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A.N. First off, this will likely be the last one I write for while. I'm back from break and taking classes again and Charlie is going to study abroad this semester, so unless one of us finds a way across the pond, we won't see each other for a while. And secondly, I want to say thank you for reading what's been going through my mind and giving me all of those positive comments, you guys are seriously awesome.

Last of all, to the person who sent me a PM, yes I did change our names in the story because I'm not out yet and not comfortable using my real name and I also don't think he would like me to use his real name either.

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The second, and even first to be honest, time I was with Charlie was incredible. Every single thing we did played through my mind again and again. When I was working, when I was in class, when I was home, out with friends, watching get the picture. He occupied a lot of space in my mind everyday. Thinking about him and me and getting dinner or coffee or walking around together or seeing a movie, I couldn't help but feel happy and notice a grin making it's way to my face.

A few days later, we are texting and one of us brings up the idea of going farther. Charlie: doing that in a car would be so awkward though Ty: I know. The other night was a lot of fun but we're both kinda tall to do that in a car, i think. what if we stayed over at one of our houses for the night?

i could probably get my parents out for a night Charlie: yeah that might work. let's do something this weekend and figure out when that might work.

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Ty: ok yeah, when's good for you? Charlie: probably monday night, maybe sunday also but lets plan for monday. Ty: ok, it's a date! I kept thinking about doing more with Charlie. I mean, he is kind of hot and all, but he's also a nice guy and I felt like he would go slowly with me since I've never done anything before.

Then after a couple hours I thought to myself, "he felt pretty big last night and I've never.hmmm, I know he's done stuff before, he must know." I tentatively took out my phone and shot him a text. Ty: hey um, does it you know.hurt the first time, or does it fade?

(Yes I know, I don't know a single thing about having sex with another guy. I'm completely innocent in that respect, no argument.) Charlie: only if you go too fast or you aren't relaxed or loosened up before.

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have you tried fingering yourself or using toys? Ty: no, i never have. sorry, i sound like i know nothing Charlie: you should experiment on your own, it feels great when you get used to it :). it would definetly hurt if you've never tried and don't know what to expect. Ty: so when i get used to someone's dick being there, then it feels good?

Charlie: yeah, it's weird at first but try it tonight and use a ton of lube. i'm surprised you haven't tried fingering yourself before.

Ty: idk why but it just seemed weird for some reason. Charlie: well try and tell me how it goes :) Ty: you bet :) Ok so that made me feel a little better, he didn't seem to mind that I have like zero knowledge of what to do.

I let my mind wander on that for a while, like what would it feel like to put my fingers in myself, how do i make myself relax for it, etc.

Then I turned over and looked at my clock. Ever have one of those "oh shit" moments? I had like 30 minutes to shower and get to work. I rather reluctantly jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. After talking to Charlie and thinking about fingering myself, I had made my morning wood more like morning steel, if possible. "Damn I wanna fix that but I don't have time.fuck it", I thought to myself as I turned the water to freezing-ass cold and jumped under the water.

I've never found a better cure for getting rid of a boner than that, but it's also the most unpleasant. Definitely does the trick though, I shrunk to the size of a press stud in about 2 seconds.

"OK THAT'S ENOUGH", I yelled in my mind turning the temperature back up. I swear I was built to live in the tropics, I cannot manage anything cold for a even a small about of time. So that night I grabbed some lube and tried to stick my finger in my ass. Got to be completely honest right now, it was not at all pleasant at first. I was immediately glad that Charlie had told me to try on myself before we did anything, I couldn't imagine the pain I would have felt if he had just tried to put his dick up there without attempting to loosen me up first.

I probably spent a good half an hour trying and I barely made it to my knuckle before I gave up and stopped. I wasn't expecting it to hurt so much honestly. After I told Charlie about it he offered that we didn't have to try, but I still wanted to so I told him I would just try again the next day and see how far I could get.

I figured if I got one finger in, although slowly and painfully, I would be able to get a second in. And I did manage to get a second one in the next night, but I swore to myself there was surely no way I could handle more than that.

Fortunately and unfortunately, after I told Charlie I managed two fingers, he let me know that he couldn't stay out all night. I was relieved at first that I wouldn't be trying to put his dick up my ass, but then I was sort of disappointed because I wanted to try with him. We resigned ourselves to just having dinner again that Monday night.

This time we ended up going for chinese. I hadn't been to P.F. Changs in a while because it's expensive to go, but damn the mongolian beef is so good. That night he was a little stressed since he was leaving at the end of the week, but he relaxed pretty quickly and we enjoyed ourselves. He did throw a twist at me for dinner though. I have tried and failed to use chopsticks many times, I can hold them in my hand easy enough but short of using them to stab the food, I can't pick up anything with them.


"What?? You don't know how to use them?", he said kind of surprised. "Yeah I just end up dropping whatever I try to pick up and it takes so much effort to get so little food. Forks are so easy" "Ok here Ty", he said, moving closer to me "Hold the lower one tightly, like against your middle finger and the inside of your thumb. Then use your finger and thumb to move the top on and grab food." I held them in my hand but I still wasn't doing it right, so he took hold of my hand and put my fingers correctly around the chop sticks.

"Ok, I think I've got it now", I said after trying to grab the napkin with them (I really didn't but I was trying to make him proud that he taught me)."Yeah you've got the idea.

Try with those first and you can use the fork if it doesn't work." When the food came it was obvious to me that I had no idea what I was doing. I was able to pick up a little food but I wasn't very good at it and Charlie suggested that I could go back to the fork when he saw that I was having trouble.

But I was determined to do it with the chop sticks.

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Like I said, I wanted to make him proud that he had taught me. I did manage to finish dinner without the fork which made me very proud and I could feel that grin returning to my face. After we headed out of the restuarant for the night, we weren't ready to call it a night yet so we headed for his car again, me hoping there would be more of the other night at the very least. Sure enough, we headed for the same place as last time and quickly got busy in the back seat of his car again.

We leaned in and began kissing and holding each other once more, slowly laying down with me on top of him. I simply couldn't get enough of him. I was kissing him beyond deeply, letting our tongues dance in each other's mouths. As I falling on top of him, Charlie wrapped his legs around my waist and using his arms and legs, pulled me tightly into him. I noticed him feeling me up and moving his hand under my shirt along my chest.

I didn't think my chest was anything special compared to him, but he seemed to enjoy it a lot. Coming up for air, he helped me remove my shirt for better access to my torso. Leaning back down to continue making out with the incredibly hot guy who was holding me tighter than anyone ever had, I was approaching and then quickly surpassing cloud nine once again. Before I knew it, we had switched and I was laying under Charlie while he tried to undo my belt and place his hand on my dick.

As soon as he had my cock in his hand I moaned into his mouth and reached for his belt as well. Undoing his pants and getting hold of his cock I began to jerk him off but as I was trying to he broke our kiss and went down my chest until he reached my dick and took it in his mouth again. I was literally about to cum right there but I managed to hold myself back while he took his time with me.

Coming back up to kiss me again, I placed my hand back on his dick and went for it, jerking him off like my life depended on it, him doing the same to me. Then right as I thought to myself that I wanted to try sucking him, I exploded, shooting all over my chest and onto the floor of the car. I shuddered for a brief minute and then continued jerking him off. "Charlie must have way better stamina than me", I thought.

My mind was still reeling from my orgasm. Of course as I was thinking that, He shot into my hand and all over himself as well. We stopped kissing each other and he found a box of tissues on the floor to clean ourselves up a bit. Right after that, we looked at eachother and started kissing again.

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We kept kissing for the next few minutes and then I paused, pulling away from him. "I really wish I could keep you out all night", I said with a chuckle.

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"I wish I could too, but I really should start to head back soon." I hadn't had quite enough of him yet so I leaned in to kiss him again for another minute or so before I agreed we should probably head back.

On the way back to my car, he placed his hand on my leg and I smiled massively. I though to myself that I really liked Charlie a lot. Not soley because of what we had just done together, but mostly from dinner and walking around with him a few nights before, I genuinely enjoyed being with him. Maybe even loved him.

I don't know if it's a little early to say, but I knew I liked him a lot and not much else. As we got back to my car, we sorted out who's "to go/leftover" box was who's. I looked at him again and kissed him quickly, wondering if I should say that I might love him or if it would be too awkward.

I backed off that thought and didn't say anything though because I didn't want to ruin the moment if he didn't feel the same. I just grinned and we both said goodnight. Before I left though, I grabbed the bag in my car and tapped on his window.


"So.I thought this might keep you occupied on the plane", I said with a grin as I handed him the book world records book we had been looking at on the night we were waiting for the movie. "No you didn't!!", Charlie responded with the a smile that was ten miles wide. "I remembered you liked those and thought that would be a good idea" "It was!

Thank you Ty!", he said as he leaned up to kiss me from his car. "I'm going to read it tonight!" "I'm glad you like it so much", I replied. "I'll see you later, alright?" "Ok, I'll text you if I have time to see you again before I leave. Goodnight!" "Goodnight!" And that's a wrap for now everyone.

I will write more if we see each other sooner, but this is likely it for the next few months.

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Let me know what you think in the comments and I also have a poll for you. I really do like Charlie but I'm not sure I should tell him that I might love him.

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What do you think? Or, "Charlie", if you happen to read this and figure out that I'm talking about you in this story, you know how to find me and tell me what you think.