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The Widow's Companion by Author Unknown Chapter 1 Dominique Carter placed the highball in the hand of the buxom blonde thirteen year old and stepped back, her deep green eyes smiling felinely.

"Go on, dear, there's no harm in it," she coaxed. "It's just a little highball." But Ellen Winthrop, whose father had died nine months previous after an acute bout with alcoholism, shook her pretty head firmly. Her satiny soft long blonde hair flew attractively around her perfectly oval youthful face.

The long dark lashes over her sparkling, innocent blue eyes fluttered as she refused, saying, "Oh, but I couldn't, Mrs. Carter. My mother wouldn't permit it." Dominique smiled indulgently and took the glass from her again. She shook out her long red hair and said sweetly, "Well, that's right, dear. You should always do what your mother tells you." Damnit, a small voice whispered inside her head.

Not that this terrible primness didn't make their lovely young neighbor all the more intoxicating company. At times Dominique suspected that it was this very naivete that was driving herself and her husband Maxwell so wild with anticipation. Ellen was so unremittingly good that Maxwell was really going out of his mind for her, and Handsome, their big German shepherd was as well.

Handsome sniffed around the sweet over- developed teenager to an extent which even made Dominique not a little jealous. But if the anticipation was excruciating, so also was their fierce desire to get some good movies of Ellen misbehaving.

She was the most gorgeous little piece of femininity and perfection they had run into in a long time, and any film footage they could get of her would sell like hotcakes, literally. Men always liked performers who were busty with long blonde hair, for some reason, and in addition there was the incentive of Ellen's healthy nubile youth, which was considerable.

At only thirteen she was rounded and developed with curves that any eighteen year old would have been proud of. Her large, gravity-defying breasts -- which she appeared to be somewhat uncomfortable about -- were positively mouth-watering, to hear Maxwell tell it, and she knew that Handsome wanted to lap them as well.

In addition, the child had almost no waist -- which then flared out into opulent hourglass hips just born for sex. And then there were those long, long legs tapering into tiny ankles and dainty feet. Ellen had been put together like a human aphrodisiac. No doubt she towered over her teacher in grammar school as well. She was probably the most striking thing her teachers had ever seen. Dominique sighed and sipped her highball. The entire affair had become all too frustrating. They hadn't had any of this delay and difficulty with their other conquests.

It hadn't taken too long for most of them to fall for Handsome, that rugged, demanding beast, or at the very least for her handsome husband Maxwell. And most of them had been teenagers as well, usually neighborhood girls of good background who they were eventually able to get liquored up enough so that they totally lost their heads and could be seduced readily into performing for Midwest Motion Pictures, Incorporated.

They, too, had had long hair of varying shades, and voluptuous physiques, which was why they had been chosen. The Carters' customers liked especially well these pert and clean-cut, fresh-looking youngsters.

Their innocent wholesomeness appeared to be more thrilling than the blatant sensuality of the average actress who was willing to do sex scenes for pay. Which was why she and Maxwell always went to the lengthy trouble of these elaborate seductions. Their customers paid more for girls of obvious gentility, virginity, purity, and refinement.

Except that Ellen now had them stymied. Five months of plying her with bon-bons, long trips in their wire-wheeled custom-made Lamborghini motorcar, flights in their private plane, pretty little gifts of bewildering variety and so-on, nothing had served in the slightest to unbend the gorgeous voluptuous blonde teenager's legs from the way they crossed so elegantly over her golden -- and no doubt virginal -- pussy- slit.

Dominique could sigh indeed. They already had a lengthy investment in this luscious child of nature. It was going to be difficult to write her off as a bad job. Money didn't grow on trees. "Are you ready out there?" came Maxwell's deep voice from in back of their private motion picture screen, which had descended smoothly and silently from its hidden recess in the ceiling of the Carters' living room.

"We are lover," Dominique called back. "Fire away." "Here we go." Suddenly the sound came up at the same time as the picture, the house lights dimmed, and they were looking at the opening reel of "Straw Dogs." The Carters had their own motion picture facilities at home, of course, and quite elaborate ones they were.

They were also a means of impressing young impressionables, for they always showed the latest Hollywood films as well, often before these were showing in legitimate movie houses. Most of them were pirated jobs, but the innocent young girls who made it a point to visit the Carters didn't know this.

They just assumed that the Carters were impossibly rich and influential, and that all the big studios sent them prints of their films as a matter of course. Ellen sat back, her legs still sweetly crossed. Her long blonde hair had fluffed in back of the couch she was sitting on.

There was no denying she was impressed by the Carters. In the five months since her widowed mother and herself had moved to Kenilworth, intent on putting out of their minds the unfortunate demise of her adored father, the Carters had gone out of their way to help them forget.

They took her mother and herself on little shopping trips, and sent them presents, took them out to dinner, and so on. They were the most generous people Ellen had ever known.

Dominique Carter squeezed her slender smooth hand and Ellen blushed. In recent months Mrs. Carter had been more of a mother to her than her own mother almost, and the amount of time the Carters seemed to spend on her was really amazing. She had never known people could be so sweet and thoughtful, and without any consideration for themselves. Mr. Carter had even offered her a chance to take the controls of his private plane, although, of course, she had refused.

What a great deal of money they must have to be able to afford such gestures! And the way they were always talking about their vacations in Bermuda, Rio de Janeiro, Sun Valley, Mallorca, St.

Moritz, Paris, Monte Carlo, the French Riviera, Hollywood, Palm Beach, and the Far East! Apparently they had the money to be able to afford to go anywhere and do anything. She didn't suppose that she would ever be that rich. Her father's insurance had left just enough to leave them comfortably well off, and when her mother had sold their house in Winnetka (her big old house, with the big playroom and nursery she had grown up in, and which she loved so well) they had bought their smaller, but more luxurious, bungalow down the street from the Carters, shaded by tall oaks and with an immense backyard perfect for sunning.

It was just such a sunny day when they had first run into the Carters, who had come walking through the alley with Handsome on a leash, and then stopped to say hello and have some idle chatter.

Ellen had been impressed with them from the very first. Maxwell Carter had seemed so impossibly urbane and worldly, with his wavy black hair and the handmade pipe he was forever lighting. He dressed with rugged lavishness, expensively, so that he looked not so much the workman as the wealthy outdoors-man.

He used a great deal of leather and suede in his apparel, and it was always finely cut and usually brand new. Everything he wore looked custom made just for him -- from the belted Austrian hunting jackets to his Charles III buckled boots. He was mature, worldly, sophisticated. Dominique Carter was a lucky woman. And their wealth, while obvious, was always in good taste in a similar vein.

In addition to their white Cadillac convertible they also kept the classic Lamborghini, a Rolls-Royce, and a battered old Ford station wagon. While Mrs. Carter, in addition to her minks, also wore leopard and silver fox with some frequency.

Her clothes were beautiful and in good taste. Everything seemed to be an original from somewhere or other, or ready-made from Saks or Marshall Field.

"Oh, just some little thing Christian Dior made up for me, darling," Dominique Carter would say casually. "He's such a dear." Now as she sat on the couch in front of the movie screen, Mrs. Carter's hand slipped casually out of hers and rested just as casually on Ellen's full firm thigh. Ellen didn't mind.

Dominique was like a secondary mother to her, or a fairy aunt. And she was a perfectly normal girl in that her primitive, vague and immature yearnings were oriented only towards the male sex. At the tender age of thirteen, while of womanly proportions already, Ellen still knew nothing at all of lesbianism, and scarcely much more about ordinary sex.

The innocent young girl glanced across at Maxwell Carter, who was sitting sidewise across from them, on the other long black leather couch, apparently deep in thought, his usual urbane and distant self as the motion pictured droned on. But why had they picked her upon which to lavish all this attention and praise? Dominique Carter was constantly buying her "some little thing;" her mother didn't seem to mind. Perhaps it was all due to the fact that the Carters had no children of their own.

But that didn't seem quite right, either. Dominique Carter was certainly young enough to have children, even though she was too svelte and sophisticated to seem exactly the motherly type.

And with a gorgeous statuesque figure like hers, Ellen imagined that her husband probably found no end of excuse to do with her what it was that men did with women for the purpose of impregnating them.

She certainly could not believe that the Carters were anything less than normal. Mr. Carter's virility was a palpable flavor in the air, while Dominique had an aura of such worldly sensuality that Ellen only hoped that some day she could equal that masterful air of feminine confidence which suffused everything Dominique did. If only . "Look at this," Maxwell whispered across to them.

Handsome stepped over to Ellen and laid his furry snout in her lap, gazing up at her with what appeared to be adoring eyes. It was not in her youthful innocence to perceive any sensuality in the handsome brute's face. Handsome was, after all, just a dog. "Terrific," Maxwell muttered. Ellen blinked and she struggled to focus. As usual, the surroundings in the Carters' enormous den were so restful that she had quite drifted off with her pubescent daydreaming.

She realized now that she had been paying scarcely any attention at all to the movie, although it appeared to be an interesting one. The mood of decor in the Carters' library-den as usual, had tended to act as a mild soporific on her teenage sensibilities. The ancient prints on the walls, the long hanging red tapestries, the abundance of leather, wood, and fine Mediterranean tooling workmanship in everything -- from mantel piece to chair arm to carpeting to bookcase -- the high covered windows, everything gave one a feeling of having settled into a warmish, quiet cocoon conducive to thoughtful meditation.

Then the incense that the Carters were so fond of lighting was another factor. She invariably found herself becoming slow and lazy in this room, in particular when they showed films.

Her mind just seemed to drift off. But now Mr. Carter's verbal notations had served to waken her observation, and what she observed was more than she bargained for. The sort of films the Carters usually showed her were Mary Poppins' sort of things, with the occasional violent western thrown in for good measure.

They had never shown her anything even the most wee bit sexy. And yet she realized now that what she was seeing in Straw Dogs had some very strong sexual overtones. In particular where the young man's wife -- the American man's wife -- appears at the window with her healthy young breasts showing, before the trio of workmen working on the garage roof of her husband's new house.

And what Mr. Carter was now pointing out was apparently a rape scene, for the big blond man was in the American's house while he was away, and he was slapping his pretty blonde wife and making her take her clothes off. Ellen started as she realized what was happening to herself right here in this room. Mrs. Carter was gently stroking her skirted thigh with her thumb, and Handsome had nuzzled his nose deeply in her lap, almost brushing her panty-covered loins, but she didn't notice any of that.

What really set her mind and her loins aglow was the realization that the big young man in the film had actually put his penis into the beautiful blonde young housewife! Ellen gasped and put her hand to her sultry red mouth. She couldn't really believe this was happening, before her very eyes!

For the pretty housewife, the nipples of her breasts showing in the most blatant way, seemed actually to be undergoing sex as the handsome man stuffed his long thick thing up inside of her belly, working it around with agonizing slowness. And a few seconds later, when the housewife obviously came, it was the most intoxicating experience Ellen had ever witnessed in her entire young life! "She seemed to enjoy that, didn't she?" Dominique asked silkily, her voice a soft essence wafted against Ellen's shell-like smooth ear.

"Well -- I --" stammered Ellen, unable to know what to say, at a total loss. She had never before ever actually seen anyone having sex. Her loins seemed to be full of butterflies. The man in the film had obviously made love to the beautiful blonde housewife in the film, and clearly she had enjoyed it. "Don't be pushy, Dom," came Maxwell Carter's understanding baritone from the other couch. "After all, Ellen's only thirteen years old.

She's just a child." Exactly the sort of statement calculated to put any teenager on the defensive and eager to prove that she could be as sexy as any grown woman. Ellen rose to the bait. Smarting under Mr. Carter's patronizing tone, she instinctively sat up straighter in order to thrust out her proudly uplifted breasts.

Her long blonde curls danced in back of her shoulders. "I am not such a child as all that, Mr. Carter," she insisted through her sensuously pouting lips. "I know all about sex, you know." Carter could not repress a faint little smirk at their perty prey's behavior.

"From biology books in school, no doubt," he said wryly, clinking his ice around in his highball glass as he goaded her still further. "And I thought we agreed that you would call me Maxwell, Ellen." "Maxwell, then," she stammered, flustered. "Well, no, not from biology books -- that is ." "Where then, dear?" asked Dominique, pressing her hand affectionately around Ellen's.

"Well, I -- that is . the girls at school . my mother . oohhhhh ." Her voice trailed off as she focused again on the sexual action on the screen. Something had happened! A second man had appeared with a knife and had forced the first man to force the housewife to submit to something else. It appeared as if the second man was doing something behind her. But what? It was all so confused. She wasn't sure if she could make out anything very clearly, really.

"Looks like he's sodomizing her," Maxwell Carter said casually. "He's what?" Ellen asked, mystified. "Sodomizing her, darling," said Dominique, pressing her hand warmly again. "That's a form of sex -- probably the most satisfying there is." Ellen's eyes screwed up.

How did they get to talking about sex all of a sudden? Even though the Carters spoke with easy authority, she had the subtle feeling that something was not quite right in their conversation.

And as for this sodomizing business, if that was the best sex, how come she hadn't heard anything about it? Her mother certainly hadn't said anything about it. But anyway that scene was quickly over and then her embarrassed confusion subsided again. Everything returned to normal. The warmish feeling in her loins gradually pulled back like a receding wave from a tropical shore. There was in the remainder of the film some really grisly violence of fairly standard American variety, but none of it especially disturbed her.

Then she looked at the lovely platinum watch the Carters had given her and exclaimed about the time. She had promised her mother that she would be home early. She said a hurried but pleasant good night to the Carters and then rushed off into the darkness of the evening.

Chapter 2 "That little cunt has cost us a fortune," said Maxwell when she had gone, his voice thick with disgust as he scratched Handsome's ears. "I'll say," agreed Dominique, putting out her cigarette in the nearest ashtray. Then she began undoing the belt on her robe until it opened fully, revealing the sumptuous pears of her high, widely-spaced breasts, the molten white belly beneath with its soft nest of auburn pussy hair, and the long slender columns of her legs.

She lay back on the couch and spread her legs open lazily. The big German shepherd didn't need any further cue than that. He left his master and hurried across the carpet to burrow his nose into his mistress' warmly scented pussy.

Dominique sighed and ran her fingers over the handsome dog's sleek furry head. In another moment the well-trained show dog's tongue had lanced out and speared into the quivering pink flesh of her cuntal lips, sending a surge of fire burning through her loins and upward into the rest of her wantonly excited body right to the very ends of her hair. "Spent a fortune on that fucking tail," Maxwell muttered unhappily again, his voice slurring this time.

He finished a spare drink on the coffee table, then got up and went over to the bamboo-and-leopard skin bar to mix himself another. Dominique's eyes turned dreamy as the big German shepherd's thick red tongue began twisting in and out of her cunt like a corkscrew.

"Maybe we should use our more extreme procedure, lover," she croaked huskily, her eyes fluttering with passion. "We don't dare," said Maxwell, corking a bottle and shaking his head. "She's only thirteen years old. Any seduction has to be of her own accord. She has to come to us with her eyes wide open. She has to seduce herself. Any other course would be strictly suicide." "In that case, it's time to leave it with Handsome, lover." "Probably." Maxwell Carter looked over at the powerful dog whose tongue was dredging his wife's wetly surging vagina like a steam shovel excavating Roman finds.

Handsome was always the court of last resort; and he had never failed them yet. Still, though, this was a tricky one. A thirteen year old gorgeous blonde of total innocence.

A real challenge! He couldn't remember when before they had encountered such striking blonde wholesomeness. He wanted to see her long, satiny blonde hair cascading over a pillow to form a cushion for her pretty head as he moved upward through her widespread thighs with his warmly throbbing cock working slowly through the moist tendrils and wetly sucking lips of her young virginal cunt, fucking the shit out of the sweet little bitch; he coughed at the thought.

Ellen Winthrop had the body of a lush young Venus, and it had been all Maxwell could do to control his hands in the months they had known her. Fortunately his head had ruled his heart. Finesse always proved the most potent master in the end; and it was lasting. Rape seductions occasionally worked out, but there was always the danger that they might not. Particularly with one so young, where the aspect of painful entrance might assume sizable proportions. He closed his eyes, considering her lushly ripened breasts whose rose- tipped nipples appeared so prominent even through her brassiere and sweater combined.

The child had a slender, girlish waist, luscious round hips, a flat, smooth stomach and long, full-swelling thighs. Her breathtakingly curved calves tapered down into thin, well-formed ankles. And over all of that, her wealth of shining blonde hair. Just one reel of her being taken from behind by Handsome could make a fortune for them. And if that fiercely kissable, sultry young mouth could ever be coaxed into wrapping itself around the dog's enormous pulsating red cock --!

Ellen had an almost classical, dainty Greek nose, with a lower lip that protruded in an almost perpetual little- girl pout, a round dimpled chin, and a soft, slightly tanned ivory complexion.

To see that pretty young face energetically sucking on Handsome's throbbing, richly-veined penis would be a treat no reasonable buyer could refuse. They had to get her at all cost!

Downing his drink swiftly, he went to the secret panel on the wall of the library, where he pressed a button and a hidden videotape camera came sliding into view from one corner of the ceiling. It hissed and clicked as it focused on Handsome's lavish oral attention he was giving to his lovely auburn-haired mistress Dominique, who was already hurtling through her first orgasm of the evening with a gurgling cry of delight that made the heavy drapes on the high windows of the library seem to tremble.

* * * * * Three houses down on Kenwood Lane from the Carters, the cute teenager had already dozed pleasantly off on the two-seater sofa in her bedroom, her long legs curled up underneath her. She had meant to take a nice hot bath before retiring, but she had gotten so caught up in her third re-reading of Jane Austen's Wuthering Heights -- which she thought was the most romantic novel ever written, next to Little Women, that she had quite dozed off.

This was not so uncommon; she frequently fell asleep reading some nice romantic story, though usually only in bed.

But now she had suddenly bolted upright to a sitting position. She had been awakened by a noise from down the hall. It sounded like the muffled squeal of some animal being put to slaughter. At first she had heard it as merely a part of her dream, but when it had come again, more forcefully, it had jarred her into alertness.

Something was wrong in her mother's room, she was sure of it. Other muffled sounds were echoing through the thick wall also. Sounds that were not familiar to her, but which seemed to be cries of terror and pleading. She looked at her watch. It was still early. She had probably not been asleep very long, even though it had seemed so. She got up groggily from the sofa and drifted over to the bed, trying to analyze the nature of what she was hearing. She didn't want to make a fool of herself if nothing was wrong.

Perhaps her mother merely had the television on too loud. Or it could be that she had gone to sleep early and was having a nightmare herself. There was silence then for a long moment, and then another sound, this time of movement. It sounded as though something were being thrown bodily onto a squeaking bed. She could not be certain, of course. Her mother's bedroom was separated from her own by the main bathroom. Not switching on the lamp, she made her way through the darkness to the door, pressing her ear tightly against it in order to listen better.

There was the unmistakable sound of a heavy, dragging movement somewhere. She thought also she could hear whimpering but it was impossible to tell for sure. She hesitated for a moment, not sure just what to do. Certainly if something were drastically wrong, her mother would scream. She would certainly hear that, if she did. She listened intently, waiting silently, her hand frozen on the doorknob. There was a long low moan coming softly discernible from the other side now.

This convinced her! Her mother might be ill and unable to move for some reason. She hadn't been feeling too well earlier on, and it might even be serious. She had been quite distraught when father had died, and not quite right since. Perhaps Ellen should take just a quick look quietly so as not to disturb her if she were merely having a bad dream. The apprehensive young blonde stepped into the bathroom between their rooms, and then slipped quietly across the tiles to the door to her mother's bedroom.

Silently, she turned the doorknob and opened the door just a crack. She scanned the room, her eyes adjusting to the dim glow of the bedlamp.

And then her heart leaped in her throat! For there, on the bed, was her mother, Amy Winthrop, her long black hair streaming, her naked body churning passionately underneath, with a man on top of her!

He was obviously trying to rape her! The man had her pinned to the bed and had forced her legs open with his own muscular thighs.

Ellen felt frozen to the floor. She almost let out a scream but choked it back with the palm of her hand. It was unbelievable! She started to shake uncontrollably, then bit down hard on her hand to keep from crying out.

She was shaking too hard to close the door and just stood there helplessly trying to regain her composure. What should she do? She knew it would do no good for her to attempt to intervene. And then she might get raped as well. Or worse! He might kill them both. But at the same time she couldn't seem to tear herself away from the fiercely lascivious scene. Her own mother!

Being fucked! A man had his penis inside her! It was ghastly -- but at the same time heart-stopping and intoxicating as well. Ellen had only a minimal knowledge of what sex was all about, despite her premature development, and her curiosity was stronger than her terror in finding her mother was being violated. So she watched horrified and thrilled all put together, unable to move, as her naked mother struggled beneath the twilight-shrouded man on the bed. Ellen had a good view of them, although she could not see who the man was except that he was naked and wearing only a pair of socks.

By now her mother had her ankles locked tightly around the man's hairy thighs as he moved up inside her. Ellen's breath caught and her nostrils flared as she watched them, her loins suffusing with a warmish kind of sweetness.

The man's body rose and fell powerfully between her mother's long white legs, pinning them even wider apart on each punishing in-stroke. Now Ellen could make out his wetly glistening penis as it moved rhythmically in and out of her mother's splayed cuntal lips, gobbling it into her as if it were candy, then clinging to the thick base as it slid out on the upward stroke.

God, it was immense! Ellen had never seen a man naked like this before, not even her father. How on earth could a female take such a huge thing up inside her belly? She didn't see how her mother kept it from splitting her open. For a moment the man's penis lay quiet, like a great log, along the visibly throbbing vaginal furrow, the two great testicles hanging down wickedly from its hairy base. The trembling young girl could see the foreskin slipping back over the pulsating purplish tip as it slid down along her mother's widespread buttocks, the blood-engorged head bursting forth again like some primeval monster crawling evilly from its lair.

And then the long thick cock slid smoothly forward again, its entire wet length again being devoured hungrily by the voracious lips of her mother's cunt.

Ellen stood transfixed, her golden hair practically standing on end, unable to take her eyes off the lewd spectacle in front of her. She could not understand why her mother had stopped struggling underneath this brutal monster. Now there seemed to be a continual flow of deeply felt incoherent moans from her moistly parted lips. Her naked body seemed to be churning in an altogether different manner now. It was almost as if her mother actually wanted that enormous penis to be sawing in and out of her.

Ellen found herself breathing more rapidly in a growing excitement. She could see clearly the exposed hair-covered vaginal furrow up between her mother's trembling thighs. The narrow red slit glistened wetly in the dim light, and she could make out the mouth-shaped lips of the cunt that seemed even from this distance to be stretched so cruelly apart by that lust-thickened shaft of flesh. Even as the thirteen year old girl watched, it contracted, opened, and closed like the mouth of a gasping fish out of the water.

The man's hand reached down between them on one outstroke, grasping his long hard instrument, and raised his buttocks high in the air, pulling out until only its bulbous head remained within me sucking mouth of her mother's feverishly churning cunt. Ellen watched and listened horrified as the muscles of his powerful ass-cheeks tensed, and then he drove into her whimpering mother again brutally, sinking his heavily veined shaft all the way into her wet gaping channel until only a brief stretch of it showed, moist and glistening, jutting out from his hairy balls.

Ellen winced as her mother's unearthly wailing cry came like the scream of a wounded animal, her toes curling up in what Ellen felt certain must be some terrible agony. Now the two nakedly entwined fingers on the bed seemed to be locked in a stillness more mobile than motion. Ellen's heart pounded like a jackhammer until she was certain everyone on Kenwood Lane could hear it.

She pressed a fist tightly into her budding young breasts as if to dull that thudding sound in her ears. Gradually the male began a slow rocking motion over her lewdly impaled and moaning mother. He withdrew slightly, the thick fleshy penis sliding out for several inches, then thrust forward again, grinding his hips in order to move it around inside of her tightly clasping vagina.

Then he withdrew again until the throbbing glans head could be seen by the hypnotized blonde teenager. Her mouth dropped open in disbelief as her mother's long full legs wrapped sinuously, almost affectionately, around his naked buttocks, squirming in togetherness under him, her heels firming snugly into the cheeks of his buttocks as if she were straining to pull him even deeper inside of her.

The cords on the insides of her thighs flexed as she pushed her hair-covered pussy back up over his moistly glistening penis.

Her hollowing buttocks lifted several inches off the bed as she struggled upward, desperately trying to absorb the entirety of the long thick cock back into the fleshy pink folds of her hungry cunt and a wet viscous sound drifted through the room each time her pussy slithered up its full length like a cat climbing a tree trunk.

Her flexing buttocks began a rhythmic beat up and down his heavily ridged manhood, and his swaying testicles slapped in time against the puckering little anus below. Ellen gasped, for suddenly her mother began mouthing obscenities as well, saying words she had never even dreamed her mother knew, the sort of words only "bad" girls used at school.

There was no question in her mind that if she had ever used such words before her mother, she would have been soundly spanked, yet now -- there she was, her own beautiful, long-haired brunette mother, leading light of the PTA, the Junior Women's League, and the First Episcopalian Church of Winnetka, thrashing lewdly in the throes of obscene passion beneath this man, uttering words of such ardent filth that Ellen wanted to put her hands over her ears against them. Those were forbidden words that brought a guilty tingling glow into the pulsing center up between the thirteen year old's legs.

They drummed incessantly into the watching girl's mind, who stood unable to move as if she had been turned to stone. Was this the quiet, reserved Amy Winthrop who was her mother, the aloof widow who was such a tower of strength to all who knew her?

God, if her mother could be driven into such insane submission to a man she had fought so strenuously only moments before, then maybe it could happen to anyone! Maybe even to her, Ellen Winthrop. The bosomy blonde teenager felt a slight electric tingle of excitement dart from wall-to- wall within her palpitating little cunt. Now she watched thunderstruck as again the man's hand curled beneath Amy's nakedly pumping buttocks and the tip of his outstretched middle finger circled tantalizingly the rubbery ring of the tightly puckered anus.

It played there for a long teasing moment that brought another tortured groan from the lewdly twisting body beneath him as his finger slipped through the protective fleshy ring and disappeared up inside her rectum.

Mrs. Winthrop's legs kicked out again and there was another tortured wail with her toes curling up tightly. Then her legs locked over his body again, and her buttocks began pumping savagely over both invaders. Ellen was trembling violently and biting her fist to keep from screaming.

Was her mother experiencing terrible pain or terrible joy? It was impossible to tell. Her helpless ears were literally drenched with their sounds of depravity. And then the squeak of bedsprings, the moans and groans and huffing hard breathing, the portrait of tangle limbs, all combined to ignite smoldering sparks in that most sensitive of flesh up between her own legs. By now the itch was driving her frantic as much as anything else.

She clamped her legs tightly together to try to choke off that bursting fire. As if in a dream, her hands began involuntarily to massage the straining softness of her budding young breasts, trapping the trembling nipples between her fingers, kneading and pulling at them until it felt as though she would rip them loose from the full quivering mounds.

She groaned and found her fingers pressing tightly into her vaginal mound and drumming at her clitoris, trying to rub away the terrible sensation of need that was raging out of control.

Her long trembling legs scissored open, one foot just sort of dangling as she supported herself against the doorjamb. She could feel her own hair-lined little pussy slit now moistly palpitating against the tips of her fingers which drew the narrow furrow open, exposing the lips of her pulsating cunt to the warmish, musky air of the room.

With a groan, she sunk her outstretched middle finger deep into the warmly throbbing mouth of her vagina. The trembling thirteen year old held her breath, relieved momentarily, but the moment of relief was brief. For now the fire seemed to burn all the more intensely, demanding more to feed its obscene hunger. She inserted another finger, then slid, gasping to the cold tile floor of the bathroom.

After a second, she drew her knees up into a kneeling position, with her firm young buttocks high in the air. The squeak of bedsprings became more violent, and she crammed her fingers into the slippery moistness of her vagina with a little cry of abandon and in rhythm with the couple fucking so savagely on her mother's bed. The picture of their lewdly locked bodies drove the cute young blonde on, and she rocked back on her knees, screwing her fingers deeper and deeper into her tightly clasping pussy.

She could see the man's huge thick cock fucking in and out of her mother's ardently clasping cunt, sinking through the soft pussy hair like a greased telephone pole. The aroused teenager's fingers became that pole -- and her gasps began to match theirs. She wanted, absurdly, everything her mother was getting, as immature as she was.

Her body was confessing it, betraying her. She wanted to be split too, wanted to be fucked, wanted a sperm-bloated penis pumping into her own hot searing passage. Her fingers were nothing compared to that enormous thick member that was being rammed in and out of her mother. She had to have more -- but there was nothing, nothing but her own fingers. She reached up over her nakedly thrashing buttocks with her free hand, searching the tight crevice for she knew-not-what. The fingers on her ass-cheeks seemed to be magnetized as her mind flashed pictures of how the man had stuffed his finger into her mother's rectal passage .

and of how the older woman seemed to be enjoying it immensely. And then she found her puckered little anal hole. Quickly, the young blonde girl rammed one finger up into the tiny opening between her moon-shaped buttocks, gasping as in her haste a fingernail dug into the soft fleshy walls, sending a sharp jolt of pain through her wantonly quivering thirteen year old body.

She stilled for a moment, then took up the lewd rhythm of the couple on the bed, her buttocks lifting high off the floor as her long legs braced themselves, she writhed and groaned in frustration, and ultimately turned over onto her knees, trying to find a more comfortable position.

Now her ripe young breasts were scraping against the floor, her nipples brushing tantalizingly against the cool tile. Her long blonde hair wafted away on all sides of her voluptuous body, falling eventually in a golden pile on the bathroom floor. Wildly erotic tingles of lewd pleasure raced through her passion-inflamed loins as she pictured herself under the nameless pounding body with the socks. Then her face colored crimson as she felt her own orgasm coming -- coming with a great roar.

She hung for an insane, lust-propelled moment teetering on the edge of the first climax she'd ever experienced, and then her entire sensually aroused body convulsed as her liquid passion gushed from around her thrusting fingers, covering her hand and wrist, and dripping down onto the tiles below.

She could feel it running in slick rivulets down the inside of her quivering thighs to her bended knees. As her teeth chattered through her shattering climax, she was greeted by a sobbing shriek and a low male groan from the direction of her mother's bed as the writhing joined couple answered her orgasm with one of their own. Then there was complete silence except for the gasping, panting breathing of the three of them. Ellen stayed on her hands and knees for awhile, sobbing silently.

Her buttocks still swaying in the musky air. She couldn't bring herself to take her hand away from her glowing young cunt until the last dying throbs of climax had been stilled. It seemed eons before her fingers finally slithered wetly from her satiated vaginal opening, and she rolled over onto her side, clutching her burning breasts, a terrible feeling of guilt suffusing her entire trembling being. She looked up towards her mother's distant bed. It seemed as if the couple there were now hurtling towards a second orgasm.

Ellen could see the muscles cording up on her mother's inner thighs as she struggled like a crazed nymphomaniac to get the man deeper inside of her.

His hands cupped her naked white buttocks with savage strength that cut red lines into the smooth, wildly undulating mounds; he squeezed her rounded ass-cheeks tightly together, forcing her vagina more snugly around the thickness of his thrusting male hardness.

Ellen could see the thin, ragged edges of her mother's wet sucking pussy clasping it tightly like the ovaled mouth of a hungry child around the last banana in the world as it moved in and out of her belly. Her mother's buttocks were grinding faster now, and her groans and mewls of animal pleasure had escalated dramatically as the glazed eyes of her voluptuous blonde daughter remained glued hypnotically to the lewd coupling on the bed.

Mrs. Winthrop's wild, demonic upward thrusts were met with equal fury by the stranger's pelvis, which drove her even more deeply into the mattress with each mighty surge, the loud slaps of belly against belly resounding like thunder claps Ellen held her breath as she watched her mother being fucked with increasing viciousness. And then there was a low, unearthly gurgle from her mother's throat, and her buttocks began a series of small, spasmodic jerks up tight against the penis that was sunk so deeply inside her churning white belly.

"Aaaggghhh. Ah . oh . awweeee . I'm cumming!" Ellen's mother wailed. At the same time the man groaned again above her, grinding hard into her wantonly writhing cunt, his thick fleshy rod beginning to spurt again its white milky sperm deep up inside her belly.

The creamy rich fluid filled her vaginal passage before cascading out around the stretched pink lips of her cunt. Ellen watched breathlessly as a tiny white stream of it ran down the wide split crevice of her buttocks to drop on the mattress below. And then the couple seemed to expire into a long, drawn-out sigh, lying very still although still joined. For a long time nothing seemed to happen, and then at last the man rolled off of the older woman and got up, going over to some clothes that were slung over a chair.

"I've got to go, Mrs. Winthrop," came the boyish tenor, "or my mother will give me hell. I'm supposed to be playing basketball at St. Ignatius." Ellen started, her eyes wide.

Oh no! No! She could swear that the "man" was Billy Erpsamer, the fourteen year old boy from next door! But could it be? She watched his huge limp penis dangling as he got into his clothes.

With the two of them on the bed, it was impossible exactly to tell just what the size of the man was. Billy was certainly much shorter than her statuesque mother, although he was quite hairy for his age.

But could that be his enormous penis, swinging so evilly like an Arabian scimitar? Her mother got up from the bed, wrapping a robe around her lushly proportioned body, a lazy smile on her lovely face.

"And how much do you want this time, you wonderful brute?" she asked. Billy Erspamer -- she was certain it was him now -- grinned. "Ten dollars," he said with a smirk. Ellen watched unbelievingly as her mother went to her purse on the vanity, took out a roll of bills and handed it to him.

"There's fifteen," she said, and then she put her arms around the boy and kissed him, obviously working her tongue around inside his cheeks. When the kiss broke, she whispered huskily, "You're sure you wouldn't like me to suck your cock, darling?" and reached down to stroke the thick bulge in his Levi's. Billy shook his head. "No thanks, Mrs. Winthrop. I'd like to, but my mother'll kill me if I'm late. No fooling! Maybe next time." And then he picked up his jacket and went for the door.

Her mother tailed after him, grabbing him one more time before he could get away, by the neck this time. "You do respect me, don't you, darling?" she asked. "Sure, sure I do, Mrs. Winthrop. You know I do.

Now come on, I've really got to get going. My mother'll kill me." The older woman shrugged. "All right," she said, letting him out into the corridor, and then as an afterthought, whispered, "But use the back stairs. My daughter's asleep. Good night, dear." Crawling through the darkness on all fours, slinking across the floor like the snake she felt like, Ellen finally managed to make it back to her own bedroom.

She flopped down into her bed with tears of uncertainty rolling down her cheeks like beads of glass. The troubled young girl was almost glad that her father wasn't alive; for she knew now that her mother had been carrying on like this even before he died.

She could remember how the older woman had often stayed out late in the evening during his lengthy illness, pleading PTA, or other charitable work. Well, she certainly seemed to be practicing charity now, thought Ellen, choking on her futile tears. How could she ever face her mother again, after what she had witnessed? And after what she had done with herself while she witnessed it? How could she look at her mother in the morning over their usual breakfast together? But what could she do?

Where could she go? She was too young by far to run away from home. Maxwell and Dominique Carter were her only real friends. She resolved to see as much of them as possible from now on. They were understanding, worldly people, and would make good substitute parents . she could trust them! Chapter 3 In the weeks that followed, the Carters were quite pleased to find Ellen visiting them with increasing frequency.

Often she stopped by on her way home from school, then lingered over a glass of soda pop and some ice cream for the longest time. In the evenings she would come by again and they would watch TV, films or play scrabble or go to drive- ins for milk shakes.

Several times they took her ice skating at the big rink in Northfield, and despite her voluptuousness Ellen proved to be surprisingly graceful on the ice. In the short-short skating skirt her gorgeous long, muscular legs were shown off to exciting advantage, and her long blonde hair swirled gorgeously on every turn. Maxwell Carter could barely wait to sink his teeth into her. His favorite game, however, was taking Ellen downstairs to shoot pool in their game room. For when she leaned over the billiards table he was often afforded an intoxicating viewing of her massively swelling young breasts as they swayed within her clinging tight sweaters.

When she was around, his mouth was continually watering and his nostrils flaring. Not that he wasn't prepared to let his own sexual interests take a back seat to the economic concerns of Midwest Films, Inc. Consequently it was eventually decided between himself and Dominique that the time had become ripe and that they could afford to wait no longer.

Ellen was frequently affectionate, giving both of them hugs and kisses on the check before going home, and she had also taken quite a fancy to Handsome, their powerful German shepherd. All they needed was to time her initiation properly and they felt sure that there would be no fuss whatever.

But the timing was, nonetheless, important. They decided, finally, to pursue her in a manner that had been successful with numerous other reluctant conquests. A combination of preying on her immaturity and the natural wish of every over-developed teenager to appear older than her years, and sophisticated, and the use of drugs and lewd motion pictures as well.

Eventually she would become so aroused that she would no longer be able to control herself. At least, that was the plan. Meanwhile the virginal golden Ellen suspected nothing. She felt affectionate towards the Carters, and she dearly loved Handsome, but she hadn't even fingered again since the evil night she had caught her mother with Billy Erspamer . not that the thirteen year old hadn't been tempted!

She had resolved that she would struggle to retain her purity in order to counterbalance her mother's fall from grace. The Winthrop family of Kenwood Lane would at least have her balancing it in a world that was too evil to survive much longer.

By visiting the Carters frequently, she seemed to acquire some of their strength of personality. They were so good -- if worldly -- that she came to believe that she could rely upon their judgment utterly. Surely they hadn't become so rich by not having any sense. So she studied everything Dominique Carter did, and Maxwell Carter, too. She wanted to be just like them. Her mother she merely tolerated.

The chasm between then widened daily. It was this innocent trust that prevented Ellen from developing any inkling or suspicion of what fate the Carters really had in mind for her. As a result, she accepted with alacrity when they suggested one evening that she spend the weekend at their house. They had plenty of room, and they did have such fun together. It would be lovely fun. Her mother agreed with what Ellen considered to be uncharacteristic alacrity, and the young girl readied herself.

She got a little bag of her things and toilet articles together, and went over to the Carters almost immediately after coming home from school on Friday. The afternoon seemed to go along in a relatively mild, innocuous fashion. At dinner they explained to her that they were celebrating Maxwell's birthday with champagne.

Ellen had never drunk champagne before, nor for that matter any alcoholic beverage, but she didn't want to offend her two good friends, and in particular she didn't want to seem childish and immature. For if she refused to drink she knew they would seize upon that to make light fun of her in a good-natured way, and she didn't want that. She wanted to live up to their sophisticated company in every way. So she drank. And the bubbles went right to her head, making her cough and sputter.

What a good laugh they all had over that. And then Maxwell offered her the cigarette. It appeared to be no more unusual than any other cigarette, set in white paper with a gold lipstick end and some sort of filter. "Well, if you're old enough for champagne now," he laughed, "you're entitled to a first cigarette as well. Go on, it won't bite you." "Oh, but I --" And then Dominique's face turned more stony than Ellen had ever seen it before.

The older woman blew smoke out through her nose and looked at Ellen frightfully, and the pert teenager realized that the weekend could become very unpleasant if she was going to hold onto her childishness much longer. And anyway, who was it who had warned her of smoking? Her mother, whose opinion could scarcely count for anything now. So she allowed Mr. Carter to light up the cigarette and she took a slow but even puff on it.

To her surprise, she didn't even cough, and in fact the smoke, coming on the heels of the champagne, seemed to have quite a heady effect on her. With the second puff she began to feel very lightheaded indeed, and she was very much ready to retire to the living room when it was suggested. Another glass of champagne was put into her hand when she had finished the first, and although she didn't want to add to her escalating tipsiness, she couldn't bring herself to refuse.

As she drank, she could hear the servants finishing off in the kitchen and dining room somewhere, and finally there was silence from that direction with a series of doors being slammed.

The three of them were alone again in the big house. Handsome nuzzled his furry snout against her party exposed thigh and her fingers played affectionately around her ears.

Maxwell Carter had started the stereo, and, as they relaxed over their drinks and cigarettes, the most sensual music seemed to waft through the air of the living room-cum-library.

By now the pungent sweetness of the smoke seemed to hang very heavy as well. It seemed to Ellen that the scent of that smoke was exceptionally honeyish, but she was not experienced enough to know what that meant, or to distinguish it from ordinary smoke.

"Time for our evening movie," Maxwell whispered, and then he disappeared behind them and could be heard doing something in the projection room. In another moment the library's lights had dimmed, the screen had slid down from the ceiling, and white flashes were flickering across it as the film began.

The room was perfectly quiet now except for the film running and the occasional deep inhalation and exhalation. Occasionally one of them coughed as well. And then there was a picture on the screen. The film showed a large bed in a bedroom with a small vanity to one side with a large mirror standing near it.

While Ellen puzzled at this, her empty champagne glass was taken away and a full one substituted. She had lost all sense of proportion now and wasn't sure if it was Maxwell or Dominique that had given her the glass. But it didn't matter! The cigarette made her thirsty and dreamy, and she poured the cool liquid down her throat greedily.

It was nice to have someone looking after her the way the Carters did; she loved them as if they were her real parents now. A happy, relaxed feeling suffused her voluptuous young body and a soft smile of appreciation flooded her sensual face. On the screen, an innocent-looking young red-head had appeared by the bed. She could not have been over sixteen and was the most lovely thing Ellen had ever seen.

She had a look of loneliness on her face that touched Ellen to the depths because she felt all alone too. She identified with this beautiful long-haired girl and concentrated on her completely. On the screen, the actress picked up a picture from the dressing table, looked longingly at it for a moment, then pressed it tenderly to the pear-shaped fullness of her proud young breasts outlined so clearly beneath the tight black dress she wore.

Then she placed the framed photograph gently on her pillow and began to undress. In a close-up, Ellen saw that the picture was that of a handsome looking German shepherd. Her beloved pet, no doubt. Meanwhile, the girl pulled her dress slowly upwards, exposing her high- set calves and full, well-rounded thighs.

The black of her long silk stockings, held in place by a dainty lace-trimmed pink garter belt, contrasted sharply with the creamy alabaster of her nakedly exposed flesh. "What is this?" Ellen could hear her own voice saying groggily, but it sounded too unreal. Dominique patted her hand gently. "Ssssh, darling. Shhh." The dress snaked its way over the girl's head and her magnificently- rounded torso emerged.

Then her white brassiere fell to the floor with a flick of her fingers and the full grandeur and beauty of her firmly ripe breasts swung into view. They stood high and proud, accentuated by the lighting in the film.

Their turgid little nipples stood out on the luscious half-spheres, peaking still higher as the girl raised her arms high up over her head, unpinning her long shining red hair and then releasing it to cascade softly down over her alluring shoulders. The girl was almost naked now, in just high unfashionable stiletto heels, long black hose and the thin wisp of sheer white panties. She turned and bent over slowly, her back to them; then she drew the silken panties tantalizingly down over her curved hips and buttocks -- brushing them sensuously along her smooth thighs and calves, and finally discarding them at her feet by her dress.

She stretched languidly and teasingly as she turned front-ward. All of her delicious nakedness was exposed now, from her high sumptuously rounded breasts to the soft chestnut triangle of her vaginal mound. Ellen shifted nervously as Maxwell sat down next to her with a fresh drink in his hand. Dominique got up to get something in the darkness, and Handsome left Ellen's lap and followed slavishly after her. The thirteen year old blonde had certainly never expected anything like this, but the champagne and the cigarette had made her head so giddy that she couldn't think of any appropriate comment.

And anyway she was still conscious of her desire to appear "adult" before the Carters. The girl in the motion picture lay back on the bed now; she had picked up the framed photograph of the German shepherd and was looking at it longingly. Ellen gasped aloud as the actress free hand massaged her breasts in passionate circles, her fingers tweaking the rubber-eraser nipples into throbbing hardness.

The girl's legs scissored open and closed slowly, exposing the thin teenage slit of her vagina nestled so titillatingly inside the curly auburn hair up between her thighs. Her naked ass-cheeks twisted back against the mattress as though she were trying to bury herself in it. Sheer wanton desire was reflected in her hotly glowing eyes. Ellen squirmed her own buttocks nervously, feeling the cushion of the sofa brush electrically against the soft swelling of her throbbing young pussy.

Staring at this unexpected shock, her breath quickened and her nostrils flared wickedly. As she sipped breathlessly the last of her champagne, Mr. Carter lit two more thin cigarettes and passed her one. Without thinking, Ellen inhaled deeply from hers until she began to cough, and then he took it away from her and passed her another full glass of champagne. She could feel an unfamiliar tingling in her loins expanding in size as she drank. Gradually, however, she could feel herself beginning to unwind and come free of her inhibitions.

The heat and excitement of the motion picture had begun to stimulate the drugged blonde girl against her will. She squirmed down against the couch again, feeling the rounded edge of the cushion shoving her skirt and panties up tighter against her pelvic area. She rubbed herself gently against it, worming the cushion corner directly into her moistly pulsating cunt lips.

Her aroused young body rocked on it then with an almost discernible rhythm -- in unison with the girl in the film. She could feel the wetness spread between her thighs as she opened them slightly to gain greater contact with the cushion. The roughness brushed soothingly against her tiny, rising clitoris through the sheer panties.

She looked guiltily out of the corner of her eye at the Carters to make sure they hadn't noticed; apparently they hadn't. Mr. Carter appeared to be dragging heavily on his cigarette, and his eyes seemed rather glazed. Dominique was lying back on the chaise lounge with Handsome nuzzling up between her legs as she stroked his furry ears.

The older woman's evening gown had slipped up so that her sleek firm thighs were visible above the tops of her sheer nylon stockings. Even in this dim light Ellen could make out the white band of her panties. Dominique seemed unaware of her almost indecent exposure. Her mouth was open with intoxicated rapture as Handsome licked along her naked flesh and her dreamy glazed over eyes studied the action on the screen.

Ellen leaned back against the couch, careful not to break contact with the edge of the cushion pressed so snugly into the heated wet crevice up between her fevered young thighs, and found Mr.

Carter's fatherly arm behind her, waiting. She relaxed against it with a pleasant, secured sigh and made no protest as Maxwell's hand came to rest casually on her budding left breast. It was wonderful to have real parents and a real father again, she thought.

The Carters made all of life and every day exciting. The older man pushed the sweet-tasting cigarette between her lips, and she took a more careful drag on it than she had last time, so that she didn't cough at all, but, instead, felt rather like giggling. The rich, masculine scent of Maxwell's cologne filled her nostrils, making her loins squirm even more.

It had a rich, heady, suggestive odor, and she snuggled backward into his arm unthinkingly. Now the girl on the screen appeared to be writhing with uncontrollable lasciviousness on the big bed, as though she were being attacked by some unseen lover. She had placed the picture of the dog on the bedside table, and both her hands were running over her body as though out of control, her fingertips dancing over her taut little belly and coming to rest together at the "vee" of her hair-covered loins.

She groaned as her fingers contacted the moistly glistening slit up between her thighs, and pulled her knees up, her toes curling tightly into the mattress. Then she straightened her legs like two beautifully carved alabaster columns, letting them fall wide open to reveal the pink little furrow between.

Her fingers moved into her fleshy vaginal lips and spread them apart slowly until the wet pinkness was fully visible surrounding the hungrily opening cuntal mouth. The half-moons of her rounded buttocks shone with sweat which ran down the crevice between her ass-cheeks. Her tiny anus nestled quietly, but invitingly beneath the swollen cuntal lips.

Ellen gasped with disbelief as the girl slowly inserted her outstretched middle finger into her visibly throbbing pussy furrow, stroking the tiny bud-like clitoris to a quivering erectness.

Mr. Carter squeezed her breast tightly as if to reassure her, but, instead, this only made Ellen's breathing come faster. She was embarrassed and afraid to look at him. It was shameful of her, but his hand seemed only to be increasing the fluttering sensation of excitement in her loins. She was convinced she had inherited this evil from her mother.

How could she ever look the wonderful and respectable Carters in the eye again? She had to get a hold on herself. But now she was hypnotized into immobility as the sensuous movements of the naked young girl on the bed increased and her probing fingers worked themselves inside the pink flesh of her tight little cunt, slowly widening those seeping vaginal lips.

A moment later, she slipped her index finger in alongside her middle one and began fucking them eagerly in and out of her stretched cuntal opening. Almost frantically, her legs jack-knifed backward until her knees pressed against her flattened breasts and her nakedly squirming ass-cheeks rose and fell in response to her thrusting fingers.

The red-headed teenager's facial muscles contorted as she added another finger to the two already in her tight young cunt and, clenching her teeth, rammed all three into the hungry pink folds of pussy flesh. They disappeared with a loud sucking noise, and a soft purr of pleasure whispered from the girl's open throat.

Ellen tensed with shock, her mouth gaping open in astonishment, and it was only Mr. Carter's firm grip on her outsized young breasts that kept her fleeing from the room. She knew that she should leave right now, but, at the same time, she felt too weak to tear herself away. Maxwell put the drugged cigarette between her lips again, and once more she drew on it deeply.

Her feverishly pulsing loins and mind seemed to swim with vague, undefined warmish desires. She wanted to flee, but she wanted to stay, too. She wanted . oh, she didn't know what she wanted. Maxwell Carter made her take another sip of champagne. It was difficult to be sure, but it seemed as if his hand had begun a gentle kneading of her pulsating breast.

A passion of indefinable desire was raging out of control up between her legs, and she felt so strange that she wanted to rip off all her clothes . do something! Abruptly, she realized she felt the same as the young girl in the film must feel.

Up there, the other teenager on the screen now seemed to have become possessed. Her eyes and teeth were clenched tightly as she writhed in complete wantonness beneath her own fingers, fucking eagerly in and out of the wetly glistening hole up between her legs. The lewd, rapid rhythm drove grunts of pleasure and sighs of delight from deep in her lust-constricted chest as her fingers sank into the tight pink opening, making moist sucking sounds when they withdrew, only to be thrust back in again and again.

Her face was mottled as she strained for orgasm and she groaned with sexual frustration as her fingers plunged deeper and deeper into her teenage little cunt. Her reddish chestnut hair lolled from side to side in a gorgeous mass beneath her straining face as she arched her back and buttocks up off the bed .

And then Ellen's eyes widened dramatically and her awe-struck mouth dropped open, her jaw helplessly slack. For, entering the film suddenly from one side of the screen was the most powerful-looking German shepherd she had ever seen in her life .

Chapter 4 The girl in the motion picture screamed as she saw the dog, her eyes widening in terror. She tried to lower her legs and roll off the bed, but the enormous German shepherd growled menacingly, and she froze with her fingers still deeply embedded within her passion-drenched pussy, her thighs spread wide and her knees almost touching her large, up- thrusting young breasts.

"Rex!" she cried, her lower lip trembling. "You knew Shep is away, you bad dog! And you're his brother, too. You should be ashamed of yourself!" But the huge dog made another guttural noise, and the helpless red- headed teenager quivered with fear. The dog's great panting head, its long red tongue lolling out mindlessly, was only moments above her defenseless upturned loins.

Ellen gasped as the gigantic animal bounded onto the bed. She grabbed Carter's arm tightly, scarcely noticing the dig of his fingers into the softness of her quivering young breasts.

The dog's ardent rush frightened her to death. "Oh . no! Mr. Carter," she breathed huskily, "What's he going to do to the poor girl?" "You'll see," her protector grinned. "You'll see, child. But don't be frightened. Because she's going to love it. You'll see! Rex is a well- trained dog, and he's always kind to little girls." Ellen felt desperately that she ought to leave, but a shivering lassitude had swept through her trembling legs, and she was afraid that she would be unable to stand.

At the same time, the sheer helplessness of the girl lying with fear beneath the ferociously snarling dog was fascinating for some reason understood only in the fiery pit of her stomach. She felt a surge of emotion within her churning belly that was totally unlike any other feeling she had ever known before. It was as if her wetly throbbing vagina was full of butterflies. The lewd thought of this monstrous beast doing whatever he wanted to the naked, defenseless girl sent shivers of revulsive curiosity tingling electrically through her virginal thirteen year old flesh, and goose pimples erupted all over on her ordinarily satin-smooth skin.

She took the fresh glass of champagne from Mr. Carter and downed it with one nervous gulp. By now her fascination with the lewd scene before her was counterpointed only by the dizziness which had begun to make the room swirl around her.

She relaxed once more against Maxwell Carter's arm, her eyes still glued to the increasingly obscene movie. She did not seem to notice, nor did she resist, as his hand moved underneath her sweater, then inside her tightly clasping white brassiere to cup the firm softness of her proud young breast.

Nor did she say anything when she felt the surge of pleasure after he trapped one small nipple gently between thumb and forefinger. She understood vaguely what was happening, but she liked Mr.

Carter so much and trusted him, that it would have seemed unfriendly to protest. Anyway, Dominique was there, so it must be all right. And, besides, it felt so wonderful as her nipples stiffened and swelled under his caresses. The teenage blond squirmed tighter down into the seat, deliberately pressing the cushion into her passion-drenched cuntal crevice. Her lewd fascination with the adventure up on the screen held her as if in a hypnotic trance.

Meanwhile, the cushion- rubbing was exciting the ultra-sensitive lips of her wet young pussy. She could feel tiny throbs pulsing in the bud of her teenage clitoris, and she bit her lower lip hard in order to restrict the forbidden sensations that were pulsating so strongly up between her golden legs.

Now the giant German shepherd on the screen had lowered his muzzle into the red-headed girl's cringing little pussy and was sniffing the fragrant pink flesh. His tail wagged and trembled as he became increasingly excited.

Ellen's startled eyes alighted on the massive red penis that was issuing from the furry pouch between the dog's legs. She would never have dreamed that a dog's penis could be so enormous and so beautifully tapered to a sharp point; The teenager in the film moaned with terror as the cold nose made contact with her tiny puckered anus.

She tensed visibly and then the dog began licking wetly up and down the sweat-streaked crevice around it, his tongue-tip burrowing slightly into the outer fleshy anal ring. The red-head tried to squirm away, but the dog snarled menacingly again and began greedily lapping at the hair-lined pink slit up between her trembling thighs.

He ran his tongue wetly the full length of it, from the tight-closed little pucker of her anus, up over the flushing fluted edges of her cunt and then over the erect little clitoris.

His great tongue spread through the fleshy layers like a knife through soft butter. It flicked relentlessly between the girl's widespread legs, pausing sporadically to curl its way like a drill deep inside her glistening cuntal folds.

The helpless girl thrashed and squirmed under this bestial lapping of her churning loins, and then low moans of obscene pleasure began issuing in an endless stream from her lust- contorted lips.

Ellen shuddered from the sexual stimulation she was receiving through every pore in her sensually awakening young body. The pull of the forbidden and the illicit was very strong, stronger than her undeveloped mental will. She gasped at the change coming over the writhing young girl on the bed. Her frightened sobs had changed to soft mews of involuntary pleasure -- pleasure she did not want and had obviously set her mind against. But that slithering thick tongue had forced her into a state of mindless delight, and she obviously could not resist.

She raised her hands in indecision for a moment above her nakedly thrashing flesh, then dropped them to grasp the dog's ears. With a guttural sound of animal hunger, she kicked her legs back up over her head and pulled his nose forward in her wetly throbbing cunt. His long red tongue immediately thrust up her moist passageway, ravishing her up-thrust loins without mercy. Wild, incoherent shrieks of wanton pleasure streamed from her lips; she pleaded with and alternately encouraged the dumb animal salivating between her rapturously grinding ass-cheeks.

He licked at her like the savage beast he was, the rutting lust of the wild driving him on to further obscenity . Ellen heard a groan from Dominique and tore her eyes from the lewd spectacle in the film. Her feeling of shock and amazement widened, for Dominique had both of her elegant long legs spread very wide, her dress now bunched up over her hips, as Handsome nipped and bit at her flimsy white panties.

They came off in shreds in his teeth, and Ellen shivered in frightened excitement as the dog's enormous tongue lapped upward into the shining wet folds of his mistress' vagina. A warning bell sounded in Ellen's subconscious. She knew that she should run away from this wicked place and these lewd stimulations before her body succumbed to the urgent hunger pulsating through it.

But then another groan from the lurid motion picture dragged her drugged mind from all reasonable considerations once more. Now the dog had lifted his head from the pleading girl's moistly glistening pussy in order to nose her over onto her stomach in servile surrender. All resistance obviously had evaporated under that maddening tongue which had so mercilessly lapped her eagerly quivering pussy.

She was completely enslaved by the German shepherd panting over her. Her nakedly trembling body was spread-eagled face down on the bed as the huge head lowered again and the thick tongue slithered into the exposed crevice between the moaning girl's rounded ass-cheeks. She ground her buttocks toward him lasciviously as she reached back to spread the ivory globes and provide full access to her tiny puckering anus. The tongue lashed her for another long vivid moment, and the salacious spectacle caused Ellen to feel the aching hunger spread upward from her warmly tingling cunt into her passion-swollen breasts.

She was panting now for breath as she squirmed down harder against the cushion, pushing the wetly swollen lips of her passion-seared pussy against the ridge of material as if to quench the terrible fire there. Mr. Carter's hands caressing her throbbing young breasts both thrilled and frightened her. She tried with all her might to pull his hand away, but her own hands moved only as far as his, her fingers running gently through its thick black hairs, and then fell back, lifeless, into her lap.

Feeling as though she were about to explode, her glassy eyes reverted again to the film, hoping to find relief by looking at something else. The German shepherd was now nuzzling under the lust-paralyzed girl's naked loins, pushing his massive head between her pelvis and the mattress. Ellen's eyes widened in disbelief as the head lifted, raising the red-head's buttocks.

The girl knelt obediently, elevating her trembling white ass-cheeks, bending in abject surrender. The relentless tongue had lashed her into servile defeat; crushed her resistance with its vigorous and unremitting attack on her sensitive organs.

Ellen's breath was coming in a continuous series of open-mouthed gasps. Each lewd event taking place before her virginal eyes seemed more astonishing than the last. The girl in the movie was now on all fours, and the huge dog was mounting the spread rounds of her buttocks, its paws on her back, his enormous red penis slipping and sliding within and over those two glistening white globes of flesh. The glistening scarlet organ seemed to be dripping some sort of liquid as the tapered cock-tip danced erotically in her anal crevice.

The huge beast staggered and shifted, struggling to bury his thick animal shaft within the red-headed teenager's submissively kneeling body.

The girl looked back, sobbing, in what appeared to be excitement and fear, as she shifted her softly undulating young buttocks in order to capture the lengthening animal rod, striving to sheath the dog within her voraciously grasping vagina.

The sharp tip missed, slid up to find her temporally relaxed anus, and attempted to enter. But the girl managed to evade this indelicate prod, and the German shepherd returned energetically to the attack. At last the thin point of his penis slid underneath into the soft, hair-nested cuntal crevice, rubbing her clitoris. The hot scarlet of his jabbing penis contrasted startlingly with the fevered pink of the girl's passion-inflamed cunt, spreading her glistening vaginal lips wider as his still unhoused cock slid through them.

Ellen held her breath. She couldn't believe this was happening. Maxwell Carter's hands seemed to be all over her own excitedly heaving breasts now, but she didn't notice anything except the volcanic upheaval in her hot young cunt and the action on the motion picture screen.

The dog was still attempting to skewer the moaning red-headed girl on his huge, dripping instrument. He growled in frustration as the girl, in desperation, reached behind her and grasped the long slippery organ. Her eyes closed in lust, she guided the German shepherd's cock into her moist pink slit until the dog began a furious fucking motion that made her cry out with joy and pain combined as his incredibly long penis disappeared up into her tight little cunt.

Ellen was beyond belief or disbelief. Everything had become too incredible. The dog shuddered forward and buried his shaft of animal flesh deeply up into the teenager's writhing cuntal orifice. It slithered forward with a wet rush until it was sunk to the hilt, his hairy balls swinging in with a loud slap beneath her wide-spread thighs. A moan of relief broke from her joy-twisted lips as she moved rhythmically backwards to meet each new thrust of the panting and slavering dog.

His forelegs trapped her waist, and she began to undulate her naked young body and buttocks in lewd circles, abandoning herself wantonly to this delicious animal fucking. Her face was contorted with rapture and her swaying breasts danced erotically beneath her writhing torso, moving in time to the dog's skewering cock as it buried itself relentlessly like a hot poker up inside her taut little belly.

The burning sensation in Ellen's bubbling cunt was increasing madly with each additional second she watched the young girl being ravished by the dog. She could feel a trickle of perspiration running from her navel down her belly and into her pubic hair. Its slow, teasing trail caused her to squirm her throbbing cuntal crevice down in desperation against the cushion, the edge rubbing sensuously against the moist hair-lined flanges of her own warmly pulsing pussy.

She bit down hard into her lower lip to repress a groan of pure frustration. Her forehead flushed with perspiration and another trickle ran down the fleshy valley between her full sensuous breasts which Maxwell had massaged into a quivering sensitivity as he clutched her like a man possessed. Ellen's sexual nerves wen shattered, and her mind whirled in drugged indecision.

She knew that she ought to flee and that she had already gone too far by not protesting when Mr. Carter squeezed and kneaded her breasts beneath her brassiere, but she still wanted to show them that she was not a mere child -- and, besides, it felt so goo-dd. Perhaps it would be all right. She could still stop Maxwell Carter if he did anything more than caressing her like this. And, anyway, Dominique was there, so everything had to be all right. And then she looked again at Mrs.

Carter -- she had fallen back onto the couch and was pulling Handsome's snout up into her glistening wet pussy by grabbing his ears. Ellen's face crimsoned. This was really unbelievable. Handsome's tongue was actually slapping wetly between Dominique's thighs just like what had happened up on the screen. The lewd thought sent another electric tingle deep into her belly, and the trembling thirteen year old girl could feel the seeping wetness between her own thighs increasing.

Her heart pounded like a tom-tom and it reverberated in her hotly throbbing pussy. She was sure Mr. Carter could feel it inside of her softly pliant breast which he was digging his tantalizing fingers into.

Her blinking eyes strayed back to the lewdly swaying body of the girl in the film. She was kneeling before the grunting and hunching German shepherd as he fucked into her wide-open little cunt with his long scarlet penis, and she was completely out of her mind with lust and shouting obscene encouragement at the dumb beast through her lust- constricted throat.

She was begging him to fuck her harder and to spew his animal cum into her cunt. She yelled that she wanted to be filled with his burning hot sperm and that was all that mattered.

The girl was no longer human, but a quivering mass of sweating, passion-deranged flesh begging to be subjugated. She was literally reveling in bestiality, and she ground her naked young buttocks back against his hairy jerking body just as if she was another dog.

Ellen stared with abject fascination. Rivulets of moisture were building in the girl's rotating buttocks as the dog pummeled it. The sweat glistened and ran slowly down the backs of her trembling thighs. Ellen tried to make it appear as if she was merely changing position as she ground her own warmly tingling pussy down into the couch, but increasingly she suspected that Maxwell Carter was not fooled.

And it was becoming more difficult by the minute to conceal her frustration. Mr. Carter's hand was kneading her breasts with increasing urgency and making her hardened nipples throb mightily with guilty pleasure. She snuggled down closer to him, instinctively covering his hands with hers in order to conceal his misbehavior from his wife.

Handsome was continuing to lap loudly at his mistress' pussy, making rapid thrusts with his spear-pointed tongue. Dominique's eyes were glazed with sensuality in the dim light, and she ground her pelvis upward into the dog's face with great determination, snorting and muttering obscene oaths of encouragement as Handsome licked at her wide-spread vagina.

Still, Ellen had no wish to test the force of the older woman's jealousy, and, truthfully, she was enjoying Mr. Carter's expert caresses of her warmly tingling breasts. Ellen squirmed down harder against the cushion. Mr. Carter had turned toward her and dropped his other hand to her bared knee, then slipping it up toward the full firmness of her thigh. She had frozen momentarily at this unexpected gentle touch on her sensitive teenage flesh.

Now he was pushing up the hem of her skirt; then his searching hand was halfway up to her panties before she got hold of herself and blocked him by dropping her hand to her lap and tightly clenching her thighs. She held on to his wrist, not daring to look at him while her eyes darted to the unspeakably unnatural behavior continuing between Dominique and Handsome.

She tried to ascertain if Mrs. Carter had noticed anything between herself and Maxwell, but it was difficult to tell. She probably had not, inasmuch as her eyelids were fluttering and she seemed totally engrossed in the tongue of her dog so eagerly lapping at her own genitals. Still Ellen gradually forced Carter's hand back down, pushing her skirt with it until she was completely covered again. But his other hand settled immediately in her lap.

She tried to hold it, but it was strong and it moved away, kneading the softness of her taut little belly under the thin material of her sweater and dropping lower to tease the light sprinkling of pussy hair at the base of her stomach.

His tormenting fingers rotated against her pubic mound but were unable to go lower because of her tightly pressed thighs. She pressed her buttocks down harder against the couch, knowing that he would think she was trying to rub the rough edge of the cushion secretly into her seeping vaginal slit.

The hot flood between her thighs was so heavy now that it was wetting her skirt, and she could feel the warm moisture on her trembling ass- cheeks as she pressed down harder to feed the lewd pleasure churning in her loins and pussy lips.

As his fingers gently smoothed her fevered flesh, the innocent teenager became confused as to whether or not to give way to the fierce waves of pleasure that were washing over her hot young flesh. Thus far everything was wickedly enjoyable -- with no danger, because Dominique Carter was present. She grasped Mr. Carter's wrist -- but did not try further to stop him.

Now his fingers were moving about freely, teasing her excitedly throbbing vagina and lower belly mercilessly through the thin material of her passion-soaked panties and skirt. Ellen closed her eyes and sighing, resigned herself to the delightful sensations that were rolling through her pleasure-drenched body.

Then she gasped in surprise -- for suddenly Mr. Carter shifted his hand from her lap to underneath the side of her buttocks. And all the time his handsome worldly face watched the film on the screen as if nothing was going on.

What could she do? His left hand was now wedged between her ass-cheeks and the seat, with his outstretched middle finger working its way slowly up between her buttocks cleft to her dampened panties. Now she could feel his finger tickling the wildly tingling lips of her wet young cunt. If she moved to push him away she would have to drop her hand which was concealing his pleasantly kneading fingers on her quivering breasts.

And any struggle would certainly attract his wife's attention. She dropped one hand slowly to grasp his wrist under her squirming buttocks, but that didn't seem to stop him; he merely continued his ruthless teasing of her sensitive thirteen year old vagina, his finger probing at her moistly pulsing slit through the thin skirt and panties. She couldn't do any more without creating a scene, so Ellen resigned herself -- with secret relief -- to his lewdly thrilling caresses of her virginal cunt.

She squirmed slightly away as his extended middle finger continued its gentle stroking motion, pushing the folds of her skirt up into her hotly throbbing crevice. Gushes of shame washed through her at the waves of indecent pleasure that were inundating her loins and killing her will to resist.

Maxwell's hand became bolder as he sensed the cute blonde girl's impending surrender. He hooked his middle finger to slide her skirt up the backs of her thighs in order to penetrate the soft moistness of her nylon panties beneath. But this was lunacy. She couldn't possibly be enjoying herself: She had to resist with everything she had in her.

What was happening to her? Ellen bit down hard into her lower lip, glancing at Dominique again, who was moaning with rapture at Handsome's lingual administrations and ignoring them completely. The virginal thirteen year old blonde could feel her skirt rising faster now, and she gasped aloud as Mr. Carter's hand was suddenly covering all of the wet crotch band of her panties and snaking under the elastic leg band to stroke the wetly quivering lips of her pussy.

She writhed her ass-cheeks down against his finger and held her breath for fear a moan of delight might escape her. Her entire young body quivered as the invading finger tickled the hotly lubricated softness of its tender walls. She could feel its slick moisture covering the palm of his hand beneath her grinding buttocks as it crept inexorably upward into her quaking cuntal crevice.

Maxwell's middle finger was quickly joined by another, and then they were moving in tantalizing circles inside of her, expanding her tight little vaginal aperture with each titillating rotation. Ellen felt as if she were going out of her mind; she didn't see how she could stand this loins-shattering teasing for one more second. This rippling fire raging so maddeningly throughout her undulating young cunt, together with the feeling his fingers fucking up into her hopelessly open and vulnerable vagina without mercy, was increased by a hundred-fold by the bestial scene in front of her on the motion picture screen, where the helpless red-head was being fucked into a moaning mindlessness by the big dog.

And, oh God, to make everything even worse, this man's wife was being licked in the cunt by her German shepherd! Suddenly there was a loud cry from up on the screen.

The other teenager was twisting her head from side to side wildly, her long reddish chestnut hair churning on the mattress. She was in the opening throes of a climax, and she screwed her smoothly rounded ass-cheeks back greedily against the dog, out of her mind with lust.

The enormous beast's tongue hung laxly out of the corner of his mouth as he skewered into the moaning girl, his saliva dripping all over her glistening back. She shrieked with an insane joy and back against him as he shuddered forward, driving his long animal cock to the hilt in her nakedly gyrating pussy, and began spewing his hot animal cum deep up inside her belly, his penis spitting in hard spurts against the back walls of her urgently clasping vaginal walls.

Ellen watched in fascination as the girl began sobbing and her rounded buttocks contracted involuntarily, signaling her own orgasmic upheaval. A stream of viscous white liquid oozed from her snugly clenching young cunt which was squeezing the dog's molten red penis.

Thin trails of pearl- colored cum ran down the back of her trembling thighs, and her ass- cheeks glistened as she pitched forward on her face, exhausted. Ellen's breath was coming in rasping pants as she watched the German shepherd's rapidly deflating cock slip from the girl's mauled passage with a sucking sound that echoed lewdly through the room.

The girl had passed into a sweet oblivion, and the dog stood above her wagging his tail with obvious appreciation, and then lay contentedly down between her open legs, his huge muzzle nuzzling gently within the soft hair- covered "vee" of her ravished loins. Chapter 5 Ellen could not repress a deeply felt sigh of relief as the ending titles came up on the firm and finally it blanked off into oblivion with a slight clicking sound and then the resulting darkness.

The aroused thirteen year old buxom blonde shook out her long honey- gold hair. She felt all choked up, and could not remember when she had ever seen anything so sexually stimulating in her life. To actually see a beautiful young girl subjugated by a savage watchdog was far beyond anything she had ever imagined or heard of.

But what was most amazing - - the girl had obviously enjoyed it. She looked around in Dominique and Handsome's direction, but the library was darker now, and all she could make out was some labored breathing and isolated slurping sounds as the big German shepherd continued his relentless lapping of Mrs. Carter's pussy. It was with relief and regret that she felt Maxwell's fingers slip from her tortured young cunt and his hand slide from beneath her.

He got up and the couch sagged on her side as he went off to attend to the whirring projector. She pulled down her skirt guiltily and tried to shift the wetness between her thighs by moving about somewhat. She turned crimson as the lights went on again and there was her vastly-admired Dominique pushing her dress down and forcing Handsome's snout away from the naked pink flesh up between her widespread legs as if nothing had happened.

The blushing blonde girl struggled mightily to look as nonchalant as a thirteen year old could look in such circumstances. She still dreaded looking foolish before her friends, and maybe after all this was just what adults were always doing and there was nothing peculiar about it.

Certainly her mother's secret adventures with Billy had disabused her of some of her illusions. "Well," said Maxwell Carter, coming back and sitting down beside her again as he lit another cigarette. "That was some really hot cunt up there, wouldn't you say, Ellen? She'll want nothing but dogs from now on, I wager. What do you think?" Ellen was struck speechless.

The cigarettes Maxwell Carter had forced between her lips and the bubbly champagne she had drunk all combined now to make her feel slightly numb, giddy and nauseous. Then the ensuing sensuality had left her loins in a hopelessly churning state of unrest and titillation. There had been nothing in her previous experience to prepare her for his question.

Dominique and Maxwell laughed condescendingly and Ellen forced a smile. She had never felt so embarrassed in her life, and her memory of how near she had come willfully giving up her virginity made her blush furiously and unable to face Mr. Carter. It was true then! Her mother's sensual blood ran hotly in her veins.

There was no evading it! A wave of revulsion swept over her as she considered how she had allowed Mr. Carter to fondle her body during the movie. And Dominique appeared to feel no shame whatever over her behavior with Handsome -- What had come over them? Dominique lay down on the couch again, this time spreading her legs wide-open so that Ellen could guiltily glimpse the way her stockings were attached to her garters -- with no panties above!

She could see very clearly the soft nest of auburn pubic hair wherein Handsome had been licking; it was still glistening. "Any woman who's had a dog doesn't want anything else after that, lover. But Ellen's too young to understand that.

Why, she's probably still a virgin -- aren't you, little sweetheart?" "Why, I --" The way Dominique said it made her feel so inadequate, so inferior. She wanted to protest somehow. "Ellen's just like a head of lettuce," joked Maxwell Carter. "Cold and green." "Well, then it's time she learned," said Dominique. She grabbed Handsome's ears and pulled his snout back up between her open legs. "Once you've had your cunt lapped by one of these animals -- especially Handsome -- I guarantee you'll never think of anything else, Ellen.

And once he's fucked you -- you won't be able to think of anything else, period." Cunt. Fucked. Oh God, why did they use these terrible words that Ellen had always been taught were dirty?

Only bad girls at school used such words. And yet tonight she was finding them stimulating. She couldn't deny the new wash of hot fluid through her loins as these erotic words were brought into play. "I -- I think I'd better go home now," she stammered awkwardly, summoning all of her courage through all of her fear. Tears were forming in the corners of her bright blue eyes. "Oh for God's sake, Ellen," Mr.

Carter said impatiently. "You've got to stop behaving like a little baby." "Or we just won't invite you here any more," echoed Dominique, lowering the boom.

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"I saw you rubbing your hot little pussy down against that seat like your cunt was on fire, young lady," Carter went on. "You're not fooling anyone here." "I saw it, too, Maxwell," said Dominique. "And I also noticed that you had your finger up inside her steaming little cunt as well." Ellen gasped at the realization that Dominique had seen her shamelessness.

She dropped her face in her hands, sobbing piteously, unable to believe she had fallen so far in such a short time! Suddenly she felt Dominique's slender fingers in her long blonde hair and on her cheeks, smoothing the tears away. "There there, dear," the older woman said above her. "It's nothing to get upset about. All real women feel a need to fuck when a handsome man like Maxwell slides his finger up inside their pussy. It's only natural. Come on now, let's dry our tears.

Maybe it's best if we freshen up a bit." Dominique took the ashamedly weeping young girl's hand and led her gently out of the library and across the foyer to the bathroom.

Her arm draped sympathetically over the teenage blonde's shoulder as she sobbed. Once in the powder room she made a cold washcloth and pressed it gently to Ellen's forehead.

"There dear, does that feel better?" Ellen groaned with self pity and threw herself into her adult friend's arms. "Oh, Dominique, I'm so ashamed. I -- I don't know what came over me!" Dominique laughed. "Don't be silly, darling.

All it means is that you're growing up. But you'll be grown up even more once you stop feeling ashamed of her body and what it needs. You're a big girl, now, Ellen, and you've got to learn that there's nothing evil about enjoying sex. So just swim with it, darling. Let it carry you along." Dominique patted her shoulder. "Now get a hold of yourself. Let's not spoil what was developing into a perfectly lovely evening." Ellen agreed reluctantly and they managed to get her cleaned up.

Then they returned to the library. The lushly proportioned teenager blushed at the thought of having to face Mr. Carter again after what she'd let him do, but she decided to fight childishness and try to be more adult the way the Carters wanted.

They were, after all, her friends, and had made her happier in Kenilworth than anybody else she knew. Mr. Carter had put on some soft stereo music and that did help to make her feel more relaxed. Although a deep sense of shame continued to pervade her being that resisted all attempts at ouster. But one would never have known from Mr.

Carter's demeanor that anything had happened between them. He looked perfectly casual as he sipped his Scotch and passed her a Coca-Cola. She was grateful that they weren't any longer giving her champagne, as she was afraid she might pass out if she had any more. She was feeling decidedly woozy. The curious- tasting cigarettes they had given her hadn't worn off either, nor had the furious tingle in her loins. She felt light-headed as a flower.

Then she glanced over Mr. Carter's shoulder to where he was spreading out some photographs in front of him on the marble-topped coffee table. And the young girl gasped, almost dropping her-Coke. For the first picture she focused on showed a woman's face in a strained circle around a man's hardened penis. Chapter 6 She had heard of women who did this, and had even heard some rough girls joking in the school toilet about it, but she had never expected to actually see someone doing such an obscenely wicked thing.

The woman's mouth was stretched so wide Ellen wondered how she kept from choking on the huge penis, for her lips were locked on the thick shaft of male flesh as if they would never let go. The part exiting from her mouth was heavily ridged with blue veins.

God, the young teenage blonde could almost feel it pulsating in her own suddenly salivating mouth. A ripple of excitement coursed through Ellen's loins as she considered its size. She clasped her legs tightly together and wondered involuntarily what it would be like to have something that big shoved up inside her little vaginal opening.

She breathed with hurried, guilty excitement as Mr.


Carter flipped over the next photograph. In this one the same woman was sitting on a sofa with her feet flat on the floor and her legs spread wide apart. A German shepherd had his snout between her thighs, and Ellen could see very clearly his long red tongue curling into the flushing pink lips of her vagina. The girl's mouth gaped at the lewd sight. This was exactly what Handsome had been doing to Dominique, what the dog had done in the movie.

Despite her best will, the sight of this depraved act was fiercely exciting. She could feel a hot moistness seeping again through her pussy lips as she took a nervous sip from her Coke. Her hands were trembling. "Like that, huh?" Maxwell Carter asked, a devilish smirk on his face as he held up the picture. "Well, I --" Ellen was becoming confused again.

She could not think of the right things to say. The entire aura of sensuality in the house had so permeated her impressionable young being that she could no longer accurately define what was right and what was wrong. She could feel the lewd stirrings in her loins beginning all over again, and she involuntarily ground her buttocks down against the seat to quiet the lascivious tingle. "Look at this girl's face," said Carter. "Obviously she's enjoying having her cunt licked, wouldn't you say?" "I -- I -- yes, yes, she is," Ellen breathed tremulously, her budding young breasts heaving with emotion.

And then she began panting again as Carter showed her another photo -- that of a girl on a bed, three pillows under her hips, with her legs spread wide apart and a German shepherd between them on his haunches, his enormous cock sunk all the way into her up-lifted vagina. The camera angle showed clearly his thick pink penis disappearing into the hair-fringed folds of her cunt. Almost buried to the hilt, only a small stretch was still showing, wet and shining. The girl's face was twisted into the most depraved portrait of ecstasy Ellen had ever seen.

Oh . oh . how she must feel. Ellen had slid down hypnotized into the deep warmth of the couch again, and scarcely noticed Mr.

Carter's hand on her shoulder as she concentrated on the obscene position of the dog and the girl in the photograph. The now-familiar aching hunger inside her quivering young pussy was expanding again, spreading from her stomach upwards into her hardening nipples.

She shuddered as Mr. Carter's finger teased again down toward the "vee" of her sweater, through which the deeply breathing mounds of her breasts were seen moving in shapely unrest. And then his hand was moving determinedly inside her brassiere, cupping her naked left mound of softly resilient flesh and massaging it into a greater sensitivity. Her breathing became more labored now and she twisted frantically into the cushion, attempting to extinguish that swiftly growing fire.

Mr. Carter chuckled and began showing her more and more photographs, each one more lewd than the last. His lips had dropped to her ear and he was sensually whispering what the photographed couples were doing in lust- inciting terms. Then he whispered moist entreaties using words that were positively filthy and yet savagely exciting.

"How would you like me to do that to you? Look at that girl's face . she loves it. So will you!" Ellen rubbed her thighs tightly together in a last determined effort to avoid the temptation that was building up inside her wetly throbbing pussy. Her passion and alcohol-distorted brain told her implicitly that she should flee immediately or she would not be able to fight the desire that was tugging at the very core of her rippling young belly. "Please . Maxwell ." she tried to protest, her heart beating like a runaway train.

"What will . what will Mrs. Carter say ." "Let her get her own girl," he muttered, and one hand reached into her golden hair and pulled her head toward him until she could not escape his hungry French kiss. She felt his heated tongue plunging into her mouth and almost all the way down her throat until she almost gagged. It lapped at the sides, top and bottom of her mouth, and some instinct in her loins forced her to suck on it. It tasted not at all bad, and she had to realize guiltily that she actually liked it.

His tongue reminded her of a big fat penis like the one she had seen Billy putting inside of her mother. A shudder of alarm momentarily flickered through her passion-drenched loins, but then her will to flee faded and was replaced by pure animal desire, magnified by a savage curiosity which glued her to the couch as she saw what Handsome and Dominique were doing.

Apparently Mrs. Carter had removed all her clothes while she wasn't looking, and now was engaged in the same sort of depravity that Ellen had seen only dimly in the darkness during the motion picture. Dominique was nakedly spread-eagled over the chaise lounge not six feet away, her auburn head rolling back and forth, her face contorted in an agony of sexual delight. Handsome's big body was wedged between her widespread legs, and he was running his tongue moistly up and down her sensually quivering flesh.

He lapped at her ripely heaving breasts until they glistened and then traced a shining path down to the flat plane of her stomach. Dominique writhed in passionate delight beneath his animal caress, her long hair flailing from side to side across her lust-contorted face. Her hands tangled tightly in Handsome's sleek fur, pulling his skin up in great bunches as she guided his muzzle from one erotically tingling part of her body to another -- from breasts to vagina and even to her wildly puckering anus.

Ellen leaned forward to grip the edges of the coffee table until her hands ached. She could not believe what was happening, but she had to look, regardless of how lewd Dominique's behavior was. The scene was positively mesmerizing. Maxwell pressed a lit brown cigarette to her lips and she drew deeply without hesitation, not even coughing this time. The sweet, acrid smoke of the marijuana curled into her lungs like a soothing syrup, sweeping away all trace of revulsion. Her head lightened, and she shut her eyes tightly as each drag burned its way down into her pulsating little pussy.

Then after several deep inhalations she found she could no longer deny the primitively intoxicating nature of what she was seeing. Dominique was beautiful, after all, with all that wealth of long auburn hair, proudly uptilted breasts and long slender legs. Why wouldn't Handsome want to lick her blushing pink cuntal furrow? Anybody would! Ellen gazed in intoxicated rapture at the enchanting woman spread open in animal sacrifice on the chaise lounge, where the closed side had been unhinged, let down, and made into a bed.

Her German shepherd appeared to have worked her up to a fever pitch, and Dominique's mouth was hanging open once more with rapture, her glassy, lust-smoked eyes rolling upward into her skull until she looked as if she were dying from ecstasy. Handsome had placed himself in position over her roughly rising and falling belly. His face was hanging within inches of her sparsely curled pubic mound, his forepaws pressing into her sleek trembling thighs.

He worked his nose in and out of her wetly glistening cunt and Dominique moaned with increasing fervor. Ellen gasped again as his long pink tongue lashed out and parted the hair-fringed furrow of the older woman's vagina with one long, swiping lick. The dainty bud of Dominique's clitoris was clearly visible, throbbing with hardness and desire just above the stretched elastic opening of her vaginal entrance.

Her moist red slit seemed to shine and trickle more with every lick of Handsome's talented tongue, which flicked maddeningly at the quivering little nub of raw lust at the top of her furrow. Dominique's body shuddered; she sighed as her legs clamped snugly about the furry head, imprisoning his alert animal ears in a vise-like grip. Then her pelvis began a slow up and down fucking movement in rhythm to the probings from between her tightly clenched teeth.

She appeared trapped in a mindless fit of uncontrolled licentiousness as her full sensuous breasts bobbled like a belly dancer's. Even as Mrs. Carter's voluptuous body was twisting lustfully to the depraved lapping of her loins, Ellen's magnificently proportioned torso began an involuntary swaying in time to that of Dominique's. Maxwell Carter's hands were all over the blonde teenager's now, and he was massaging and cupping her breasts in a titillating circular motion that made her squirm her trembling young ass-cheeks into the cushion.

Abruptly he pulled her up onto his lap. She didn't resist, but only rubbed herself snugly down onto the hard thick bulge beneath her. The throbbing thickness of it pressed through her skirt into the crevice of her buttocks, causing the thin folds of bunched material to grate heavenly against her sensitive little anus. Warm spasms of pure pleasure were sent rippling up through her churning belly and right into the hard rising nipples of her thirteen year old breasts.

The final shattered remnants of her vow to run faded into nothingness as she felt his hand leave her breast and gently lower the zipper that ran down the back of her sweater. Then he undid the zipper on her skirt as well, and his hands slipped unimpeded inside her clothes. He pushed the snug restricting brassiere up and away from her ripely swollen breasts. Then his hands greedily cupped her throbbing mounds as they came free of their nylon confinement, trapping her hypersensitive nipples between thumb and forefinger, squeezing until excruciating sensations dredged a cry of pained delight and surprised pleasure from her wetly parted lips.

He jerked upward, sinking his covered masculinity deeper into the panty-covered split of her involuntarily undulating buttocks. Ellen couldn't help push back onto his rapidly lengthening thickness as she watched Mrs. Carter with wide-eyed wonder. Handsome's tongue was continuing to drag groan after wanton groan from the gorgeous auburn- tressed woman. Then Ellen noticed something else -- Handsome's long red penis had begun lengthening out of its furry sheath, and it seemed to be wagging dangerously beneath his slender stomach.

It looked hard as a tree stump, and was enormously thick and evil-looking. The young girl gasped as he suddenly leaped atop his mistress, after viewing the movie she knew what was about to happen. But instead Handsome straddled his eagerly trembling legs over the panting woman's face. Dominique jerked as the well-trained dog stuck his front paw against her wetly heated cunt and rotated it, teasing the sensitive vaginal walls until she cried out in a moan of lascivious surrender and struggled up onto her elbows, her face only inches away from his belly and visibly quivering scarlet penis.

Her fingers gripped his long moist cock and pulled it toward her wetly parted lips as her mouth struggled to meet it. Her tongue darted out and teasingly licked at its glistening underside, then even more hungrily at the oozing open hole in its tip.

A thin string of lubricant seeping from it stretched across her chin as she licked greedily up and down the animal shaft. The muscles in Ellen's body were as taut as bow strings as she reacted to maddening fondling of Mr.

Carter's hot fingers. She jerked as his hand trailed a slow, teasing trail down her passion-tightened belly and inserted itself into the elastic band of her white nylon panties, teasing thrillingly at her sparse blonde pussy hair rising from the "vee" at the top of her thighs.

His knowledgeable hand played for a moment, then slid downward into the moist, ready slit up between her legs, the nail scraping gently at the sensitive little bud of her clitoris and making her cry out with the electricity of that sensation. She shuddered and jerked as his outstretched middle finger insinuated itself further into her eagerly throbbing flesh, parting her pussy lips to snake inside the seeping cuntal mouth, sending wild shocks of forbidden pleasure racing through her still immature nervous system.

His virilely pulsating penis was pressed deeply into the well moistened crevice of her buttocks now, and throbbing with a life all its own. She ground back against it, becoming imprisoned licentiously -- deliciously -- as his invading middle finger slipped through the sealskin-smooth wetness of her tight little cunt.

Maxwell Carter began a gentle rocking motion to which her own body responded enthusiastically. There was a deep gurgling from Dominique's throat as Handsome, his tail wagging and one forepaw still playing in her hair-lined pussy, pumped his haunches forward to bury his long animal cock deep into her gaping mouth. Ellen held her breath, unable to believe Dominique wouldn't choke from the sheer size of the organ rammed between her moistly ovalled lips. But she sucked at it hungrily as though she had waited all her life for just this wonderful moment.

Her cheeks hollowed on the out-stroke, expanded obscenely on the in- stroke, and her eyes were glazed with a wild ecstatic film of primitive lust more erotic than blue eye shadow. The rawness of the lewd scene before Ellen drew a little moan of helpless surrender from the golden-tressed thirteen year old as she felt the liquid passion of her own wildly quivering pussy increase its flow, drenching Mr.

Carter's fingers and hand with its sticky moisture. She could feel Maxwell's long thick penis jerking under his pants, inching inexorably upward into the cleft between her ass-cheeks.

The sight of Mrs. Carter obscenely sucking on Handsome's animal penis was obviously just as exciting to Mr. Carter as it was to her, and she gasped in delight as his moist tongue licked at the inside of her ear. Then he whispered, "Bend over on the floor -- I'm going to fuck you in the ass." "Oh no, please don't!

No, I can't! Please . Mr. Carter! Maxwell!" she panted, unable to stop the rhythmic rocking of her vagina over his passion-drenched fingers. "I'm going to fuck you good, Little Miss Virgin," he whispered huskily. "And we can watch Handsome fucking Dominique at the same time. Come on now. Down on the floor." The lewd words excited her strangely, and through her drugged gaze she groaned in surrender as he pushed her now naked upper body over the marble coffee table, squashing her ripe young breasts out on either side as her defenselessly open buttocks presented itself to him.

Her muscles felt like rubber, and she was forced to support herself by placing her hands on the floor. Her smoothly rounded ass-cheeks waved in the air behind her, and she shuddered as she felt Mr. Carter's hands lifting her skirt above her hips. He bunched it around her wasp-like waist, then drew her flimsy white nylon panties down over her nakedly trembling buttocks and let them hang at her knees.

A cool rush of air hit her backside and she flushed with shame. Her whole rear end was exposed to him, waving back in lewd invitation to any humiliation he might choose to inflict. She heard the metallic sound of his zipper behind her as Mr. Carter opened his fly and his long thick penis burst into an eager freedom. He dropped to his knees behind her straining white buttocks and licked moistly down the entire length of her sweating cleft, pausing only to flick the tip of his tongue into the tight puckered ring of her anus.

''Oh . oh . no . you mustn't," she groaned as the tantalizing licking invaded her vitals, driving her almost insane with desire. She quivered back against his tongue, screwing her buttocks in small circles around and around in order to feel the delicious oral rape of her virginal loins. So dazed and lust-enslaved was the young blonde that she didn't notice when Dominique got up abruptly from the chaise lounge and pulled the disappointed German shepherd over to her backside by holding his collar.

There was scarcely a second of delay as Maxwell drew his face away from her burning crevice, and the big, well-trained dog's tongue lashed out to flicker electrically at Ellen's wildly puckering little anus. The cuddlesome thirteen year old groaned again, not noticing the change except for the fact that, if anything, the titillating licking of her organs felt all the more wonderful now.

Ellen had never known anything like this feeling. It seemed to consume the whole of her sensually awakening being until there was nothing of interest in the entire universe but that wonderful tongue-lashing. Wild thoughts of Handsome and his great slobbering tongue slithering over Dominique's moist, hair-lined furrow ran through her mind even though she didn't know it was he.

All she knew for sure was that her ripening teenage flesh reveled in this lewd tingling pleasure until she felt as if she might explode from it. Meanwhile Handsome slithered his tongue up her moist crevice again and again as Maxwell Carter went to the wall and pressed a secret button that started several motion picture cameras going at once. Then Dominique signaled to the powerful German shepherd, who abruptly ran his tongue over Ellen's ass-cheeks to the base of her spine, then followed the bony ridges up her back until this progress was halted by the bunched skirt around her tiny waist.

Then he stood, straddling her legs awkwardly, and placed his forepaws on her, his long scarlet penis thrusting up into the split of her widespread buttocks, his tapered cock-head bumping rubberishly between her straining ass-cheeks.

It scarcely registered that Handsome's paws were on her shoulder blades and that his panting and saliva was dripping in back of her. Ellen was still thinking of Mr.

Carter and of what a wonderful tongue he had. When what she assumed was his penis began bumping around in the moistened cleft of her nether passage, a savage thrill of delighted expectation coursed through her nakedly quivering flesh.

But this quickly changed to abject fear. Oh no! He's too big! she thought. He'll split me open! Her buttocks cringed forward, drawing away from the dog's rubbery- tipped cock, but the long animal penis followed. She panted hollowly as he worked himself into position, painfully aware that there was nowhere else she could go. Her naked young body was trapped between the coffee table and the searching instrument behind her.

Oh good lord! Mr. Carter would split her! He was trying to impale her! And then Maxwell's hands actually were around the tops of her thighs, gripping them tightly, his fingers parting the soft white flesh so that Handsome could get his fiercely jerking cock inside of her hot young wetness. "Reach behind -- put it in," he whispered to her from behind. "No, I can't," she whimpered. "Please don't make me, Mr. Carter. It'll hurt." "Only for a little while. And then it will feel wonderful!

Hurry!" "No!" She winced as one of his hands slapped her bottom smartly, a smack which seemed to only drive her desire still higher into her breasts. "Put it in, I say. Put it in now!" Ellen whimpered and tears of humiliation fell from her lower eyelids to drip down over her cheeks. He was squeezing her thigh flesh so painfully she wouldn't be able to stand it for another moment.

Anything would be less painful than that savage grip. In desperation she reached behind her for what she took to be his penis, found Handsome's long slick organ, and closed her hand over it with more tenderness than she should have allowed.

It was enormous! Far bigger and hotter and wetter than she had imagined! She could never possibly take it all! But he squeezed her again, this time bringing a louder, longer squeal of pain from her tortured young lips. She tearfully placed the well- lubricated cock-head underneath her legs and into the snug elastic opening of her burning young cunt, biting down hard on her lip to keep from sobbing.

She could feel the penis gradually working its way against her fearfully cringing pussy lips, parting them and then moving slowly inside through the tight ring of flesh which had guarded her virginity for so long. And then, just as she felt a wonderful stretching of her loins, her ass-cheeks were swept further apart, and she could feel hairy haunches jogging against the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. "No!

No!" she screamed as realization abruptly hit her. But it was too late! The dog's fiercely hard penis rammed with mind-shattering force against her tough little hymen, then broke on through. His long thick cock slithered up into her hotly pulsating passage like the trunk of a tree, thrusting into the warm wet walls of her vainly resisting vagina.

She could feel his entire animal penis thrusting forward through her painfully stretched cunt lips and up into her belly, slowly and teasingly sweeping aside the softly curling strands of her sparse blonde pubic hair as it penetrated further and further. Finally the heavy weight of his dog loins smashed against her frantically squirming buttocks, scratching her naked ass-cheeks with his bristly hair, forcing her down flat on her belly against the coffee table.

Sob after sob shuddered through her naked young flesh as the ultimate humiliation was pummeled into her. "Aaarggghhh," she shrieked once when his thrusts became too savage. It seemed as if her cuntal channel was on fire. The dog's penis penetrated her like a great drill looking for oil, and it did find all the lubricant it needed.

For despite her initial revulsion, Ellen was still very much a female. She struggled and wiggled her fleshy little ass-cheeks as if to escape the brutal impalement, but it was no use. The panting German shepherd's cock was now buried up inside her tightly clasping pussy, and all the while motion picture cameras whirred above and Dominique circled her vampireishly, snapping Polaroid's one right after the other. "I -- I hate you both," she gritted through tightly clenched teeth, but this only seemed to produce hilarity on the part of her adult friends.

"You'll love us before the night is over," Maxwell giggled, not pausing in his snap-shooting for a moment. He was taking photographs of her from every possible angle. Her lips opened and closed in virginal torment, for it felt as though the dog's long slender penis had penetrated all the way up into her throat.

She moaned and twisted, trying to escape the pain his tunneling rod of flesh was inflicting on her. And then suddenly, there was something else to worry about. Through the daze of her ravishment and the long blonde hair that was swinging all around her sex glazed eyes, she suddenly felt her lips being parted by a thick, hot rubbery club. The sultry elastic ring of her lips clung involuntarily as Maxwell Carter's penis came sawing up into her mouth, his hands strong on the back of her head as he forced her sweating young face forward.

The older man was sitting in some sort of low, cushiony chair. As her golden hair swung out of her eyes from time to time she could make out his lewd grin of triumph above her as he fucked his long hard cock in and out of her mouth.

And strangely enough, she was even beginning to enjoy the ruthless double-barreled screwing that man and dog were subjecting her to. The pain in her vagina was gradually subsiding, and each fresh thrust and withdrawal of Handsome's blood-swollen penis now brought a low mewl of pleasure from her helplessly sucking mouth. The young blonde girl was equally surprised by the fact that the hotly throbbing cock in her mouth seemed to taste delicious, and she could no longer remember why she had been revolted by it initially.

Eagerly she began sucking and licking at Maxwell's thick tasty penis like a child devouring a candy cane. She put her hands on his buttocks and pulled him toward her until each stroke of his hot hard penis sliding down her throat made her gag. She felt him stiffening, felt his wildly jerking cock begin to swell in her mouth, heard him cursing.

Then, without warning, his thick spuming cum spurted down her throat, filling her gluttonously sucking mouth until a stream of white hot fluid streamed from both sides of her mouth and flowed down over her chin. Ellen could not remember when she had ever tasted anything so delicious! As Maxwell 's body jerked and shuddered, spurting out hot jets of sperm, she could hear his soft wondering curses and moans of pleasure as he gave himself over entirely to his orgasm.

Behind her, gasping and panting slavishly, Handsome rocked rhythmically but gently in and out of the tight clasping confines of her cunt. Frantic thrills of unmeasureable pleasure coursed through her straining teenage flesh. She began to undulate her buttocks lasciviously behind her in rhythm to the long animal cock that was fucking into her defenseless young body from behind. Her nostrils flared with uncontrollable passion. "Oh God," she snorted, almost whinnying with pleasure.

"Go on. I like it. I like it. Don't stop. Oh, oh, oh. OHHHHHH!" Panting with lust, the big German shepherd lapped at her sleek white back and fucked in and out of her hot little cunt with long hard strokes that seemed to receive their momentum from the very depths of his staggering toes. The soft fleshy ridges inside her super-heated vagina gave way before the merciless onslaught of his piston-like instrument. The folds of her wet cuntal flesh clung affectionately to his rampaging instrument and soft explosive moans of forbidden pleasure broke from her lips as if she was having the wind knocked out of her.

The intelligent beast rotated his long slippery penis around inside of her, drawing yelps of joy with each mind-jarring bump. Her squeezing pussy lips gripped his rigidity like warm elastic, her sheath pulsating with sheer lascivious pleasure. Ellen's eyes fluttered, hopelessly glazed over with passion. She spread her thighs wider, moving her feet apart with difficulty due to the silk panties that were still caught around her knees.

Her obscene delight at Handsome's brutal working of her virginal cunt was augmented by the hairy bump and scratch of his haunches against her smooth young flesh. The bushy hair around the base of his penis brushed tantalizingly against the quivering cheeks of her ass. The distended spongy tip of his thrusting hardness grazed against the flatness of her cervix, probing beautifully deep where no one had gone before.

As Maxwell Carter's thick deflated cock fell from her ovalled mouth, she let out an endless groan of savage, primitive ecstasy that resembled nothing human. Forgotten was her terrible humiliation at being fucked by a dog, forgotten were her ruined panties holding her dissolved knees in bondage.

All that mattered was this magnificent lewd pleasure building maddeningly in her loins. She wanted to be fucked like this, wanted to be subjected to Handsome's animal demands on her thirteen year old flesh.

Through her long blonde hair hanging over her passion-wracked face, she could see that Dominique had begun sucking on her husband's penis, too. The thick pummeling instrument disappeared into her mouth as Mr. Carter drove his pelvis like a pile-driver, sinking his resurrected cock in until his coarse black hair loins brushed the tip of her nose. Then he began to cum without warning again, as he had with Ellen. He pulled his wildly ejaculating penis out of Dominique's mouth and held the huge purplish glans a few inches away.

Then with an expiring groan he began spewing a stream of spurting white sperm directly into her side-open lips. The thin, quick spurts streamed from its swollen red head like milk from a cow's udder, filling her mouth to the brim, and Dominique swallowed thirstily, her Adam's apple bobbing wildly as she tried to keep up with the seemingly inexhaustible supply.

Watching Dominique sucking on Maxwell's penis and having her face filled with cum was so lust-inciting that Ellen's whole body twitched uncontrollably, and she groaned with wanton desire and welcome to the punishing animal shaft sinking so deliciously deep up inside her rippling little cunt.

Her beautiful face was contorted with passion as loud cries of ecstasy escaped from her tightly clenched teeth. "Oh -- I like it. Go on, go on, Handsome darling. Oh God!" she gasped as his inflamed wet cock pistoned in and out of her churning belly.

She moaned incoherently and began gibbering like an idiot, spots of drool appearing on her lust-contorted lips. The smooth, wet velvet folds of her vagina trapped the dog's penis in a kiss of love, squeezing affectionately around his rigid animal column until she could feel every molecule of skin and every last pulsating blood-filled ridge.

Her drugged mind reveled in her lurid abandon, and she screwed back against him to feel the tantalizing softness of his hairy testicles pressing against her trembling inner thighs. His furry skin danced teasingly against the sensitive outer rings of her tiny naked anus, sending new shivers of lewd delight surging through her fluttering belly. "Oooooh," she breathed hotly. "That's it, darling. Please, hurry! Give it to me!" Maxwell Carter had wiped off his penis and was walking over to her.

He gripped her long yellow hair and jerked her head up. "Tell him to fuck you!" he commanded imperiously.

"Say Fuck Me!" "No," she pleaded piteously, trying to twist her head out of his grasp. "Don't make me say that. Please!" Carter signaled to Dominique, who suddenly grabbed the big dog's haunches and refused to let him thrust his wetly glistening penis into Ellen anymore.

Handsome began to yelp with desire, trying to crawl up her back with his forepaws, panting furiously with his tongue dripping drool all over her back.

"Hurry!" Maxwell commanded again. "Beg him to fuck you or we won't let him!" Tears welled up in the helpless blonde teenager's eyes and she tried to squirm back onto the dog's marvelous pole of hot flesh. But it was no use, her inexperienced cuntal lips couldn't seem to grip it with Dominique holding the dog away from her. "Yes!" she shrieked. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, HANDSOME! FUCK ME YOU WONDERFUL DOG!" She was fast approaching orgasm, and her burning body no longer felt anything like human.

She twisted and contorted, begging and pleading for them to let Handsome fuck her. "Goddamn," Carter laughed. "Our Little Miss Virgin wants to be fucked. Release him, Dominique. " And with that Handsome rammed his long animal cock once again into her tightly clasping cunt and began to fuck her so fast and furiously that the young girl thought she would go out of her mind.

"Aaaggghhh! That's it . that's . it! " she babbled. "Man, is she tender," came Carter's voice. "If Handsome doesn't fuck her to death, then I will." He looked at Dominique. "Why don't we call some of our friends with dogs. We could get some great multiple shots out of this." "That's a good idea," came Dominique's voice through Ellen's lust- dominated haze.

"I want to see this little stuck up bitch get screwed within an inch of her life until fucking is all she wants in the whole world. She's been playing the teasing virgin long enough. She's going to beg us to let Handsome fuck her every day from now on." Her sex-drenched brain couldn't quite analyze everything she was hearing, but that didn't matter.

Ellen's shamelessly aroused body was white-hot. Her head and golden hair flailed from side to side wildly, her mouth open in abandon. She spiraled her ravenously hungry vagina all around his slippery plunging shaft. She was almost ready to cum and couldn't have stopped now had her life depended on it. Hot forks seemed to be probing the tingling wails of her oozing vagina and perspiration dripped from her steaming flesh in a steady stream. And then it happened! The huge German shepherd behind her started a long, low groan that swelled into a series of yelping barks as he began spewing his hot sperm deep up inside her hot slippery passage.

She could feel his animal cum jetting into her in great gushing torrents, deflating his savagely jerking penis with each white hot spurt. "Oh, nooo," she wailed, still seconds away from climax. "Handsome! Wait! Nooo! Please wait, wait for me!" Ellen sobbed with frustration, but it was useless telling the dumb beast to stop.

She squeezed her wildly quivering pussy all around his rapidly softening penis and gyrated her thighs, but all to no effect. The exhausted dog slipped his long dripping penis out of her wetly heated vaginal passage and it slid swiftly up into its furry sheath as Handsome dropped down on all fours onto the carpet. Ellen was beside herself now, she was so near to orgasm. She violently spread her legs and felt her panties ripping around her knees as she reached back to finger herself ineffectually, her fingers rummaging wildly in her moist hair-lined slit.

She dug into her tight young cunt with greedy savagery, trying to reach the same depth that Handsome's cock had done. But then hands began grabbing her arms and hauling her up from the coffee table. "Come on, beautiful blonde baby," came Maxwell Carter's voice. "Big Daddy's gonna show you what a real fucking is like." Dominique giggled uncharacteristically as the two of them dragged her through the library, pressed a hidden switch in the oak-paneled wall, and a secret door opened to reveal another room which featured an immense circular bed with bright red sheets.

Ellen didn't seem to be capable of anything except mindless gibbering. Her loins were on fire, her breasts danced and swayed in obscene expectancy, their nipples distended outward with lust. Her long satiny blonde hair trailed all the way to the cutely dimpled cleft in her wiggling little behind. The two adults pushed her lust-enslaved body down onto the bed and levered her unresisting legs up off the bed in an arc far back over her head, pressing the toes of her feet harshly into the mattress on either side of her shoulders.

Then she could feel the lash of rope cord spinning around her ankles as they bound her ankles in that lewdly defenseless position to either bedpost in back of her head. Her tortured teenage body was bent back double, the glistening pink folds of her thirteen year old blonde-crested pussy presented like a sacrificial offering. She looked up helplessly, drugged with desire, at her tormentors.

Mr. Carter was fingering his enormous blood-engorged cock, big and ready again after spewing its sperm into two hungry mouths already.

"Like what you see?" he asked tormentingly. "Want me to fuck you with it? What'll it be?" "Stick it in her, Max," Dominique spat as she lit a long cigarette in her king-size cigarette holder. "Jam your cock in all the way to her tits.

I want to get some good shots of her face. She's not near enough softened up yet. You can see it in her eyes. The little bitch hates us now as much as she wants you to fuck her.

We've got a lot riding on this. Fuck her so hard she'll never want to leave us." Maxwell Carter laughed and aimed his thick rejuvenated penis right at her helplessly upturned cunt. Ellen shuddered with a mixture of desire and revulsion -- torn between her hot throbbing lust and the twinges of shame and humiliation that were flickering through her confused young thoughts. She thrashed her sobbing blonde head from side to side, tears of frustration rolling down her unblemished cheeks.

"Well, Little Virgin," Carter asked, "what's it to be? Frustration, or this big beauty ripping your insides out? Want Big Daddy to put it in?" She shut her eyes, unable to stand the torment any longer. "Fuck me!" she hissed through trembling pink lips, the fire licking at her loins spurred on by her lewd helplessness and the obscene position in which they had bound her.

"Fuck me!" she croaked again. The fire of unfulfilled lust was like an army of red ants eating at her open hair- fringed cuntal folds as if her cunt had been dipped in honey. Nothing else mattered except to quench that terrible fire. The Carters smiled triumphantly as Dominique continued to snap off pictures of her lewdly rolled position.

"Go on! Fuck me!" Ellen screamed, using that lewd word again. She wiggled her pussy at him in unmistakable invitation. Carter laughed again as his naked body dropped down on her thrashing teenage form, smashing her full tight breasts right back onto her chest. His thick muscular pole of male flesh plunged into her hungrily waiting slit like a battering ram, pushing the tender folds of moist pussy flesh aside in rippling waves. Ellen groaned and then gurgled happily, deliriously happy to be filled up again with a male hardness.

An hour ago she had been the purest of virgins, yet now her greedily clasping vaginal walls wanted to enfold his penis and devour it all. His testicles smacked with a lewd splat into the sweat streaked crevice between her ass-cheeks, and she gurgled contentedly at that welcome punishment.

Then, muttering to himself, Mr. Carter began a rhythmic thrusting in and out of her wetly pulsating pussy. It didn't take long for the wantonly writhing teenager to reach a high plateau of ecstasy because she had been so near to orgasming before. With his thick rod of flesh pummeling her ragged cunt like a jack- hammer, the cords on her neck began straining gratefully. "Oh, oh . Maxwell!" she cried, out of her mind with lust, "I'm cumming!

I'm cumming! Fuck harder! Fuck me hard! AHHHHHH! AHHHHHH! OOOOOOH! EEEEEYIEEEEE!" Her hands frenziedly gripped his buttocks, trying to pull him deeper into her wildly convulsing cunt. Waves of erotic pleasure and release inundated her thrashing young body. And then her liquid passion was flowing wetly around his still pistoning instrument, flooding the crevice of her nether channel and his testicles as well as they rubbed maddeningly against her snugly puckered anus.

Spurred on by Ellen's voluptuously twisting body with its sensually quivering breasts and her flailing blonde hair, Carter fucked into her with all the strength he had. The thirteen year old girl moaned, whined and cried out, temporarily trying to fight him off, her cum seeming to flood everything with moist stickiness. And then he groaned and began to ejaculate his churning semen up into her, his spurting cum gushing into her urgently dilating young womb. Her head whirled with depraved sensuality as the hot waves of his sperm flooded her soul, the powerful squirts surging like electrical charges and filling her to bursting.

The walls of her earnest young vagina milked his penis ardently like a sucking mouth to get out every last delicious drop. And then her budding thirteen year old body collapsed in the wash of its own perspiration, totally drained, her brain empty of thought after her fantastically shattering climax.

She lay there open and helpless, still bound by the ankles, mumbling stupidly to herself for an endless time, her sweat-soaked body feeling totally dissolved, vulnerable, and at one with the Universe. And then she heard Dominique's voice in the distance, "Uh oh, Max. There's the doorbell. Maybe you'd better wipe some of the cum off our young sweetie's cunt and make her presentable.

If I know Lucifer, he won't want to lick her gorgeous blond pussy if she's too sloppy. I'll get the door." And then there was the sound of Dominique's footsteps moving off in the distance. Lucifer, Ellen thought through her sex-drugged mind. Who was Lucifer? And then she mercifully passed out. Chapter 7 It was morning before the voluptuous young blonde finally came to again on the rumpled bed. Her long-lashed blue eyes fluttered open and fought the early morning twilight that permeated the heavy stale air of the well-furnished and beautifully decorated bedroom.

She stretched lazily, like a cat, her curvaceously proportioned body swaying in all of its sultry contours. Strange odors wafted through her nostrils, causing her brow to wrinkle slightly as though deep in concentrated retrospection.

Her tongue circled on the outskirts of her glossy pink lips, testing the slight pungency of the encrustations that she found on them.

Her pretty, winsomely innocent eyes adjusted quizzically to the dimness, and she looked down at her body, reflecting on the curious position she had been sleeping in. Someone had changed her into a pink negligee, which was bunched up almost around her neck, the high twin rose-capped peaks of her proud young breasts jutted upward between her eyes and the rest of her body.

Her legs were spread wide apart as though in invitation, and the muscles of those legs felt very sore and overworked indeed. She brought them together with some effort and experienced small twinges of pain in her vagina.

Her entire body felt dreadfully used and exhausted. That was the only term she could think of to accurately describe how she felt. And then she remembered. The dream! The most curious dream she had had about Handsome, and the Carters, and -- what was it?

She couldn't remember the rest of the dream, but then dreams were rarely remembered totally. And anyway the dull ache in her throbbing little cunt was sufficient to distract her from any deep thought. Ellen smoothed her hands carefully up to her breasts, touching them gently in guarded exploration. Oooooh, they were tender. Her fingers explored further, coursing their way down over her tautly rounded belly to her still open legs.

Then she groaned as she tenderly touched the slight bruises lining the moist pink lips of her pussy. Her outstretched middle finger probed gently at the sensitive opening, becoming moist from the sticky white liquid that was still flowing viscously from the recently deflowered aperture. The split of her buttocks felt damp with it as well.

Her thoughts rambled in myriad confusion she brushed her bright blonde hair from around her eyes and heaving breasts to let it fall in a soft golden mass around her back and shoulders. What a terrible dream she'd had, with Handsome and Mr. Carter and Dominique -- their shadowy forms flitted sensuously through her teenage memory. It had all seemed so real. But if it had all been a dream, where did this warm wet pool between her legs come from?

Had she been playing with herself again, despite her best intentions? Had her own fingers produced this sticky liquid? It had to be! There could be no other explanation. But how shameful, she thought, blushing. Her licentious dream had proven that she was not the prude she had fancied herself.

She had wantonly satisfied herself with her own probing fingers. Ellen's thoughts were interrupted by a gentle knocking at the door. Dominique's sophisticated voice came softly from the other side, "Oh, Ellen, dear. It's time to wake up." For some unknown reason that lilting tone of Dominique's made Ellen shiver all over like a startled sparrow. She reflected on this strange reaction, than realized again what a terrible state she was in.

Oh my, she thought, stumbling to her feet, I mustn't let her see me like this. I've got cum all over my loins and legs. "In a minute, Dominique. I'm just getting up." "That's all right, dear," came the reply. "Take your time. Breakfast will be ready when you are." Ellen sighed with relief and covered her suddenly tingling breasts with her hands.

She would have a chance to clean up, then. She looked back at the rumpled bed, her eyes resting thoughtfully on the large wet round spot where her buttocks had nestled. Well, she thought, I really masturbated to beat the band. I should be ashamed of myself -- yet somehow I'm not. There's not much point in feeling guilty about something I can't control. And then she noticed the loose dog hairs in various part of the bed. She picked up one of them and looked at it curiously, her eyes narrowing with puzzlement.

Had Handsome gotten up on the bed some time during the night? But one of the hairs was a lighter color -- almost gray -- lighter than Handsome's fur. It was very puzzling. She shrugged and went into the bathroom to start up the shower. The warm spray felt good cascading down over her voluptuous young body. She washed immaculately the insides of her thighs and buttocks, vaguely reluctant to wash away the white crust from her matted pussy hair.

As her fingers moved up and down cleansingly within the warmth of her narrow sexual furrow, the vision she had had of Handsome in her dream returned most strongly. She visualized the big German shepherd's snout pushed down between her hairless young thighs, his enormous tongue lapping thirstily at the flooded outskirts of her burning young pussy, her pink vaginal folds being drawn up hotly within his mouth by his sharply adhesive tongue, then returned.

Her middle finger idly duplicated the vision of that lashing tongue, batting around her tingling little clitoris until she began to tremble with joy. It was all she could do to find the strength to rip her finger out of that clinging pleasure-drugged orifice. As she staggered gasping from the shower, feelings of guilt and shame well-nigh overwhelmed her.

Since that dreadful dream, she couldn't seem to keep her fingers out of herself for a single instant. "I must get control of myself," she muttered. One obscene dream and I can't seem to stop masturbating. What's coming over me? She sat before the vanity mirror naked, combing out her long silken blonde hair, which seemed to have an unusual number of tangles this morning.

Still, she liked the way it swept around her waist, belly and over her proudly uplifted breasts when she let it. Something like Lady Godiva in the history books! Her father had never allowed her to have it cut when he was alive, and it was her pride and glory. She couldn't think of another girl in school who had such long beautiful hair. It went all the way down to her slender waspish waist. She also liked the high set of her lushly ripening breasts and their warm feeling of soft resiliency.

She scratched the bristles of the hairbrush across them until her nipples came up flushing and goose- bumped, fully erect and tingling. Then she rolled them between thumbs and index fingers. She watched herself in the mirror and smiled in satisfaction with her own body.

But what had come over her since yesterday? Could it be that she was merely growing up? There was a faintly lascivious, pleasant feeling in her still-tingling loins which seemed to wash up easily into her belly, buttocks and breasts. She felt relaxed enough to go right back to bed and sleep for a week. She couldn't stop humming to herself, either, and that was another indication of how generally nice she felt.

She smiled to herself and got up, watching her sensually quivering mounds jiggle in the mirror as she moved. She couldn't think of when she had been more pleased with herself. She felt as if she had been loved to death. On impulse she decided not to wear a brassiere, but merely threw on a fuzzy pink wool sweater with buttons down the front which she allowed to "vee" open provocatively. Then she put on some white cotton panties and the only pair of jeans she had brought with her.

She looked at herself in the mirror continuously, quite pleased with what she saw. All that wealth of long blonde hair, firmly up-thrust breasts outlined clingingly in that snug pink sweater, tight Levi's that showed off her smoothly rounded ass-cheeks to best advantage.

She giggled silly to herself and stepped into a pair of loafers. Then she opened the door to the library.

As her eyes swept the bookshelves, couches, drapes, and Persian carpeting, it seemed to her that there was something sensuous about the room. She wondered why she had never looked upon it in this way before. There were subtle associations having something to do with what she had dreamed last night that struggled to free themselves from the cobwebs of her muddled brain. But somehow the solution just wouldn't come. She was drawn to the room in a way that made her warmly pulsating loins feel vibrant and alive as she tried to remember, but nothing in her memory bank seemed to focus properly.

Then she looked back at her bedroom and the huge, circular bed she had been sleeping on. There was something about that bed tickling at her memory, yet nothing seemed to materialize very clearly.

And why hadn't she been put in one of the big bedrooms upstairs? Strange how she had never noticed this bedroom off the living room before. The thirteen year old girl shrugged and moved thoughtfully to the big doors leading from the library to the entrance hall. Opening them carefully, not quite sure of what to expect, she stepped up into the hall. She could hear some commotion coming from the direction of the kitchen and turned sharply to the left towards it.

"Ah, here she is now, the little darling," Dominique beamed at her as she descended the steps into the breakfast room a few moments later, and this made Ellen feel wonderful and well-loved. And then she noticed the other two visitors to the Carter household -- a leering fat man with a big cigar in his mouth, and a powerful, shaggy "white" German shepherd, his coat thick with gray hairs. This other dog sat up on his haunches and began whining plaintively the second he saw her, his large pink penis coming slithering out of its fur sleek container, a spot of ooze appearing on its tip.

"Easy, Lucifer," grinned the fat man, restraining the animal on a heavy chain leash. "We'll get pretty to do some more for you. But let's have some breakfast first.

Don't be so greedy, you silly satyr, you!" And then he laughed uproariously. Ellen blushed winsomely and her thirteen year old mind struggled to comprehend. What on earth could the fat man be referring to? She looked around the breakfast nook and at the windows showing what a lovely day it was outside, with birds singing and all of the streets in bloom, the buds fairly bursting on the trees.

It was a beautiful spring day to come alive. The kitchen nook itself was decorated most tastefully in orange shades, with patterned curtains and wallpaper filled with flowers and birds. The furniture, from Welsh dresser to dining table, was all natural pine and very cheery.

The scent of fresh bacon and coffee filled the air, and beyond them, in the outsized kitchen, could be heard whirring busily a built-in extractor fan above the built-in ranges. "Sit down, Ellen," smiled Maxwell Carter lazily, and he patted a place beside himself on the pinewood bench. He was munching a toasted bagel with butter on it and looked very elegant in a violet robe with matching paisley silk handkerchief in the upper pocket, and a white shirt with collar spread open at the throat to reveal the splendid contours of his muscular upper chest.

But she noticed also -- to her bewilderment -- that the bottom center of his dressing gown was also open, and that his massively throbbing penis was sticking out hard and high from it like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Ellen gasped and put her hand up to her throat, taking an involuntary step backward. Her eyes met those of Handsome, who was lying lazily on his stomach and legs at one end of the table, his eyes looking very tired and sleepy -- or drugged with sensuality.

And in that terrible moment of recognition, the young girl remembered. Chapter 8 Amy Winthrop looked at her watch.

It was ten a.m. and still no sign of Ellen. She shook out her long black hair and stood up to take the dishes back to the sink. Not that she regretted giving the child permission to visit with the Carters down the block for the weekend. They had plenty of room, and probably too much money, and they could always find interesting things to do with Ellen.

As for herself, she had welcomed a free night so that she and Billy Erspamer could cavort in various positions and places about the house without worrying about who might be listening in. The curly-headed fifteen year old had come to her about seven, right after supper, after telling his mother that he was going to a dance at New Trier High School. They had fucked like minks on the dining room table, lapped hungrily at each other's vitals all over the living room, and then finally retired to Ellen's bedroom, where he had wildly sodomized the mother while moaning out his exciting admission that it was really the virginal, busty blonde Ellen he was thinking of fucking.

While this confession should have offended her moral dignity, Mrs. Winthrop actually had found it savagely exciting. He had raved on and on about the beauty of Ellen's long satiny blonde hair, the passion- swollen overhang of her ripe young breasts, the delicious feel of her buttocks in his hands, the fact that she was only thirteen years old, and the wonderful way she had of sucking on his cock with her hot sultry lips. Things like, "Oh, I love to fuck your ass, baby. You got gorgeous blonde hair and you're only thirteen years old with big tits.

Love to fuck you, Ellen!" His filthy talk just seemed to send shivers through the passionate young mother's flesh, until finally she had cum with a force that she thought would tear her head right off her shoulders -- thrashing, sobbing, weeping for mercy, her anal passage clutching his sperm- spurting column of manhood with worshipful desire. She smiled cynically to herself and lit a cigarette. Things had certainly changed since Ellen's father had died.

Before that she had been stiff as a board where extracurricular sex was concerned, and tolerated no nonsense for a second. Least of all with teenage boys, the like of which she had never given even a passing thought to in her entire life beyond the age of eighteen. It was always older men who had interested her. Mature men with a bit of gray in their hair and experience in their eyes. It was just this taste that had led her to Ellen's father.

Not that he had turned out to be the experienced man of the world she had expected. He had merely been prematurely gray, and this had given him character where there was not actually a great deal.

Mark Winthrop had been a classic case of someone who looked different from the person he really was inside. In actuality he had turned out to be just another schoolboy, as she was just another stuck-up schoolgirl without any real understanding of life.

Making this discovery in the early months of their marriage hadn't discomfited her very much, however, and she had remained true to her bargain and prim probably to the point of exasperation for many of those who might have been her friends.

She had been a good wife to Mark, by her lights, and was appropriately broken up over his untimely death. His period of dying -- from an incurable disease -- had been somewhat lengthy, and in that interim she had also taken to drinking somewhat more than she should.

In retrospect she wondered if she had drunk so heavily in order to aid her dramatic capabilities and the quality of her performance as the "Bereaved Wife". Probably! But she had also been truly unhappy. One couldn't spend fourteen years with a man and then feel no sense of loss whatever when he was gone. It was like having an enormous tumor removed. One may not have loved it while it was there, but there was nonetheless a feeling of loss, the subtle feeling of a gaping void within oneself crying out for fulfillment.

During all their years together she had not been a passionate woman by any means, but nonetheless some appreciation of sex had sprung up in her very normal loins from Mark's frequent recourse to her voluptuous flesh, and she had been capable of feeling fleeting sensations of pleasure, even though she had come to regard the female orgasm as purely the invention of the New York editors of women's magazines.

And then they had closed up the house in Wilmette, sold it, and used the proceeds to buy something finer in Kenilworth, but smaller. Two women alone didn't need the space of a triplet bi-sexed family, so they had been able to afford something very nice in a better neighborhood, a neighborhood where she hoped Ellen would meet the "right" people and use her fast-blossoming voluptuousness to maximum advantage.

And Ellen hadn't failed her. Almost immediately she had taken up with the Carters, who were said to be unbelievably wealthy, and she was meeting boys of good family in school as well. Maybe the Carters had a stray nephew somewhere or other who would turn out to be a doctor or a lawyer some day -- you never could tell.

Amy smiled to herself at her foolishness and snubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray. If that wasn't silly. Matchmaking for Ellen. The dear child was only thirteen years old, even if she was somewhat advanced physically. Other girls would catch up to her very soon, although it was true she was a breathtaking natural beauty. Matchmaking for Ellen. The poor dear probably didn't even know the first thing about sex.

Amy sighed. She had been a prude, so unfortunately she had brought Ellen up to be one, too. She had, of course, explained sex to her daughter, but with a minimum of detail. Once she had started having her periods, there was no reason to keep the child in the dark.

All that blood would have only upset her if she hadn't been explained to. Not that Amy had any illusions left in that respect. What parents forgot to mention, children always picked up at school from their friends. Children picked up stuff like that as though their brains were magnets. She stood up with a sigh, pulled her gown around her voluminous breasts and walked into the dining room, then into the living room, tidying up here and there as she went.

Sex was all well and good, but when it was all over and one returned to earth, there was still ashtrays to be emptied, beds to be tidied, and sheets to be changed. She chuckled to herself as she remembered some of the things they had done.

Billy Erspamer had actually seduced her, in a way. Or was it she who had seduced him? It hadn't taken long after Mark's death for her to realize that there was something missing for her physically in his untimely demise, as well as psychologically. In all the years they'd been together she'd come to take sex quite for granted.

Quite for granted that it was primarily man's domain of enjoyment, and that woman repaid his care of her and their children by agreeing to cooperate in the sexual act whenever the husband so desired. She had chosen to ignore those times when her vagina twinged so unexpectedly and satisfactorily, leaving her frustrated and tingling until she could get into a cold shower and wash away the feel of it from her insides.

She had totally ignored that very minor factor of pleasure that she had reaped from their love life. And yet that seemingly minor pleasure turned out to be a very major compunction of physical need once it was no longer around. A glass of water, by analogy, was not a very important thing. It was a minor item in an entire day of consumption. Ah, but let one try to get along without it for a week, two weeks, a month, and it came to loom very major in one's considerations indeed.

Thus it had come to be for her with sex. She hadn't been too crazy about it when Mark was alive, and yet without its minute drip, drip, drip she had swiftly -- within months -- become as famished for it as a drunk crossing the Mojave Desert on his knees under a blazing sun. And then suddenly she had come to take greater notice of young boys. Somehow they always seemed to have so much more vitality than grown men. Continually leaping about, chewing gum, unable to sit still, veritable reservoirs of unused energy.

They appeared swift, like the chattering of birds, and equally as mysterious. She came to study them with undisguised and illicit interest. Until finally she had seen Billy Erspamer, the boy from next door. Five months ago he had only been fourteen, yet his wiry form and smiling, curly-headed handsomeness had quite taken her breath away. He was put together like a fine china figurine, all lines, planes and angles, without a molecule of fat on his muscular young body.

She had been quite fascinated, and was constantly peeping over the fence at his practice on the diving board over the Erspamer's swimming pool next door. And then finally she had invited him over for a Coke one afternoon when he was toweling his magnificent body.

He had accepted with alacrity, as if that was the one thing he had waited for all his life. After that she was never quite sure who had taken the first initiative.

It was true, of course, that she hadn't been able to keep her hands off him, and had found all sorts of excuses to graze his fine muscularity with her fingernails. Somehow all of her usual reserve seemed to have snapped in the instant that she had first seen Billy, and she had lost all control.

True, she had probably been close to the breaking point without realizing it for some time. Billy's beautiful presence had just served to let the cat out of the bag with total acceleration. Perhaps some other boy would have affected her the same at that precise moment.

In any case, there was no denying that it was Billy who had, in fact, turned her loose from all the sticky clinging membranes of her conservative past. And she had totally lost her head. At first she hadn't quite realized what was happening, that she was falling in love with him. She had never had a son, and she had assumed that her tacit desire to feel the boy's smooth, muscular young body with her hands was the natural reaction of a woman with normal motherly instincts.

But then her instincts had turned very non-motherly indeed. She had found her breath coming very hotly when he was around, and her nostrils flaring, and a strange honeyish feeling opening out like a sunflower in her love-starved loins. She couldn't keep her hands off him. She would stroke his shoulders, seemingly casually, as he munched a sandwich and quaffed a glass of milk, gazing fondly at the damp curls plastered wetly around his head, and the gleaming beads of water still bubbling on his glossy smooth tanned skin.

She wanted with everything in her yearning young body to twist her fingers in his soft black curly hair, and pull his virile body up against hers. And then she got to wondering what his manhood must look like. Could the sex organs of a young animal as lovely as this possibly look the same as those of Mark Winthrop? And she kept sitting down next to him on the bench in the kitchen, darting glances at the bulge in his crotch, trying to see if he was aroused at all by her sitting down next to him, trying to see anything that would indicate what his equipment was like.

And as this elaborate charade expanded, she found herself fantasizing about him, and her mouth watering, and she would lick her lips as she wondered what his genitals would look like, smell, feel -- and even taste? She knew it was obscene, but she couldn't seem to help herself. These illicit thoughts pervaded everything she did.


Amy had read somewhere that women of her age were just reaching the height of their sexual cravings, whereas men usually went through their peaks of lust as teenagers. Certainly it might even be the most truly natural thing in the world for a mature woman her age to combine with a teenage boy. She began inventing excuses for herself. After all, she was in her early thirties, and her body was still excellent and well cared-for.

She would parade before the mirror in the evenings, cupping her full firm breasts and wondering if Billy Erspamer, that young god, would want to touch them. How curious that she had felt no shame at this, even though she had been careful to keep her feelings hidden from Ellen. It seemed as if the traumatic separation from her past life was so complete with the death of her husband and their changing from the old house they had lived in for fourteen years to this newer one in Kenilworth that the bond to her conservative girlhood training became so tenuous as to virtually evaporate in the sultry heat of her passion.

Looking back, Amy could scarcely tell where her old life had left off and the new one begun, and yet the change had been so abrupt.

It was surprising to find that she could not adequately define it. She sighed and smiled to herself, sitting down on the couch in the living room, sinking deeply into the soft cushions as she picked up a magazine from the end table and leafed through it. Ladies Home Journal was running another piece this month by Lynda Bird Johnson on what she had done on her summer vacation. Amy's parents were dead, of course -- they had died young -- and this had served to some extent to free her from the old taboos.

Once no one was watching, constraints quickly fell away. She had been surprised at how fast they had gone. Then, too, Mark had left them so well provided for, with money from the investments of a trust fund coming in regularly once a month rain or shine, that she found that she didn't have to work if she didn't want to.

And after she saw Billy, all thought of being away from home in the afternoons left her head completely. And in recent weeks they had even taken to making love on the bear rug in front of the fireplace during his lunch hour from high school. She chuckled. She could remember very well that first day when they had truly found each other.

Ellen was out with the Carters somewhere, and Billy had come by for a Coke. She had taken, for some reason, to lamenting on her loneliness to this sweet young boy. And he had seemed so understanding. "Don't worry, Mrs. Winthrop, you'll do okay," and he had put his hand down on her shoulder (she was sitting), glancing down at her excellent, high-breasted cleavage through her open robe, her twin mounds of flesh breathing irregularly in shapely unrest just from his nearness.

He gulped then, and she looked knowingly up into his deep black eyes, running her tongue over her lips in order to moisten them. Something prompted her to say, "You think I'm beautiful, don't you, Billy?" and she put her hand coolly on his, holding it trapped there on her softly rounded shoulder.

His flesh seemed unnaturally cold and shivering to her touch, and she watched his nostrils flare as he absorbed her heady female presence.

How instinctively her lips found the back of his hand, her tongue making little wet circles on it. She was taking a terrible chance, of course, but it had proven to be well worth the risk.

His fingers came automatically up into her long jet black hair, plunging into all that softness with a little cry of ecstasy. As though it had a mind of its own, her hand reached for the bulge in his bathing suit, and she found her heart's desire in an instant. How manful he was! She really hadn't expected him to be quite so huge in there!

His penis was curled up like a discarded snake-skin, but almost immediately it became pumped full of blood. Her eyes widened as her fingers felt around the little sperm-producing factories of his balls, feeling them vibrantly throbbing with musky life, becoming full and expanding rapidly. Her breath was coming so fast she couldn't believe it. Wave upon wave of heated fluid was washing down from her excited vaginal walls to coat her pulsating pussy lips.

Lost in a mindless murk of forbidden desire which had no beginning nor any end, she eagerly reached her hand down past the waist band of his swimming trunks and felt his virile hardness.

"Oh . you beautiful boy," she sighed. "I'm . I'm going to kiss your penis." She heard him gasp in excitement and felt his body quiver as she pulled his trunks down over his lean buttocks to expose his wildly pulsing cock.

A moment later, with a small ecstatic sigh, she felt its throbbing head slipping through her wetly heated lips, the musky scent of his loins as heady as the aroma of warm bread fresh from the oven. The lovely young mother closed her eyes and gurgled happily as the youth lifted his naked ass-cheeks off the chair and slid the entire length of his urgent, thrusting male hardness down into her throat.

She had never done anything like this when she was married to Mark, but now the past seemed to have been forgotten. All she wanted in the world was to show her devotion to this beautiful boy. She wanted to suck on his cock and feel all of his burning hot sperm spitting upward into her mouth, and she would swallow it greedily and wallow in her newly blossoming sensuality like a passionate whore.

"Oh, Mrs. Winthrop!" his youthful voice had wailed above her as she sucked on him vampireishly as if to draw out all of his blood as well as his semen, her tongue lashing strongly at every delicious pulsating ridge of his desire-swollen cock. And then he had made it, cumming rapidly the way youngsters do, letting her starving throat gorge on the delicious hot fluid which filled her gluttonously sucking mouth.

He shuddered out his desire into her throat with lusty hot spurts and then, gasping, stumbled backwards. Then her eyes locked on his ecstatic face, the voluptuous young mother let her gown drop to the floor and used the back of her hand to wipe the smeared cum from around her lips.

Amy let his eyes dwell hungrily for a moment on her gorgeously proportioned naked flesh, and then took him into the bedroom when his hands roamed voraciously over her body. She let him explore everything, let him do and ask anything. How he had loved to suck on her melon-like breasts at first! Endlessly his mouth seemed to be at home on her large, overripe mounds of soft warm flesh and her tautly extended nipples.

He would draw in as much of the surrounding tissue as he could, until it veritably gagged him. And then suck, suck, suck until she would almost orgasm for this exquisite pleasure alone.

At first his breast fetish had made her giggle, but then she just wallowed in it delightedly, running lips and tongue and mouth nibbled, licked, sucked hungrily on her breasts as if he had been starved for them his whole life. Or as if she had been starved for this wonderful suck, which she had. Eventually delirium and hysteria were the only terms left to describe how she felt when they made love. Especially since he had discovered that she was turned on terribly by the use of filthy language.

He would spew out things like, "I want to lick your beautiful cunt, Mrs. Winthrop. And fuck you in the ass, ramming my cock up into your asshole.

I'm going to chew on your cunt as if it was just a big wad of chewing gum. And suck on your titties until I chew them off." And this would really make her loins gush wildly, and she would go out of her mind for him. She wondered sometimes if it had to do with the very illicitness of their situation.

For a woman her age to be so debauched and spoken to so disrespectfully by a youth of such tender years was so demeaning and humiliating -- after so many years of being a dominant type of personality, she was literally wallowing in humiliation. And loving it more than anything! Amy Winthrop sighed and stood up, dropping the magazine to the coffee table.

It was such a lovely morning, and she felt wonderful after the fifteen year old's energetic fucking last night. Of course, it was true that she paid him.

But he was young and had no money, and she had plenty. So there was no point in their not sharing it. And he gave her so much happiness, after all. The birds sang. The flowers bloomed. All about their little house it seemed as if all was right with the world. If only Ellen could someday be as happy as she was. But that was a lot to ask for. It wasn't natural for a woman to know such happiness as she had found with Billy. But in any case there was no point in spending such a beautiful morning in the house.

Perhaps she would even stroll down the block and see what was going on down at the Carters'. They might invite her in for coffee, and that wouldn't hurt anything. Ellen had been rather distant of late, and occasionally she wondered about that. Perhaps the Carters would have some clue as to what was bothering her. That was it! She would visit the Carters and see how things were going and what they were all up to.

It would all be cheery and casual. The Carters were the sort of people who were always good company. She would fix her hair and get herself together. She turned on her heel and went upstairs to the bedroom. Then she began selecting appropriate apparel for her visit. Chapter 9 When Ellen remembered fully what had happened, she had flushed with shame and tried to flee, but the fat man had stopped her at the door of the kitchen, and Dominique and Maxwell Carter had quickly followed after him.

In the ensuing struggle, they had literally ripped her clothes from her ripe young body until her naked breasts were quivering in the air and all of her flesh seemed to be prey to the maddening grasp of demanding hands as well as hungry lips and lapping tongues. The fat man pressed her mouth open in a frantic, raping kiss, shoving his big tongue all the way down her throat until she gagged.

At the same time fingers were inserted and toyed with her tender little pussy, sliding sleekly in through the sparse pubic hairs and tickling at her defenseless cuntal lips until they were finally rewarded a light seepage of clear fluid. There were fingers on her rounded buttocks as well, taking big handfuls of flesh in greedy grabs; hands pulling at her bobbing breasts as if they were cow udders; lips sucking hungrily at her nipples; and worst of all, dogs' tongues lapping all over at her nakedly vulnerable flesh, licking up the moist crevice of her ass- cheeks to make her tiny puckering anus tingle madly.

She seemed to be mere food, animal prey, for a gang of sensual vultures. Every time she slapped a hand away, another came to take its place, or a tongue. She was licked and lapped and kissed and squeezed and fondled in so many different places that she couldn't keep track. Eventually she weakened and surrendered to the unequal struggle. Everything in her lushly ripening body seemed to go lax.

Their continual massaging, groping, fondling of her newly-aroused flesh simply destroyed her will. Now the beautiful thirteen year old blonde was naked as the day she was born and a mere plaything in their urgent hands and lips, while two searing German shepherd tongues burned off any resistance that might have been left to their ravishingly savage depredations on her quivering young flesh.

"Oh! Oh!" she cried. "Where are you taking me?" Maxwell Carter easily lifted her struggling form and carried her back across the marble-tiled foyer beneath the high, dangling chandelier, down the steps and into the library.

"Please! Oh, please let me go!" came her piteous wail. "She's not near enough softened up yet," came Dominique's answering husky voice somewhere behind her. "We've got to fuck her until she's crazy about it, and remembers everything, and lives only for that. Get Lucifer and Handsome to fuck the life out of her again, Maxwell.

This time so that there's no mistaking the total effect. We can't afford to have her running home to momma with naughty stories. If we can't get her to beg us for it, then we're finished.

She's only thirteen years old." The fat man, behind her, laughed as he grappled with their struggling young love-slave. "Don't worry," he smirked. "No young doll ever got fucked by Lucifer that didn't live just to love him for it. She'll never want a man as long as she lives." "No!" Ellen screamed, her arms and legs thrashing wildly as yet again a burning hot animal tongue snaked into her sweating backside crevice and pressed lingeringly against her trembling anal opening.

"What -- what are you doing to me? Help! Don't! I beg you. I don't need it! I don't want it! Please let me go!" Maxwell Carter laughed, as if he had just heard the funniest statement ever made. They dragged her with ferocious, enslaving resolve across the plush purple carpet, then up the brief stairs into the secluded bedroom with its large round bed and bright red sheets.

Now she was struggling and squirming and kicking in something akin to panic. "Stop it, you silly little bitch! You'd better do as we say," said Carter, shoving some photographs under her nose. "Don't make us tie you up again, or we'll show these to your high-and-mighty mother." Ellen shook her long blonde hair around and gazed weakly at the pictures.

They were of herself and Handsome and that other dog, doing the most obscene things imaginable! "Please, please," she whimpered, tears welling from her pretty blue eyes, her arms straining in their dominating grasp. "What -- what have you done to me? Why are you doing this to me!?" The full horror of what was happening swept scathingly through her incredulous mind.

This couldn't be happening to her. She had heard about teenage girls being raped, but never by nice people like this. And certainly never including German shepherds in the vile act! How could she have allowed herself to be so used? "It's no use," came Carter's surprisingly rough and husky voice, "she's resisting too much. We'll have to tie her up." "She hasn't been fucked in the ass yet," said the fat man.

"She's still a little virgin in her ass-hole. That's where Lucifer really wins them. Let him ram that big red pike up her ass-hole until she goes dizzy with it." Dominique had readied the bed now, and they gripped her tightly from seemingly every angle as they forced her naked teenaged body down on it. She damped her legs tightly together and drew them up, attempting to hide her precious treasure from their licentious gaze. But it was no use. In another moment they had spread-eagled her legs and her arms were above her head as they tied wrists and ankles, securing them with leather straps to facsimile bedposts at four points around the circular bed.

The helpless young girl squirmed against her bonds, sobbing, until they felt as though they would cut through her wrists. It was hopeless. Maxwell Carter sat down on the bed and it sagged under his weight so that she rolled slightly towards him. "I'm going to ask you just to save us all a lot of trouble. Believe me, eventually you're going to be in love with Handsome here," -- he indicated the panting dog -- "everybody is! Without exception! So why make things hard on yourself?

If you'll just submit and admit that you love him fucking you, you'll make it easier on all of us." "I'll never do that!" she cried, her face contorting with outrage and fear combined. "You drugged me last night! I know you did. Otherwise I'd never have done that.

Let me go and I'll promise to forget it all. Please!" Maxwell shook his head wearily and sighed. "Okay," he said, "I guess there's nothing left but to go through with it." His right hand swept around suddenly and his fingers stroked affectionately in the sparse blonde pubic hair on the mound at the base of her rapidly rising and falling belly.

He dug through the yellow curls and there was an involuntary jerk of her youthful hips at the unexpected probe of her sensitive secret parts. "She's a natural blonde, too," Carter muttered, as if not quite believing it.

"Please stop that! Don't! You got me drunk last night! I didn't enjoy any of it!" Her pelvis screwed down into the mattress desperately to try to avoid his obscene fondling.

"Get away from me! Please!" Carter moved his outstretched finger up and down in her fear-moistened slit and looked at the two dogs that were sitting ready and waiting, their long tongues hanging out and gleaming with saliva. "Then you do remember Handsome and Lucifer here eating you and fucking you?" he asked.

No! No! I don't remember!" she lied, her voluptuous torso squirming as the far man and Dominique appeared on either sides of the bed in order to each caress a separate breast.

A moment later, as if by some secret signal, they guided the girl's erect little nipples upward into their hungrily salivating mouths. Now in addition to Maxwell Carter's brutal finger fucking up inside her relatively dry and unready young cunt, there was also these two, laving her breasts and sucking as if her sensitively throbbing nipples were all they wanted in the entire world.

A moan of pain escaped from Ellen's tortured lips, and her inner thighs relaxed voluntarily in order to ease the excruciating hurt. "Come on," Carter prodded, his fiery finger digging deeper and being rewarded with some seepage. "Admit these two dogs fucked you good." "Yes, yesssssssss," she hissed as she relented to escape the cruel ravishing hand, and hoping for a respite from the wonderfully exciting mauling that was making her breasts harden and tingle with sensation.

"They did. Yesssss, they did!" "Did what? he demanded lewdly. "Come on, say it!" "They fucked me! Fucked me good!" There, she had admitted it, spitting out the words in a combination of pain, humiliation, shame, and rapidly expanding pleasure. She clenched her fluttering eyelids tightly shut, trying to blank out the sight of his perversely triumphant leer. If only someone could save her -- even though the humiliation would be even greater when her rescuers stormed into the room and saw what these vile people were doing to her.

She would have to chance it. Abruptly she began screaming at the top of her lungs until Dominique dealt her savage open-handed slap across her right cheek. "No one can hear you here, my dear," said Carter in a leisurely drawl as he lit up a cigarette.

"The house is soundproofed from top to bottom. And your mother doesn't expect you back until Monday morning. Why don't you just relax and swim with it. It's going to get you eventually, you know." He passed the marijuana cigarette over and forced it through her lips. She began to cough, then something inside of her instinctively began to puff smoothly on the noxious weed. Almost immediately a warmish, relaxed feeling entered her upper thighs and seemed to spread upward from there.

Her tight little vagina received another cruel thrust of Carter's finger, causing her to wince and cry out. "No one can hear you, little blondie," gloated Carter. "Looks like we'll just have to pull on those gorgeous big tits of yours until you come around." And in a sense he was right in his prediction that she would "come around." For by now Dominique and the fat man had been sucking and squeezing her breasts for so long that they felt like fruit so ripe that it was just bursting to be picked.

The tiny red tips had blossomed out into high, tough buds that tingled frantically with each electric lick of the talented tongues. Carter laughed at her discomfiture and pushed the entire wedge of his fingers joined together into the little hair-lined opening of her squirming young pussy until they came in contact with the wetly heated walls of her vagina.

Then his fingers narrowed and bunched, gently running in and out of her. Ellen blushed furiously with shame at the marvelous feelings swirling in her awakening young cunt from this expert ministration. It was obscene for her to enjoy it so much she knew, but she couldn't help herself. Even the humiliation was an aspect which seemed to heighten the wonderful urgings in her belly.

His fingers circled around up inside her pussy unhindered by resistance and increasing her lubrication by the second. By now deeply pleasurable shocks were shooting through the frayed nerve endings of her hotly aroused body as her inner thighs became flooded with the same clear honeyish liquid covering his fingers and hand.

Her firm-fleshed buttocks ground backward into the mattress, struggling to quench the lewdly searing flame which was now consuming morals, mind and reason. But the fire continued to rage, and she found herself moaning with deep felt pleasure despite her best will.

Carter snickered and played cruelly on by placing his thumbs on her moistly quivering pussy lips and pulled the heated layers of vaginal flesh slowly apart. Ellen breathed heavily, striving with everything in her to recapture some of her fast ebbing moral strength. And then she gave way. The enslaved blonde thirteen year old groaned in defeat and acknowledgment of her lewd desire, as exquisite tinglings reverberated through the rising bud of her clitoris and upward into the nipples of her throbbing breasts, her straining thighs relaxing loosely in a wash of pure pleasure.

Her saliva-glistening breasts rose and fell tremulously under the fingers that were twisting and turning them and the mouths sucking on them.

Carter pushed her unresisting thighs wide with the rough palms of his hands and gestured once to Handsome. The well-trained dog eagerly got up off his haunches and came over immediately . Chapter 10 Through a haze of molten sensuality Ellen sensed the mattress-sagging presence of Handsome's shaggy weight coming up silently on the bed before her, somewhere below her widely-spread knees. She could hear him panting, and this seemed to urge the devils to dance faster around the rough pink edges of her naked cunt which now felt like a hot empty tunnel needing desperately to be filled.

Her passion-dazed eyes widened and focused on Handsome's tongue that was slaving before her, dangling wetly from the side of his mouth. Her eyes locked greedily on it, for she knew this beautiful German shepherd was capable of making her whole again, capable of extinguishing the raging fire in her loins that was threatening to drive her mad. The fears of debauchery and humiliation were forgotten. She needed but one thing now, as Maxwell Carter's fingers fucked in and out of her heatedly quivering pussy and the fat man and Dominique sucked at her throbbing young breasts; she needed Handsome's tongue .

Handsome's penis. "Like what you see, Ellen?" Carter whispered hotly into her little shell-like ear. "Like to have his tongue lick your cunt? Want to have him fuck you?

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What do you say?" An involuntary shudder of desire shook her from toenails to hair ends. Yes, she did want that! But how could she bring herself to admit it? And all the while the gentle, maddening laving of her vulnerable exposed young body by three sets of mouths, hands and fingers continued, driving her wild. It was inhuman for them to torture her like this .

inhuman . inhuman . inhuman . "Yessss," she hissed with a tearful whimper, the tone of her voice approaching that of a mournful, broken croak.

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"Yessss, do it! Oh . pleeeeease!" The faces of her three tormentors lit with triumph. "Not so fast," said Carter, stilling them with his hand upraised. "Just what is it you want Handsome to do with it -- say it! You want him to fuck it! Say it!" "Yes!" she cried, all barriers down, straining at the cruel bonds which held her so that her teeth gnashed tightly from the pain. "I want him to fuck me with it! Hurry! Please let him! Oh God, I'm dying!" "Do you want him to lick your cunt?

Say it!" "Yes -- yes! Only hurry! Please let him lick my . my cunt!" Carter laughed and took away the restraining hand from Handsome's brightly buckled collar. The well-trained German shepherd immediately made for the helpless, desire-shivering spread-eagled girl, his longish pink tongue snaking out and curling through the hair-lined furrow of her wetly seeping pussy.

"Ooooooohhh!" she moaned, straining at her bonds like one possessed. All the pleasure in the world seemed to be surging through her debauched and quavering loins. Her head flailed from side to side, her long golden hair like a wind-blown veil. Around the bed her three predators hurried to undo the confining ropes from her wrists and ankles.

Ellen scarcely noticed them. The passion- crazed thirteen year old blonde beauty was awash in a sea of lascivious lust and had no notice for anything in the world other than this marvelous feeling between her legs. "Lick deeper, lick harder!" she screamed in desperation as Handsome's talented tongue curled like a scroll and began flickering in and out of her hotly pulsating vagina. She groaned with frustration, splaying her legs over the big bed as her bonds were loosened, opening herself as wide as possible in order to give the big German shepherd easier access to her quivering femininity.

"All right, Lucifer," came the fat man's voice from somewhere. "Show them what you can do now." And then there was another sagging series of movements on the bed as the other German shepherd got on top of it, circling around on her right side.

His long red tongue lashed out lizard-like and slipped into her open mouth before she was able to defend herself, and then to her surprise she found that she wanted it there, in there, fucking her mouth.

She sucked on his tongue in a wild frenzy of lust, her flesh trapped in a whirlpool of raw desire unlike any other feeling she had ever known before in her life.

Down below, Handsome's savagely licking tongue worked mercilessly at her wantonly writhing pussy, bringing gasps of pure happiness through the soul-sucking kiss she was engaging in with the other dog. She felt as if her peak was only a milli-second away. If only they didn't stop . no . didn't stop . She buffeted her hot young cunt up into Handsome's snout hungrily, tears of frustration running down her passion-inflamed cheeks.

Oh God, she thought, hopelessly enslaved as they had said she would be, I am their slave. They can do what they want with me.

I don't care! I love it, love it! It's like dying. Oh Christ! Ellen's sex-drugged body was writhing out of control, her eyes glazed and smoky with lust. The thirteen year old was beyond objecting to anything at all now.

She wanted her belly filled with vast pools of molten sperm, wanted to be able to feel it sloshing around wetly inside her like warm quicksilver.

Handsome spread her fleshy young pussy lips joyously apart with his hot dredging tongue, following the soft path of light fuzz down into the moist inner layers of her cringing cunt. The tiny pink bud of Ellen's clitoris clung to the velvety wet surface of his enormous tongue, and she wanted to shriek in rapture each time that sensitive nerve ending accidentally collided with one of his teeth.

She clenched her eyes tightly shut, alive with happiness and joyous desire at the whirlpools of sensation that were swirling so ecstatically throughout her aroused young body. Her pelvis jerked forward, fairly burying the big dog's snout in her hotly throbbing cunt. The fire down below had replaced every other thought she had ever had. Now her freed hands didn't know which head to caress first, Handsome's or Lucifer's.

The second German shepherd had filled her mouth with his gigantic tongue, and she sucked on it hungrily, drawing sustenance from it which burned right down into her breasts and from there into her tautly rippling belly. Her entire body felt like a great open fissure in the earth begging to be filled, aching, urging, agonizing to be engorged and stuffed with fiery hot flesh.

Nothing else in the world mattered now, just the flicking, dancing slap of that loving doggish tongue on her cuntal furrow and the other flooding her mouth with its hot, fleshy muscularity. Lucifer slipped his tongue out of her urgently sucking lips and began to lick her naked flesh as if she were a lollipop, lapping wetly at her throat, neck, sleek white shoulders and finally, her ardently pulsating young breasts . "Aarrrggghhh . ooohhh yesss . lick my tits . oh God . beautiful .

beautiful . like that . ooooohhh darling lover ooooooohhhhh ." The dog growled thrillingly, making her pelvis muscles shiver with excitement, lapping at her burning hot nipples until they felt as if they were going to explode. Then again it licked on up over her throbbing, straining young throat, licking at her nose and eyes and cheeks, the thick hot saliva soaking her skin.

She rotated her desire- contorted face all around, searching with her open mouth for that wonderfully licking tongue. She found it again and sucked it deep into her throat with a low, ecstatic animal groan. The lewdly leering faces of her three tormentors hung over the bed within inches of the thirteen year old girl's straining, lust-racked nakedness, watching delightedly as this shamelessly aroused blonde beauty was worked over by the two German shepherds.

She was dimly aware of their hands squeezing her exquisitely throbbing breasts and their fingers pinching her nipples as Lucifer licked around them. Her flesh felt as if it were covered with beautifully licking tongue and caressing hands.

The exotically decorated bedroom had become an enormous octopus with thousands of grasping tentacles reaching out to lewdly fondle her sex-enslaved young body. Handsome's immense tongue was an uncontrollable monster spinning upward into her belly and about to come frantically, willy-nilly, out through her mouth, and curl around her white neck and silken, blonde-tressed shoulders to dissolve her very molecules.

That ardently fucking tongue was tearing her soul from her body and devouring it with great gulps of depraved sensuality. Hands rubbed obscenely over her squirming ass-cheeks from both sides of the bed fingers pulled excitingly at her fleshy hair-covered cuntal lips in order to give Handsome greater entrance for his murderous, soul-dredging tongue.

She felt someone's fingertip probing underneath her buttocks into the sweat-soaked cleft leading toward her wildly puckering anus, and the flicking teasingly at it like another tongue. She winced as the outstretched finger suddenly popped through the tight little anal ring and forced its way deeply upward into the hot rubbery flesh within.

It moved around, expanding the tiny hole until the palm of the invisible intruding hand was flat against her smoothly undulating buttocks, the entire finger embedded deep up inside the throbbing hot tunnel, its tip tingling maddeningly against a wildly excitable gland inside there that she'd never ever dreamed she'd had. Would wonders never cease! What else did these wonderful people know about making her body happy? They knew more by far than she had ever known herself!

Now the finger embedded in her nether passage joined Handsome's rhythmically plunging hot tongue in pistoning her helpless loins, bringing groans of agony and gasps of lewd delight from her open mouth in time to their simultaneous fucking of her love-dissolved flesh.

Her outrageous debasement and subjugation flooded her bloodstream with a masochistic pleasure that was totally new. Her pelvis gyrated wildly with abandoned pleasure as the finger in her anus began stroking in and out, faster and faster. "Yessss," she hissed. "Goooooood . oooooohhh ssssooooo goooooood ." the naked teenager crooned, thrashing lewdly. "Don't stop! Oh please! Don't ever stop!" She twisted her upturned buttocks faster and faster, trying to keep up with their savage rape of her ecstatically exploding loins, which seemed to be issuing hot lava from every fissure.

Wave upon wave of indescribable pleasure burned through her nervous system, curling her toes and fingers as if they were twigs in a roaring conflagration. Her liquid passion gushed in a flood onto Handsome's handsome face and flowed in sticky washes all over her shivering thighs, soaking the mattress beneath her wildly grinding buttocks.

"Do you think she's ready?" came Dominique's husky contralto from somewhere off in the universe. "I do," said Carter beside her. And then suddenly strong hands were gripping her and pushing her over onto all fours on the giant bed, and Handsome's tongue had left her loins just as Lucifer's had left her French kissing mouth.

"Wait! Let me go!" she screamed. "Where are they? Put them back! Where are my dogs? Where are my lovers? What have you done with them?" She struggled wildly as they forced her into her new position.

"She's ready all right," came Carter's voice. "Take it easy, little lady. In another second you're going to have all the German shepherd that any woman can handle. Dominique, start the cameras. She's primed like a fuckin' firecracker. You were right about Lucifer, Angie. Don't know how we forgot to get her ass fucked last night.

Totally slipped my mind." "So long as it didn't slip your rod," came the fat man's voice. "You've got to stop playing with it so much. You're not keeping your mind on business." "Enough talk. Christ, she's a wildcat. Grab her!" They struggled silently for several moments longer as Maxwell Carter gripped her neck strongly, trying to force her shoulders down, and the other man tried to control her arms.

"Kneel!" Carter commanded imperiously of the half-conscious teenage blonde in bondage. "Kneel, Goddamnit, I say!" They grabbed impatiently at her hips and forced her to her knees. Ellen rested panting for a moment on all fours, her long honey-gold hair streaming down over her bewildered face. Her nakedly rounded buttocks waved high in the air while her full swaying breasts scraped the bedsheet. She felt through her sensual haze a pair of heavenly hands moving over on her hips, and she waved her straining ass-cheeks back in invitation at whoever it was.

And then there was something else. The subtle spearing pressure of Lucifer's large and nicely-tapered cock, hard, wet and ready, against the tightly puckered entrance to her virginal rectum.

Having already been widened and made hungrily ready by the Fat man's raping finger, her nether passage fairly ached to be filled up again. She wiggled her backside and tried to squirm backwards onto Lucifer's long slender organ. It bumped the interior sides of her buttocks and then slid sweatily forward. The tip of the taper slid through her tightly puckering anal orifice, and then Lucifer gave a mighty grunting bark and, propping his forepaws up on her back, rammed his lust-hardened penis viciously forward.

Ellen coughed and groaned. This feeling was pain, but it was exquisite as well. The finger that had been up inside her rectum previously could not remotely compare with it. She could feel every delightful ridge along its meaty animal length as the powerful German shepherd drove upward and home into her sex-starved nether passage. Lucifer widened her tight rectal channel as he went, imparting a fresh and wonderful thrill with each additional inch of his thrilling hot member.

By now her imprisoners were already positioning Handsome in front of her passion-twisted face. He staggered forward on his hind legs in the giving soft bed under their guiding hands, then allowed himself to be pushed over onto his side. His enormous red penis was sticking out like a pike from its furry sheath, spots of cum oozing from the sleek rubbery head.

As they moved him around, her face was suddenly confronted without warning by the hard erect animal penis; a second later it rammed into the lush warmth of the blonde teenager's gasping mouth.

Ellen was so far gone in her sensual debauchery, that the feel of this slippery animal penis sliding through her lips and into her hungrily waiting mouth only inflamed her loins all the further with mindless desire. She seemed to be beyond the point of caring what was done to her. The taste of that muskily warm sexual organ, pulsating with blood along all of its healthy masculine length made her head swim.

Her eyes, half-lidded with sensuality, glowed like surging lights on an extra charge of electricity, and her mouth began sucking on the delicious hot meat so automatically that it seemed the most natural thing in the world. Handsome began panting wildly and humping and sawing viciously into her face as if he were fucking a bitch in heat. She gagged as his enormous member rammed halfway down her throat, its full length disappearing into her moistly ovalled lips almost to the hilt.

His hairy balls slapped softly against her chin, the soft fuzz covering them tickling like feathers. She struggled to breathe, her mind and soul dissolving with lust, catching tiny gasps of air only on the greasy out-stroke of that magnificent-tasting penis.

"Woooooooonderful ." she crooned as the two German shepherds buffeted her helplessly kneeling body back and forth like a rag doll between them, using her mouth and anal passage as receptacles for their pent-up animal desires.

Ellen no longer felt fear or dismay; now she was a great mass of ectoplasm living only for pure sensation and pleasure. The mental picture of her voluptuous young body being fucked in the mouth and in the rectum by these two handsome, furry creatures was wildly exciting in itself. The hunger in her belly was like boiling hot honey lapping at her insides. She undulated her raging buttocks in vicious little circles, squeezing Lucifer's adorably thrusting penis with her naturally gifted rectal muscles as if to milk it dry.

She wanted that fleshy animal staff boring into her nether passage -- amid Handsome's urgent yelps, squeals and barks -- to fill her belly again and again until her trembling young thighs were running thick with all of his hot sticky cum. She wanted to wallow in bestial depravity with these two dogs she was in love with. She sucked voraciously at Handsome's almost bursting cock, licking thirstily at the little spots of cum as they appeared from the tip, her cheeks hollowing and filling correspondingly with his cruel animal thrusts.

Meanwhile her nakedly churning buttocks tried to worm back up rhythmically to match Handsome's furious fucking of her backside, wiggling and shaking from side to side. She couldn't remember ever tasting a cock of any kind before, so she had no way of knowing whether Handsome's was in any way superior to all the rest in the world. All she knew was that its taste was soooo delicious and that she felt as if in another minute she could even conceivably have an orgasm right in her mouth from the marvelous canine fucking she was receiving.

My God, she thought, nobody ever told me. If this is sex, it's the most wonderful thing in the world. They've been keeping it a secret from me. The cute blonde teenager licked wildly at the blood-filled tip of the German shepherd's penis. She wanted it to shoot in her mouth, not just with mere droplets of sperm, but with entire barrels full. She wanted to swallow it and feel it running down her throat until her stomach was as full as her rectum.

She wanted it to flood every pore in her hyper- sexed teenage body with great torrents of scalding hot joy. The two expert German shepherds did what they could to oblige. For simultaneously with the expanding tide of her own approaching orgasm, she felt the penis fucking into her from behind begin to inflate frantically and then burst forth in a shower of cum-filled sparks, spewing its white hot load deep up into her wildly clasping anal column.

The dog's burning semen ricocheted around inside her belly, finally dripping back down again onto his fiercely spurting penis and sliding down it to seep through the snugly puckering anal ring and then down his penis some more into the matted hair of the dog's surging belly. Lucifer barked once, twice, and more, happily for joy, and the sound of this barking excited his dominated blonde love-slave furiously so that she sucked all the more madly on Handsome's sperm-bloated cock, which the other dog had now buried in her throat right to the hilt.

She was rewarded with an explosion of warmish sweet cum that flooded her throat with its pungent taste, her cheeks expanding like a balloon to keep pace and to prevent her choking on the great savages gushes that squirted without pause into her hungry young throat. Ellen swallowed in crazed hungry gulps, fastening her lips like a snug elastic ring around the swiftly ejaculating instrument, afraid to lose even a single drop of the wonderfully delicious fluid. Tiny droplets ran from the corners of her mouth as Handsome howled in what could be described only as pleasure and then pulled his rapidly deflating cock from her glistening young lips.

His penis flopped lifelessly in front of her still ravenously licking mouth, narrow strings of animal sperm still connecting to the deflated cock several inches away. Ellen continued to screw her buttocks back tightly against Lucifer's still squirting organ in her rectum, milking it energetically with her rippling sphincter muscles, as with a rapturous shriek, she felt her own body explode into what seemed a million minuscule fragments shooting off into space.

"I'm cumming," she screamed proudly. "I'm cummmiinng!" Tremor after tremor of wildly ecstatic pleasure made her kneeling young body jerk like a puppet on strings, and then she began moaning loudly in lewd delight, trying to pedal her open legs as if she were trying to crawl away, and an explosion of molten hot cum came flooding out of her teenaged loins like lava from an upside-down volcano, creating a milky pool on the mattress that made her knees slip and slide.

Gasp after gasp broke from her panting, passion-inflamed lips. She felt as if her soul were being ripped apart by the talons of an enormous eagle. But if this was dying, it was so heavenly that she knew she would want to do it again and again, right up to the very end of her life. She shuddered as everything in her soul and flesh started coming apart and singing with ecstasy. She wanted this moment never to end. It was a combination of being burned alive and having one's insides pumped full of honey from a giant hose.

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It seemed like an eternity before she finally could get her head together again, and in between she collapsed with relaxed and exhausted happiness, falling into a post-orgasmic doze of indeterminate period. She could feel careful hands arranging her body so that she was able to nap more comfortably, and then there was a cool sheet being thrown over her sweat-cooled flesh.

And then she slept! Eons later -- it seemed -- when she awoke, the beautiful thirteen year old girl gazed up weakly around at her three friends and their two dogs. A soft smile of gratitude crossed her radiant face. Dominique smiled back at her and came over to sit down on the edge of the bed and run her fingers pleasantly through the opulent teenager's long gold hair.

"Have a nice doze, precious?" she asked. "Oh yes, Dominique. Are you all right?" The men laughed. "We're fine," said Dominique. "It's you we're concerned about, dear. How do you feel?" "Oh, Dominique," the winsome young creature breathed, nestling her face into the older woman's lap. "I've never felt so happy in my entire life," she blushed.

"I've been very foolish." They all smiled. "All right, then," said Dominique sweetly. "Let's go in and finish breakfast then. I'll bet you're famished." Chapter 11 Amy had been using the big brass knocker on the Carters' big oak door for some time before she heard footsteps approaching from the other side.

At first she had assumed that her pretty young daughter and the Carters had gone for a drive somewhere, when there seemed to be no answer forthcoming from the big house. She knew how Ellen enjoyed riding in their convertible with the top down, her waterfall long honey hair floating gloriously in the wind. The Carters were probably her favorite people since they'd come to Kenilworth. They were so refined and well- to-do. Little wonder Ellen found their company so pleasant. There was a disconcerting one-way peephole in the Carters' front door, and now Amy had the distinctly discomforting impression that someone was peering at her through it.

In such situations even the most cool individual would find it difficult to contrive a casual appearance, and Amy Winthrop was by no means cool. She fidgeted and looked alternately away from the little peephole, then back again defiantly with her eyebrows narrowed. She wasn't sure at all that she approved of this sort of circumspectness on the part of ordinary neighbors. One would think they were running a house of ill repute or something.

Then suddenly the door opened and there was Maxwell Carter, a tall, dark and handsome brute of a man with long wavy black hair and steely blue eyes which bored right through a person.

"Hello, Amy," he said pleasantly. "Hello," she smiled shyly. "Just thought I'd come by to borrow a cup of sugar." She looked up at his grand, broad-shouldered form. He seemed to fill the whole foyer. Almost six-foot-three, at least, she thought with a pleasant and easy comparison of his mature and sensual manhood, very dignified, and Billy Erspamer's winsome youthfulness.

He smiled indulgently and took her arm, guiding her inside and closing the door behind her. Their feet clattered on the elegant hardwood tiles of the entrance hall. "Ellen isn't here right now," he said in a masterful tone. "She's gone with Dominique up to our lake cottage at Libertyville. Is there anything I can get you? A martini, perhaps?" Amy smiled nervously.

This was the first time she had ever been alone with this devastatingly handsome man, and she had to admit that it gave her butterflies in her stomach. Her adventure with Billy Erspamer seemed to have heightened her general sexual awareness and sensitivity tremendously. She tried to be casual as she said, "Well, I rarely drink in the daytime ." "Just one, then," said Maxwell, taking her arm and guiding her dominantly towards the library.

In another moment they were down the steps and walking across the plush purple carpeting towards the bar that had come sliding around open at the far side of the room.

Amy smiled uncertainly and looked around. She had never been in such plush surroundings before. The Carters indeed seemed to have everything!

She had never been in their library before, but the immediate impression of sumptuousness and spare-no-expense was forceful and pervading. She was impressed. Carter went around behind the bar and began mixing them both a drink as she watched him. He said casually, looking down at his bottles and glasses in the sink below the bar, "The girls probably won't be home until quite late.

That gives us some time to get acquainted and get to know each other. We've really been meaning to get to know you better.

Ellen is quite a delightful child to have around." She tried to read his words for anything more subtle, but his manner was so innocuous she failed to uncover any sinister hidden meanings. He was just a decent individual, a good man, and he really meant what he said, obviously.

She took the drink from him and smiled.

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"Thank you." "Have a seat." He indicated the couch in back of her. She sat down smiling and lifted her drink to her lips. The taste was not quite martini, but it was good and warming.

She had the heady sensation that it was flowing right down her throat and into her vitals, which seemed to turn over with the minimum reaction required of a cold engine on a cold morning. "So how are you finding our little town?" asked Carter pleasantly, his right arm resting casually over the back of the red leather arm chair so that she couldn't see his finger press a hidden button wired beneath the piano in back of it.

"Oh, it's very nice. The neighbors are very nice too, of course." She drank some more of her very pleasant drink and noticed with a dull sort of awareness a very faint vibration which seemed to be in either the couch or in her loins, or perhaps both, as if a truck were passing in the street outside the house.

She tried to shift her seat without being too obvious, but it seemed as if she had sat on some sort of ridge in the cushion, and it wasn't very easy to slip off of it.

"I understand you're a widow," he said pleasantly, drinking. "Oh yes," not sure whether that required a smile or what. "Must be difficult. After all those years of marriage, to suddenly be without a man." The vibrations seemed to have increased subtly. There was a rubbery probing just beneath her rounded ass-cheeks.

It seemed to be some sort of instrument inside the cushion. But that was absurd. She felt very self-conscious. His eyes were warmly upon her, and she felt awkward about trying to shift to another part of the couch. She took another sip of her drink, which had turned truly delicious. The warmish feeling in her stomach was expanding into her rib cage, and from there upward into her deliciously ripened breasts.

Her nipples began to tingle. She said, somewhat awkwardly, almost afraid of what he might reply, "Well, of course one gets used to having a man about the house ." "No, I mean for sex," said Carter frankly.

He leaned forward, his glass in his large hairy hands. "I mean, after all those years of regular fucking, it must get very lonely inside your ." "I beg your pardon?" she asked, scarcely believing that she had heard correctly. Surely this well-spoken and good-looking man hadn't used that lewd word! Her eyes lifted and widened with astonishment. Beneath her, the pleasant sonorous drone of his roughly masculine voice had served to distract from the strange sensation of vibration under her loins.

There definitely seemed to be something poking up now between her legs. The shape of it was roughly that of the end of a broom handle, round and firm. And she would have sworn it was really vibrating. She looked at her drink, puzzled. It was too late to move, as she seemed to be stuck on this ridged column. And anyway her lower body suddenly felt very tired. Carter leaned forward, putting his fingers on her knee so confidently that she couldn't bring herself to object.

He looked deeply into her eyes, and she found that his were slightly more hypnotic than they had been when he had first opened the door. "But don't you feel," he asked, "that you are missing something when you don't have a man's long hard cock sliding up and down inside your juicy cunt from time to time?" Amy gasped and put her hand to her throat.

This conversation had gotten altogether out of hand. And now the strange sensations building in her loins served to keep her rooted to her seat. She didn't know if this tingling feeling was being caused by the vibrating prod in the cushion or by the drink or by the terribly wicked things he was saying, or perhaps by a combination of all of it. But in any case, despite her brain's insistence that she flee, her belly and thighs didn't seem to want to let her.

Her sensually excited body seemed to be drenched with a weakness somewhat similar to what one feels during a bad case of the flu. Then too, there was the fact that Maxwell Carter was a very handsome man.

Now that Billy Erspamer had opened the floodgates with his masterful awakening of her voluptuous body, she had become aware of other men, too. Of men in general. Of sex in general. Where was the harm? She was a mature woman! Maxwell Carter was a mature and attractive man. For all she knew his penis might feel even better than young Erspamer's.

That might be worth cheating on Billy for. And he wouldn't demand pay, either. With Ellen and Mrs. Carter away for the afternoon, it might prove a joyous respite to somewhat vary her sexual activities. But on the other hand she mustn't appear too easy.

Men never respected women who were human punchboards. She crossed her legs at the knees, showing just a small amount of thigh and said absurdly primly, "I really don't think that's a topic open to general discussion. Isn't there something else we could talk about?" She scrunched down into her seat over the vibrating prod, which seemed to be stuck right up into the softly flanged lips of her warmly tingling pussy now.

She tried to move slightly away in order to relieve the tantalizing sensation, but this only seemed to make it worse. "Then you don't enjoy it when Billy Erspamer rams his big hard cock up into your sweet little cunt, Amy?" The startled young mother gasped and put a hand to her throat. "Where - - where . oh God! Who . told you that?" Suddenly she felt like screaming. If this man knew of her transgressions with Billy, then everyone in town must know it!

He came over abruptly and sat down next to her. Now it was really impossible to move. The vibrating broomstick beneath her loins was making her breath come faster and faster, and she knew her panties were already soaked from the lewd excitement.

It was going to be impossible to retain her composure for very much longer. "Oh, little boys have a way of bragging about their exploits," he said, his hand moving casually up inside her skirt along her sleek inner thigh. "You should have selected a more mature and discreet individual for your amorous adventures. Believe me, that would work out best. If you're going to fuck with children, they only fuck you back.

Your hot little cunt is probably the talk of the locker room at New Trier High." The sensations swimming through her internal organs were undeniable now. She wanted to push his hand away, or slap it, but his words were so startling that she was thrown into confused rout. This was not orderly, this approach. Like most women, she was befuddled and disarmed by any approach to her vault of love which was distinctly out of the ordinary.

She honestly didn't know what to do. And now that terrible vibration of the bony prod inside the couch cushion had increased dramatically. She was being masturbated and she knew it; but the furthest thing from her mind was flight.

Far from it! By now she definitely wanted something stuffed up inside of her wildly throbbing cunt that would help to still the live sensations swarming in her belly. His words were also adding to this incitement dramatically. Shit, fuck and piss, suck and lick and eat were all words that Billy Erspamer used to turn her on and make her want to have wild uninhibited sex.

She was programmed to respond to obscene language. So she just stared at him, hypnotized, like a rabbit watching a python slowly uncoil. His hand came to rest softly against the white-pantied pubic triangle up between her thighs and, surprisingly to her, she did not resist automatically. Then his fingers were tickling at her frantically aroused genitals as his leonine head came forward, blocking out the light until she felt as if she were slipping into an immeasurable abyss.

Before she knew what was happening, his lips were on hers, hot and heavy, breathing with passion as his tongue attempted to penetrate through her nervously quivering red lips. At first the beautiful young widow was not sure how to react, but by now she was besieged by so many mutually distracting sensations that she was at a loss as to how she might cleverly resist without putting him off too much. After the initial minor resistance, her mouth opened instinctively and she sucked in his massive tongue, helpless to do anything but stroke it with her lips in the way honored by so many thousands of generations of womankind.

Her body shivered as his hands moved down over her softly round buttocks and began lifting the rear of her skirt. Now her excitedly tingling loins were totally open to the magnificent masturbatory sensation of whatever was going on inside the vibrating cushion with its unseen dildo. He nudged her hips up then and she lifted them without resistance, breaking off their kiss long enough to mutter, "You're sure they won't be coming home soon?" His only reply was a primitive grunt, and then his outsized fingers were slipping her panties off ripely rounded ass-cheeks and down her long tapered legs, finally dragging them off her feet as he took off her shoes.

Amy smiled dreamily, going along with the tide, running her fingers through his curly hair. It would have been senseless to protest this far along.

She murmured something unintelligible and put her wet little tongue into his ear as his masterful hands slipped under her blouse to unhook her brassiere, which fell away without effort as she moved around so that he could pull it off.

Her proudly upthrust breasts trembled and hardened slightly as they made naked contact with his big rough hands, and she groaned in ill-concealed eagerness. She was naked now and yet curiously felt no extreme apprehension.

Indeed, her lush mature body strained and worked with his hands as they coursed over it. He rubbed her quivering ass-cheeks in small circles, gently pressing apart the two full white moons in order to slide his finger toward the tiny puckered hole of her anus where it lay winking like a red star in the night within its soft hairless crevice. His tongue was again forcing its powerful presence down into her open mouth, and she found herself sucking on it ravenously.

In another moment his searching fingers had begun sluicing through the satiny moisture of her ebony black pubic hair. He pressed his outstretched middle finger up between the wetly heated flanges of her cuntal lips and she jerked spasmodically from this unexpected contact which sent a warm ripple of erotic sensation up her naked spine.

Amy groaned. The vibration in the cushion had continued, and it pressed upward into her nether passage as he turned her over so that she was flat on her back with the whole of her naked front presented to him like a delicious photograph of curvaceousness. "Christ, you have some body," he muttered earnestly as his hands continued with their urgent work, titillating her throbbing hot flesh until she thought she would go out of her mind.

"Ellen has nothing on you; nothing at all, believe me." Ellen? What did she have to do with it? What did he mean by that? He ran his hands reverently over her ripely matured breasts, her flat white stomach, her firm young thighs, dragging soft mewls and whines of fierce pleasure from her open mouth.

Tiny licking flames were consuming her naked flesh, between the softness of her inner thighs, out through the tips of her throbbing and now hard nipples, and down back again into the seething cauldron of her vagina where it roared with white hot heat like the interior of a blast furnace converting high-grade ore to steel. "My God," she groaned softly, "Oh my God, Maxwell. I like it. Oh go on.

Don't stop." Carter didn't need any urging. Glancing briefly in the direction of the hidden motion picture cameras, he continued rummaging his hands over her lush nakedness and exploring her warm moist mouth with his saliva- drenched tongue. His fingers ran up between her thighs, searching for the seething core of her being.

Her feverish cuntal furrow fairly jerked upwards toward his touch as if magnetized. "Aaaahhhh, that's it, that's it . oh . aaahhhhhh .!" she sighed without pause, searching his mouth with her tongue and sucking on his hot pink bludgeon as if it were a miniature penis fucking her mouth. Pausing only momentarily to strip off his clothes, Maxwell fell down again upon the victimized and nakedly writhing young widow, covering her excitedly quivering breasts with kisses and twisting them savagely with his hands.

His mouth sucked first on one nipple, then on the other, until they were both standing like flags on a mountain peak. Slithering on top of her eagerly squirming body, he could feel her shivering with undisguisable passion beneath him. "You planned this, you devil," she gritted hoarsely.

"Of course, my dear," he grinned down at her, tantalizing her sensitive flesh. "Get it over then. You're driving me crazy!" Carter laughed and drew her unresisting thighs up the sides of his hips.

Only then did she really become aware of his massively pulsating penis. She started when she saw the menacing spear of hard flesh and the heavy, sperm-bloated balls swinging softly beneath it.

But nonetheless the hopelessly aroused young mother spread her legs still wider, offering her wetly throbbing vaginal slit in sacrifice to his immense masculinity. "Put it in," he croaked, then let his breath out with a long, low gasp as her hand burrowed down without hesitation and her warm fingers closed snugly around his rigid thrusting maleness, one thumb running affectionately up and down the sperm-bloated ridge beneath.

Then her thumb and forefinger tightened around the throbbing purplish head, slowly but firmly pulling it toward her gaping vaginal aperture. He gasped as she peeled back the foreskin and gently pressed the sensitive moist tip against the fleshy wet folds of her open cunt.

Her soft black pussy hair caressed it as it passed on through, the mouth of her vagina blowing on his cock with a burning desirous blast.

The temptation was almost overwhelming to lunge forward and sink the whole of his heavy pulsating penis with one mighty flesh-splitting thrust into her quivering little belly. By now Amy was truly groaning with lust, tiny unintelligible gasps of hunger and pleasure seeping from between her tightly clenched teeth.

Her soul literally ached as much as her body as her womb contracted with lust like a hungry animal. His great throbbing hardness was at the tight entrance to her vagina, pressing smoothly into the passion- saturated folds. Oh God! What was he waiting for? It was agony . no, wait . there he was . parting the silken softness of her black pubic hair with his hotly throbbing thickness.

"What are you waiting for?" she gasped. "Hurry . the others will come back ." "I want to fuck your tits," he said, working his long rigid penis tormentingly around the outer edges of her wildly quivering cuntal mouth. He looked down at her large firm breasts with their enormous dark centers and erect nipples swaying gently outward from her slender rib cage and quivering slightly with each mewling gasp from her passion-soaked throat.

Then he slithered up her chest and straddled her with one leg on either side of her torso, gently placing his throbbing hot penis within the narrow cleft of her soft warm fleshiness. Fuck my tits? What on earth . Carter's hand reached down and crushed the resilient mounds between his strong, sinewy fingers, kneading and stretching them until she moaned with ecstasy.


He watched them ooze through his hands like flaccid foam rubber, soft and yet springing back into voluptuous shape the moment the pressure of his hands abated. He pressed them together so that they met across her chest and formed a velvety yielding tunnel in which his cock was sensuously entrapped.

Then he began a gentle rocking motion, thrusting his pulsating rigidity in and out through the warm fleshy passage formed by her mounds, bumping her chin to wipe off the tiny spots of moisture as they appeared in the lust-swollen head of his penis. Amy breathed heavily, totally unconscious of the subtle whirring of motion picture cameras in the distance. A smoky veil of passion obscured her dilated pupils, her nostrils flaring like a race horse's. This felt so unearthly nice. Why hadn't anyone ever used her breasts before like this?

Her hips and buttocks writhed with desire, and her thighs trembled with unrelieved energy. This was nice -- fun -- but it wasn't what she wanted. If only he would fuck her and quell this raging desire! But Carter had received a signal from behind the one-way mirror by the fireplace, just a subtle flash of light like that of a flashbulb going on. He nodded and his eyes locked unsmiling on her full red sensuous lips which were still quivering with desire.

He worked his way up her body slightly until his knees were on either side of her throat and his long thick cock pulsated directly over her beautiful sensuous face, giving her eyes a view of the throbbing sperm- filled ridge underneath it.

His testicles rested gently against her moistened chin. He sat still for a moment, feeling the firm resilient mounds of her breasts squashed down under his buttocks. Then he placed both hands behind her head and lifted it up off the bed, bending her neck up towards him so that her mouth was directly in front of his impatiently pulsating organ. Then he shoved forward, his buttocks rolling on the cushion of her massive breasts, until the tip of his penis was pressed softly between her slightly ovalled lips.

He groaned as he felt the soft lipsticked surfaces brushing gently over his cockhead as her lips fell limply open, and her face moved forward of her own volition. Her warm moist lips had barely ovalled around his hotly throbbing cock before the desire-crazed young widow started using her tongue, swiping it around it make his penis jerk violently.

Her lips moved down his lust-thickened shaft of flesh to take in as much of it as her throat could swallow, coating its sensitive skin with saliva and an undulating warmth.

He pushed his hands along either side of her hollowing cheeks and pressed inward as she licked and sucked hungrily. Amy's tongue curled around his organ as if all the burning hunger in her cunt was now concentrated in the heat of her mouth. He flexed his loins in and out and rolled his backside around on her breasts as she took in all of his long hard cock and burrowed her nose in is own cum- filled testicles slapping against her chin as she sucked, was excruciating and unbearable; he felt as if his penis were blowing up like a balloon.

Then, almost before he realized what was happening, there was a shudder in his belly and a liquid white flow came rushing like a waterfall up from his aching balls and out the bridge of his rapidly jerking organ.

He gripped her head tightly with his fingers in her hair and rammed his wildly ejaculating cock far back into her throat, not letting her escape. She groaned as the heavy spurts of fiery hot cum came squirting out, stretching and bloating her cheeks to bursting. But she swallowed gluttonously, sputtering to keep from choking on the sticky white semen as he emptied his testicles into her voraciously sucking mouth. She continued to suck hungrily on his deflating penis, undulating her buttocks and rubbing her thighs together, their tops flooded with her own liquid excitement.

Resolved to get her own orgasm as well, Amy licked and bit at his cock gently until it began to fill up with blood again. Then when her tongue and lips had restored it fully, her head dropped heavily back onto the couch, and the shamelessly aroused young widow spread her legs wide. The rejuvenated male instrument slipped wetly from her cum-filled lips, and her eyes flickered open as she peered at him through smoky, desire- ridden dilated pupils.

Then came her desperate croak, "Fuck me." Carter smiled superciliously and moved down to make the connection. He could feel her wetly heated pussy lips throbbing with excitement as his fingers guided his rigid pole of flesh straight through her gaping cuntal mouth and into the furnace hot depths below. Her pussy hair was by now heavy with sexual secretion, and he was able to slide right up to her cervix with a single long, smooth stroke, which brought a gasp of rapture from her lust-constricted throat.

There was not the slightest resistance as the naked young mother groaned with happiness and dug her fingernails into his swiftly moving buttocks. The smooth walls of her hotly quivering vagina covered his invading cock with more lubricant and undulated passionately as it moved on through, going deeper, ever deeper, up into her belly. Amy felt as if her body was singing all over as Maxwell's masterful penis began pistoning in and out of her tightly clasping cunt.

Her entire insides seemed to open like a sunflower to his wonderfully hard penetration. And then she began groaning and sighing ecstatically as he fucked her as viciously as he knew how, her voluptuous young body shuddering with wild, abandoned jerks, "Sssssssooo goooood," she moaned, her arms wrapping snugly about his swiftly-moving body, her face contorting with ecstatic passion. Wet smacking sounds resounded through the library as they fucked demonically, like two people possessed, her cuntal lubricants overflowed the snug connection and flowed into the hotly undulating crevice of her buttocks.

Her sex-ravenous body gyrated enthusiastically, anguishing as it sought its climax. Amy churned and twisted and thrashed, shrieking and begging and cursing for him to fuck harder and deeper.

She spiraled her hungry little cunt up and down over his lust-hardened cock as though her hips were on a yo-yo string . up and down . up and down. Then . it was there, the string breaking without warning!

"Oh God! I'M CUMMING! DARLING! I'M CUMMING!" she shrieked, locking her ankles high up around his back, and then all of her orgiastic fluid came gushing out in a mighty rush, flooding his sperm-laden balls, buttocks and thighs.

He shoved her violently quaking thighs up over her shoulders and rammed his hips forward, grinding as deeply into her wildly convulsing vagina as he could go, until his hot liquid sperm exploded deep up inside her, shooting spurt after spurt into her warmly welcoming womb. Chapter 12 On the other side of the one-way mirror which encircled the Carter's elegant stone fireplace, Ellen sat in an easy chair stroking Handsome's crown as the big dog gently nuzzled and licked at her swarming young pussy.

She could no longer remember how many times he had fucked her and licked her cunt, all she knew was that she felt ridiculously happy and relaxed. The fat man and the other, rather good-looking dog had gone home. It was herself and Dominique sitting back here with the motion picture cameras as they whirred, getting her mother's adventure with Maxwell Carter from every angle.

"Golly, my mother sure can suck cock, Dominique," said the buxom teenage blonde in awe. "I'd never have believed it." Dominique squeezed the child's hand affectionately.

"Remember what I told you, Ellen. Whatever your differences, she's still your mother." Ellen shrugged luxuriously, her budding young breasts quivering in teenaged exuberance.

"Oh poo, I don't care about Billy Erspamer any more." Then she smiled. "You've shown me that sex is normal, Dominique. You and Maxwell." She blushed. "I just want to show my appreciation." Dominique looked through the glass to where Amy Winthrop was whining and moaning in delight under Maxwell's masterful fucking. "You have already, dear. And it was a good thing you told us about Billy. That and a few other things helped up to soften your mother up somewhat." "Looks like she's having an orgasm," said the thirteen year old thoughtfully, biting her lip as she looked vaguely jealous.

Dominique smiled. "She certainly is! As soon as she's finished, we'll bring Handsome out to say hello to her." She squeezed Ellen's hand again. "Would you like that, dear? Would it turn you on to see our nice big doggy fucking your hot-blooded mother?" "You know it would, Dominique. More than anything." Ellen rested back in the chair as Handsome's tongue spun like a bullet up through her moistly churning young cunt.

She was almost ready to come again. And after that -- why, after that, their families were going to have whole new lives together.

She looked into the future and saw only fullness and sunshine. The End