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Real cum slut fucks cock
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Ok you know all the legal stuff, if you're not 18 you shouldn't be here. If you don't like this stuff you shouldn't be here. This is all fake ok, in other words its fiction.

It has situations and acts of a sexual nature between young boys. Like I said if you don't like that then LEAVE NOW. If you do like it then read on by all means.

if you like it let me know [email protected] Apocalypse Chapter 11 (Ok just a little background to the characters of the story so far incase you can' remember who's who or if I have failed describe them enough.

Derrik, he's a typical American teen age boy. 13 years old 5 foot 5 tall around 115 pounds. Light brown hair and hazel eyes and is our lead character. Chris was the next boy to come into the story. He was found locked in the freezer at the school. He's 11 with short darker blonde hair and blue eyes weighing around 80 pounds or so.

Next was Josiah or Joe for short. He was the boy that was found at the bottom of the pit where he fell running from the aliens.

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He lived in a neighboring town to Chris and Derrik. He is 12 years old has short brown hair and is slightly bigger than Chris in size. Next to arrive is Adam or AJ, he is Josiah's cousin. He also is 12 but a bit smaller than Josiah. He was found in the bomb shelter of a collapsed house. Around 4 ft 6 and nearly 90 pounds or so.

Light brown hair and had blue eyes when he was found. And now we also have AJ's baby brother Donny. He was found at the aliens food camp in a holding pit. Very similar to AJ in appearance only smaller and is 9 years old.)Now back to the story. There standing not five feet away was a man. Not just a man, but a man in full military gear. He was looking around with his gun in a firing position. We could only assume he was being chased by something.

He looked to be breathing heavily and tired. "Chris it's a fucking soldier! A human one!" I said quiet, but excited. "Dude I smell a monster coming to. It must be chasing him." Chris answered. The soldier then turned and walked away about ten feet and I decided we had better help him before he gets killed.

I walked through the force field to get him. I looked back after I walked through it and sure enough you couldn't see the mine entrance it looked like the hill side. "Hey over here." I said. The man turned and pointed the machine gun right at me. I held my hands out to let him know I meant no harm. He lowered it once he saw I was human. I waved to him to follow me. "This way in here." I told him before I walked into the mine.

From what he could tell I had just walked right through a rock wall. He stood not knowing what he had just seen. I stuck my head and arm back through to wave him to follow me. This time on faith he followed me into the mine. He stopped once he was inside and scanned around with his gun. I again showed him I was there and he lowered his gun. I then put a finger up to my lip to let him know to be quiet. "What's chasing you?" I asked him quietly.


"One of the aliens. It's hot on my tracks." The soldier answered. Chris then waived his hand to signal us to be quiet. He then pointed to the entrance to tell us it was outside. All three of us then took position with the guns pointing at the entrance.

I peeked through the boards again to see an alien sniffing at the air. Suddenly it turned and faced the mine. "Chris how many of those things did you hear?" I asked in a whisper.

He stuck up 1 finger to tell me he heard only 1. Not wanting to open fire with the guns to give away our position I lowered my gun and pointed the glove at the entrance. This time I wanted to turn the tables on the aliens. "Get ready, but hold your fire until you have to shot." I told them. Suddenly I dropped the force field revealing us to the alien. It started to let out a sound but was stopped very quickly by my actions. I used the glove in combination with my mind to grab the monster by its throat and stop it from calling to others.

I used an invisible force to hold him there by then neck. I walked up to it then. "Why are you here?" I asked it. It let out some noises totally not understandable by Chris or the soldier, but I knew exactly what it was saying. It answered my question, "To conquer you."� "Conquer us? My friend you totally underestimated the human race." I told it. Again it began to make noises choked by my mental grip on its throat.

"There is no hope for you. Your kind will all die." the monster said this time through its thoughts. Hearing that made me show this thing exactly what suffering was. My mind lifted it off the ground into the air and let it dangle there as my grip on its throat increased.

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It began to flop and writhe around in agony as I slowly strangled it to death. At the end I ended its suffering by crushing it around its neck area making it instantly fall to the ground dead.

I then forced the monster through the air and flung him a great distance away.� Once the glove had released its hold on the creature and my minds energy returned to normal I fell to one knee breathing heavily. "You ok kid?" the soldier asked me. "I nodded yes trying to catch my breath.

"You guys have a place to hide?" the soldier asked, "Yeah you're in it. We have a room right back here." Chris told him.

The soldier then with no effort scooped me up in his arms and followed Chris carrying me to the safe room. "Guys it's us we're coming in don't shoot. We got some company." Chris announced to the others. Once inside the room he lay me down on the bed next to AJ. "How long have you kids been hiding in here?" the man asked.

"Since all this happened." Chris answered him. "Wow I can't believe you guys have made it this long on your own." The soldier said. "Any one want to explain just exactly what just happened out there?" he asked then. As I lay next to AJ I again fell into a deep sleep from using the glove in a rage. I woke up sometime later to see the boys all sitting and talking with the soldier. "What's going on? What happened?" I asked. "You passed out. I'm Sgt.

James Williams U.S. Army rangers." I was answered with. "How did you get out here al alone like that?" I asked rubbing my sleepy eyes. "I was a part of a unit sent out here to asses the damage done by the aliens and search for survivors.

My unit was attacked by surprise and everyone was killed but me." He answered. He was no sitting propped against the wall to the opposite of the door way with his body armor and gear off. "Here you go." Josiah said handing him a pb&j sandwich. "Thanks bud I haven't had any real food for days now." The man answered. As I became more awake I noticed that the man wasn't that old, maybe in his mid twenties.

It was at that point he noticed AJ's eyes. "God dam kid what happened to your eyes?" he asked in amazement. "That's a long and probably unbelievable story." I replied. "Kid I never thought I'd live to see aliens invade Earth.

Rite now I'm open to anything you tell me." The soldier said. I went on to tell him our whole story up to that day. He sat and listened in amazement, but believing everything we told him. "You guys know what, before the invasion I'd call all of you crazy, but now. I believe every word of it." The man said. We sat there well into the night talking and discussing all things of consequence about our future survival.

About midnight every one but the soldier and I were asleep. "Why don't you get some rest, it's safe in here for the most part. They can't use their scanners in the mine." I told him. Taking my advice the man lay down using his pack as a pillow. Luckily for me he had unloaded most of its contents on the ground before falling asleep.

I picked through it being nosy trying to find some kind of information that might help us out. I came across a small map that had several locations marked on it.

One was my home town which had a big red X crossed over it along with several other locations on the map. I could only assume that it meant those placed were destroyed. There was one location on the map that was fairly close to where we are that wasn't crossed out yet. I looked through his notes and found out it was an old orphanage about 15 miles away. I remember the place right away. I always thought it was some old rich person's house I saw back off the road. I had rode past it many times with my parents in the car before.

I never knew till now it was an orphanage. I studied his documents and made notes to myself of important things that might come up in the futures. Sometime during the night I again fell back asleep this time laying on the mine floor its self. "Derrik, you awake?" I heard a voice saying shaking me awake.� I opened my eyes to se Donny's little face looking at me.

"Yeah little dude what's up? I asked. "I gotta pee." He replied. I looked at my watch and it said almost 8 am.

I sat up now feeling the pains of sleeping on the bare ground. My whole body was now sore, and I had a chill. "Ok bud come on let's go pee." I told the kid. I stood up and stretched my stiff body and noticed something else was stiff to. Donny to noticed and giggled a little bit. I smiled to him and whispered in his ear, "Yeah we know what those are for don't we?" he smiled really big and giggled a bit. We then went outside to relieve ourselves.

Today was a wet cloudy day. There was a light drizzle in the air and the temperature was cooler than the day before. Not caring about the weather Donny pulled out his little pecker and let the urine fly. I stood next to him then and pulled out my stiff half hard dick and let fly myself. "Maybe we'll get to have some fun with these again soon." I said to the younger boy as I reached over and touched his penis lightly. "Yeah that would be kool I liked that." He replied talking about the fun in wal mart.

We finished our business and went back inside to see AJ now awake. "Hi bubby how ya feelin?" Donny asked his big brother. "Better dude. Hey Derrik will you get me some shorts and stuff so I can go pee to? I don't want that dude to see me naked and stuff." He asked referring to the soldier. I dug out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and tossed them to him. As he stood up to zip the shorts up I noticed he to had some morning wood.

"Better watch that zipper, don't zip your pecker up in it." I told him since he didn't have underwear on for now. He took my advice and gently zipped the shorts avoiding his cock. I then stopped him and looked down into his devilish eyes. "You feel better?" I asked. "Yeah really, lots better." He replied. I then rubbed the top of his cute head and he smiled as he walked out to the mine entrance to piss. As I sat back down I felt a definite chill in my body, like I couldn't get warm.

"Does it feel cold in here to you?" I asked Donny. He shook his head no. I then heard, "Nope it's just right in here. You must be catching a cold." The man said as he sat up from his slumber.

"I noticed you sleeping on the bare floor last night and tried to wake you, but you wouldn't budge. You must be catching a cold now." He said. He sat up and started to slide his boots back on. As he was putting his gear back together AJ walked back in startling the man. He raised his gun and pointed it at Adam.

AJ froze instantly and put his hands up in fear. "Shit sorry about that kid. It's just you get jumpy when you do my line of work." The soldier apologized. Breathing a sigh of relief AJ sat down next to his brother. By now Joe and Chris were stirring awake to. Not really knowing the man yet we decided to sleep in our clothes, except for AJ who was already naked when the man came into the mine.

All of us being modest kids really didn't want an adult to see us naked, especially one we didn't really know. "So what's on the agenda for the day guys?" the soldier asked. "Well I was thinking about maybe going into town and bringing back some food and supplies today." I told him. "Ok how about I go with you." He suggested. I agreed and then we got ready to go. "Guys food run ok. We'll be back in a few hours ok." I told them.

By now the others knew the drill to be o guard since not all of us were going to be in the mine. Sgt. Williams and I got on the ATV and headed into town.

This time we'd have to depend on our own senses since Chris didn't come along with his super ears and nose. Again I brought the glove along, even though I was starting to think it was bad for my health to use it.

We went through town checking things out before going to the grocery store. "Oh man some one's been here to." I said looking at the food on the floor. "What do you mean here to?" the soldier asked. "Well the other day we were in the wal mart and some one had been in there rummaging through stuff and it wasn't us that did it." I explained. Seeing my point he raised his gun into a firing position and we checked the store out.

Once we were sure it was empty we loaded up a few carts with food. "Oh man I haven't had any real food in weeks now." He said.

I asked what he meant. "I have been eating MRE's (meals ready to eat, K rations in other words) for weeks now." He replied. He knew what kinds of food we needed and what would spoil so loaded his cart with canned foods and dehydrated foods. I also did that, but there was one luxury we could still enjoy.

I grabbed a few bags of cookies and tossed them on the cart to. Once he had the food loaded on the ATV we set off back to the mine. On the way I asked about the map and intel papers in his pack. He explained about the places with X's over them that they were destroyed and no sign of life was there.

Then I asked about the orphanage. "That was the next place my unit was going to check out before we were ambushed. We were about 2 miles outside of town here when they jumped us from the air." He said. "So that's where those monsters were going when we found Donny." I said. Puzzled he asked what I meant. "When we found the little guy Donny in the death camp the monster took off in a ship rite before we got there.

We ran in and got Donny as fast as we could and got out of there before they came back. They must have been coming after your unit when they flew away in the ship." I explained. He saw my point then and we continued our talk. "Are you still planning on going to the orphanage?" I asked. "At this point I'm not sure kid. My unit is wiped out, I have no contact with my superiors, and I have exceeded my time table to pull out of here." The soldier said. "Don't you have a way to get hold of your superiors?

Don't you have a radio or anything?" I asked. "No the guy in my unit that was carrying our radio was taken by the aliens." He said. That's when I remembered the short wave radio we took from AJ's bomb shelter. "Hey would a short wave radio work? We got one back at the mine." I told him. "It just might. If my superiors are monitoring the right signals they just might hear it." He told me.

When we get back to the mine we will try the radio to see if it works for him. We arrived at the mine a short time later with the others greeting us at the entrance. "Come on guys lets get this food inside." I told them. They all grabbed as much as they could carry and filed inside with it. After we got the food stowed away I dug out the radio for the man. "Well here it is, hope you can do something with it." I told him.

He turned it on and only static came out of it. "Ok we have to take it outside for it to work. It won't pick anything up inside this mine." He said. The others and I followed him outside where he started to turn the dials and flip switches on it. "Eagle to nest, eagle to nest do you read nest?? He said into the mic, but only static came through the speaker. He kept trying turning the knobs different ways and trying different frequencies to call his base, but no response.

"Guys I don't think this radio has the kind of range to contact my base. If it were a bit closer to my base it may have a chance of contacting them." He said. "Where's your base at?" Chris asked. "The base camp is about 25 miles west of here." Sgt Williams said.

That got me to thinking. "Hey Sgt.Williams isn't that orphanage west of here to? I mean you could go there and check it out and take the radio with you. You'd be a lot closer to your base at the orphanage than you are here, the radio may work then." I told him.

"Yeah good idea." AJ said. "Yeah kid I admit it is a good idea, but I can't leave you kids here in good conscience. It's not safe for you guys all out here alone like this, even if you do have those extra abilities. I just cant go there and call my base and leave you here." He told us.

The wildest thing ever happened then, Donny spoke up. "Why don't we all just go with you?" he asked. We all stared at the little guy in amazement. "What?" he asked looking uncomfortable. "Little bro I never knew you was so smart. That's an awesome idea, why don't we all just go?

I mean it's gotta be safer than staying here being scared that those monsters will get us all the time." AJ said. "Well guys I'm all for it.

If you kids are up to it I'm willing to try my best to get you there." the soldier said. We already knew AJ and Donny's votes, they were for going. "Ok let's do it." Chris said. "Yeah let's go. I would like to sleep someplace warm again." Josiah said giggling. "Well kid how about it?" the soldier asked me.

I thought for a second and considered our options. The others were all for leaving the mine and trying to get to the orphanage. I thought of the perils we might face on the long way there, but logic final told me my answer. "Ok. I think it's best for all of us to try it. We can't stay here much longer. It will be winter soon, and then it'll be too cold to stay here." I said.

Now that everyone is in agreement that we try to make it to the orphanage we needed to come up with a game plan of how we were going to get there. Josiah suggested we take the ATV, but there's not enough room in it for all of us, the dog, and the supplies and gear we would need to take along. We were going to need a bigger vehicle, but the only problem with that is anything bigger than the ATV is a lot more noticeable.

We didn't want to be seen going there, so we would need to stay in the shadows so to speak as much as possible. That evening Sgt Williams, the rest of the guys, and I sat and came up with a plan of how we were getting there. We would go into town in the next day or two and look for a larger 4 wheel drive vehicle to use off road instead of the ATV. It would be big enough to carry all of us and the supplies, and also be able to duck off the road if we need to.

The 18 miles away to the orphanage wasn't really all that far to travel, but when you are trying to do it with out being noticed it's a little harder to do. We decided to only travel during the night to avoid being seen by the aliens. "Ok here's how we need to do this guys.

I will drive with my night vision gear on and Adam I need you to sit up front with me since you can see in the dark to with those devil eyes of yours. Chris I need you to keep your ears open for anything out of the ordinary. The rest of you guys just enjoy the ride. You probably won't get to see much since we're going at night. I'm going to be driving with the lights off." The soldier said. Then something important struck me, "Hey we should wait to go till there is a new moon.

That way there won't be any moon light." I told them. The soldier agreed with me. He got out his intel papers that had a calendar on them. "Ok the next new moon is in exactly four days.

We have till then to get ready to go. We need enough food to last us at least a week after we leave. We need to find a big SUV to hold all of us, and we need to take anything that is important to you guys here with us. Once we're gone there's probably not going to be any coming back." he told us. I knew exactly where to find the SUV in town.

I saw one at my old neighbor's house when I was checking through town once. It was one of the only cars still left in town that wasn't destroyed. It is a big four door truck that should do the job for us. As for food that wouldn't be a problem there was still plenty of canned and dry foods in the grocery store.

And our important things, well I don't think we'll be forgetting our video games and clothes anytime soon. The Sgt. plotted a route on his map to the orphanage from town that we would go. He marked a line on the map rite on the main road leading out of town, but just incase he also marked one in an off road area to get there to.

As we sat and went over the plans I could tell the others were getting just as restless as I was. I sensed how much they all missed the naked fun we all have come to enjoy having together. That's when I noticed my dick tenting my shorts. I tried my best to sit in a position where no one would notice, but it didn't work. Chris saw me and started to giggle a bit. He kept it to himself, but he knew I was rock hard. I haven't had an orgasm in days now, and I felt like I was about to explode I wanted to get off so bad.

"Hey guys I need to go use the boy's room. I'll be back in a little bit." I said as I grabbed my gun to head outside the mine. I had no intentions of using the bathroom. I headed to a secluded area out of site near the mine's entrance and yanked my shorts down. I wrapped my fingers around my rock hard tool and began to pump away on it. It was feeling great to the point I tuned out the outside world. My hand flew up and down my cock as I heard a twig snap, I instantly stopped jerking and raised my gun.

"It's just me don't shoot!" I heard Chris say. "Dammit I could have killed you don't scare me like that." I said angrily half naked with my shorts around my ankles. "Sorry I just though I needed to use the boy's room to." He replied smiling. "Ok sounds good to me. Go ahead and finish for me and I'll do you next." I told him. He smiled and sank to his knees taking my small cock into his mouth.

His tender lips began to slide back and forth on my smooth hairless cock sending me into orbit. "Oh god that feels so good Chris don't stop." I moaned to him. He began to play with my balls with one hand and sped up his sucking.

In no time my dick was pulsating in his mouth firing off a dry orgasm. I put both hands on top of his head and face fucked him as hard as I could as I felt the last few waves of pleasure wash over me. I released my grip on his head and he slid my dick from his mouth making a slurping noise. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" I moaned as I almost fell on my ass from the intense feeling he just gave me. I held onto a tree branch to keep my balance while I came back down from my high feeling.

I looked down and saw his cute little face smiling at me and licking his lips. I instantly sank to my knees in front of him and wrapped him up in a deep passionate kiss.

Our toungs explored each others mouths and all over each others lips. I then reached down for his shorts and slid my hand inside them to fid his hard little boy dick. As I messaged the hard mushroom tip he moaned deeply as our toungs wrestled. I broke off the kiss and told him to stand up. As soon as he was up right I yanked his shorts down and dove onto his boy meat. He moaned loudly as he felt my toung slide along the underside of his cock head.

I cupped both his but cheeks in my hands and slammed his little dick in and out of my mouth making a smacking sound each time his belly hit my fore head. Just like me he put his hands on my head and forced my mouth down even harder ion his 11 year old cock.

"Oh gosh faster harder!" he moaned. Not even a minute later I felt his meat stiffen up in my mouth and his whole body then went tense as he took a deep breath. He forced my head down on him very hard then making sure he got everything out of this moment he could.

As he came down from his orgasm his legs collapsed out from under him. He fell into my arms panting heavily.

Again we kissed a few minutes and rubbed each others cocks. As I broke our kiss I told him, "I sure did miss that. Just you and me like that." "Yeah me to. I wish we had the time to do it in the but like we did that one time. I loved that." He replied. "Well maybe we can sneak time before we leave to try it." I told him. "Yay!" he said in a sarcastic cute way. I definitely wanted his tender ass again, but I also wouldn't mind some fun with the other boys as well.

Maybe I can figure out how to get away from the soldier long enough with the guys to have some real fun before we leave the mine for good. We went back inside to talk to the sgt. Some more when we were done with our "pee break". Being I the mine all the time was definitely getting to be on the boring side at times lately. Kids our age should be out playing, swimming, riding bikes, and lots of other stuff not cowering and hiding in an old mine shaft fearing for our lives. Maybe this attempt to move to the orphanage was for the better for us, maybe it's not the rite thing to do.

Only time will tell, but for now we are living for the moment and planning for tomorrow. We can only speculate on what we will find at the orphanage, if we even make it that far. Not knowing our fate and what lay ahead is like anguish to me. I get so worried I can't stand it sometimes. I don't only worry about my fate, but I also worry about the other boys' future as well. They have latched on to me as their leader and protector and I don't want to let them down.

Apocalypse Chapter 12 Two days after we laid out the plans to make a try for the orphanage we were ready to make runs to town for supplies to take with us and to prep the truck for the journey.

"Ok boys it's o nine hundred, time to get a move on." The soldier said waking us from our slumber. "O nine what?" AJ groaned rubbing his sensitive eyes. "It's nine am dude." Josiah told him. Now being fully awake thanks to Sgt Williams I stretched my sore body and rubbed my eyes to. "Come on dudes we need to get stuff done." I said standing up and stretching more.

I knew from reading their minds that they weren't too keen on getting up and doing work this early in the morning. I then headed outside to tale a leak, and was soon joined by Chris, Donny, and the dog. As I pissed I noticed Donny sneaking a peek at my stuff. Being silly I wiggled it making my piss stream dance in the air. It did the trick, Donny giggled away. As we were finishing our business the soldier joined us.

He whipped his cock out and our eyes swelled to the size of silver dollars. From the size of his dick I thought he must be part horse. His cock must have been an easy 8 or 9 inches long limp.


I sensed Chris thinking "Oh my fucking god! He's huge. It must drag the ground when he gets hard." I cracked up instantly. He looked at me and when it hit him I read his mind he laughed to. "It's true." he said laughing like crazy.

Poor little Donny was totally lost at what we were laughing at. I leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Chris is talking about how big his thing is." Donny peeked around me and saw the man's one eyed monster.

"Wow!" Donny said with no modesty. "Wonder if mine will get that big." The 9 year old said making all of us laugh. "Maybe some day it will kiddo.

Mine wasn't really big when I was your age either." The man said. Donny smiled at the though of his dick possibly getting to be the size of an elephant trunk some day. I finished up and went back inside the mine. Josiah was getting ready for the day ahead and AJ was sitting on the bed leaning against the wall with his sunglasses on and no shirt on. "Come on Adam we got a lot of shit to do today" I told him, and he didn't make a peep or move.

"Adam, you ok?" I asked, and still not response. I walked in front of him and waved my hand in front of his face, and he didn't move. "Is he ok?" Josiah asked. "I think he's sleeping." I said before I grabbed his sunglasses by the frames and slid them off his face. Sure enough his eyes were closed and he was asleep.

I slid the glasses back over his eyes and gently shook him. "AJ come on bud wake up." I said softly as I shook him gently. He woke up and looked at me. "What happened?" he asked. "You fell back asleep dude. Come on we need to get a move on." I told him. I helped him up and he stretched his body out. "Sorry I don't even remember falling back to sleep." He told me.

I was starting to wonder if he was sicker than we actually thought he was. He didn't seem to be sick, but his energy level lately is like zero. I decided to check through the medical books later and see what I can possibly find out. For now we needed to get to town. We all piled on the ATV and the soldier drove this time and headed to town to prep for our journey.

"Ok guys we need to go in three teams. 2 of us will go to the store and get food, 2 will go the wal mart and get supplies and what ever else we need and 1 of you guys can go with me to get the truck ready." The man told us. It seemed like a good plan, but when the guys started to pair off with each other I had to step in.

"Guys I don't mean to be a dick here, but I think Chris and Joe should get the food, I'll go to the wal mart with Donny, and AJ I think you should stay with the Sgt." I said. hearing that puzzled Adam. "Why?" he asked. "Well dude you're sick. You don't need to over exert yourself. You need to take it easy." I explained.

He didn't seem too happy about it, but he agreed none the less. "He's rite. If you are sick you need to conserve your strength.

Besides you won't be doing much if you go with me. It'll be easy for you." The soldier told him. "You can even take Lucky with you" I told AJ. He had a fondness for our k-9 friend. A short time later we rode into town with guns raised and at the ready. I led the Sgt to where the truck was and we parked the ATV. "Ok boys let's split up and get this done.

And most important be on your guard." The man told us. Donny and I set out for wal mart on the ATV and Chris and Josiah walked to the store since it was only blocks away from the truck. "You want to try on some more under wear?" I asked the little guy making a suggestion and a joke.

He got the point after a minute and began to laugh. "Yeah trying undies on is fun." He giggled. I parked the ATV rite in front of the entrance of the store and we went in for supplies on our list, rite after we make a stop at the little boys department for some fun.

"Ok bud we may as well get what ever we want while we're here. Lets get you some more clothes t take with us." I told him. He agreed with me so I told him, "Ok go ahead and strip those clothes off so we can try new ones on." He did as I said and took his undies off with out me even telling him. From the looks of it he was already half way stiff. This time I decided to be the teacher for him. "Hey bud did your brother show you how to whack off yet?" I asked.

He shook his head no. "Ok well I'm about to teach you how to have fun with your wiener when ever you want to." I told him. I then took his silky smooth little pecker in my fingers and rubbed him till he was fully hard.

I then got into position behind him and took his hand and positioned it in the rite way around his dick. He had it clinched in his fingers and I showed him how to slowly stoke his hand back and forth. After a few strokes I removed my hand from his and he kept on stroking. "How's it feel?" I whispered in his ear.

"Feels great." He said gladly. I decided sinse he was having fun, then why couldn't I have some to. I unzipped my shorts and slid them down and stood in front of the 9 year old and began to stroke my own cock. His little eyes lit up in amazement. He stopped stroking for a second and watched me. "Go ahead little buddy don't stop." I told him. He started to stroke his own once more. A few seconds later he said, "Can I touch it?"� referring to my dick. "Yeah I guess so go ahead." I told him.

He reached out with his other hand and touched the tip of my dick with his finger. "It's warm." He giggled. "Feel the whole thing." I suggested. He did what I said and a second later his fingers were wrapping around my tool. His little hand felt so good on my cock. With out me even telling him he started to stroke me. "Oh Donny that feels great don't stop." I moaned to him.

From the feeling of this little 9 yo jerking me and thinking about what I was going to do for him drove me over the edge of orgasm cliff. "Oh fuck!" I moaned out as wave after wave washed over me as he stroked me steadily. As my pleasure was ending I was getting sensitive and he was still stroking full speed. "Ok bud you can stop now I'm done." I said. He smiled as he took his fingers off my dick and wrapped them back around his own. "No let me do it for you since you did it for me." I told him.

after I came back to Earth from orgasm land I had him set his naked body on my still exposed lap on the floor and I slowly began to stroke his tender boy tool. In no time his breathing began to change to shorter more rapid breaths.

"Feels awesome don't it?" I whispered to him. He nodded yes. I took my other hand and explored his smooth chest as I stroked faster and faster. He began to squirm and moan lightly so I knew he was getting close. I got an idea and stopped all at once which made him kinda mad. "Why'd you stop for it was feeling so good." He wined.

"Just wait lets try something new." I told him. He was open to anything new. What I had in mind was raising his body up off my lap and spreading his legs a bit. Once he did that I positioned him so that my dick nestled between his legs and up against his smooth little ball sack as he sat back down. The feeling was like heaven to me. "How's that feel?" I asked. "Fine. I feel it against my nuts its warm." He said.

I wanted so badly to just slide it inside him, but I didn't want to rush that too soon. Maybe some day when he's more experienced at this new play. Instead I moved his legs together clinching my dick in between them and against his smooth ball bag and ass crack. I then went back to stroking his little rod. As I stroked again he began to squirm and wiggle around. The feeling was great for my cock.

Next thing I felt was his body go stiff and rigid as he took a deep breath. I knew he was having his orgasm then so I slowed down my stroking. A few seconds later it was all over. He sat in my lap a deep breathing limp bodied lump of cuteness. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him and kissed on his sweet little cheek.

"How did that feel?" I asked. "Great! Now I know why my bubby use to do it so much in our room." He responded. Once we both had our orgasms over with I pulled my shorts back up and he slid his clothes back on.

When he was dressed we grabbed him some more clothes and went on to get the supplies that were on our list. In the grocery store Chris and Josiah were having a blast collecting food, and goofing off.

They had a good game of bread foot ball going using a stale loaf of bread as a ball. They played for a while then indulged in a treat that we just can have at the mine. They ripped open a box of pop cycles and ate then so fast they both got brain freezes, "Oh god that hurts, but I like it." Chris said holding his head and trying not to show the chilling pain.

In time their pleasure pain diminished and they went on collecting the things on the list while chowing down on what ever junk food they wanted since it was all free now. They were truly having fun and being kids enjoying each others company.

When they had their carts full they just pushed them rite out of the store and the few blocks down the road to where the soldier and AJ were with the truck. While the other three and I were collecting food and supplies Sgt Williams and AJ were trying to get the truck ready to go. Well actually it was more like the soldier was getting the truck ready while AJ just sat and watched.

He didn't have a clue of what to do to help out in this case. "Mr. Williams sir do you think we're going to make it to the orphanage?" he asked trying to pass the time. "Well first off its Sergeant Williams not mister or sir, I work for a living. And to answer your question I don't know if the place will even be there when we get to where it's supposed to be." The soldier answered.

"Oh sorry." Adam said referring to the mister and sir thing. AJ sat patiently from then on hoping some one would come back soon, he didn't feel very comfortable with this man. The soldier did a good walk around inspection of the truck making sure everything was good to go for the trip out of town.

He was checking the tires making sure they could handle off road terrain. He then checked all the fluids making sure they were topped off. Last but not least he got inside and had to figure out a way to start the truck since the keys were long gone.

He then reached under the dash of the truck and began to rip wires loose. After a few attempts at crossing different wires together he got the rite combination and the trucks' engine fired up. Once he had the engine running he checked all the lights and gauges on the dash. Everything looked good except one vital thing, it was low on gas.

"Dammit." The man said out loud. "What?" AJ inquired. "It's pretty low on fuel. We wont have enough to make it to the orphanage." He answered. "Where in the hell are we going to find fuel now?

The gas station is flattened." he said referring to the ruins of the gas station down the road. Just then Chris and Josiah came strolling up with shopping carts full of food. "Hey cuz catch." Josiah said before tossing AJ a half melted pop cycle. "Kool thanks Joey." He thanked him. The fact that half the pop cycle was already gone didn't faze AJ a bit he opened it and finished it off. "Joey you know Donny's gonna be pissed when he finds out you didn't bring him one of these." AJ told his cousin.

"I know, but if I did it would be completely melted by the time he got back here. So my thinking was he don't need to know does he. Just toss the stick away when you're done. Besides I grabbed him some candy on the way out so he should be kool with that." Josiah said. The soldier picked through the carts to see if the boys stuck to the list.

"Cookies, Crackers, potato chips, candy, you guys grabbed a bunch of junk food. Didn't you get what I asked for on the list?" he asked them. "Well what do you expect man we're kids. And yeah we got what you wanted to it's in there some where." Josiah said talking about the stuff in the carts.

Eventually he did dig out the things that were on the list he gave them. "Ok troops lets get these carts emptied and sorted.

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We need to divide the things to take back to the mine and the things that will stay in town." he ordered the boys. The three boys began to empty the carts out and sort everything into two piles. The one going back to the mine was understandably smaller since they were only going to be there a few more days.

As the others were sorting the food Donny and I pulled up in the ATV with a load of supplies and clothes. As Donny got out of the ATV he was mobbed by Lucky jumping on him and licking him in the face. "Stop lucky." He giggled trying to make the dog stop.

I grabbed Lucky by his collar and pulled him off the little guy and brought him back to where the others were.

"Hey bud gotcha something." I said as I handed AJ a fresh pair of super dark sunglasses. "Kool thanks so much! These are a lot better then the other ones." He said as he slid them on to cover his sensitive eyes from the bright sunlight. "What did you bring us?" Chris whined when he saw what I gave AJ. "This!" Donny beamed at them pulling a new monopoly game out of the ATV. "Now we got something to keep us entertained at the mine till we leave." I told them.

Chris and Josiah seemed to like that idea. It took us a while but we finally got everything unloaded fro the ATV and got it ready to go. "I got a question, where are we going to keep all this stuff?" I said. "In the back of the truck.

If we shut the door to the cap it should be ok until we leave." The soldier replied. "The supplies aren't what I'm worried about at this point. The truck is almost on empty and I have no clue of where we're going to find any fuel for it." He said, "Well cant we just look in some garages or sheds for some gas cans or something?

That's how we got gas for the ATV sometimes." I replied. "Well normally that would be a great idea kid but there's only one problem with that. This truck runs on diesel. I don't think we're going to find that in any garage or shed." He replied.

It seemed we were in a real pickle now. I had no idea of where in the world to find any diesel fuel. Hell I didn't even really know what it was exactly only that some trucks used it. AJ sat on the curb and quietly said, "Tractors."� "What?" I asked. "Tractors, they use that stuff to run on." He said. "Kid you are a damn genius." The man said. "All we have to do is find a good sized tractor close that runs on diesel and siphon the fuel out of it and into the truck." He said.

AJ seemed to be delighted about he compliment and solving the big problem of the day. "Ok Adam, Donny, and me will look around for a tractor in the farm fields around town and look for a tractor." I said before jumping back on the ATV.

We rode around town for a while looking for a big tractor and so far had no luck. We tried one last farm near the very edge of town by the woods and that's when Adam spoke up, "There, over there." he pointed out into a wheat field.

I turned the ATV and headed in that general direction. "Stop!" he said suddenly. I panicked and slammed on the brake. "What?" I asked not knowing why he wanted me to stop. He grabbed me by the chin and turned my head to face forward. That's when I saw what he was talking about. There in front of us was a fresh crop circle in the field.

"What do you see?" AJ asked me. "I dunno it looks like a crop circle." I told him. "Yeah, but that's not what I see." He said taking off his sunglasses. "What is it bubby?" Donny asked. "There's a ship there. It's just sitting there." he replied. "Well let me knock." I said sarcastically.

I closed my eyes and concentrated hard on contacting who ever may be there then suddenly the ship revealed it's self to us. "WOW!" Donny said surprised to see the shiny ship in front of us. An opening in the side of it then began to grow wider. We then saw an unmistakable form of one of the pale skinned aliens standing there. "Do you know who we are?" I thought to it. "Of course we know. You are the endowed ones. You were given the abilities not of Earth." The alien told me through his thoughts.

"It's ok he knows who we are." I told AJ and Donny. I then walked towards him as he stepped out of the ship and into the field. "Can you please tell me anything about there possibly being any more humans close to us? Maybe within 20 miles or so." I asked. "That answer you already know." He told me. His answer didn't really tell me anything.

I didn't know if any one else was out there or not. "This one is the survivor. He survived the death sentence of the evil ones." The alien told me referring to Donny. "Can you hear me young one?" he said to Donny who was hiding behind his brother. "Yeah." He said shaking like a leaf. "It's ok buddy these guys are friendly they helped us. They gave us our special abilities.

You don't have to be scared of them." AJ told his little brother. AJ's words didn't seem to do much to reassure Donny. He was still cowering scared of the alien, understandably after what the other monstrous aliens had done to him. "Please come forward young one I mea you no harm." The alien told him.

Donny stepped around to the side of his brother, but never releasing the hold he had on AJ's hand. The alien waved Donny closer to him. "It's ok bubby he wont hurt you just go to him." AJ told his brother. Reluctantly Donny let go of AJ's hand and slowly walked closer to the alien.

"You have had a painful journey to this point." The alien told him. "How are you talking? I mean your not even moving your lips." Donny asked. "You hear me in your thoughts. Your companions have been given very precious gifts that no other Earthlings posses. Your friends tried to help one our kind when they didn't have to so now we return the favor.

For you Earth child I unleash your inner animal." The alien said before he extended his finger and touched Donny in the middle of his chest. An intense bright light emitted from the contact of the two and Donny then fell to the ground unconscious.

"Donny!" Adam said loudly as he ran to his baby brothers' side. "He will be fine Earth child. His senses are simply overwhelmed and he is now sleeping. He will not fully understand his new abilities, just as you do not fully understand your own abilities yet. When he awakes tell him to not fear the things he may hear, but to embrace them." The alien told us before walking back into its ship.

Then the ship lifted off the ground and flashed back to invisible to my sight. For Adam though he watched it lift from a few feet above the ground to streak straight upwards into the sky. "Come on let's find a damn tractor and get him back to the others." I told AJ as he scooped his little brother's sleeping body off the ground. As we headed out of the field and back into town I spotted what we had been looking for all this time.

"I'll be damned look over by that old barn." I said pointing to the tractor sitting there. "Good let's get back and tell the Sgt. I want to get Donny back to the mine." Adam said worried about his most cherished thing in the world. Minutes later we pulled back up to the others and they saw AJ holding Donny.

"What's wrong with Don?" Josiah asked. "Aliens." Adam said. The soldier went into instant war mode getting his gun and raising it to battle. "Where is it? Is it coming this way?" he asked. "No dude it's gone now.

Besides it was one of the good guys." AJ said. Hearing the aliens were gone he stood down then lowering his gun. "What happened to Donny though?" Chris inquired. "The alien touched him on the chest. And you know what happens when they do that." I told him.

"Kool what kind of power did he get?" Joe asked. "WE don't know yet Joey he fell asleep right after the alien touched him. All the alien said was something about his inner animal. I guess we'll find out when he wakes up." AJ said. "Did you boys have any luck finding some fuel?" the Sgt asked. "Yeah there's a tractor out by an old bard at the edge of town." I said. "Ok well you two jump in the truck and you boys stay on the ATV and lead us to where the fuel is." The soldier said.

Chris and Joe then jumped in the truck and Lucky joined them. I led them then to where we had found the tractor. He pulled the truck up next to the tractor and shut it off. He then opened the fuel cap and smelled the inside of the tank. "Yep that's diesel alright good job soldiers." The Sgt said. He opened the gas cap to the trucks tank and went into the old barn looking for some hose. He came out a few minutes later with a length of old water hose he found.

He stuck it in the tractors tank and began to suck on it. Seeing him do that Chris let out a little chuckle. I knew what he had on his mind. "You little perv." Was all I said to him kind of laughing knowing he was being dirty minded.� A second later the man spit out a big gulp of fuel from his mouth and inserted the hose into the tank of the truck as the fuel flowed down from the tractor.

He choked and coughed for a few minutes clearing the diesel from his mouth as the trucks tank was filled up. "Great we got plenty of fuel now." He said still coughing. Ok guys it's after noon now, actually it's nearly 1500 hours.

Why don't you boys head back to the mine and let the little soldier here get some rest. I think someone needs to stay here and guard the truck. If there is some one else out there they could find our supplies and possibly even take the truck. I'll stay here and keep watch tonight." The soldier said. "You are gonna stay here by yourself? What if one of those monsters comes around?" Chris asked. "Well if one comes around I guess you boys will be the first ones to know it.

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You'll hear my rifle firing off at it." He answered. "I think I'll be ok this time. Last time they took us by surprise from the air. This time I got you guys. Derrik do you sense any of them even remotely close?" he asked me. "No, but that's not to say that they aren't around just because I can't sense them." I said. "Chris do you hear anything out of the ordinary?" he asked. "Nopers, just a few birds chirping really." Chris answered. "Ok then, I think I'll take my chances here tonight.


I'll set up in a safe position where I'll be concealed from sight. That way they won't see me and I can keep the truck in sight." He said. "Ok fine. Come on guys lets get back up the hill." Adam said eager to get his brother to the mine. The other boys and I piled on the ATV and we went on to the mine leaving the soldier in town to guard our supplies and the truck. At the mine I backed the ATV inside the entrance as usual and we all dismounted it. Adam carried his little brother inside the safe room and lay him down on our bed.

I could tell all the events of the last few days were wearing on AJ. He looked so tired and worn down. I was starting to worry something may be physically wrong with him. He sat down on the bed next to Donny and looked like he was drained of energy. "You ok dude?" I asked. "Yeah I guess I'm just tired. Plus I'm worried about Donny." He answered. "I don't think you need to worry about the little guy here.

Remember the alien didn't hurt us when he gave us our abilities. Maybe he passed out because he's so much smaller than we are." I said. While chatting with AJ I sensed something naughty in Chris and Josiah's thoughts.

I knew that they were both wanting to have some fun since the soldier wasn't here to spoil it for us. "Hey you guys want to have a little fun since Donny's asleep and we don't have the army watching us?"I asked the others.

Chris and Joe were all for it smiling from ear to ear and starting to tent out their shorts. I then looked to AJ for his answer. "How bout it dude you up to get naked for a while?" I asked with a grin.

"Sure on one condition. I don't have to do any work." He answered not wanting to move much. "I don't think that's gonna be a problem." I told him. In a flash Chris and Josiah were naked and hard as rocks. As I was sliding my shirt off Chris and Joe got into a heated lip lock and began to fondle each other all over their bodies passionately.

I looked to them and giggled to see how hot they were for each other. They began to jerk each other off as they had their lip lock engaged. Once I was undressed I helped AJ with the last bit of clothes he had on.

I gently grabbed his shorts and boxers and slid them off in one motion. As his undies slid past his cock it sprang up and pointed straight upward. "Looks like you might be up for fun a little more than you thought." I said pointing at his hard on.

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He looked down at his small boner and smiled. "Yeah I guess I have missed it for a while." He replied. Now that we were all naked wheels began to turn in my brain. "He I got an idea. How about AJ and Chris have fun and me and you will Joe? I mean it might be fun to try different stuff." I suggested.

None of the others had any complaints at all. "What are we gonna do?" Chris asked. "Well how about� you let AJ give you what you told me about earlier." I said referring to him wanting my cock in him. He smiled a mile wide so I knew he was all for it. "What's that exactly?" AJ asked. "You'll see trust me you'll love it." I said with an evil smile.

I also decided to give Josiah a dose of what I wanted to give to Chris if he was up for it. I dug in my personal pile of stuff and dug out the lube I had stashed there and handed it to Chris.

He took it and sat down next to AJ then squirted a big gob of lube I his hand. He rubbed it all over Adam's stiff little rob sending him into heaven. "Gosh I did forget how good that feels." He said.

"You like that wait till I do what I want to." Chris said giggling. He stopped rubbing AJ's dick only to apply the lube to his own sphincter. "Are you going to do what I think?" Adam asked. Chris just smiled and nodded making AJ smile to. When Chris' hole was good and slippery he got up and straddled AJ's lap and spread his cheeks apart. He began to lower himself on AJ's waiting boy meat then. As the tip of his cock touched Chris' hole AJ tensed up.

"Dude relax. It'll go great once your all the way in." I told him. He did loosen up some then. Chris lowered himself a bit more and AJ's head slipped into Chris' pucker.

The sensation instantly made AJ want more. He raised his hands up and placed them on Chris' hips to help him guide his self down the pole. After about another minute Chris was sitting on AJ's lap with his cock al the way inside him now. Adam couldn't believe the warmth of being inside of Chris, and the sensation of having his whole cock squeezed at once was heaven to him. He sat there as Chris placed his hands on AJ's shoulders and began to slowly rise up on his rod.

Chris rose up to the point where only Adam's head was still inside him then slid back down on him. Now that those two were off and enjoying the feeling of each other I turned my attention to Josiah.

"How about you? Wanna try that?" I asked him. "Just like that or what?" he asked. "Well if you wanna do it like that I don't mind, but I was thinking maybe doggy style." I said. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "Ok what ever as long as it doesn't hurt." He replied. "You know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you guys. Plus you also know I'm gonna suck you to you explode to." I said laughing. He agreed to my doggy style request and got down on his hands and knees next to Chris and AJ on the bed.

I took the lube and squeezed a good glob onto his tight pucker. I rubbed it al over his hole good and le my fingers wonder in him a few times to loosen him up. Once I could get my finger all the way in him I lubed my cock up and got ready. I got in position behind him and began to probe his sphincter with my cock tip. I gently started to push forward as he began to push back against me. My slick cock slid into him with little effort.

In no time I was all the way in him with my smooth ball sack rubbing against his. I placed my hands on his hips and we were off to the races. I began to guide his tight smooth cheeks back and forth on my cock. His tight hole felt awesome, and he didn't seem to mind the feeing much either. He actually seemed to like it. One thing was sure AJ and Chris were both loving it.

Chris was bouncing up and down on Adam like crazy now. I could tell Adam was really getting into it. He was breathin hard and slightly moaning a bit, but not too loudly just enough to hear.

Chris was another story, he was loving it. He was bucking up and down like a mad man. Hearing those two go at it made me even hotter for the feeling that Joe and I were giving each other. I began to pound in and out of him faster and faster making a smacking sound as his ass collided with my abdomen. The feeling of our balls smacking against each other was also great. "Oh fuck YEAH!" Josiah grunted as I felt his tight hole squeeze down on my dick even tighter.

He was having an orgasm from the shear delight of the great fucking I was giving him. He got off with out even having his cock touched. The clamping force his hole was doing to my dick my orgasm blasted through me like lightning. My whole body tensed up as waves of pleasure swept through me.

At the end I gave Joe a few really good deep thrusts for good measure. He didn't seem to mind a bit since he moaned as I forced into him hard.

I nearly collapsed on top of his back as my muscles then went limp. I caught myself before we both fell onto the bed and I then slid myself out of him. "Gosh that was awesome." Josiah said as he laid down on the bed to catch his breath. "Sure as hell was." I told him as I lay down next to him. We all lay there relishing in the delight of orgasmic bliss when Joe said. "I never thought it would feel so good." We all snapped to our sensed and sat up when we heard, "What felt so good?" I looked over to see Donny was no awake and rubbing his eyes.

No one wanted to answer him right away so he asked again, "What's he mean bubby? What felt so good?" AJ not knowing how to tell his brother what we were doing just took a deep breath and was about to answer Donny.

"Hey Don come over here and I'll show you what I was talking about." Josiah told his little cousin. Donny stood up and stretched his little body out and rubbed his eyes some more.

He walked over and stood next to his cousin and waited for what Josiah was talking about. Joe then looked to AJ to make sure it was ok to show Donny a good time.

AJ just shrugged and nodded to say ok. "Your gonna love this Don Don." Joe told him. he then got up on his knees in front of his cousin and in a flash he engulfed Donny's little limp cock in his mouth. Donny started to giggle instantly. "It tickles!" he giggled. After a little bit of tongue work Joe had Donny's little dong sticking straight out and begging for attention. Joe then went back down on his cousin this time in a back and forth motion sucking his 9 yo cock off.

Donny's hands found their way to the top of Joe's head and he began to buck his little hips back and forth meeting Joes sucking motions. I could tell he was getting close to the edge as his eyes closed and his breathing began to deepen. Josiah sensed this to so he brough t his hands up to Donny's tender white buns and began to guide his little cousin's dick in and out of his mouth even harder and faster. I then heard Donny draw in a deep breath and grunt slightly as his eyes clinched tightly.

His body went stiff and he nearly pulled a handful of Joe's hair out as orgasmic heaven wracked his little body. Then just as fast as it came on, his peak of pleasure passed. The little guys began to breath hard and fast as his legs began to twitch. Josiah then let his little stiffy slip from his lips and he then pulled Donny down into his naked lap to let his orgasm pass.

About a minute later Donny opened his eyes and smiled at Josiah. "How'd ya like it bud?" Joe asked him. "IT felt neat. It felt just like when bubby and Derrik do it to me." Hearing that made me think "Oh fuck, Why'd he say that." I looked over at AJ and he didn't look happy. It was going to be a long night in the mine tonight now.