Flaquita con rico culito en metro Oceania DF

Flaquita con rico culito en metro Oceania DF
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This is a continuation of my first story. It is easier to understand if you read that one first. I push off of Jayson and scramble towards my clothes.

I throw his boxers at him and I put on my shorts and tank top as I run towards the closet. Just as the door to the room opens I slide into a small closet filled with toiletries. I hear Dakota start to talk to Jayson as I climb up to a top shelf in the closet (I'm pretty nimble ha).

"Wow dude. I can tell you got some last night." Jayson just smiles and mumbles a "mhm". I hear Dakota laugh and tell him that he's gonna take Stacy to work on his way to his work. I hear a tone of excitement in Jayson's voice as he tells him hes just gonna hang out here today. Dakota nods, "alright. See ya later man." He walks out the door. I remain frozen in the closet until I hear his engine start and the car pull out of the driveway.

As I start climbing down from the shelf, the closet door opens and I see Jayson's tan, toned body standing in just boxers.


I smile at him as I make one last hop and my feet land on the floor. He makes a half smile and opens the door wider and lets me out.

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He leans up against the back of the couch and begins. "So. About last night…" There it was. I thought it was gonna happen but I hoped not. I was drunk Kelly.

I didn't mean for last night to happen.

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We can't do this. I swallowed low in my throat and braced myself for what I thought he would describe as a mistake. But he took me by surprise. "I want you more than I want anything else. You are so damn perfect for me and I can't just let what happened last night get out of my mind" I glanced up and him and slowly my mouth formed a smile. "Dammit Jayson." I muttered as he pulled my chin up to look at him, "why do you have to be so damn charming?" He smiled and pulled me into him as he planted a kiss on my forehead.

I smiled up at him and pressed my lips against his as his hands rested on the small of my back. I felt his tongue prodding at my lips and I eagerly granted it entry.

I sat on the back of the couch and pulled him closer to me by the waistband on his boxers. I placed one hand on the back of his head and I pulled him closer to me as my tongue danced around with his.

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My other hand was rested on the waistband of his boxers gently pulling the front down. He began to fondle my breasts through my tank top and my moans were muffled against his mouth. I slide off the couch and yank his boxers down making his cock spring out at full mast.

I softly kiss his down his chest, to his abs, and then slowly I run the tip of my tongue up the underside of his shaft. He groans and leans against the couch as he grips onto my wavy hair. I flick my tongue at the tip of his cock tasting his pre cum while my one hand massages his balls and the other wraps around the base of his cock. I slide the head into my mouth and I suck hard making his knees go weak. He starts to move his hips back and forth making me take in about 6 inches of his cock.

He groans as I move my hand up and down matching his thrusts as I start to slide my hand down into my shorts. He starts to thrust his hips faster and I feel his cock hit my throat.

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Jayson starts to moan and grunts, "I. I'm gonna cum!" I take his whole cock in my mouth and as I feel his cock hit my throat I swallow. The sensation drives him over the edge and he grips my hair tight as his cum shoots into my mouth.

I swallow as much as I can and he smiles as a small drip runs down my chin. He runs his finger up my chin, cleaning off his cum, and I pull his hand to my mouth and slowly lick and suck the cum off.

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I can hear Jayson swallow and then begin to nuzzle and kiss the nape of my neck. I feel his lips form into a smile as he presses them to my neck, followed by a soft chuckle. I pull back quizzically and ask, "why the hell are you laughing" His smile broadens, "even after last night and this morning, you still smell delicious…" I giggle and he roughly presses his lips against mine.

I guide him over to the couch and force him to lay down as I climb on top of him.


I pull his arms over his head and pin them to the armrest. "Do you want me baby," I seductively whisper as I gently nibble on his ear. "Oh fuck yes Kelly.!" he breathlessly makes out as his hands make their way to my hips. I grab his hands mid-way to my hips and re-pin them above his head.

I hold them secure with one hand and I pull my thong to the side as I tauntingly wiggle my hips over his now hard cock. I bite my lip as I hold my hips just above his cock. "Kelly! C'mon baby just let me fuck you!

I can't take it any longer!" he begs as I run my tongue along my upper lip. I lean close to his face and barely brush my lips against his, "say please." The moment his mouth formed to moan the word I slam down and his cock fills me up. I scream out in pleasure as he growls low in his throat. I move my hips slightly to adjust to his size as he moans "Aw fuck! You're soo damn tight!" I half smile spreads across my face and I press my lips to his to muffle my moans.

I softly bite his lower lip as I move my hips up and down the whole length of his cock. His strong arms soon overpower my grip and he holds my waist as he thrusts up into me. I let out a high pitched moan with every one of his thrusts as my fingernails dig into his chest. He pulls me off of his dick and pushes me onto my hands and knees.

Just as I look back at him I feel his dick slide into my wet cunt and his hands tightly grasp at my ass. I lean more forward and rest on my forearms and lay my head on my hands. He starts to thrust harder and deeper inside of me as he massages my clit.

I moan as my legs shake and my hips buck up and down. He leans over me and groans in my ear "I'm. Gonna. Cum!" matching each of his powerful thrusts. I arch my back, sticking my ass higher in the air as my pussy tightens around his exploding cock. Right as I feel his first stream of cum spurt into me my cum flows out of me and down his cock making him push into me harder.

As he pulls his cock out of me I turn around and lick it clean, tasting the mixture of our juices. He pulls my hair away from my face and clutches my body close in a hug as I lie down next to him. His strong, toned arms fold around my petite body as I rest my head and arm on his chest.

I crane my neck to look up at him as he kisses my nose and we both drift off to sleep. Part 2. My eyes flicker open and I see Jayson still sound asleep next to me. I glance at the clock on my phone, 12:45 pm. I gently climb off the couch and toss my clothes on. I make my way up to the house and I grab a change of clothes as I make my way to the shower. I undress and turn the radio on loud as I climb into the steamy shower. I wash and condition my hair and follow with some body wash.

I stand in the hot stream and close my eyes as I run my hands down my curves. I jump as I feel someone's hands replace mine.


I spin around and see Jayson's white smile broaden on his face. He gently bites my ear and his toned, muscular stomach presses against my stomach and chest and I shudder under his strength. I push him to the bottom of the tub and make him lay down. I turn so that we are in the 69 position and I straddle jayson's face.

He begins to run his tongue along my lips as his thumb firmly presses against my sensitive clit. I lean down and take his whole cock in my mouth, groaning as he pushes his tongue against my wet hole. I circle the head of his cock with my tongue as my left hand twists around the base of his throbbing dick.

He smacks my ass as his hands wrap around my thighs. He pauses and moans "fuck hun! Im really close" I bob my head up and down the whole length of his cock until I feel my legs tense up and my hips push closer to Jayson's face.

He sucks hard on my clit while he moves his fingers faster and I scream "Oh fuck Jayson!!!!" as i cum into his mouth. I take one of his balls into my mouth as I jerk him off with my left hand. He grabs my wet hair and pulls up making his cock slide into my mouth. He forcefully pushes it down as he cums down my throat. We both stand up and I loudly sigh as I lean against the wall. Jayson grabs me from behind and whispers "I think we need to clean you up Kel" his hands cup my breasts making me giggle and press my ass into his crotch.

He pulls the strawberry body lotion from the shelf and rubs it on a sponge. He scrubs my arms, back, breasts and stomach and he slides his tongue into my mouth.

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I passionately kiss back and he pulls back to finish. He hands me the sponge as I walk into the stream and I scrub his broad shoulders and strong chest. He rinses off and we both get out of the shower.

He walks into the living room after we dress and he fiercely kisses me as he leaves to get ready for football practice… To be continued??