Teen and mature bring that down

Teen and mature bring that down
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[To my faithful readers - I have decided that the time has come to wrap up this series. My long breaks have mostly been because of my struggles with ideas, and the pressure to continue the story. I need to finish things in the only way I know how. I may end up writing future bonus chapters to this series, but I want the continuation to be done. I know some may not like how I've chosen to end things, but think of it like those games you play online, or those choose your path books you read.

I never thought that my first story I ever wrote would earn almost 700k reads, and turn into a half decade long series with nearly 3 million reads. Thank you for giving me this platform to share fantasies, and I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I've enjoyed writing. There will be more.] "Oh my god" I whispered as the last of Hailey's contractions gripped my cock.

She looked back at me, a bit glazed from the orgasm, but with a look of fear I hadn't often seen. A few seconds after the door opened, steps could be heard, and it was obvious it was not a burglar, but Danielle coming back to check on things. Hailey looked panic stricken, and I knew it was up to me to think of something. Going out the second story window wasn't feasible.

The closet could be opened up in a second. There wasn't a great option, but I quickly slid out from Hailey's depths, rolled off the side of the bed, and crawled underneath it. The carpet scratched my bare back as I slid into the middle of the underside of the bed. I did my best to place objects on either side of me, in case Danielle looked underneath. I tried to steady my breathing, and I could hear Hailey quickly ruffle the covers and get comfortable.

Seconds later, Hailey's door creaked open, and I could see Danielle's feet step tentatively into the room. She stood still, turning in a couple of directions, and then walked to Hailey's closet.

The door squealed lightly as she opened it, and it was enough to "wake" Hailey. "Fuck!" Hailey shrieked. "Danielle? Is that you? What the hell are you doing?" "Sorry to scare you sis" Danielle responded, trying to play things off.

"How are you feeling?" I watched as her feet came closer to the bed. "I'm.alright" Hailey responded, coughing between her words.

"Why are you here? What is going on?" "I, uh, didn't feel very good. I must have caught what you have" Danielle explained.

Then she coughed too. She wasn't as good a liar as Hailey. "Well go sleep then" Hailey said, a bit sharply. "What are you doing in here?" "I'm just making sure everything is on the up and up" Danielle responded, and I saw her feet shift again as she walked across the room to her window, presumably taking a glance outside.

Then I almost felt my heart get up and leave my chest when a knee hit the floor. "DANIELLE" Hailey shrieked, as her sister dropped to a knee by her bed. "Seriously, what the fuck are you doing?

Do you really think I'm so interested in Chris that I faked the flu and had him stay here?" Danielle kept frozen on her knee. "I know how badly you want him" Danielle said flatly. "Fine, want to know the truth?" Hailey asked, patting the bed by her, but keeping her naked body hidden under the covers. Though, I'm guessing she probably slept naked a lot. "Yes, tell me" Danielle responded, standing back up and taking a seat on her sister's bed.

"I texted him" Hailey started with a sigh. "I really am sick, but I asked if he wanted to come by and bring me a snack. He said no. So don't worry. He's yours." I shook my head under the bed. This girl could be an actress if she wanted to. She sounded completely deflated.

"Thanks for telling me that" Danielle said, taking a huge deep breath and standing back up. Her feet moved back towards the door. "Sorry. I really am. Get some sleep and feel better so we can all hang out soon" she offered.

"Thanks, you feel better too" Hailey said, with a bit of mockery in her voice at her sister's condition.

Danielle must have been so embarrassed that she didn't even respond. She left the room and closed the door behind her. Before I could worm my way out from under the bed, Hailey's face appeared in front of me, upside down, with a huge frown.no, that must have been a grin.

"How did I do?" she whispered. "You're fucking ridiculous" I chuckled softly as I continued to slide out from underneath, finally free from my carpet prison. "I should probably go at this point, shouldn't i?" Hailey frowned. This time, it was definitely a frown. She had done all this planning to set up a weekend for just us, and for once, her plan didn't fully work out.

Although she had certainly successfully made her statement to me already. "No, this sucks" she whined softly. "I don't even get to spend one night with you. Stay.

Please. Or I'll go back with you to your house." I thought about both options. If I stayed, I would have to find a way to escape the house in the morning without being seen. If she came back with me, I'd have to sneak into my own house, and avoid family noticing in the process.

I decided the best option would be to bring her to my house. I could get back into my room, and nobody would be checking on me in the morning. Although. "If you come back with me, what happens here in the morning when your family checks on you?" I asked Hailey. "I think they'll let the sick girl sleep" she chuckled. "Either way, I'll lock the door. If they text me, I'll just say I've been sleeping.

Danielle isn't doing anything tomorrow. Did you see how embarrassed she was?" "I was kind of buried in carpet" I laughed in response. "That's why I shave" she quickly retorted with a teasing grin.

"You shouldn't have to deal with that." I laughed and playfully poked her. Then we started to dress, finding random articles of clothing around the room. "How are we going to get out of here?" I asked, looking back over towards the window.

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"I figured something like this would happen eventually" Hailey responded. She grabbed some rope and went to the window.

"Maybe later" she said teasingly when I suggestively looked at the rope. Hailey quickly tied the rope to a sturdy post, and tossed it out the window. She went first, and it almost seemed like she had done this before. "Flex for me" she teased as I made my way down after her. After we were both safely on the ground, Hailey was smart enough to toss the rope over the awning, hiding the evidence from sitting on the ground.

This was quite the experience after all. The two of us set off for my house, hand in hand, in the cold night air. A big breeze came by and we both shivered as it cut through us. "Feel how hard my nipples are" she said goofily, pulling my hand and putting my palm against her breasts.

"That's not fair" I chuckled. "I was just inside you and didn't get to finish." "I mean you could have cum" she shot back with a wink.

"Not if you wanted me to escape in time" I responded. "That was the first time I saw you without a plan." "Well hey" she said, and I saw her blush a bit in the light of the street lamp. "You did good though. You saved us." I chuckled lightly and then my eyes widened. For the first time in this situation, I actually had a paranoid thought about Hailey.

How much did she want me? Was it enough that she wanted to get caught? The only thing that would have happened in that situation would have been Danielle most likely dumping me. And, wouldn't that have been what Hailey wanted? Did Hailey do something to make her sister come home?

Is that why she froze in the moment? "Everything okay handsome?" Hailey asked me, as if sensing my change. No, that didn't really make sense. If she really wanted to get caught, she wouldn't have stopped Danielle as she was about to find me under the bed. Sometimes, this crazy situation played tricks on my own mind. "Everything's great" I smiled and kissed her firmly.

A few minutes later, we arrived at my house, and made our way to my bedroom window. I hadn't done this much, but had enough experience to remember how to pop the screen out and then slide the unlocked window up from the outside.

And, just like that, we were together in my room, in the middle of the night. "Ready for one more surprise?" Hailey asked me as we finally took a deep breath. "I'm not sure I'm ready for anything more" I chuckled, thinking about the crazy night. "Well, I know this is going to seem weird after my statement of wanting you to myself tonight" Hailey began. "But." "Surprise" I nearly jumped out of my skin as Melanie busted in through my bedroom window and landed on both of us in a big hug.

"I texted her once I knew what was happening" Hailey laughed as I stared in bewilderment. "I actually have something to tell you" Melanie started. "I'm moving.next week." I could feel part of my heart sink. Even though it was probably something that would help me control my desires of so many different girls, it was hard to hear. "I figured you wouldn't want her to leave without saying goodbye" Hailey said.

It didn't seem as though Hailey saw Melanie as a threat to her ultimate prize, especially with this news. "Damn, I really am going to miss you" I finally said. She smiled and gave me a quick kiss and a long hug.


"Alright, there will be plenty of time for sappy nights on the phone. We've got one night together, so let's make it fun" Hailey said, forever the sex orchestrator. The two of them got up, and simultaneously started to strip for me. Both of their gorgeous asses came into view, as they turned to face the other direction while slipping down their bottoms.

Then, they surprised even me by climbing on top of each other and offering themselves up to me together. I had already been built up inside of Hailey earlier, and needed to cum bad. So, it was barely three seconds before I joined them in stripping and moving into position. Melanie was on top facing down, and I eagerly sunk my thickness into her tight pussy, much to her delight.

I gave her a few thrusts before pulling out, dropping to the lower opening, and thrusting inside Hailey, who was on the bottom, facing up. The two moaned and groped each other, rubbing their breasts together as I moved between them.

Admittedly, I was always one for new things, and it had been longer since I had been with Melanie. So, I finally stopped alternating, and gave Melanie a rough pounding for a few minutes. Any time Hailey squirmed, I started to rub her clit. But, the two girls were teasing each other enough that everybody was busy. I was overdue for orgasm, and it wasn't long before I started building. I buried myself deep inside Melanie, spurting a few quick ropes inside her, before pulling out, blasting a few on her ass, and drilling back into Hailey.

Hailey purred with delight as I gave her the rest of my cum, both girls now filled up, with some shots on their legs and butts. "I'll miss you, too" Melanie said, giving me another kiss as we all sighed in pleasure. After recovering, the three of us sat up talking most of the night.

Melanie explained that her family was moving for job opportunities, and that she was nervous. She was hopeful that she'd get to visit, but it was clear she was treating this as a last hurrah. "I know this isn't always going to be an easy arrangement" Melanie said.

Then she continued when Hailey went to the bathroom. "What are you going to do?" "I don't know" I could only chuckle, realizing Hailey must have told her the situation was intensifying. Somehow, I knew the nights of 8, 3, or even 2 girls were probably coming to an end. "Well, if things get too tough, come move out by me" Melanie grinned. "You and me can get married, and I'll still let you fuck Hailey whenever she comes to visit." I laughed and kissed her again.

I knew she was about to be out of the picture, and it made me sad. But, I also knew I was going to have to pick someone, sooner than later, or risk losing everyone.

As awesome as Melanie was, she was still the third on the list. "Did she propose yet?" Hailey teased as she came back. "Shut up!" Melanie laughed. "It's his best choice. Gets a sexy girl, gets to fuck another sexy girl whenever he wants.

Sounds like his choice is made to me." "Yeah but I wouldn't be around enough for him" Hailey teased. "He needs this every night" she smiled and shot those piercing eyes my way.

"One more time together?" Melanie asked with a smile, and the two girls descended on me. Melanie popped the head of my cock into her mouth while Hailey started to suck on my balls. The two looked up at me as they worked, causing shivers to go through my spine. I felt Melanie's tongue run up my underside vein, and then she started to tease, tongue flicking across my frenulum over and over.

Hailey joined in, her tongue flicking and teasing different spots on my cock. The pleasure was almost painful as they hit the right spots, but did it so teasingly and slow that nothing was built. Melanie kept a firm grip on my shaft as she continued to lick up and down the most sensitive spots. Hailey's tongue teased my balls, poking and licking. Any time I squirmed for more, the two just giggled and kept up their pace. Finally, the sensations started to get to me, and I could feel myself swirling and building.

The two tongues kept poking and prodding and teasing, but it was Melanie's against the frenulum that really made me squirm. My cock kept getting stiffer in her hand until it finally burst, cum shooting way up in the air and landing on Melanie's face. Hailey came in closer to make sure some of the spurting seed painted her face too, and the two stroked me until I gave them every drop. Watching their beautiful faces get plastered in my cum only made the orgasm longer and more intense.

"I'm taking this as a souvenir" Melanie smiled, and left some cum stained on her face. I had to admit, it was kind of sexy that she wanted to stay covered and claimed in my essence. Sure enough, even as she left to make it back home before sunrise, she didn't completely clean herself off. "She really likes you too" Hailey said after she left. "You're a lucky guy. You've got three beautiful girls emotionally invested in you, and another half dozen or so on the cheer team who just want your cock." "It's not always going to be like this, is it?" I laughed.

"You know it's not" Hailey responded, in a pretty serious tone by her standards. "Let's face it - no matter who you pick, it's not going to last. If you pick Danielle, everything will eventually be cut off, even me. Plus, I'll have to move on.

If you pick me, I'm cool letting people join for now. But eventually, we'd have to have a normal relationship, right? When the choice is made, people are going to need to make other arrangements. We're not as young as we used to be." The last words haunted a little. She was right. When we had all met years and years ago, we were young. It wasn't a big deal to mess around, and have some fun. But it was getting time to make a decision. And, whoever was left out was going to move on.

I wasn't going to get to keep everyone, and I had no plans to be unfaithful once finally making a decision. "I really like you. I think I could even love you" Hailey continued. "But, I know this isn't easy on any of us. I've watched you and I know you really care about Danielle. I know you really care about me. Heck, if we weren't here, I could even see you with Melanie forever. You haven't been faking any of these feelings. That's why I always give you the benefit of the doubt in any situation.

You're a legitimate guy." "Take some time. Think about things. We almost got caught tonight.

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I think you know it's about time to decide." Hailey gave me a kiss and headed back out my window. She wanted to get home before any issues arose. I didn't even ask her how she planned to get back in after throwing the rope up, but I knew the girl always had a plan.

. "Wow man, that's quite the situation" Neil said, hoisting up a one handed three point attempt at our neighborhood basketball court. "Damn" he said, as the ball bounced off the rim and landed in the grass. I finally decided to tell Neil everything.

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I told him about Danielle, Hailey, and even a bit about Melanie. I left out the cheerleaders because even I didn't think that sounded like a believable story. "So if you pick Danielle, you get comfort, sexuality, and there's a solid relationship history now" he analyzed. "Well, aside from the sex with all the other girls." I laughed and made an underhand foul shot. "That's H - O" I said. "Just like." Neil started. "Don't even" I interrupted, tossing the ball at him.

"And if you pick Hailey, you get adventure, possibly more sexuality, but a bit more of the unknown" he continued. "Right, I mean we've never actually dated" I said. "We had one night at her house. She's wise beyond her years with some things, but insanely immature with others. There's no guarantee we'd last." "How do you describe it to her when she's feeling vulnerable." Neil repeated my quote from Hailey when she accused me of exaggerating my emotional connection with Danielle.

"Damn, that's cold." "I know" I followed up. "Those words haunt me, too. I mean, there might be a little truth to it. But I really do feel connected with Danielle. It feels more like a relationship." "I can't make this call, man" he responded. "Whatever you do, just go with what you think will make you the happiest, long term. Jokes aside, I'm here for you and hope you make the right call." .

I took some time to myself away from the girls. I spent hours thinking about everything that had happened over the years. I still remembered how nervous I was the first time I ran into Danielle and learned she lived so close to me. How I never could have dreamed about fucking her and Hailey that first afternoon in their pool. And all the madness that followed, from late nights with the entire cheer team to seeking out Melanie for fun away from the girls.

Danielle and I got along so well. Hailey had sure made a strong pitch with her date night. I admit, I even did a little research into housing in Utah. But, at the end of the day, I knew both girls wanted me to themselves. And, whoever I went with wasn't going to allow the crazy to continue, while the other would be looking for something else anyway. It had been a few weeks since I saw either girl. I had kept in touch through text, and they knew I was mulling my life. I'm sure they both knew exactly what was on the line.

. READ FOR DANIELLE ENDING By now, summer was almost over, and school was coming around once again. It seemed like the perfect time to make a call. So, the week before classes got going, I told them I'd meet them for an afternoon swim. They say the more things change, the more they stay the same.

My walk over to their house was the same as it had always been. It was hot, sticky, and my clothes stuck to me by the halfway point. Part of me felt like so little had really happened since the first time I spent an afternoon with Danielle and Hailey. But, the rest of me knew how much had really changed. That incredible afternoon, both girls competed for my attention in skimpy, sexy bikinis.

Today, they sat around in loungers, neither removing their shirts, feeling like this was it. Years had passed, but they were both as gorgeous as ever. Danielle was still that blonde hair, blue eyed dream that I met in homeroom. Hailey was still that raven hair, blue eyed beauty that could have anyone she wished. Before I spoke, I thought about my decision again and again.

There was only one girl I was sure I would be happy with on every level for the rest of my life. That comfort meant a lot to me. We clicked physically, emotionally, and had a ton in common. When it came down to it, I was incredibly fortunate that Danielle was interested in me, let alone how much she allowed me to do over the first years of our dating. And, in completely candor, I had gotten a lot of my lust out for the other girls. At some point, you have to settle down, and Danielle was the perfect person to do that with.

"I really don't want this to be awkward" I finally said after a lot of silence. "I know there's no real way around that. But, you both know I care about you both. More than anyone else. If I had it my way, the three of us would move to a private island and never worry about anything else." I could see Hailey taking things better than Danielle already.

Hailey probably would even think about doing that. Danielle was always the one who truly wanted me to herself. Part of me almost thought about suggesting that in a more serious tone. But, I realized I couldn't do that to these girls. Especially Danielle, who had already sacrificed enough to keep me happy. I had to pause and redouble my thoughts. "Sometimes, in life, you have to stay the course" I started. Hailey quickly got up and went inside through the backdoor.

She could tell which direction things were going. Knowing her, she knew which way they were heading before I came over. Danielle waited for her to go inside, before hugging me so tight that I thought my limbs were going to pop off. "I knew I was right to trust you" she said, shaking a little from the situation as she clung to me.

"I knew we were meant to be from that first day at this same spot." After a hug that seemed like minutes, she leaned back, stared up at me, and stripped off her shirt, and then bikini. "Take me right here" she said with lust in her eyes and voice. I moved on top of her and gave her a long, passionate kiss. Then, I tugged off my bottoms, and laid over top her petite body.

My strong hands pinned her body down as I entered her tight opening, wasting no time in establishing a rhythm.

She felt so good. Her walls were so tight around me, and it only made me pulse in pleasure. We kissed again and again as I moved faster inside her.

I reached down and rubbed her clit, making her tense. Seconds later, she bit down on my shoulder as she started to cum around my cock. "Fuck my ass" she said, truly giving herself to me after the decision had been made. The lubrication of her wet pussy was enough to help me slide in her tighter hole, and she squeezed my arms tight to muffle to mix of pleasure and pain she felt.

After she adjusted, she started moving back against me, as my thick manhood filled every potential space inside her ass. There was little that looked sexier than watching Danielle's tight little asshole squeezing my cock. She rubbed her clit as I took her steadily, resulting in another climax, as her ass puckered and clenched around my cock. I couldn't take the sensations much longer, and soon came deep inside her ass, cum spurting out and flooding her hole.

She looked at me with lust as I filled her backside up with my warm seed. Later that year, Danielle and I were married in front of family and friends. It was a bit of an awkward night with Hailey attending and serving as Maid of Honor.

She even brought her new Spanish boyfriend, who was all looks and could barely speak English. Still, those eyes gave me a few suggestive looks, even during the ceremony and speech afterwards.

Still, I felt completely happy and confident that I had made the right call, and I knew my future was going to be incredible. READ FOR HAILEY ENDING "I know who you want" Neil said, as we celebrated the last week before a new semester of classes with a pizza session. "What? Come on" I responded, not thinking much of his comment. "Heads Hailey, Tails Danielle" he said, taking a quarter from his wallet and getting ready to flip.

"Admit it, you're rooting one way." He was right, I was. "Okay, if that's not enough, think about your future" he continued. "If you chose one girl, would you spend more time fantasizing about the other?" He was right, I would. "Dude, I know it's rough, but your choice is obvious" Neil went on. "We rarely get a chance to be with someone who we share such an animalistic attraction to.

It's even rarer when it goes both ways, and never seems to die off. That's you and Hailey. She's got you hooked. And she is totally into you, too. It's awful, but you have to break things off with Danielle." "And you won't just swoop in?" I asked him skeptically. "I joked, but I would never do that to you man" he said.

"I just know if you end up with Danielle, you're going to be picturing Hailey every time you fuck her. Who wants to go through life like that, when you HAVE Hailey?" He was right. When I was honest with myself, I was more attracted to Hailey. Sure, there was some level of doubt about whether we could sustain a meaningful relationship, but I'm not sure that even mattered. This attraction wasn't going anywhere. Plus, she had proven to be intelligent in assessing the situation, a fun date, and even a great cook.

I nodded to Neil as we went out separate ways, and shot Hailey a text message. "Can you meet me at my house?" I sent. "Be right there" Hailey answered, and she was already waiting for me by the time I returned.

"Let's go for a drive" I said, and the two of us got in my car. Without thinking, I went for the highway, and we drove three hours to another part of the state. During the trip, I told her she was the one. "I don't know how I'm going to tell Danielle" I said. "She's going to be devastated." "She is, but she'll get over it" Hailey responded.

"Obviously, I'm thrilled. But it didn't seem like your heart was completely in that. That's not fair for anyone. She needs the chance to move on. And, you and me can finally be together for real. I never totally minded sharing you, but I definitely want you to myself for the long haul." We stopped for dinner at a cool, old school type restaurant. As we waited for our drinks, Hailey kicked off her shoe, and used her sock covered foot to tease my cock under the table.

She gave me a seductive look with those incredible eyes and smiled as if to say this was life now. And, when I was honest with myself, I loved it. I was so hooked on her, and her playfulness made things exciting and fun. I teased her back throughout the night out, and by the time we got back to the car, we were so wound up that we went at it right there.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard" I said, as we stripped our clothes off and dove into the back seat. Our bodies bent every which way in the cramped surroundings, but neither of us cared. "Do it you stud" she growled. She pointed her backside at me, and I slid into her from behind.

She loved doggy style because it let me hit her gspot constantly, and any work elsewhere just added to her sensations and made her cum often. I tugged her hair back to me as I barreled in from behind, bringing her close enough for a kiss.

My other hand alternated between spanking her ass and rubbing her breasts from behind. The car filled with sounds from our sex, and was clearly rocking to any passerby. Each time her pussy went off around me, it took all my resistance not to unload inside her right there. "You can't resist much longer" Hailey teased, staring back around at me even as I gripped her hair.

She reached back and massaged my balls, her look a mix of wanting to get me off, while trying to keep her own faculties from the powerful fuck. She knew how to get me going, and she smiled confidently when she felt me start to shoot inside her. Rope after rope fired away deep in Hailey's pussy and she grinded back on me, sure to get every last drop dumped inside her. "Fuck I love how it feels when you cum inside me" she said, hand reaching back to rub my face as I finished unloading.

When we got back from our two day vacation (mostly spent with me inside her), I had to break the news to Danielle.

She was as devastated as I knew she would be, and didn't give me the chance to explain anything. I never heard from her again, and when Hailey and I finally got married a couple of years later, she was conspicuously absent from the event. Hailey told me she moved away shortly after my decision, and only communicates with her parents to provide updates.

Hailey and I weren't forgiven. I always felt bad about the situation, but never regretted how incredible I felt with Hailey, every single day. Sisters by the pool had started with the one in my class, but it was the younger sister I could never resist. BONUS: READ FOR MELANIE ENDING The days and nights were brutal. My thoughts were consuming me from the inside, and I knew if I didn't make a decision soon, I was going to go crazy.

I wasn't speaking with either Danielle or Hailey, but I spent most nights on the phone with Melanie, talking about my thoughts and discussing the situation with her. "It sounds to me like you're undecided.still" she said.

"I guess I am" I answered. "That doesn't help me though." "Maybe it does" she responded. "Hear me out.


If you really knew you were supposed to be with one of them, don't you think it would be a bit more obvious by now? Clearly, you care a lot for Danielle. You lust over Hailey. But maybe neither of them offers the full package you want. Remember when we watched the game together that day on the couch after cheerleading practice? You can't tell me that wasn't wifey material." Melanie was clearly working her own angle, but she did provide an interesting point.

I should have been able to make this decision more easily. The fact that I still hadn't could have spoken to some flaw that each of them possessed. And, in all honesty, I had really developed a thing for Melanie over the last few months. When she moved away, it bothered me more than I thought it would. I actually missed her.

There was still a week left before the next semester of classes. I told Melanie I was sending her something through overnight delivery, and bought a plane ticket to go visit her. She had shared her address when she left, probably not even believing that anything would ever come from it. That was evidenced when I showed up at her door the next afternoon. She jumped up so high when she embraced me that she took out my face and we landed in a pile of leaves near her front door.

Melanie kissed me and I found myself eager to make out with her, our hands groping each other as we kissed on the ground. "What is this?" she asked me finally, not believing I was there. "I missed you" I responded. "I didn't realize how much I liked you. After you moved, something felt off. I think you may have been right about why I couldn't pick between them." Melanie's face lit up more and more as I told her my thoughts. After the confession, she took me around her new city and showed me the sights.

She showed me off to a few of her new friends, and then we spent the night cuddling and watching sports and game shows on television. The whole thing felt so genuine. We were crazy about each other physically, but were able to so seamlessly have silly fun together. It wasn't even until after midnight that we lost any clothing. "I've shown you everything but the shower" Melanie giggled, and led me towards the master shower.

"Extra grip on the floors, just in case." I watched her strip in front of me, and admired the show she put on.

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"I have to admit something" Melanie said, as we got into the shower together. "Remember when we met? Actually, you were basically inside me the first time we met. That was actually only the second cheer party I had ever been to, and the first with a guy.

I said I wasn't sure if I was ready for you to cum in me. I was actually a virgin, too. I tried to play it cool, but I was so nervous that night. You made me feel so good though, and so comfortable. I've never been with anyone but you." We kissed with her back against the wall of the shower. "When I say this pussy is yours, I mean it" she said with a look of passion on her face. "Own it.

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Take it. Cum in it every night. No one else has ever been inside me and no one else ever will. Claim me as yours. That's what I am. Fill me up so that I'll always have you inside me." I couldn't resist her any longer. She hopped up and wrapped her legs around me.

I held her up with my strong arms, using the wall as support for her back, and started to move her up and down on my cock. Her pussy felt incredible around me, almost like it had been molded to my exact size.

"Fuck yeah, that's it" she moaned as I moved her faster. She threw her head back and rested it against the wall as I bounced her up and down on my shaft. She was so pent up from the excitement of the day that she came hard immediately for me.

Finally, I let her back down onto the ground, and that allowed us to fuck each other more animalistically. Our bodies moved to meet each other, as her arms wrapped around my neck and clung to me. I moved into suck on her nipples as her breasts bounced in front of my face, and she squeaked with delight. We alternated speeds - sometimes going slow and grinding it out deep, and sometimes going so fast that the walls echoed with our bodies violent collisions.

Melanie kissed and sucked on my neck as she felt me getting closer. "Cum for me. This is your pussy. Claim me as nobody else but yours. It's always been just for you. I need it.


Make me yours." Melanie was breathing heavily and each sentence ended with a long breath. My hands explored all over her body, moving behind her to grope her butt, and then back in front to play with her breasts. Without warning, Melanie went off in another orgasm, and her pussy milked me for everything I had. I came more suddenly than I ever had, caught off guard as I started spilling my seed deep into Melanie's insides.

I painted every inch of her pussy walls as we held each other tightly. I looked down and watched as my cock twitched up and down inside Melanie and each new stream burrowed in deep.

I spent the rest of the week up there. When I came home, I told both Hailey and Danielle that I really needed to take some time to think about my future. Next semester, I transferred to Melanie's school, and we immediately moved in together. We managed to convince Hailey to come up for a few threesomes, but her passion had dwindled. And, when Melanie and I finally got engaged, there was no congratulations from either sister.

The sisters by the pool had led me to incredible adventures, and it ended up being with someone I only met because I knew them. [For those who have stuck with me throughout, which girl would you have chosen? What adventures would you like to see in future bonus chapters? Perhaps the tale of Hailey at Danielle's ceremony? Something else I missed throughout the development? If I see a good idea in the comments, I will try to bring it to life!]