Mildred is a lusty Latina who always needs two men

Mildred is a lusty Latina who always needs two men
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This is the setup and beginning to a couple's first foray into dom/sub. Not much sex yet. Cindy and I met while we were both working for a small company just a couple of years out of college. She was a cute little brunette, about 5'5", with a tight body. She had B-cup breasts and a nice little bubble butt.

I was smitten quickly. Our relationship started slow, but once it got physical, it was fast and furious. We both really enjoyed sex and, although we considered ourselves open-minded, we did not push the limits of our physical relationship. We had vaginal and oral sex several times a week and we were satisfied with that… I thought. We were married within 18 months and had now been married for 7 years. We didn't have any kids because we were just too busy with our work.

It was at this point that our lives changed. Or should I say this is when I discovered that it had already changed. "Honey, I'm heading to the mall. I've got a few things to get. You need anything?" My wife was yelling over the top of her car at me.

I had been cutting the grass in the front yard and had to stop the mower once she got my attention. I was getting ready for a cookout that we were planning. "No, I can't think of anything." I yelled back across the yard.


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Bye." She said as she climbed in and left. I completed the front yard, moved to and finished the back, and was working on trimming a couple of branches in the back when Cindy appeared in the door from the back of our garage.

She signaled me over to her and I put down the tree trimmers and headed that way. By the time I got there, she was gone. I looked around, saw that the door to the house was not completely closed and entered the house from the interior garage door into the kitchen. There was Cindy, standing about 5 feet inside the door, looking hot and flushed like she had been exercising. I looked at her questioningly. She grinned, turned around, and bent over from the waist. As she did, she raised her skirt up and displayed her gorgeous, well toned ass to me.

She had no panties on so I could also see her pussy lips winking at me. I was a little shocked, but instantly hard.

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I stepped up behind her and put my hands on her ass. I grinned, ran my hands over that little bubble butt of hers, and said in a tantalizing way, "Can I help you with something, hun?" "Oh, god.

I'm so horny, just fuck me John. I gotta have some dick, now!" Although we had always had a great sex life, this was completely new and different. I was even more shocked than I was initially, but decided to play along, thinking this was a new game that she had come up with to put some pizzazz into our sex life.

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"I'm sorry, did you want something from me?" "Please, John, fuck me, pound me, spank me, abuse me, just give me some fucking dick!" Now I was flabbergasted. But my little head was starting to take control so I immediately dropped my shorts and started rubbing my right hand down her ass crack, over her little asshole, and onto her pussy.

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My god! She was already soaking! She groaned when I did it and arched her back, giving me more access to her shaved lips. I decided to tease her a little more.

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"Well, let's see. What have you done to deserve this?" Her face turned and she looked at me in a pleading way. "Nothing, sir. But I need to cum. Can you please fuck me and make me cum?!" This just kept getting stranger and stranger… and more torrid!

Did she actually just say "sir"? Was she getting some ideas from someone at work, the internet, where? I was not thinking about that too closely with my wife's beautiful ass in my hands and my now extremely hard and leaking dick sticking out towards it. I just leaned forward and started sliding my sword into her hot, wet sheath. "Oh, fuck yes. Pound me!" she uttered while moaning.

I was lost in the sex now.

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I started pounding her. I grabbed her hips roughly with my hands and pulled back on them at the same time as my hips thrust forward. I was burying my dick in her with each stroke, my balls slapping against her until they began drawing up, ready to spew. She kept moaning and I kept pounding. This was not making love; this was pure unadulterated sex for pleasure. She loved it and I did, too. I suppose I should have thought more about her actions at the time, but I was horny, too, and was enjoying the completely physical encounter.

She stayed in that position, her hands on her knees, as I slammed my dick into her. I looked down at how hard I was holding her hips where my fingers were gripping tight enough that there might even be marks left on them. Her beautiful moon globes were bouncing against my thighs as I watched how her lips were stretched around my dick.

It seemed like I was pounding her for about 30 minutes, but it had probably only been about 10. She started bucking and I knew her orgasm was approaching. "Oh, fuck. I'm going to cum!" She yelled. "Please, may I cum?!" I hesitated for a second, not sure I heard this correctly, then finally said, "Yes, babe, cum. Cum all over my big, hard dick!" And she did. She bucked and moaned and screamed about how great my dick was. It was such a turn on; I blew my load immediately after her, burying my dick as deep as I could with each spurt.

When I was finally done, I let my dick slip out of her and went and sat down on a kitchen chair. I looked back at her, still standing there, bent over, with her hand on her knees. "That was amazing!" I said to her.

"What was that all about? You called me 'sir', pleaded with me to fuck you, and then asked permission for an orgasm.

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Have you been reading up on submission or something?" Cindy finally stood up and looked at me with something strange in her eyes for a moment. Was she ashamed of it? Was she just reticent to reveal it?


"No, I heard about it and decided it might be interesting to try it." There was something about the way she said it that was not quite right, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I guess I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say, and just let it drop. I had satisfied my horny desires and my wife had turned me on beyond belief. I had just gone back outside to work on the branches when I heard a loud commotion from across the street.

It sounded like yelling and shouting. I walked to the front of my house and looked across the street at the house belonging to Emily and Robert, two acquaintances of ours. They were not really friends. They had moved in about 6 months ago and we had not really socialized much with them yet.

Emily was yelling and throwing something at Robert's car as he backed out of the driveway really fast and sped off down the street. She was standing there in shorts and a tank top, her thick mane of auburn hair disheveled, red-faced, and drawing great deep breaths. She was definitely worked up about something. I crossed the street and tried to be neighborly.


"Are you okay, Emily? Did something happen over here?" It took her a second to focus on me.


She was still so worked up that she took a couple more deep breaths to calm herself, looked at me, and said "No, everything is not alright. Come, I'll show you what's wrong!" I wasn't sure I really wanted to get involved, but she led me into her house and I followed, trying to be supportive. It was already obvious that she and Robert had had a very nasty fight from what I saw outside. Once in the house, I could see that some things had been thrown around the room.

I continued to follow her past the living area and down the hall to what I assumed was the master bedroom. She led me in and pointed to the bed. It was almost completely stripped, with sheets lying all over the floor and the sliding glass door to the backyard that they had in their bedroom stood open.

I looked at her for further information. It was a messy bed and the door was open. Did she get that worked up over that? She could see my confusion, I guess, because she started into her explanation. "I started to go shopping this morning and forgot my wallet. I had taken it out of my purse earlier. I came back and heard moaning back here. I thought Robert was… well, you know, taking care of business.

Instead as I flung open the door, I see that there is a woman on her hands and knees on the floor and he's fucking her. My husband is on the floor fucking another woman in my bedroom! Fucking bastard. All I could see was his ass as he flexed it to bury that little dick of his in her. At first, they were so worked up and fucking so hard, they didn't even notice me. I stood there, unable to make a move, as I watched my husband of 9 years fucking the shit out of some home-wrecking bitch!

I decided to slam the door and I did. He looked up when he heard the door slam and he and the woman both jerked, although I didn't get to see her face. He immediately pulled out and turned to grab me.

The woman's clothes were on the floor right next to her and she grabbed them and ran out the sliding door. She was a small shapely woman and she got out of here quickly and naked. Robert held me long enough to let her get away or I would have strangled the little bitch. Then, when he let me go, I started hitting and kicking him.

He took off; trying to dress as he left, but I kept throwing things at him. By the time he got in his car, I think I got a couple of good shots in." She then turned to me. I was standing there in shock. I couldn't believe the story she told me. I didn't know what she expected me to say, so I said what I thought was the safest thing, repeating her comment, "Yeah, fucking bastard!" She smiled a little at that.

"I didn't even get to see who the little bitch was, but she ran out the back and had to get dressed somewhere. Maybe someone saw her. I'll find out who it is. I'll also make that bastard pay for all this. I'm not letting that fucker back into this house… ever!" "Okay." I tried to start extricating myself from the scene.

I hated getting involved in domestic disputes. "If you need help with anything, let me know." She turned and smiled just a little, trying to be nice, her voice returning to a normal volume. "Thanks, John. I appreciate your concern. And if you hear anything about a naked woman running through the yards, trying to get dressed, let me know. I want to find out who little horny bitch was.

She was in such a hurry; she did leave her panties behind. Little bitch had worn some fancy lace panties over to entice my soon-to-be ex-husband. Here, look at this." She held up some very see through red-lace panties.

They had the words 'It's all yours' embroidered on the front. My eyes got very large and I stared at them. She looked at me funny. "What is it?" I just kept staring at panties that were exactly like the ones my wife had worn for me last Valentine's Day.