hands over the cheeks and arched her back to allow Hannah better access to her nipples. Hannah looked over at me and noticed that my hand was slowly stroking my cock and was standing at full attention. I pushed myself off the side of the pool and placed my hands behind my head and floated on top of the water.

My pole standing straight out of the water. Hannah placed her hands on Laura's face and turned her head towards me. Laura's eyes opened wide as she caught a glimpse of my cock for the first time and raised her finger to pint at me and then for me to come over to them.

I moved towards the steps of the pool and made my way over to the two beautiful women in my backyard.

I couldn't believe my luck. Not one but two beautiful women were offering themselves to me. I'd always dreamed of this and here I was staring it right in the face.

I approached the two girls. Hannah reahed over and grabbed two towels and laced them on the pool deck as I moved towards Laura. Her eyes widened even bigger and I noticed how beautiful she was up close.

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Her eyes were a deep and dark brown almost onyx colored and were very large. Her pale skin was flawless and looked so inviting. As Hannah finished the towels I finally reached Laura. She took my cock by the base and her tiny hand could barely wrap around it. I moved into kiss her. Hannah moved behind Laura and spread her cheeks. I pulled Laura's upper body towards me and our lips met.

Hannah's tongue traced around her sweet hole two or three times and then up and around her ass. "Beautiful," is all I could muster in between kisses.


My hands probed her lithe body. Her skin was so soft and inviting. My hands brushed across her nipples and her body jolted forward. "Ummmm, careful bro, her nipples are really sensitive," Hannah said looking up from behind Laura's exquisite ass cheeks and dove back into Laura's waiting snatch.

I gently tweaked her nipples again between my thumb and forefinger. Laura jumped a few more times. She looked up at me and said, "Don't stop," and I quickly kissed her again and massaged her nipples over and over. Her breasts melded perfectly against my hands. They were literally a handful. Her pointy nipples were hard as I lightly brushed my hands across and over them and I traced circles around the areolas over and over again.

Laura and I kissed again. She had very pouty and plump lips. I drew her bottom lip inside my mouth and then traced the edges of the plump lips again as I my tongue would dart across and inside her mouth. She then leaned down and took the head of my cock inside her. This gave Hannah better access to Laura's sweet mound. My hands smoothed her skin of her back and ran along the back and over her tramp stamp. I reached out for her cheeks and spread them wider.

Laura's tongue swirled around the head of my cock as she then inhaled it into her waiting mouth stopping about halfway down the shaft. I felt my cock head bury itself against her throat. She gagged for just a second as one hand steadied herself at the base of my cock and the other gently pulled my balls up to her chin.

She spit my cock back out and took one of my balls and placed it in her mouth gently as my cock rested across her for head and crest of her nose. Hannah looked towards me and caught my eyes. She could see I was in ecstasy as we both ravaged Laura's tiny frame. She then stuck her tongue out and laid it flat against Laura's juicy opening and licked a wide swath between her legs.

She then quickly straightened her tongue out and quickly inserted it inside Laura. Laura released my balls and then went to take my entire cock inside her mouth. I wasn't sure she was going to be able to do it without completely gagging. I spread her cheeks wide for my sister-in-law as she bobbed her head forwards and backwards entering and exiting Laura's cunt with her slippery tongue.

I saw a creamy substance, Laura's girl cum, on Hannah's tongue. She tasted the sweet nectar on the tip of her tongue and continued her assault on her nether-region. Laura worked my cock slowly into her mouth halfway again. I felt the head beginning to slip into her throat. Expertly, she relaxed her throat muscles and forced the rest of it inside her. I gazed down to catch her eyes, which were looking straight up at me.

She had an almost proud look upon her face as her lips finally pressed against the base of my shaft. I took the back of her head and helped her the final few millimeters and then pulled her hair back and forth and slowly began to fuck her mouth. "That's it brother…fuck her mouth and throat good," Hannah said as she paused a second to watch the lewd act her friend was performing on her brother-in-law in front of her.


"She's getting close," Hannah added as she plunged her tongue back inside her friend. Laura grabbed my hand and encouraged me to go faster not unlike what I did with Hannah earlier, I began to throat fuck her. My cock slid in and out of her opened throat.

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I could her moans from Laura and could tell she was close to cumming. I slammed into her seven or eight more times. Her moans more pronounced but still muffled by my meat crammed deep inside her mouth.

She genetly tickeld my balls as if to coax my cum. I was getting closer as she let out a long groan as I watched her legs spasm to Hannah's tongue that was furiously lapping and going in and out of her beautiful cunt. I finally released my cum, holding as long as I could into Laura's waiting throat. I pumped three or four large spurts down her throat and then pulled her hair backwards, releasing her mouth from my grip.

I could see tears and smeared makeup running down her face as she released her cock from my mouth. Hannah held her body up as it almost collapsed and I spewed three or four more shots across her face. Hannah released her friend and gently set her knees down on the towels on the pool deck. She quickly pulled her to her as she quickly brought her mouth to hers. They shared my cum as it smeared between their two faces. Their tongues swirled around and around each other's mouth and Hannah licked the pearly substance that had dribbled over her friend's lips and face.

I stood there and held my cock at its base. My legs were burning from clenching them while I had just cum. I finally let go and one last drop of semen emitted from the head. Laura quickly lept towards my cock and licked the final drop from it as she squeezed the last remaining drop from my cock and into her mouth.

Hannah simply laughed as they both relaxed and returned to kissing and holding each other as Laura's chest began to slow down from heaving slowly. "I told you it would be good," Hannah said to Laura as she continued trying to catch her breath. "You were right Hannah," she answered as I moved to grab a drink for my two new best friends.

"You girls are fucking amazing," I added and stepped from the cooler towards them and offered a bottle of water. "Tequila please," said Laura. Hannah helped her friend up from the ground opened the bottle of water took a swig and offered a one to her friend. I stepped back over to the lounge chairs and poured us all a shot of tequila. I handed the girls their drinks.

"Here's to more fun tonight," Laura said as we raised our shot glasses and downed the liquor. We all finished and decided to take a break. I landed in a chaise lounge, Laura took the one to my right and Hannah the one on my left. None of us really spoke. I reached out and touched Laura by the arm and stretched out my other to do the same to Hannah. Laura took my hand and kissed it while Hannah placed my hand on her breast. I instinctively massaged her puffy nipple under my hand as we all drifted off to bask in the afternoon heat for a quick cat nap.

More to come???