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Susie sank into a blissful, if restless, sleep, trying to forget the experiences of the last few days. Every time she turned, her pussy and ass burned as if it were on fire from where the snake had been fucking her. As she thought about it, the scaly, writhing animal between her legs, she couldn't help but slide a hand down under the threadbare blanket she was using to cover herself. Her fingers slid down her stomach, rubbing over her clit, making her sigh.

She wasn't thinking about a snake, but rather a man with the same proportions of the reptile, filling up her pussy as he fucked her. Susie worked her fingers into your pussy, feeling herself start to drip with excitement, as she used two fingers to work in and out of her abused and aroused slit.

A moan escaped her, muffled into the pillow, as her hips pushed back and forth, rolling onto her stomach so she could push deeper inside herself.

A free thumb rubbed over the tip of her clit, sending little jolts of pleasure through her body. Her three fingers worked her sore pussy, her breath panting into the pillow as the tried to keep her excitement from alerting anyone. Hips working up and down, Susie's finger slipping in and out of her wet cunt, filling herself up and then pulling free, making her feel empty momentarily, until she rams them home again.

Susie's moaning increased in volume and intensity, feeling her body tense up as she gets closer to orgasm. With a muffled scream, she felt her body release, her pussy convulsing on her intruding fingers as the explosion washed over her. She picked up the intensity as she came, jamming her fingers in and out with every wave of pleasure as it rolled through her boy.

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Sighing, Susie left her fingers idly rubbing her slit as she fell into a much deeper, and happier, sleep. The lights flicked on again in the vet's office, slowly pulling Susie from her dreams of men with cocks the size of snakes writhing on top of her. Sighing, she blinked her eyes to see Dr. Stone standing over her, with Adam in the background leering. With a flick of her hand, the vet yanked the blanked off of her, exposing Susie's finger still wedged between her legs.

Dr. Stone smiled, "So, I guess the snake wasn't enough for you, huh slut? You had to get yourself off again on your own? I wonder, whether you were thinking of that hot reptile sliding in and out of your dirty cunt?" Susie blushed, afraid Dr.

Stone was getting too close to the truth. The vet ignored her, tossing a pair of jeans and a white button up shirt onto the mattress. "Get dressed, there's a long day ahead of us." Susie gulped, knowing what her last few 'long days' have consisted of.

But she was in no position to argue, so she slunk off to the shower, taking a quick rinse-off and then dressing in the vet's clothes. No panties or bra, she noticed, and the jeans were a little tight, rubbing against her thighs and ass a bit. Still, she pulled them on, and the shirt, and the boots Dr. Stone tossed her way when she was ready. "OK doctor." She called when she was done. Dr.

Stone led Susie through the zoo. It was early, barely after dawn, so only a few workers were up. Dr. Stone didn't introduce Susie to any of the workers that were present, but instead was intent on showing Susie the other paddocks and animals kept in the zoo, including the bears, wild cats (Susie already had some experience with some of them), and African animals.

Seeing the elephants, Susie felt a panic rising, as if the zoologist would force her to take an elephant's cock inside her, which would surely split her in two.


Luckily there was no such order coming. Dr. Stone showed the other vet offices scattered around the zoo. Most were connected underground, but a few were more isolated, like the African mammal one. It was there that she directed Susie. Susie spent most of the rest of the day in the vet's room, watching them bring in other animals to treat for all sorts of problems, from ingrown toenails to vitamin deficiencies.

A couple times she got to hold them while the vet went to work. All the while, as she felt the animals under her hands, she wondered how she reacted to the snake inside her pussy. She felt disgusted about letting an animal like that inside her in the first place.

Somehow it was different than the tigers, or even Charlie. It was a snake! Susie shuddered when she thought of its coils inside her, writhing, and how it made her cum by twisting in her pussy, and then her fantasies all night long, thinking of other snakes being inside her. She tried to put it out of her mind, and was grateful by the work that Adam and Dr.

Stone had coming in. It also kept her safe from being fucked by anything else at the moment.

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Towards the end of the day, Adam brought in a large Grant's zebra, "this is Punda, one of our three male zebras.

He has been having a urinary tract infection of late, and we're doing a follow-up with him." Adam and the vet started to work, examining his penis and probing around the area. From the attention, the zebra's cock grew, and it was the longest dick Susie had ever seen. Erect, it was nearly 2' long, with a large head to it, fleshy and pink.

Susie stepped back, shocked, and her shock turned to a groan as the zoologist turned to her, "Ok, slut, time to earn your keep." Susie hesitated, "why do you need me?" "Because, if his UTI has cleared up, he'll have saved up a good amount of semen, and we don't want him trying to mate with the other zebras in front of little kids. Usually we masturbate him, but since you've proven such a better instrument." She points to the exam table.

When Susie hesitated, Dr. Stone picked up the remote control, but it still failed to inspire. With a flick of one of the buttons on the remote control, Susie felt a surge of energy pulse up her leg. She screamed at the electricity, literally hopping across the vet exam room to get to the table.

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Dr. Stone laughed, watching her as she started to undress.

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The slender legs eased their way out of the jeans Susie had been lent, though it had rubbed her raw since she didn't have any panties on.

She turned from the vet as she stripped, her ass bending over in full view as Susie kicked her foot out of the last leg of the jeans. Then, the khaki top that had also been a loaner from Dr. Stone, she unbuttoned while facing the wall, letting her captor see her shoulders emerge from the shirt first, then the slim outline of her body now fully naked. She turned around, wearing only her black anklet, and stared hard at Dr. Stone. The doctor pointed at the table, and Susie obligingly bent over the edge, pushing her ass into the air to give a better angle of her pussy.

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Dr. Stone locked her arms to the side, keeping her positioned perfectly for the zebra. She started to cry, hot tears dripping onto the cool metal exam table, her humiliation fresh in her mind, knowing that with the anklet, the perverted zoologist can make her do anything. She felt helpless, only compounded as the vet tech led the animal behind her, and it jumped onto the exam table, his hooves skittering on the metal as it tried to find purchase. Adam placed a small towel down in front of her to help the zebra gain a foothold.

As he did, Susie felt his long cock banging against her ass, and Adam again pushed the long cock towards her pussy. Susie clenched down, feeling the head press against her lips, almost as thick as a coffee mug, squeezing together as hard as she could to prevent the inevitable. The zebra felt her pussy and instinctively knew what she was there for, and started grunting as it pushed forward. She felt the head push in slowly, forcibly entering her pussy against her wishes, stretching her wider than anyone had before.

Susie screamed as the animal worked its way into her cunt. Inch after inch pushed into her, tearing her delicate skin, as the zebra jammed his cock into her. She cried harder, wincing from the pain, keeping her eyes shut, until the zebra was as far in as she could take. She felt his thick head bumping against her cervix, but the zebra was barely half-way in, and the zebra kept pushing, hitting her cervix over and over again, making her yelp in pain.


The zebra pulled out and rammed in again, harder and faster this time, Susie wailing with each inch that penetrated her. Still her cervix blocked his cock from entering fully, and the zebra chuffed in anger, picking up his rhythm as he fucked her, slamming in and out of her pussy.

Susie grabbed on to the table for support, her screams drowned out by the animals moaning and grunting as it tried to fuck this little pussy. The pain seemed to last forever, there was a slight buzzing of arousal from her own body, trying to lube her pussy to protect itself from the attack. She felt warmth spreading, involuntarily, mixed with the pain. She was getting closer until she felt his cock jump, and the zebra neighed like a horse as it came inside her. The force of his last thrust nearly knocked her unconscious, and her own body seized up in orgasm, the sensation surprising and shocking her.

The zebra felt her pussy clench down even more on his dick, and he thrust upwards, the cum flooded her pussy immediately, leaking down her thighs and onto the floor. The zebra bucked, cum still shooting out of his dick, coating her ass and back as he spurted, his cock flopping out of her pussy. Once he was done, he hopped down and took no notice of Susie, wandering away to where Adam fed him a carrot. Susie couldn't move, her pussy was on fire from the fucking she just received, the pain still paralyzing her.

Her head was slumped against the exam table, breath coming in ragged gasps, her pussy feeling like an open wound that would never close, gaping wide. As the zoologist unclamped her from the table, she collapsed into a heap on the floor, cum covering most of her body and legs, crying from the abuse that seemingly would never end.