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Not to spoil the fun, but this story is a work of fiction. My wife and I belong to a role playing swinger group with fairly young couples. One of our members mentioned an incest fantasy that he had and it turned into one of our hottest themes. I took a moment to write it down, with a little embellishment, for those of you that don't have the luck of being in our group to enjoy Foundations My wife and I fell madly in love with each other in High school where a case of raging hormones and a faulty condom made us parents at the age of 16.

We weren't ready for it, but our parents agreed that we would be held responsible for our promiscuity. We got our G.E.D.s, got married and got night jobs. Our parents helped us out by watching our son, Seth, while we worked and we lived with my parents until we could afford a place on our own.

Shortly after we got our own place son number two, Dalton, arrived. Things were tight for a while, but we struggled through. I was working construction during the day and doing janitor work at night and my wife would work nights as well. Looking back, I'm still amazed that we ended up with our third son during that time, but we were young and, as my wife would always remind me, working construction had given me, "a pretty buff bod." In seven short years my wife had given me three beautiful sons.

If I'd have known that I would've only had three more years with her we probably would have worked harder on a daughter, but I was busy with my new job as a draftsman and we didn't know she would be in a accident, leaving me as a single father of three young boys: Seth,10; Dalton, 7; and James 4.

With some help from my son's grandparents we got back on our feet and that brings me to my story. I had done a pretty good job raising three boys, but that didn't leave room for many dates even for a 32 year old. Most women that age don't look forward to having an instant family even if the man is in great physical shape, which keeping up with my sons demanded.

Seth was 16 and in every sport in High school.

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He was also in the top ten percent of his class. From our trips to the gym and the short peaks I got of him in the gym shower, or around the house, it looked like he was turning into quite the young man.

His brother Dalton, then 13 was in a few sports in middle school, but didn't have the think muscle build of his older brother that age would eventually put on him. He was more of the shy techy too, preferring to be alone with his computer playing games (though I came to know that was not all he was playing with at his computer). The youngest James, 10 was my nature boy.

He enjoyed being outside more than inside and would spend hours outside exploring the land behind our house. It was common for me to leave the kids at home when I had to run errands, such as grocery shopping, in the evening or on weekends. Seth was responsible and the other two where well behaved enough for boys. One Saturday I had to pick up groceries for the next week.

Dalton and James were spending the weekend with friends and Seth had Janet, a female friend from school, over for tutoring in Algebra. This was a common occurrence and I had met the girl and her parents before. Both kids were well behaved and fairly shy when it came to the opposite sex, so I thought nothing of it when I popped my head in the room to let them know I was going into town to the grocery store and would be back in a few hours. I had made it about eight miles down the road before I realized I had left my wallet on the counter at home and turned around to go and get it.

When I got home I quickly ran to my room not noticing that my son's door was shut. When I was making my way out I heard a giggle that made me stop for a second and listen.

I was so surprised at what I heard that I couldn't speak. Of course, looking back at my history I should not have been quite as shocked at what I heard. "Stop! Stop!Okay! Just stop tickling me. I didn't think you'd do it, okay", Janet said between fits of giggling. "Well, then you shouldn't have made the bet if you weren't prepared to own up. I did it, now you have to." I started to wonder what exactly my son had done that Janet now had to do.

"What if your dad catches us." "He won't be back for at least 2 hours or more. The store is in town about forty minutes away plus he's a slow shopper. C'mon?" His pleading piqued my interest and I started to slowly turn the knob to his door so as not to draw their attention.

"C-mon?! I swear I won't try anything." "Fine, but you can't tell anyone. If this gets back to my mom she will be pissed." As I cracked the door I heard a rustle of clothing and a zipper going down. My heart was pounding in my chest. Standing in front of the door was my 16 year old son in nothing but his birthday suit. He was staring at Janet's bare breasts as she slipped her pants down to her ankles and kicked them off.

I had to admire his muscles in his back as they shifted along with his firm butt when he changed his posture. It reminded me of myself when I was his age. "Hey c'mon I'm you gotta take those off too!" He was pointing to her striped panties which she hadn't removed with her pants. "The deal was that if I let you see me naked, I could see you naked.

So that won't work. Janet was biting her lower lip contemplating her next move. Her eyes went down, then up then, down again. As her shoulders relaxed she licked her lips. She was planning something. "Tell you what if you let me touch it, I'll take them off." My eyes had been so glued to her young form that I hadn't even given my sons naked body a second glance.

My eyes followed hers towards my son's waist. As she finished the sentence he took a step towards her with his back leg, exposing his raging hard-on to me at the door. Until this moment I had never though of my eldest son as a sexual object, but I have to admit that the sight of his tight, smooth, muscular chest leading down to the small triangular patch of peach fuzz right above his, what I'm guessing, at that time, was a nine inch long cock about an inch and a half thick, sent my already stiff dick into overdrive.

I had to get it out of my pants before something broke. Her eyes went wide as he reached out, took her hand and put it firmly on his swollen member. She started to stammer but her eyes never left the center of his waist," b.bbb.but I didn't think you'd…" "Hey, this was your idea," he interrupted, "Looks like you were wrong twice now. So pay up. I promise I just want to look." He started to chuckle causing his cock to move slightly in Janet's still firm grip.

Something she was becoming aware of. "You're the one that wanted to touch me remember?" It took a moment for her to register what he had said. Slowly she removed her hand from its perch and, with a lick of her lips that betrayed her thoughts, she moved her had to her hips.

"Fine… I guess it's only fair." With a little flair and a kick like she had done with her pants she was standing their in front of my son completely naked and completely smooth. From where I was I could make out the pink tips of her smooth and fairly swollen pussy.

She was pretty excited. I couldn't blame her.

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My son was sporting an erection that was about an inch longer than mine, though mine was about half an inch thicker. They stood there for a moment taking each other in. I could tell that it was their first time to see a member of the opposite sex without a strip of clothing between them. I remember how that felt. It's how I ended up with the young man standing in his birthday suit before me. I never regretted the choices I had made, but the dad part of me wanted to bust in there and caution him about complicating his young life: however; the 32 year old male part of me was enjoying the show.

Some how that part of my brain had managed to free my own throbbing member, which I then realized I was slowly stroking. I guess it had been too long since I had seen a young woman naked in real life and I was enjoying this too much. My mind was racing at what was to come. Janet broke her eyes of his crotch and looked at him with a shy questioning smile. "Do you think I can touch it again?" "Huh?" This took Seth off guard. He wasn't expecting her to make that request, but he rallied his thoughts enough to tear his eyes away from her body and nod a response," uh, yeah.

Yeah, sure go ahead. Do what ever you want." That was all she needed. Janet's confidence rose as she took a step toward my son.

This time she gently took his cock in both hands and began to roll it around between them. "It's so soft, but hard. It doesn't look like the drawing of the one that we saw in the Biology video last week." So that's what drove there curiosity to this point. "Why doesn't yours have the skin over the edge?" To my surprise my son was actually able to speak while his penis was being touch, for the first time, by some one other than himself, "Its cause I'm circumcised." All my sons were and so was I.

I'd never really though about it till then. "If you look closely you can see the line were they cut the skin off." With all innocents Janet dropped to her knees before my son. Face to face, so to say, with the tip of his cock. "Where?" She leaned in closer to get a better look. By the look on Seth's face she must have been close enough for her warm breath to touch his shaft.

"Did it hurt?" He swallowed hard," I don't remember. I was a baby. It's the line right there." He said as he drew her attention the small ring shaped scar circling his shaft an inch from the head. Janet began to gently move it around as she was expecting it. This drew a guttural sigh from Seth.

His legs shook a little bit. "What's this stuff coming out? It's thick." Seth caught his breath and looked down, "It's what happens when I get really excited, before I cum." Janet stared and then sniffed the tip of his cock.


"Y.You know you umm," my son took a chance," you can taste it if you wanna." At first I thought Janet would back up in revolt but to my surprise she crinkled up her nose and asked, "Really?" right before she licked the pre-cum off the tip if his cock.

"Tastes a little salty." Her tongue elicited a loud moan from my son, which encouraged her even more. With a giggle she pressed his cock to his belly and ran her tongue from the bottom of his hairless scrotum to the tip of his cock and then took the head into her mouth. Thinking back to my experience with is mother at that age, I was surprised that my son didn't pop his top right there and then, covering Janet's face with is seed like I had done to her.

Even watching this lustful vixen experimenting with my boy's manhood got me breathing hard. And that's when it happened. Lost in my thoughts of youthful frivolity and watching the beautiful young bodies in front of me I let out a loud sigh of passion. I quickly moved away from the door, shoving my longing member, still aching for release, into my pants, and hoping that they didn't hear me.

But they had. "What was that?" Janet asked. "Huh?" Seth must have been too caught up in the moment to notice the sound," I don't know." I heard movement in the room and the blinds on the window to the drive way move. "Shit Dad's home! Crap! Quick put your clothes on.

Where gonna be is so much fuckin trouble!" They where starting to move. Damn. The dad part of me was relieved, but after years of neglect my Dick had taken over and it wanted more. Unwittingly I stepped into the room catching them by surprise as they rushed to pick up there clothes.

They hadn't been able to put any on and they both stood with the deer in the headlight look clutching their clothes to their chest, leaving their enraged loins open to my view. I cleared my throat, shifting my gaze between their youthful organs.

They snapped out of their fearful trances, Janet drop a hand over her pink mound and Seth tried in vain to cover his rock hard cock that was pointing straight at me. "What the hell do you two think you are doing?!" I said in my most Dad like tone I could muster. I leave to go shopping. I'm gone for about twenty minutes. I come back to the house to get my wallet and find you two in here fucking like rabbits!" Seth had given up the vain attempt to cover his entire cock and was just covering the head of it against his stomach, leaving a good four or five inches, along with his tight nut sack, open to my view.

God he was beautiful. "Dad I swear we weren't fucking&hellip. We were just…" "Just what?! Huh?!" I demanded. Already knowing the full extent of there actions, but like I said my dick was running the show and it had a plan. "What where you doing?" Seth's face, already pink with the embarrassment of being caught in his birthday suit, turned beat red at having to explain their carnal activities, "We were just&hellip.uhm." "Well, come on.

Out with it. If you can't explain it to me then maybe you can explain it to Janet's mother." I pulled out my cell phone. Janet reacted by dropping her clothes and grabbing my arm. "No! Mr. Gerick, if my mom finds out she'll kill me." Step one down, now for step two. "Young lady do you even know what you are getting yourself into? I don't see any condoms here," I gave my son a disappointed look. I'd loved him enough to tell him the story of his conception ad a warning when he had entered puberty.

He looked down at his bare cock in shame ",but even those aren't fail safe. You two are too young and have got too much ahead of you to be parents right now!" Janet pleaded trying to get out of the trouble she thought she was in, "Mr. Gerick, I've been on the pill to regulate my periods for two years now." Score!

But just to be sure. "You do know that you can still get pregnant on the pill," I asked in a pitying way, "That's how my wife and I ended up with Seth's brother Dalton. "Only if you just started or your at the end of the cycle. I started eight days ago." Bingo! "Fine I won't call your mother, but if you can't tell me what you were doing in here then you'll just have to show me." Her face went from relief to worry as she looked over to Seth, who was in total shock with his mouth on the floor.

"Okay, fine. As long as you promise not to tell my mom." As she stepped away and took a step towards my son, I took the chance to adjust my still hard member to a more comfortable position under the waist of my shorts. As I did my son snapped out of his stupor. The motion drew his attention to the tent in my pants. He looked up at me in confusion. I gave him a wink and nodded toward the smooth young thing walking toward him. As she dropped to her knees a broad grin of understanding crossed his face but was quickly replaced with carnal delight when she took him into her mouth again.

I watched for awhile as she ran her tongue all over his manhood and around the tip. When I was sure that they were lost in their pleasure I walked over to get a better look. She had gotten his dick nice and slick with her saliva and while doing a good job with her mouth her one hand rested flat on his pubic bone while the other was on her thigh.

Seth, for all of his pleasure, had his hands at his side doing nothing to increase hers. Well If I was this far in I might as go all the way and show these kids a thing or two.

I stepped up behind Seth and as Janet continued to suck on the head of his dick I carefully wrapped my hand around my boy's rock hard shaft and began to slowly squeeze and stroke it. The low moan that it drew from his lips caught Janet's attention and she looked up at me. "As you suck on it use you hand to stroke it here.

Keep licking it too so that it doesn't get sticky." I released my grip as she took over and moved around to the side on my knees to continue the lesson. I lifted her hand off her lap feeling the heat coming off her crotch, my cock becoming uncomfortably swollen trapped between the waist of my shorts and my stomach. I moved it to his testicles and began to massage them gently, "Use this hand to caress his balls.

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He'll really like it." As Janet expertly began to suck my son for all he was worth I stood up and moved behind Seth again, running my hand lightly from his smooth loins, around his hips and up the side of his clenched buttock to his hands. I put one in his hair and one on her round young tits and whispered in his ear.

"Guide her head up and down on your cock and message her breasts with this one. Try pinching her nipples every now and then to drive her crazy." With that I walked over to the chair at my son's desk, took a seat, released my swollen member and gave it some much needed attention as I enjoyed the show.

Janet may not have been the expert that my wife had been, but what she lacked in experience she made up for in determination. One second she would hold his shaft straight up at the base so she could lick it from bottom to top, letting her hand follow her tongue, then wrap her mouth around the top and take as much into her mouth as she could letting her hand move back down. She even did some things that must come naturally to all sexually charged girls when they get a cock in their mouth.

She would lick down his shaft to his balls where she would take one into her mouth then trace her way lightly up his scrotum to start all over again curving her tongue around it as she went. I was pounding away, enjoying the view, when I noticed my son had his eyes locked on my hard-on. It hadn't occurred to me that we had never seen each other with an erection. Of course we had seen each other naked. On one of our annual vacation's to my parents house on the river my two youngest forgot their swimsuits so we all went skinny dipping so that they would not feel awkward or left out, after that it became kind of a tradition.

And, of course, when we worked out at the gym together we showered afterword, so I knew he had seen other men naked, but this must have been the first erection that he had seen other than his own. He didn't seem to notice that I saw him watching me, or he didn't care.

After a few minutes though his eyes went out of focus, his face scrunched up, his mouth opened and his porcelain ass dimpled. I recognized the look of a young teen male having his first sexually charged and powerful orgasm, nothing like the ones brought on by self stimulation, but not soon enough to warn Janet, who was still sucking on the head of his cock. Seth, following basic male instinct, unconsciously thrust his wanton member as far into Janet's mouth as it would go, holding her head in place as he released his seed.

Janet, having no experience with deep throating and not expecting what was happening, panicked and started to gag. She tried to push Seth away, but he was lost in the throws of ecstasy. "Seth", I jumped up quickly a pulled him back by the shoulder.

His dick popped out of her mouth trailing saliva and semen as she pulled away. As the cold air hit his cock he snapped out of it. "Be careful son!" He looked down with worry at Janet who was coughing and spitting up quite a bit of cum. "She'll be okay. She just needs to catch her breath. Go. Get her some water from the kitchen." With a pat on his butt I sent him into motion. As he stumbled out the door apologizing profusely I waved him out, and turned my attention to Janet.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I patted her shoulder, "You know he didn't mean to hurt you. He was just caught up in the moment and acted on instinct. I think he really enjoyed it." She started to catch her breath and brought her hand up to wipe the remains of my sons cum that was dripping from her lips. She brought up her other hand to steady herself against my thigh and placed in right next to my open fly and stick hard cock.

As she looked up to reassure me that she was okay her eyes grew wide and her face turned pink with embarrassment. "Sorry, Mr.Gerick. I didn't mean to… I didn't know…" I was amazed that she could still be embarrassed about almost touching my cock after I had just started beating off to her giving my son a blowjob. I guess she was so wrapped up in pleasing my son that she didn't notice. "It's alright Janet. Are you okay?" She never took her eyes off my erection.

"Yes sir, I kinda enjoyed it. Your not like your son." I knew what she meant by her stare but I decided to play along.

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"What do you mean." "Your penis is bigger. It's the size of my wrist," for comparison she placed her forearm along my shaft and studied it, " and there's a lot more hair around it. Why isn't Seth's like that?" "I'm twice Seth's age and not all cock's are the same. Seth's may get a bit bigger since he is only 16 or he may have reached his potential," the thought of my son's cock getting bigger created a strange since of pride in me, "but he will definitely get more hair as he gets older.

Right now he is still young. My body is a bit hairier than his." "Can I see? I mean, you get to see me naked. It's only fair." What a curious girl! My cock twitched with anticipation, which she found amusing. "It moved!" I figured I had come this far so what could it hurt. As I took off my shirt I flexed my PC muscles making my cock bounce up and down a few times for her amusement and then dropped my pants to the floor and kicked them off.

Once I had Janet wasted no time exploring the differences between my son's body and mine. I was a little embarrassed about not keeping my balls shaved and pubic area shaved like I had for my wife. Now it looked like a small hedge was surrounding trunk. Janet started to run her hand lightly through the hairs on my chest, moving her fingers in small circles. She moved in to get a closer look brushing her thigh against my now aching member reflexively making it jump.

"How do you do that?" she asked looking down. "Muscles. Most of the time it's a reflex, but I can make jump if I want to. Seth can do it to with a little practice." She gave me a look like I was lying.

"Here I'll prove it to you." I lead her over to Seth's bed, cleared away the mess and lay down on it fully spread eagle. I motioned for her to lay down by my side with her head on my thigh. I put her hand below my balls on that area between them and my anus. "Here, Feel that?" I asked as I flexed the muscles a few times. She was hypnotized by my bouncing cock. Janet began to move her fingers up across my scrotum, curling them through the nest of hair, and gently scratching my balls with the tips of her nails.

My cock involuntarily bounced a few more times and a low moan escaped from my throat. Janet took that as an invitation. She placed her other hand at the base of cock, quickly ran her tongue up the whole length of the shaft, and engulfed the now swollen, purple head at the top.

She had learned fast. It felt so good! I moved my hand from the bed, ran it up her back and moved her hair gently up and off my torso so I could get a better view as she worked. The sight of her sixteen year old lips wrapped around my flesh was intoxicating.

"Janet you are such a good girl." The purr of her cock muffled laugh vibrated through my body. This was great. "Dad?" My son was standing in the door holding a glass of water with a questioning look on his face, just staring at the two of us. "What are you doing with my girlfriend?" Huh?



That was quick, but I guess I married the first girl to touch my cock. Although he didn't sound too enthused I couldn't help but take in the fact that he was already sporting a noticeable chubby. But the term hadn't escaped Janet either. She stopped what she was doing and sat up still holding the base of my dick.

"Awe, is little Seth jealous of his daddy's big cock?" she said with a teasing giggle as she waved my cock back and for to taunt him. "I was just taking a minute to compare his to yours and I'm NOT you girlfriend." The last statement caused Seth to look down in embarrassment and he responded with a little anger when he looked up. "I'm not jealous or little, and my cock is bigger than his." To emphasize his point he set the glass of water on the stand by his door, grabbed the base of his cock, and wagged it around.

It had already gotten completely hard again. "I don't know." Janet teased. "I think I'll have to see them both up close." She patted her hand on the bed between my legs. I didn't have time to think of what she was suggesting. Seth must've caught on a lot quicker though in a second he was on his bed, between my legs, throwing his legs over mine and scooting his but up until our balls were touching.

Janet reached out with her free hand to grab his cock and bring it up next to mine. As Seth leaned back on his elbows she placed our cocks together in one hand, placing the other on his abs to keep her balance. My mind and loins were in overdrive. I had never thought of being cock-to-cock with my son. The feeling was intoxicating. Seth laughed, "Dad, the hair on your balls tickles." and then pointed out to Janet. "See? My cocks a whole head taller than his!" Janet moved her hand up and down our sandwiched shafts a few times.

God, it was terrific! "Yeah, but his is so much thicker." She took a closer look. I think by that alone he's got about half a penis more than you in size." Seth's face fell a little. I had sat up on my elbows. "Don't worry son. We'll call it a tie." His eyes brightened as he looked up smiling.


"Yeah it's a tie." he agreed, reminding me just how young he was. "Besides son that monster is nothing to be ashamed about. It will drive all the girls wild. Right, Janet? " "I hope not, I just want it to drive me wild." "Hey, I thought you said a minute ago that you weren't my girlfriend?" "I'm not! Yet!" she teased and then she leaned down and began to suck on his cock and stroke mine. The sight of her bobbing up and down over my son's cock while stroking mine right next to it was beautiful.

I could feel his legs tense with pleasure, and his balls going up and down next to mine was heavenly. After a minute she switched her attention to me.

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I could help but smile as I watched my son's eyes move up and down with the motions of her head on my dick.

What she did next shocked me. She came up squeezed both of or cocks together and took them both into her mouth. They barely fit into her mouth. Her lips were stretched around them and everyone in a while her teeth would scrape against my shaft, but the feel of my boy's cock pressed next to mine covered in her saliva was more than I could take. She gripped out cocks together with both hands and began to stroke them in unison with her movements. She would occasionally take a break to rest her jaw and run her tongue along the crease between our shafts, never separating them.

I could feel his balls moving with mine as she stroked up and down. The sensations were too much for my, until this moment, sorely neglected cock. When she took both our cocks into her hot little mouth again, I noticed that my son was slightly thrusting up and down causing the hood of his cock to brush up against mine.

This was too much for me. "I'm Cuming!" I moaned. Janet kept her mouth wrapped around the top of our cocks teasing our slits with her tongue, determined this time not to be caught off guard.

My balls drew up and I shot several years worth of seed into her mouth, filling up the space around our cocks with hot, slick sperm. It was the best orgasm I had ever had and felt like it went on forever. I could feel the sperm leaking out of Janet's mouth, down around and between my boy and me, slicking the space between our balls as they moved up and down against each other.

Like father like son. Seth must have been just as close as I was and for the second time that night I got to watch my boy release his potent seed, but this time he had enough sense about him to let Janet know. " God! I think I'm gonna cum again." And with that he refilled the space in Janet's mouth that was left by my vacating semen.

The virility of youth! Even though it was his second time in less than twenty minutes, he must've shot at least as much as I had if not more. Once the cum had leaked out the sides of her mouth again, Janet released her grip on our cocks with a giggle.

She wiped the remains of our combined juices from her lips, "That was fun!" she said as she strolled over to get a drink from the glass near the door. I watched her for a second, "It's not over yet, we still haven't got you off and, even though Seth's cum twice, I think we could still think of something." I gave her a wink as I reached down and grabbed our still hard and cum slicked cocks and began to stroke them together.

Seth grunted his agreement. This was going to be a great night. To be continued…