Doctor observse hymen physical and virgin cutie drilling

Doctor observse hymen physical and virgin cutie drilling
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Introduction Hi, my name is Ryan Jacobs. Some of my friends also call me RJ. It's a pleasure meeting you! I'm thirty-two years old and I'm the CEO of Easy Banking. Now, don't you go assuming that I'm one of those geeks with blond hair and glasses who sits in front of the computer 24/7 - Because that's so not me. I know working in an office isn't the most exciting job there is, but there's a very good reason why I have this job.

Well, to my defense I gotta say that it's a good reason for me, but it might not be for you! Ever since I was a teenager, driven by my sex drive, I wanted to be rich - or at least as close to rich as possible. I wanted to be able to buy anything my heart desired and wanted money to never be an issue. Then after I finally made up my mind and started dating girls, I had those extremely satisfying dreams and imaginations about doing all kinds of naughty things in the office, that I made it a priority to get a job in banking.

You probably think that going for a certain job depending on some dirty fantasies is totally silly and crazy - perhaps even stupid - but let me tell you: Those weren't just some regular fantasies - They were extremely HOT and WILD, made me hard and eventually cum over and over again. Well anyway, let's get back to where I meant to go with all of this. I was never really interested in spending my days and nights in front of the computer, but once I saw how much money this job put into my checking account I never wanted to do anything else.

So you see it all worked out to my advantage. Now that we've established my job decision, let's move on to who exactly Ryan Jacobs is. I've already told you my name and age, but unlike your assumption, I have dark brown hair and big brown eyes.

My nose is average size and not really wide at all. There's a small freckle located at the tip of it.


My female friends would move their finger from the bridge down to the tip and then move it away in a flying position before saying that it's shaped like a cute little ski ramp. I suppose my lips are average size too, not too thin and not too thick. I think all you gotta know is that they're kissable and that I definitely know how to use them.

Exercising at least four times a week for a couple of hours gives me my athletic and muscular body and because I pay attention to what I eat it stays exactly the way I want it to. I'm 6'4" and always have a nicely tanned body. Having stubble has become a trademark of mine as my friends like to say and a scent of CK's cologne "Contradiction" always accompanies me.

I'm not married nor taken, but I without a doubt enjoy the company of a pretty lady. Preferably a woman who likes the same naughty things as I do and who likes to try new things as well. I love to have sex any possible way: whether it's standing up, kneeling or lying down - in the bed, the shower or outside - fast, slow, wild or romantic - it just doesn't matter to me, as long as my dick gets rubbed either by hand, mouth or pussy it's all good.

Yeah I might sound like a prick but I know what I like and I know how I like it. Ain't nothing wrong with that, right? Especially when I also know how to work it. And I'm not just talking about my 8 1/2 inch manhood but also about my lips, tongue and fingers.

Yeah I'm proud of my ability to satisfy women and as long as I'm full of myself and know how to do it, as long you'll be pleased and that's just in your interest too, isn't it? So you see, I might be your kind of guy or maybe I'm not, but I can guarantee you that once you have been touched by my cock, you'll be back!

----------------------------------------------------- Downtown Working twelve hours in an eight hour work day can be very exhausting over time, tighten all the muscles in your body and make your mind tired. I've been doing that since approximately two weeks straight now and I definitely started to feel it bad. Hard work never was a problem for me because if you don't work hard you don't earn all that wonderful green. I usually had lunch in my office or skipped it entirely, but today I just needed an actual break from all that paperwork.

Sitting in the cafeteria by myself, I thought about how badly I needed to unload my gun and that I needed to go to a bar or somewhere else to pick up a girl. Totally in my thoughts I didn't even recognized when Andy, a colleague of mine joined me at the table. His voice pulled my out of my thoughts.

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". over you!" I heard him say. I looked at him, confused, before he repeated himself. "I said you look like a truck ran over you!" I forced a smile and nodded.

"Yeah man, that's exactly how I feel. I've been working my ass off and it's really starting to get to me. Plus it's been at least a week since I had sex and believe me I really really need some." Andy looked at me smiling. He'd been one of my friends since college and knew me inside out. There wasn't anything the two of us couldn't talk about and nothing was ever embarrassing.

"You know, RJ, there's that new massage parlor downtown between 18th and 19th Rd. that has awesome and special service." He winked at me and I knew exactly what he meant. Then he continued. "And the hottest chicks around. I went there the other day and let me tell you it was so worth it." "That sounds exactly like the thing I need right now!" I started relaxing in my chair, imagining a girl massaging my dick.

It wasn't just what I needed, it was what I wanted. I thanked him and went back to my office to continue my work. The hours until I was done with all this paperwork passed slowly and I was even more excited when it was finally time to go. It was a quarter after eight when I walked out the building and to my car.

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The night was dark already and there was some heavy wind going. There was just something about fall I really liked. Following the directions Andy gave me was absolutely no problem and it brought me right in front of the parlor. "Ms. Semara's Massage Parlor!" I whispered to myself.

I definitely liked the sound of it. Alright, time to get this adventure started. When I walked into the parlor I noticed the very discrete look of it. After what Andy told me about his place I wasn't sure this was really it. I checked the directions again and noticed a small scribbling at the bottom of it.

"Ask for Semara" was written and a little smiley was drawn next to it. I smiled. Gotcha! Still focused on the note, a brunette walked into the room. She was dressed in a red blouse which had the top four buttons unbuttoned and a black lace bra was visible.

The black skirt she had on accented her long and tanned legs perfectly and the red high heels she wore made the whole picture irresistible. "Hi handsome. What can I do you for?" The way her lips moved and her hazelnut brown eyes pierced through me was so sexy and intriguing that I totally forgot what she just asked me.

She moved closer to me and I could smell the sweet perfume she had on. Then she put her hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay, Sweety?" Her voice as sexy as her appearance. Say something. It's now or never. I definitely had to come up with a comeback, because being speechless wasn't me.

Time to work my charm. "Oh yeah I'm fine." I said with a smile. "I just haven't seen such a delicious woman like you in about - never." Wow, that was such a cheap and cheesy line that I couldn't believe it actually worked. But it did and she was blushing. She started to giggle and before it was getting too embarrassing for her I continued. "Are you by any chance Semara?" Oh I sure hoped she was. She looked at me and smiled.

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"Why yes that would be me. How can I help you?" I started telling her about the long hours at the office, my whole body being all tight and all the rest I told my colleague, except for the sex part. She reached for my hand and told me that she had exactly what I needed. She lead me down the hallway into a big red room. There was only one single window in it and it was covered by a thin, black, silky curtain.

A massage table was standing in one corner and a big and comfy couch was located in the other. Semara was busy doing something by the massage table, so I took the opportunity and took off my clothes. She turned around a moment later, not suspecting that I'd be standing there naked.

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But instead of saying anything she just stood there and looked at me, her eyes slowly moving over my entire body, checking out every inch of it. I enjoyed that moment very much so and judging by her face and the look in her eyes she did too. She moved her gazelle-like body towards me and kneeled down in front of me. With her right hand she started rubbing my cock.

She sure knew how to work her magic with her hand while she played gentle with my balls with her other one.

Her warm touch made my dick grow within a minute and the soft 'Wow' that escaped her lips meant that my dick was bigger than she thought it would be. She released her hand and moved closer with her face. Her lips felt hot and tingly on my cock and her tongue teased me at the tip of my 8 1/2 inches. It felt so great that I moaned and I could tell that she was smiling so I kept on enjoying what she did to me. Who would have thought that when I got up this morning that I'd be getting some tonight.

But hey, I'm not complaining. She started moving faster, her head speeding up the pace and I was getting more and more horny.

I wanted to cum, wanted to have an orgasm like never before, but this wasn't the way it was suppose to happen. So, I gently laid my hands on her shoulders and stepped away from her. She looked up at me but I just stood there smiling at her.

If I could have had chosen a special ability, that would have definitely been the time I wished I could read minds. Her eyes were big and I could see the confusion in it, but all I did was enjoying myself. Not many seconds passed before I helped her up and finally took matters into my own hands.

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I grabbed her by her tight ass and pulled her closer to me. Our bodies touched and I could feel her warm breath on my chest. I moved my hand to her chin and pullet it up a touch so it was facing towards mine. Slowly and passionate I moved towards her with my mouth before we touched.

Her raspberry red lips felt hot and soft on mine and her tongue entwined with mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck while she started to flick her tongue a big faster.

I laid my left hand on the back of her head while I moved to her ass with my other one. I puller her even closer to me so I could feel her big and firm breasts push up against my bare chest. Oh what a turn on that was and honestly that's what did it for me that second. I grabbed her ass cheeks with both of my hands and squeezed them hard before I lifted her up.

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Holding her steady with one hand while I moved her skirt up and her thong aside. Putting my hard dick to the entrance of her pussy before I let her slide down slowly. We were still kissing passionately through all of this and when she felt me sliding into her she accidentally bit my lips. I quickly pulled my head back a bit when she locked at me with a shy smile and an 'Oops, I'm sorry' gesture on her face. I've always liked roughness during those kinds of episodes, but it just took me by surprise this time.

I smiled back before I let my lips take over her neck. She laid her head back while I continued working my magic on that sexy lady. I lifted her ass up some more so she could have a great ride on my lovestick when she wrapped her legs around my waist. I could feel the heels of her stilettos digging into my body but all I did was lifting her up and down faster and making my dick ram her harder.

I was inside of her so deep that I was afraid of actually hurting her, but when she started moving her hips towards my body I knew it was all good.

Her head was right next to mine on my right shoulder when a loud moan escaped her lips. Hearing that sweet sound right next to my ear made a shiver go over my entire body, but I wasn't prepared for what happened next. All of a sudden her tongue went into my ear and the sensation I got totally took me by surprise. I'd felt many tongues go in my ears before, but none of them made me feel like hers. I could feel the sneaky smile on her face and it actually put one on mine too.

While we were still standing there, my dick in her pussy, I felt her hole tighten and took that time to slow down my pace.

Her sweet nectar ran down my balls and I was wondering how it would taste. But why wonder if I could actually do it? So I slowly walked over to the couch, letting my dick rub against each and every side of her pussy with every single step I took before I stopped, lifted her off of me and laid her down on the cozy, black cushions.

I bent over her and ripped open her blouse. A few buttons flew to the other side of the room before they hit the wall and landed on the floor. I smirked at her and only got a horny look in return.

It was hot and steamy between us and I didn't want to waste any time. Seeing the open blouse made me realize for the first time since I walked into this room that she wasn't wearing her bra anymore. That must have been what she was doing over at the massage table in the beginning. Well, that was one less thing I had to take off of her. She caught me staring at her bare breasts but I didn't mind. I moved down to her and moved my lips to her nipples and started licking them.

They were already hard and felt good on my tongue. Moaning escaped her lips, moaning that let me know that she liked and enjoyed what I was doing to her. I squeezed one breast with my hand while I played with my mouth and lips on the other one. I laid down to her side, sucking on her left nipple and letting my left hand wander down her silky skin.

Her body felt smooth and hot under my hand and I unzipped her skirt when I reached the waistband. Easy said, easy done and just a few seconds later her skirt was sliding down her legs. I got back up and kneeled down in between her legs.

I could tell from the wet spot on her panties that she was ready for me, but I wanted to have some more fun first before I'd give her my manhood again. I grabbed her waist and pulled her close to me, when I pulled her thong down and got the first peek on her pie. She was shaved smoothly, probably done today, and when I spread her legs I could see her wet hole.

It was shiny and there was wetness running down to her ass. I pulled her up towards me instead of bending over her and her legs went up one by one before they rested on my shoulder.

My head was now right in between her legs and her pussy was only a couple of inches away from my face. I slowly went towards her, taking in the sweet smell of the woman's wetness. Her clit was waiting for my tongue, throbbing and tingling and I gave her what she wanted. I flicked my tongue on her clit and she started moaning. Her body was vibrating while I let my tongue slide up and down her entire pussy.

Her nectar tasted hot and sweet on my tongue and lips and was absolutely irresistible. Matter of fact, Semara was absolutely irresistible.

It had been a while since I met a woman like her: Intriguing, wild and totally sexy and I had to admit that she knew how to handle me. What I wanted for her was to know that I knew how to handle her and for her to never forget this adventure. So back to where I was.


I spread her lips with two fingers to get even better access to her pussy. My tongue went crazy because she made me crazy and I just let it take its course. I moved it from her clit down to her hole and up again. Then I circled it around her clit until her legs started to quiver. Oh how I loved to play with her. I wanted to go on and on with this but I just couldn't. My cock was ready and needed some more attention, so I put her down, spread her legs and inserted my cock while moving my torso down to her.

I started off moving slow and steady while I kissed her lips. She nibbled on my bottom lip when wrapping her legs around my hips again.

During our kissing we moaned and breathed hard and when I felt her body push against mine I picked up the pace and started moving faster and wilder. Her pussy kept on moving against me no matter the tempo and I enjoyed it. I moved faster, wilder and deeper when I felt her nails digging into my back.

She started to bite her bottom lip and her body was going crazy. I knew by the way her back arched that she was about to cum, so I slowed down a bit, moved my cock out so there was only about a half an inch inside of her, then rammed her hard and continued doing that again and again.

She was getting louder and my breathing got heavier. This was it. I was about to release all my stress and fill that woman with my stuff.

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Her nails dug deeper, her legs quivered more and her pussy tightened around my hard and big dick before her back arched like crazy. One more deep and hard push and the room filled with our moaning. I looked at her and saw that a small tear rolled down her cheek, following by a big smile on her face which let me know that everything was alright. Her eyes were still closed so I gave her one more passionate kiss before I got off of her.

I helped her off the couch and we both got dressed in silence with a big and satisfied smile on our faces.

I turned to her, gave her a kiss on her cheek, looked into her eyes and whispered a 'Bye'! She smiled and made a shy waving gesture with her hand before I walked out the door. That was an adventure worth waiting for!