Ebony house wife xxx storys

Ebony house wife xxx storys
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Three days after her gangrape with Mr.Patterson and his boys. Wendy awoke to the bright lights and amonia scents of the hospital, she blinked bleary eyed, she felt hungry and her throat was dry, then she felt hands go around her and she shuddered as memories, vivid as if from only moments ago of the mexicans who raped her in the orange groves and of Mr.Patterson and his boys, but Wendy heard the familiar voice of her mother "Its okay.its okay." Wendy hugged her mom tight and they talked about what had happened, Wendy remembered the threat Mr.Patterson had made and told her that the mexicans had done everything that Mr.Patterson and his boys had actually done.

Wendy's mother cried during most of the talking but explained that Wendy had been asleep for three days, that her vagina was completely healed up and showed little scar tissue and her ass was fine, luckily Wendy didnt get pregnant.

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"Hello?" asked a voice that made Wendy shudder, wendy's mother turned and saw Mr.Patterson in the hospital room doorway, she smiled and said "come on in, she just woke up" Wendy heard the footsteps of Mr.Patterson, he smiled at her, a smile that even though showed concern, she knew it was the smile of a person who got away with raping her. Mr.Patterson said "glad to see you're up, you gave me and my boys quite a fright", Wendy's mother explained that Mr.Patterson had found her after the rape and brought her to the hospital, Wendy nodded and mumbled a thank you but wanted to hit Mr.Patterson and tell her mother he was the real rapist, not just the mexicans.

Wendy's mother stood and asked "Mr.Patterson, would you stay with her for just a moment?

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I need to go speak with the nurses and call my husband" Mr.Patterson nodded and Wendy's mother left. Mr.Patterson came and sat on the edge of the bed beside Wendy and smiled, an evil grin "Well, I spoke with your mom yesterday, turns out your pussy is fine, so is your ass and you're not pregnant" he laughed a little and Wendy wanted to punch him but she felt so weak and dehydrated.


Mr.Patterson leaned in and whispered "Remember, when you start school, you're gonna be coming to my hosue after, I spoke with your father, he agrees, I'll pick you up and take you to my house, he'll pick you up around 6, plenty of time." Mr.Patterson raised his left and, cupping Wendy's right breast, his hand barely large enough for it, squeezed it, rubbed it, pushed against her nipple.

Wendy groaned and he said ".to make sure you dont get raped by any more mexicans" he laughed again and leaned forward, putting his mouth against hers, Mr.Patterson kissed Wendy deeplysucking her lips, his mouth rough, his face sharp with whiskers of a growing beard, his tongue tasted of hard liquor as he pushed against her tongue, when he pulled away, Wendy scowled but weakly said "You're.evil".

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Mr.Patterson laughed and said "That maybe.but you're mine" He stood up and said "Well I am glad to see you're in good shape." as he said that, Wendy's mother walked back in and said "Thank you Mr.Patterson, for everything, I'll be taking Wendy home in a little while, I'll call you when she is home to let you know she is alright" Mr.Patterson smiled and nodded "I appreciate it, me and my boys were so worried for her". Mr.Patterson left and just as Wendy's mother said, she went home, at home she had a quiet dinner with her parents and went bed.

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She stayed up for several hours, remembering how Mitch, Matt, James and Mr.Patterson used her pussy and ass, how they pumped her full of cum and abused her. Wendy climbed out of bed and walked to her full length mirror on the other side of the room, she examined herself, she wore a satin nightgown her father had bought her for her birthday, he large breasts were like two mounds of fabirc pushing up. She removed her nightgown and stood naked in front of the mirror, she checked herself, turning full circle, she had no scars from the rough ground, no marks at all, she ran her hands down her back and cupped her bum, she expected incredible pain but felt nothing, she spread her cheeks and touched her hole, it made her quiver and shudder but again, she felt no pain.

She grabbed a chair from her desk and sat down in it in front of the mirror, spreading her legs, she remembered how hers were forced apart, how the huge cocks felt, like fists being jammed into her pussy. She examined her vagina, her clitoris seemed slightly larger, but as she spread her lips, there were no marks or scars, nothing to identify that she was raped.

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She closed her legs but then opened them once more, she looked at herself in the mirror and felt like laughing and crying at the same time, she touched her right breast with her right hand, her 38D breast felt so heavy and soft, she rubbed it, cupped it, squeezed it and even twisted her nipple. Wendy let out a small gasp and with her left hand, she reached between her legs and gently rubbed her tight pussy with two fingers, moving in slow circles, her pussy began to moisten, she pinched her nipple and rubbed herself faster, using the palm of her hand to press down on her clit as she went.

She moaned more and more, going faster and faster until she felt something building and finally she released.

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It wasnt a strong stream but a small trickle of her juices. Wendy stood, the wetness had left a small mark on the chair but she felt the warm liquid running down her thigh.

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Wendy had never touched herself before, never felt an orgasm. She wondered what was happening to her. Wendy put her nightgown back on and climbed into bed, trying not think about anything, about what tomorrow would bring or what she just did.

She closed her eyes and sleep came. The next morning Wendy got up and dressed for school, she chose a white button down cotton blouse, her favorite white bra, matching panties and a plaid skirt that reached past her knees, she went downstairs and had a quiet breakfast, after which her father drove her to school.

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Her father explained that Mr.Patterson would pick her up and Wendy nodded, kissing her dad goodbye, she went to school. Apparently only Mr.Patterson and his boys knew about Wendy's rape, everyone at school was told she was sick, she was given hugs by her friends and words of deep concern from her teachers.

The school day went by quickly and Wendy walked to the front door slowly, but she was met by Matt, one of Mr.Pattersons boys, the youngest and one of the ones who used her ass, she scowled at him but kept walking, Matt walked with her outside, where Mr.Patterson waited, Wendy had no choice, she walked to Mr.Pattersons Ford Falcon and climbed in the cabMr.Patterson smiled and laughed "Hello Wendy, ready for some fun?" Wendy was quiet, looking at the floor.


Matt climbed in beside her and said "We've got you for three hours, plenty of fun and plenty of time". If you liked this, let me know if you want a part 4, if not, let me know anyhow