Kharlie Stone fucks Sean Lawless monstercock

Kharlie Stone fucks Sean Lawless monstercock
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I am a 19 year old girl. My name is Pearl Oswin. I am thin white girl with blonde hair. I stand 5 feet tall with a tight ass and perky tits. I loved to flaunt my body so would often wear revealing and minimum clothes. I was a popular girl in my school and locality but after my parents divorced, I had to start earning for myself for education and allied expenses. I lost my virginity to my paternal uncle who had tricked me to sleep with him when i was 18 in trade of new clothes.

I only had one boyfriend after that with whom I had slept occasionally. I use to work at the deparmental store after school on weekdays and babysit during the weekends to earn extra money. A new couple had moved in the next block.

Mr. & Mrs. Ray. Mr. Jake Ray was a software engineer and his wife Daisy was a journalist. The were the first black couple in our area. They had a daughter named Sarah. Mr. Jake was 6 feet tall, 52 year old black man. He was very fit for his age and looked like a strict man. His wife Daisy was 20 years younger than him and was 5 ft 6 inches tall with big boobs and huge ass. She seems to be a friendly woman. Everyone in my locality use to call me when they wanted a babysitter. So on a friday evening I got a call from them to meet them at their house.

I was happy as I got another weekend to earn the extra money.

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After finishing my work at the deparmental store, I went to their house. I was wearing a neck revealing top and hot pants and boots. Mr. Jake opened the door. I had to look up to match his height.


He wasnt too pleased to welcome me in. Daisy asked me to come in and said that she had to go to her mother's house the next day for a night so she wanted me to look after their daughter till sunday evening while Jake would work from home.

They offered me double the money than I usually get. I agreed instantly. They both were looking at my naked legs and Jake was constantly starring at my almost visible tits. They were giving each other wicked smiles and asked me come tomorrow by noon. I could sense that they were checking my body. On Saturday, I reached their house with one pair of clothes for the next day. I was wearing a strapless summer dress which almost ended till my mid thigh.

Jake opened the door and asked me to sit on the couch and wait for Daisy. He went inside in his room so i thought he was working in there. i waited there for almost an hour but couldnt find Daisy and Sarah. I decided to knock Jake's room. He opened the door and wasnt wearing any clothes. I was schocked to see his monster cock which would be around 10 inches. He looked so horny and was stroking his cock with his hand.

He held my hand and took me in his room. He was watchng porn on his laptop. I couldnt say a word. The videos were disgusting where a man was brutally fucking a teenager mercilessly. He held my hair with his dirty hands and asked me if i can give him this pleasure.

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He said he would give me money if I agreed. Before i could say anything, he lowered my dress and exposed my tits. He was so hard on looking to my tiny body.

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I resisted and said its not right to cheat on his wife. He chose not to hear me and started kissing me and pressing my tits. I had left my phone in the living room and the huge man Jake was i couldnt even move while he was playing with my body.

I tried to get out of the room but he forcefully tied my hands and put a ball gag on my mouth. I was helpless and clueless as to what would happen to me. In the meanwhile someone rang the door and I was hoping it would be Daisy. It was Daisy but she was happy to see my tits and being tied with a bab gag in my mouth. At that moment i realised that Daisy had been to her mother's house to drop Sarah so that they can have fun with me.

Daisy removed her clothes and I was feeling shy before the horny black naked couple. Daisy said, 'We always wanted to fuck a white teenager. When we saw you we thought we could fuck this little slut whore. And then we planned it this way.

Will you do it for us? We will pay you whatever you want. Jake is a very horny man. He doesnt get satisfied with me alone.' They removed my ball gag so that I could talk. After a few minutes of them convincing me, I asked them to double the money what they were offering and put a condition that no one should know about it.

They agreed. They took me to the master bedroom where there was a huge bed, a table, two chairs and a huge bathroom. I was their slut till Sunday evening and they could do anything with me for the big bucks they were paying me. Jake removed my dress and tore my panty. He had a musquito squatter with which he started beating me on my ass. I was moaning in pain and immediately Jake started fucking my mouth with his huge cock.

His cock was bigger than my mouth. He slapped me hard and spit on my face and gave me constant orders to keep my tongue out and open wide to let his huge cock deep down my throat. Daisy was playing with her pussy while watching her husband throat fuck me. He was thrusting so hard in my mouth that i was choking and crying at the same time.

He had ordered me to keep my hands behind my back. Any order i wouldnt follow, i would get a brutal spank on my ass. It was getting too much for me. I requested them to be easy or let me go to which they replied, 'you have sold yourself to us till Sunday. Dont you dare say anything or even think to leave.

We have taken your pictures while you were sucking on the huge cock. So better be our slave tilll tomorrow or the whole world shall know what a cheap slut whore you are.' I felt disgusting about myself. Jake held my hair and was pumping his cock in my mouth and he was about to cum. He ordered me to keep my mouth wide open for he wanted me to swallow every drop of cum.

And there was the hot cum in my mouth. I felt like vomitting but he made sure every drop was in my mouth and he pulled my hair brutally and asked me to swallow. It was so disgusting but i somehow swallowed. I was relieved that he was done abusing my mouth.

He threw me on the bed while i was still breathing fast because of choking on his monster cock. In no time Daisy opened my legs apart and was happy to see the shaved pussy. She got the musquito squatter and was beating my pussy with that.

It was paining but these blacks were enjoying torturing me.

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She tied my hands to the bed and then inserted two fingers in my pussy and was ramming in hard and fast. She made me squirt twice and she collected my juices in a glass.

She ordered me to drink it all. I was crying in pain and couldnt believe i am treated like a cheap slut.

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After that she sat on the bed and asked me to start licking her pussy and also her asshole. She made sure that I taste her shit. She poked in her finger in her asshole, pulled out some shit and forced down my throat. I puked out immediately. I never ever had thought of eating a black women shit. Daisy was such a mad woman, she got a spoon and fed me all my puke, while she was spanking my ass. It was almost night where i was still in bed with Daisy, licking her pussy and shit hole.

Jake entered the room naked with some soup in his hand. He had made dinner for us. I was happy I would get some food after disgusting my body. WHen i got up of the bed the soup bowl was only half filled.

Jake started peeing his my bowl and mixed his pee with the soup which he and Daisy made me drink while i was weeping. After few minutes, Daisy and Jake were again ready to humiliate me more. Jake asked me if I ever did anal. I was an anal virgin and he was very happy to know that.

He asked Daisy to video tape it when he would tear my ass apart with his monter cock. He spit in my pussy and started fucking it like an animal. He was so tough, rough ad wild, i could feel his cock reaching my internal organs. i was screaming in pain.


After fucking my pussy for a minute or two, he decided to fuck my ass. He put some lube in there and without any mercy, he entered my ass.

My ass was hurting so much. I was shouting in pain for him to stop but he just didnt listen. Daisy was very happy to see me crying and screaming. When he was about to cum, he made me suck his cock which was in my ass and he cum inside my mouth and i had to swallow his cum. After he was done, i realised that my ass was bleeding as he had brutally fucked it.

He didnt even care that I was an anal virgin. When he saw my ass bleeding, he said, 'You sluts are born to be fucked like this till youll die. Whores are required to be treated like this. You enjoy showing your slutty body to everyone by wearing revealing clothes. Then people will treat you like a prostitute. Some will rape you and you do deserve it bitch. You and your behaviour ask for it.You little slut!, say that you are a cheap whore!'.

He slapped my pussy hard with his belt so I had to say that I was a cheap whore orelse he wouldnt stop. They left the room and after an hour Daisy entered. She got two huge glass dildos. I was tied to the bed and Daisy inserted one dildo in my pussy and the other in my swollen asshole. i was constantly crying and screaming in pain but they just didnt care. She stretched my holes by pushing the dildos inside, SHe removed the dildo from my pussy and tried to fist me.

It was almost lke tearing my pussy. My body was shivering in pain but she somehow managed to get her fist inside me.

And then she fist fuck me in my pussy.

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After that she again inserted the dildo in my pussy and removed the dildo from my ass to fist fuck my asshole. I requested her a lot to not loosen my ass hole at this age. What would i offer to other men in my life if they ruin them competely now.

She didnt agree. She fisted my ass till it was bleeding again. I didnt realise when i was unconscious because of the pain and torture. When i got up the next day, it was almost noon and I was still lying on their bed naked while my hands were still tied.

My asshole and pussy were aching a lot and I needed to go to the doctor. I tried calling Daisy and Jake but no one entered my room. After half an hour, Jake entered and said i could take the money and leave. I was overjoyed as my huimliation was over. But he said that i have to once suck his cock before i could leave the house orelse he wont pay me.

He opened my hands and I could barely walk.

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He was happy to see me in the pain state. He pulled my hair and made me sit while he fucked my mouth with his monster cock deep down my throat. He made me gag on his cock for good half an hour and also made me lick his asshole. In the meantime, Daisy returned. She had gone to get Sarah back. Daisy saw me naked with her husbands cock in my mouth ruthlessly fucking my throat. She enjoyed watching me swallow her husband's cum. My body was full of pain and humiliation.

I could barely walk. I felt like i wouldnt be able to poop for weeks. But in the end they paid me the money they promised and made me wear my clothes. WHile they were sending me back home, they were so nice to me as if they didnt abuse me for so many hours. They said whenever i needed money they will be happy to give me, provided I offer my body to them to abuse.They thanked me for letting them have a good time, while i felt like the most ridiculous cheap slut of the entire world.