Dame J Pegging Non Stop

Dame J Pegging Non Stop
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Which should most be lost contending, Darting fierce and flaming kisses, Plunging into boundless blisses; Our bodies, and our souls on fire. Tost by a tempest of Desire; Till with utmost fury driven, Down, at once, we sunk to heaven. In the garage is a empty room that Marina had found a hollow metal pole, about an inch and a half in diameter and an inch tall, embedded in the concrete.

She wasn't sure what it was originally for, but she discovered that if she stuck the base of her vibrator into the pole, she can kneel and lower herself onto it, and it penetrated her deeply while staying in place.

When I'm at work, she has gone there several times, and fucked herself on her vibrator, always coming to orgasm. The heat of the room on her bare skin always aroused her. Marina had just bought a new dildo-one of the size of my cock, she loves feeling my large cock inside her.


It is sculpted to feel like a real cock, with a bulbous head and rigid veins. She is tall, her hips are slender and her passage is small. The thought of the massive dildo penetrating her turned her on immensely. One afternoon home alone, she stripped, grabbed the new toy and a bottle of lube, and went to the garage room. She shoved the handle of the dildo into the pole, making sure it was firmly positioned, and, on impulse, leaned forward to taste it.

The wide opening barely fit into her mouth. She moved her head down, and it hit the back of her throat, inducing a gag reflex that caused a twinge in her stomach. She sucked, enjoying the taste of the rubber, and moved up and down, the dildo hitting the back of her throat each time.

I came home and seen the door to that room open, I stood watching her from the door to the room, I had a perfect view of her perky round ass, slender, porcelain legs, and the pink skin between them, as she knelt on her hands and knees and bobbed her head up and down. Her blonde hair fell around her face. Marina leans back, even though it was already slippery with her saliva, coated the toy with lube.

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Then she knelt above it. Reaching one hand between her legs, she rubbed her clit, although she was already wet just from taking the dildo into her mouth and imagining it entering her. With her other hand, Marina massaged her breasts, pinching the nipples slightly and gasping as they stiffened into peaks. I move my hand towards my zipper as I watch her masturbate, her eyes closed in bliss, but decided against touching myself.

Smelling her arousal, Marina can't help but grow hornier than before. To her, there is just something sexy and appealing about a woman's scent. Oh God! This feels sooo good! I needed this so bad! Closing her eyes, Marina allows her mind to wander bringing out her most secret desires. Marina lets out a soft moan.

" Ohhhh John, I want this so bad." Marina never quite understand the sexual urge she had for me, as it had always been there. Careful to masturbate only when I left the house, Marina had quickly lost herself in the chance at another orgasm.

" Yes!


Fuck, JJJooohhhnnn!" Shutting her eyes tighter, Marina begind riding her dildo with abandonment. Thrusting the dildo harder into her wet pussy, Marina imagined my rough thrusts. I hope John is horny. With her orgasm building, Marina fought to provide herself the last bit of stimulation needed for climax. " Yes! Yes! Oh John! Yes!" Marina's frantic fingers stimulating her tender clit gave way to orgasm. The pleasure gripping her body, Marina's cries echoed throughout the garage.

Marina continues to further her body's release. " Oh John!" Marina removed her wet fingers from her pussy, trying to catch a quick breath. Suddenly feeling a draft, Marina turned toward the opening door. " John," She gasped and froze. " You should continue," I said gently. I didn't move. " What were you thinking about?" " I can't tell you," She said weakly, embarrassed. " Continue what you were doing," I repeated and then waited for her to resume.

She squeezed her nipple gently and pressed her clit. " What are you thinking about?" I repeated. My tone is.

aroused and insistent. " You," She whispered, shyly " What about me?" I asked, as I walked very slowly toward her. " I was thinking. I thought." She stammered, " how exciting it would be to have you find me and." " And?" I stood next to her and she then sees my arousal; my eyes drank her in the way I do, I leaned slightly over her, and the outline of my erection.

It relaxed her and gave her courage to speak more freely. ".and how I would like to cum while you watch." " What then?" " Then. I would want you to." She trailed off, losing courage.

" Tell me" I said, quietly demanding. " Say it." " I would want you to clean me up. I want to feel your tongue, your breath, your lips." I sighed deeply. Her entire body is straining to have contact with me; to touch me and have me touch her, but she didn't move.

Lets go in the house to the bedroom. In the bedroom Marina sat on the bed, my eyes flickered over her again and, as if I could feel the strain, I raised a hand and let it hover over her breast. It is close enough that she feels the heat as if I were touching her and the incomplete connection made her ache. She shuddered and her nipples and aureoles hardened. I watched them and then very slowly reached my other hand forward and pulled the covers down the end of the bed.

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My eyes followed the covers and then traveled back up her body until our gazes locked. " Lay on your back.Spread your lips; show me your hard clit." My voice is so quiet and measured that it gave her goose bumps.

She parted her legs further, lowered her other hand and spread her lips wide for me, feeling her clit extend. My eyes follow her movement and she feels them as if they were my hands. " That's it," I sighed, " Very good." I lowered my hovering hand and kneaded her breast.

The feel of my hand is exquisite. Coupled with the exposure of her clit and the almost touch of her own fingers, her abdomen clenched and she shuddered again. I squeezed her breast and the pressure on her erect nipple is so pleasurable to the point of pain and she gasps and moans. She sees my cock jump and her focus became fellating me while I tease her nipples until she came. The thought must have clearly shown in her eyes because I grinned and move my other hand to my waistband.

I undid my pants, letting them drop to the floor and place a knee beside her on the bed to feed her my cock. She took the head hungrily and swirling her tongue over it, pressing it against her tongue and then the roof of her mouth as she swallowed it. She tightened her lips around the root and then pulls me from her mouth, firmly pressing her tongue against me until she feels the velvety head once again.

I moan, deeply and she feels the vibration of it in my cock. One hand squeezing and teasing her nipple, the other in her hair, I press my hips toward her and she took my cock in and out of her mouth over and over, each time pressing my head further and further down her throat.

I murmured to her about how her mouth feels, how aroused I am, how I wanted her to cum for me and how erotic it is that she would cum without either of us touching her pussy. She placed one hand between my legs, alternating between trailing her fingers over my balls and gently rimming me. I moan loudly and whisper, " Yes, my darling." With her other hand she pinched and teased her other nipple.

Her clit throbbing at the feeling of having my cock in her mouth; that she is so obviously pleasuring me. She thought about how I would cum for her and how she would cum for me.

She thought about how it will feel to finally be filled with me and how incredible it feels to feel me touch her. She aches to feel more than just my one hand against her but is so incredibly aroused to feel the contact of only my cock and my hand. I pinched her nipple sharply and her hips bucked. " Yes, my darling, cum for me," I whisper hoarsely. " Cum for me so I can taste you." I move my hand from her hair and gripped her other breast, squeezing tightly at the nipple.

" Spread yourself for me. I want to watch your pussy cum for me." She reached down and spread her lips wide for me, her abdomen clenching at the pressure of her clit extending the hood. I see it. " That's it. Cum for me," I urged, " cum with my cock in your mouth. I want to feel your climax through my cock." Her abdomen clenching again and she came with a primal moan and my cock deep in her throat. I step back, pulling mu hard cock from her mouth and she whimpers at the loss of contact.

I smile as I move between her legs. She pulls her knees up and placed her feet flat on the bed as I kneel between them. My free hand moves back to her pussy, stroking, caressing, cajoling that heat in her cunt. She can't breathe. My finger is circling, circling, massaging her little nub, then dipping into her gaping, dripping pussy, only to return again.

Now she presses against me. With that sexy move a woman makes just prior to orgasm. I release her from my kiss.

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Marina moans as my mouth moves with measured sensuality, licking and kissing the line of her jaw. Her breath is now coming in huffs as I refuse to stop my free hand. " Oh god, oh god, oh god!" she cries as I growled against her throat, feeling her cunt undulate once again as she came, her body convulsing with the sweet, overpowering sensations.

" That's it." I murmur to her as she made helpless, pleasured cries. My mouth is gentle and soothing as she held onto me tightly, coming down from her rapture, I held her still as I move over her. " Please.yes!" I lower myself onto her, groaning as her struggling body met my rock hard erection. She is so submissive. She is begging for me to take her. I held Marina still with my muscular thighs, pinning her beneath me, as I forced her arms over her head, " Please!" Marina begs, her pleading cries echoing, bouncing about the room.

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" Shhhh." I kiss her gently but deeply, muffling her cries for the moment. I press her still with the weight of my massive chest, I feel like a boulder, solid and threatening, heavy and immovable. She feels stifled, unable to take a breath beneath my chest, while her cunt is wetting even more at the feel of my monster cock pressing insistently against it.

I cradled her closer with one arm, nuzzling her neck, then her ear; my other hand grips my cock to guide it into the tight soft lips of her pussy. I pushd the plum sized head in further, breaching her inner labia. Her eyes open wider in surprise, searching my face as I curl around her, letting her get used to the feel of a cock in her pussy. " That's right baby. Feel my cock in your tight pussy." I spoke to her, my voice soft and gentle, while my lips caressed her throat, but my words are ones of force and her submission.

" Get used to the feel of my cock, pretty pet." I begin to make small thrusts with my hips, as I stroked her hair and nipped and kissed her face and torso. I held her tight as I made a hard, full thrust into her, causing her to cry out as I stretched her. " Shhhh." I hushed her. I groan against the soft flesh of her throat, while she whimpers, I'm shaking with the effort not to fuck the hell out of her tight pussy that now hugged my throbbing cock. I feel her pussy adjusting around me.

My tongue licking at the small streak of tears that slide down her cheek, as I tenderly consoled her, while my hands busily squeezed and stroked over the plush, sensual curves of her body. " Mmmm. another little hole I need to own." I murmur deep and sensually, as I caress her tight asshole before pressing my thick finger very slightly into it.

I chuckled at her gasp. Her cunt now feels more settled around the thick, intruding rod of my cock so I start to thrust harder. I grunted in response to her soft, pained cries.

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" Feel that cock, baby? Feel it owning your sweet pussy?" Marina's moans are changing in pitch, moving from pain to pleasure as her body responded to the presence of my battering ram forcing its way further and further into her.

My dirty words being murmured in her ear, the feel of me on top of her, each stroke is bringing her to her brink. " That's right, feel your master fuck you." Through the haze of her rising orgasm, Marina barely comprehends my words murmuring against her ear. I shifted, raising myself up to ride with more force, " now who owns this tight little cunt?' the words came out as a growl as I begin to slam into her.

I stop, settling down, gently stroking her face for a bit before startling her with a slap. " Answer me, baby." Marina is frightened as she came to realize the power I have over her, but it is also so very, very hot. I made a long slow stroke with my cock, causing Marina to roll her head back and moan, " whose pussy is this?" I asked, pulling out and pressing back in again very slowly.

" Ohhhhh.mine." she moans, her eyes closed, her head tucking back between her arms. Marina is stunned by another slap, this time to her tits. " No." she stares up into my eyes. " It belongs to me now." my eyes owns her eyes while my cock owned her pussy as I continue with my long, slow strokes. She made a soft whimpering moan with pleasure as she nodded in agreement. " Say it." I ordered again. Marina gasping at the sweet sensation that is building up in her.

She cries out as I made several hard rough thrusts. " Ah! Ah! Yes! Your pussy. Oh god, yes, it's your pussy." she cries out as the roiling pleasure explodes and spreads up and out through her. She moans in the aftermath. My mouth captured a taut nipple between my teeth, making her moan even more. She is so soft and warm underneath me, her small breasts wobbling with the force of my fucking. My hands squeezing handfuls of her ass as I buried my face into the sweet, sexy smell of her sweat in the spot between her hair and her throat.

I continue to ram my way into her pussy. Abruptly I pull out of her, moving to the edge of the bed and lifting her legs up to 90 degrees with her feet pointing up to the ceiling. I then place her buttocks on my thighs, her calves over my shoulders before pressing my cock in again. I'm fucking her now, rough and raw, hard and fast. I'm growling as I push myself into my balls, making her battered pussy take my full nine inches. " Fuck yes!" I growl low and deep, before I bite her thigh as I came hard in her.

I press in again and again, groaning as I finish spewing into her tight pussy before I thrust her legs to one side and fell on her, keeping my cock tightly wedged in her pussy.

I kiss her tenderly now, she responding to my gentle possession of her mouth as I held her face tightly, making her take my tongue. She lay pinned beneath my heavy body for awhile as I recovered.

My cock is still hard as I pull away. I look down at her as I stood up, watching the mix of my cum and her blood slip from her pussy. Then I help her to rise. I stood and roughly grabbing her, I turned her to face towards the wall, shoving her up against it. She hung onto the wall as I spread her legs.

She didn't fight me as I lifted her hips up and pressing her ass against my groin, I shove my cock into her pussy, she moans as I sink into her fully. My hands on either side of her, I begin to thrust with the urgency I feel. Small sounds of anguished pleasure came from my throat as I tried to keep from having her hit the wall too hard. The door and window of the room rattled rhythmically unknown to us.

I'm fucking her hard and rough within the confines of the bedroom. Marina mewled as I fell against her, my head resting on her shoulder as she feels my cock surge and shoot my pent up wad deep into her. We gasped as I move my hand to squeeze her firm tits while I came back down. Marina made a whimper as she feels me tug my big cock from her pussy. Marina staggered to the bathroom.

I chuckled to myself, as she came out of the bathroom, I'm standing there stroking my slowly growing cock. " Come on your task, baby." My voice is gentle as she kneels down in front of me, I caress her hair from her face watching her as she starts to suck my thick long dick.

I held her long blonde hair in a tight ponytail to help her and to be able to watch her suck and lick my cock. I caress her lovely face, admiring her plush, ruby red mouth as it moves up and down my thick cock. " Look at me." I ordered her, her eyes downcast, her cheeks lightly rouged. Her black lashes lifted up to my face, her dark eyes meeting mine. " That's it." Marina groans around the large cock she is sucking.

I suddenly pull my cock from her mouth, looking down at her, I told her to get on her hands and knees. She is in the perfect position for me to mount her. I lean over her resting my hands on her shoulders, she feels my hairy chest and belly on her back. My hard cock rubbing against her ass for a few seconds before I hunched my body and ram it straight into her bloody pussy.

Since she is already wet from my saliva, cum blood, and her own juices the insertion itself didn't hurt that much but it is an amazing shock. Until we met two months ago, she had never had anything in her after her divorce, just her own fingers and the dildos.

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The newness of my cock each time surprises her enough that she doesn't struggle anymore. She is still for a few seconds giving me time to anchor myself on her body and then thrust my hard cock even further into her pussy.

Here I meet resistances when the head of my cock hits the thick raw vaginal walls, I pause briefly, pulling most of my length back out and then shoving it back in again as hard as I can stretching her and sending waves of pleasure and pain through her. She screams again and I growl in her ear. She quieted down and she stopped moving, I relaxed again, gave a groan, and then resumed my violation of her.

She slowly put her head to the floor and took it. I knew she has now surrendered and I groaned, then begin moving my body around until I finally had the position I wanted. Then my body starts moving back and forth as fast as I can shoving my cock deep into her pussy. She looks under her body and sees it happening, sees my thick cock shaft penetrating her over and over, blood, cum and juices leaking out of her from the pressure. I push it into and out of her, its smooth surface sliding inside her and with every thrust it feels better and better.

She is enjoying it. Every thrust producing a low moan of pleasure from her. As my thrusting came faster and faster, she hears me over her shoulder breathing heavy. The sensations of pleasure of my thrusting is flooding her body and overriding the pain I had caused her, she responded pushing back against me in time with my thrusts.

This just excited me more and I start thrusting faster filling her up. She is moaning in heat, she is enjoying it, wanting it to last forever. then she feels me spasm and the sensation in her pussy is my cum filling her.

She has another orgasm and it drove her to the floor. Her body is on fire with ecstasy. Then just as suddenly it is over and I remove myself from her.

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Marina lay there on the floor leaking blood and mixed cum all over the floor when the realization of what she had done, what had just happened to her came flooding back. She had been fucked three time and she enjoyed it. It took her a minute or so to compose herself after which she began to get up and go towards the bathroom. Later that night I came into the bedroom and Marina looked at me " Oh god!" She said.

She knew once I get very horny, I'm not done yet. She thought for a moment about running for the bathroom, making me work for fucking her, but before she can she feels me climb on the bed and grab her thighs with just enough pressure to make my intentions clear. I was going to have her again, she was my bitch, whether she liked it or not. Looking back to her previous marriage, she now realizes how little she really understood at that time.

All she knew is that when I wanted to fuck her again she surrendered to me and let me. So again she assumed the position and accepted what was going to happen.

I got behind her and mounted her again, this time my monster cock went in easier and deeper. Marina shifted around to give me a better position and I drove it in so hard, she is surprised I didn't break her back, as it is I shoved her into the bed so hard her neck began to hurt.

This time instead of holding still, she starts pushing back from the beginning, she told herself at the time it is to get the whole experience over quicker, but now she knows that she is wanting it as bad as I did. I kept fucking her, driving her forward into the bed over and over as she moans and begs for me to stop.

My cock is thrusting in and out of her sending waves of cum out onto the bed where it started to soak her knees.

Finally we both came together and she screamed so loud when the orgasm crashed through her. Exhausted she collapsed back to the bed and slowly drifted off to sleep. She awoke a short time later to find me kissing her neck.

When I saw her eyes open I whispered in her ear, then immediately got behind her and began nudging her with my hands. " Again? Please no more John, please no more," She begged. Reaching around behind her, she tried to push me away in the hope that I would stop and be satisfyed, but I slapped her ass and growled. So again she pushed her ass up and I mounted her.

We did it three more times before the sun came up, each time more painful than the last. After the first two times she can't feel the pleasure anymore only the grating and searing pain that came with every thrust.

She is bleeding from her vagina now, the vaginal walls unable to take the strain it is being subjected to, and the scratches on her back and cracked open and bleed each time we begin again. When it was just getting light I suddenly stopped, groaned and then left the room. Marina collapsed on the bed and watched me close the door. Standing up, she tried to walk but it hurt so she limped to the bathroom for a hot shower. She saw the clock. 6:40 AM.