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It was about nine PM at Robin's Nest and Magnum had just left for the weekend. Higgins heard Zeus and Apollo start to bark and then go silent so she grabbed her gun and went out into the dark.

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She soon stumbled over the bodies of her two dogs fearing they were dead she felt around until she found their pulses and the small tranquilizer darts embedded in their hips. Slowly backing towards the house she stopped when she heard a voice tell her that unless she wanted dead dogs she would do exactly as she was told.


She nodded and said okay just don't hurt them. Okay first strip completely and slowly turn. She complied stripping down she put her hands up and slowly turned completely around when her ass was facing towards the voice it told her to stopbend over and spread her ass cheeks.

Once she had done that the voice told her to continue turning. Once she had complied the voice told her to go to the house and go up stairs to the master bedroom. She asked if she could get dressedno the voice said do as your told. She did this and when she got to the bedroom the voice told her she would find cuffs at each corner of the bed put them on.

She said I can't not with three limbs bound. Do your best she heard the voice say.

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She went to the bedroom and finding the cuffs she slipped into the two leg cuffs that automatically closed around her ankles when she placed her leg into the cuff. Then she placed one wrist into its cuff and hesitantly put on the Last cuff. The two wrist cuffs closed around her wrists and then all four pulled tight pulling her body spread eagled on the bed and unable to move.

Then laughing four large men stepped out into the room.

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One of them spoke to her explaining why this was happening to her. Ms. Higgins you are here to deliver a message to Mr. Magnum he will cease his investigations into his current case or worst things will happen to his family and friends.

Okay boys she is all yours and he quietly left. The three large men left in the room stripped out of their clothes. Higgins paled when she saw what tools the three were equipped with between their legs. The smallest of the three was twelve inches long and three inches round.

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The smallest stepped up to the bed and addressing her said we are going to ease us into you and laid down on top of her picking up a bottle on a table next to the bed he opened it and spurting some into her pussy and asshole where she felt it start to heat up.

Then he shoved two of his thick fingers into her asshole spreading it deep into her and around the area. Then moved on to doing the same to her pussy which also started warming up. Then he put his cock up to her pussy and started pushing into her.

Straining inch by inch he slid the length of his cock into her vagina. With tears stinging her eyes she felt him bottom out in her and then slowly withdraw.

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She kept herself from crying as he sped up and was soon pounding her pussy rapidly. She so wanted to scream but with self control she didn't scream but she did whimper when he told hermy bigger brother is next and he prefers the asshole. He finished coming deep in her womb.


Then he switched places with his brother who fucked her anus raw but she still wouldn't do more than whimper and sob. The he switched places with the third person who when she turned around Higgins saw it was a large woman that had put on a harness bearing a double dildo one went into her and the other went into Higgins a third dildo was placed under the first two. Higgins cringed when she walked towards her raising up her ass she pushed the double dildos into Higgins asshole and pussy straining to get both of them all the way into her.

Then started pounding into her until Higgins finally passed out.

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When she finally woke up her position had been changed now she was hunched up naked on her hands and knees both her pussy and asshole so sore they made her sob with the pain.

Ah you are awakeexcellent we wouldn't want you to miss the rest of the message. She watched as two of them left and the third pulled out a jardipped his hand into the jar pulling out a large gob of gel and shoving it into her pussy and her asshole. Laughing he said you are about to prove your love for your kids and they will prove their love for you.


Puzzling over this statement she watched him open the door to the back yard and moved quickly to go out the front door closing it tightly. As she watched the back door her two dogs came through the door. Smiling with relief she called ZeusApollo good boys come over here and get me loose.

At first she thought she had it made but soon she understood why the last guy was laughing. Her two boys started sniffing and then licking her pussy and rectum. Juliet begged her two dogs to go away but when Zeus mounted her she screamed when he entered her still sore and tender pussy almost passing out as he fucked her hard. She heard the last guy say as he lefttwo days for you to look forward too but at least you will be closer than ever after this.

Once Zeus was done Apollo mounted her entering her asshole from that she again lost consciousness. Awaking again she found the two dogs had continued to mount herfuck her in which ever hole they found first and then switch places and then occasionally take a break to sleep.

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For two days they fucked hershe lost count of how many times and how many orgasms she had from them. When Thomas returned two days later he had to wait because Apollo was locked to her. He finally got to her when Apollo released from her and then Magnum freed her from the restraints but had to help her to stand up because she was so sore after two days of being tied down and almost constantly fucked by two well endowed dogs as well as being fucked for a day by three overly endowed rapists.

Thomas helped her onto the bed and then ushered the two dogs out of the room closing the door behind them.

She whimpered when she saw him strip naked then crawl into the bed behind her but when he pulled her back tightly into him hugging her close and they lay there spooning she started crying and she only cried harder when she heard him whisper to herit's alright Juliet I've got you your safe now no one will hurt you and once you have rested I will hunt them down they will never bother you again.

She whisperedthey told me this was a message to youdrop the case you are investigating or worse will happen to your family and friends.

Don't worry Juliet I will handle this or die trying. Magnum stayed with her until she fell asleep then he called in his friends Rick and TC. Stay here and protect her with your lives. Making sure his gun was loaded and he had plenty of spare clips he left tracking the ones that had hurt Juliet.

The last thing he did was leave a recorded message with Rick only to be given to Juliet if he didn't come back. Rick of course opened the envelope and played the message it saidI don't know if I was successful in killing the ones that hurt you but I did my best and just so you know it was because I love you Juliet. To be continuedpart two - the hunt