Young gay sex stories twins and friend dp Rocco once again took

Young gay sex stories twins and friend dp Rocco  once again  took
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Lily awoke from her day dreaming.


She sighed and longed for the old days between the two of them. The class wore on and before she knew it it was over. She grabbed her books and headed back to her locker. She was getting her books for her next class when she saw a shadow appear over her. She turned and discovered it was Ben.

"Hey Lily whats up?" he asked. Lily was shocked they hadn't spoken in so long she had forgot what it was like to speak with him. "Oh hi Ben uhh nothing much just gettting ready for summer," Ben smiled "Hey a bunch of us were heading to the Y tonight for a pool party and I wondered if you wanted to go.

You were always a great swimmer." Lily looked down and blushed. "I don't know I kinda made plans with Jenny tonight so." "She would love to and I'll come too." said Jenny who seemed to appear out of no where. "Great so I'll see you two tonight." Ben said as he turned down the hall. Lily's face turned to anger as she turned to her friend. "What are you doing you know I hate parties!" Jenny smiled "Oh come on you can't stay in your room all summer you have got to get out there and have some fun." Lily turned and faced the ground she really didn't wanna go.

"Lily I know you like Ben and your not gonna get anywhere with him if your a loner." Lily turned to Jenny. "Do you think he really likes me?" Lily asked. Jenny smiled and shook her head "Uhh duh, do you think he hung out with you all those years just because he loved next door to you. You two were such a cute couple as kids what ever happend?" Lily grew sad and turned away from Jenny. "That is a long story. He did something that broke my heart." (Lily and Ben were standing under the bleachers at a baseball game.

They were 14 and getting ready to goto high school in the fall. Lily had her arms around his neck but Ben refused to look her in the eye. "Ben is something wrong you seem sad." Ben looked at her but still avoided her eyes.

"Lily I don't know if we can be together any more." Lily's face turned to shoock "What but why? You love me." Ben shook his head "I'm not sure that I do anymore." Ben turned away and sat on the grass.

Lily lowered herself and rubbed his shoulders. "Ben whats wrong? Tell me please." Ben sighed "Were getting older soon we will be in high school where popularity means everything. I love you but if I plan on getting anywhere I can't be seen with you." Tears began rolling from Lily's eyes.

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"But you love me. Forget popularity stay with me I'll be your friend." Ben once again shook his head. "I'm sorry Lily but I can't be the laughing stock anymore." Ben stood up to leave.

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"I'm so sorry but this is the end of us." Lily exsploded with tears as the love of her life walked away leaving her completly alone.) Lily stared at the ground and Jenny's eyes glistened with a few tears.

"Lily I'm sorry that happened.


Listen Ben's a jerk and you need to move on. Let's goto the party and find you a new guy. I know a few decent guys who would be perfect for you.

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Come on what do ya say." Lily just shook her head "You don't understand, even though he broke my heart, I still love him with all my heart and soul." Lily let out a few tears and Jenny patted her back.

"Listen I know how you feel but you have to let it go. I know that your first love feels like your only love but trust me life goes on and your heart will heal." Jenny said trying to comfort Lily. Lily grew mad and yelled at Jenny "How do you know you have never known love you just fuck everything in sight!" Jenny's face filled with tears and she ran down the hall crying.

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Later that night Lily was lieing in her room thinking about the day. She thought of Jenny and the horrible things she said to her. She was her best frined she should not have lost her temper like that especially when she was just trying to help.

Lily picked up her cell phone and dialed Jenny. Her phone was turned off so Lily put down hers.

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She continued to lie on her bed thinking this time about Ben. She thought of him asking her to join him at the pool. Why after all these years would he suddenly ask to hang out again.

She remembered the smile he gave her as he left. It was just like how he used to smile at her. He looked at her clook it was only 8:30 and she was already in bed how pathetic and on the first night of summer too.

Jenny was right she was hiding but no more. Lily got up and grabbed her bathing suit and shoved it in her backpack, She left the house and walked to the Y.

She was not going to be a loser anymore. Lily was changing in the locker room when suddenly from behind her she heard a familiar voice call her name. She turned to see Jenny standing there, her eyes red from crying. "Lily I came to apoligise I didn't mean to insult you I just." Lily smiled and stopped Jenny "No I'm sorry I didn't mean those things I was just scared." The two stared at each other both with tears in their eyes. Finally they couldn't take it and they hugged each other. Jenny's warm body felt so good against Lily's half naked self.

Jenny rubbed Lily's back and it felt so good so sensual. Lily let out a moan and her pussy became moist. Jenny felt the juices against her leg and pulled away.

Lily blushed and tried to cover up the wet spot on her swimsuit.

Jenny smiled "Your wet arn't you?" Lily blushed heavier "Yes I'm sorry it's just all the aniticipation of tonight and you rubbing against me and." Lily was interupted by Jenny who pulled her into a kiss. Lily was shocked but Jenny's mouth felt so good and warm.

Jenny's tounge flapped around in Lily's mouth massaging Lily's tounge. Lily moved her tounge around too and they shared a kiss together. Jenny smiled and pulled her tounge out of Lily's mouth. Lily didn't know what to do she could hardly believe what had just happend. "It's ok Lily this is only natural. I know you like me and I have always liked you too. Let's loosen you up." Jenny gently pushed Lily into the locker and began kissing down Lily's body slowly pulling down her swimsuit as she kissed.

Finally she had pulled down her swim suit completly and she was face to face with Lily's pussy. She licked Lily's clit fast and Lily let out a small moan. Jenny smiled and stuck a finger up her pussy. "Wow your super tight, you've never even masterbated have you?" Lily shook her head. "I've been saving myself." Jenny grew a wicked smile "Let's change that." Jenny began licking Lily's pussy like mad and Lily let out a barrage of moans.

She began fingering her as well but couldn't go too deep. Lily knew she wouldn't last long and she could feel an orgasim already coming. "Wait please stop. Jenny I love you but I want my first time to be with Ben." Jenny smiled and understood. She put Lily's bathing suit back on her and faced her.

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"Then let's go get him."