Jenna Sullivan at her best

Jenna Sullivan at her best
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To Jen this seemed like any other Saturday. The weekend was here and she was already thinking about how she was going to spend her night. She need not have bothered as I already had her whole night planned. For as long as I can remember I have had the fantasy of seeing Jen with another man, tonight I was going to find out how she felt about it.

I rang her at about 12 midday and told her to be ready to go at 4pm as I had a surprise planned.

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I had already packed her bag with her sexiest underwear and her favourite sexy dress and shoes. As agreed, I picked her up at 4pm. "What have you planned for me?" she said to me as she sat into the car.

"That is a surprise" I told her, not wanting to give anything away. Jen always falls asleep on long journeys so after about 30 minutes of driving she was sound asleep.

She looked so sexy as she lay there and the thought of the night to come was already playing on my mind. How would she react? How would I react?

The suspense was killing me. I drove to the next city where I knew that neither of us would be known, and I pulled into the hotel that I had booked. It was only a few minutes walk from the pubs and club so I knew that it would be a prime location. I woke Jen up and she was pleasantly surprised that I had taken her to a hotel. If only she knew my real reason!!! We checked into the hotel and I carried her bag in. I told her that I wanted her to wear everything that was in the bag as I intended in having a wild night with her tonight.

She got ready and as she walked naked around the room I wanted to take her there and then. She is 5'7" tall and weighed about 130lbs with 36D breasts that I love to bury my face in. She put on the sexy underwear and a sexy black plunging mini dress that really accentuated her breasts. She was looking so sexy that I knew no man would be able to resist her. We went to a pub around the corner and I made sure that Jen had enough to drink to reduce any inhibitions that she may have.

I watched as man after man was ogling her as she dancing sexily to the music. Now was the time to start my experiment, to test the boundaries. I told her to go down to the dance floor and dance as sexily as she could, I told her to flirt and tease the men that came on to her. She looked at me and asked "why?" I told her that she should realise just how sexy she really is and by seeing how many men come onto her with give her an idea.

She agreed and hit the dance floor. As she started dancing it took no time before men were swarming around her trying to dance close to her. She danced with them but moved away whenever any of them laid a hand on her.

I went down to her and had a word in her ear.


I told her to let the men feel her up and I told her how much it turned me on to see another man all over her. "How much does it turn you on?" she asked me. I grabbed her hand and put it on my swollen cock. "Well then, lets just see how much I can turn you on" she said "how far am I allowed go?" "You can go as far as you want" I said knowing that it was up to Jen now. A big smile lit up her face as she again moved into the middle of the dance floor. Within minutes another man danced up to her.

He was about 6' tanned and athletic looking. This time Jen let him dance up close and really started to dance into him, rubbing herself up against him. She wrapped herself around him and he pulled her close to him.


She looked over at me and smiled, before I could react she started to kiss him passionately on the dance floor.

I didn't know which was the more powerful emotion hitting me, jealously or the fact I was so turned on. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, after all my fantasies here was Jen kissing another man on the dance floor and I was loving it. His hands were all over her feeling her ass and tits and she was letting him do as he pleased.

Then I noticed his hand slip up her skirt and when she threw her head back I knew that his finger had found its way into her pussy. I couldn't believe she was letting it get this far. After another few minutes of this I saw Jen whisper something in his ear and head for the bathroom.

Jen came out of the bathroom and came up to me. "Did you enjoy that?" she asked me "I did" I said. "Did you see him fingering me?" she asked. "I saw, and I think you enjoyed it. It was always my fantasy to see you with another man and I'm glad to see it happen and for you to enjoy it". "I am not finished yet" she told me as she handed me something. I looked down and saw her thong in my hand.

"I won't be needing that" she told me "Your fantasy was to see me with another man, well that is what you are going to get. I am going bringing Steve back to the hotel room and let him finish what you started. If you want to watch you'd better go hide in the hotel room fast". I went straight back to the hotel room not knowing if Jen was bluffing or whether she really was going bringing Steve back. I know I had a fantasy to see her with another man but did I really want her to fuck another man?

I suppose I was about to find out. I hid in the cupboard of the hotel room and also hid a video camera to catch all the action.

Within a few minute the door opened and in walked Jen and then I heard a man's voice. It was Steve but there was also another man's voice. Who was this? What was happening? I then heard Jen say loudly "It was my husband's fantasy to see me with another man, well my fantasy is to be with 2 men at once. He had his fantasy, now I am having mine". I knew that this was for my benefit as she knew I was hiding there.

She went to the bed and beckoned the 2 men over. She unzipped both their pants releasing their cocks into view. Steve was well endowed with about 9" and his friend was slightly smaller at about 7".

Jen started stroking their cocks and then took Steve into her mouth sucking him expertly while still stroking his friend's cock. I didn't know what to do so I stayed there and enjoyed the view. I couldn't believe how turned on this was making me. As Jen was busy stroking and sucking both men's cocks, they were busy removing all their clothes. There was Jen sitting on the bed with 2 naked strangers in front of her as she played with their cocks.

Steve pulled Jen up off the bed and pulled her dress up over her head. Jen was now standing naked in front of both men and what a sight she was. It was only then that I noticed that she had completely shaved her pussy. This was it, both my fantasy and Jen's fantasy about to come true Jen was about to get fucked by not one, but 2 strangers.


Steve threw Jen onto her back on the bed and began kissing her tits. His friend wasted no time and started kissing her stomach.

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He then spread her legs and moved in and started kissing her shaved pussy and I heard her moan as his tongue hit her clit. I know how much Jen likes to be eaten out so I knew her first orgasm was not far away. I was right, within minutes she let out moans of her first orgasm.

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"I want a cock inside me now" said Jen in a lustful voice. Steve would not let her down as he put her on her hands and knees and moved behind her. Jen told him to put on a condom and he positioned his cock against her now soaking pussy lips and thrust his cock deep inside her.

"Ooh yes, give it to me" said Jen and Steve did not need asking twice as he thrust harder and faster into Jen. She was moaning in pleasure. Steve's friend was probably feeling a bit left out and he moved in front of Jen. Jen grabbed his cock and pulled him close to her and took his cock in her mouth. There was Jen, 1 cock in her mouth and another in her pussy.

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I was glad that I was recording this as I knew I was going to enjoy watching it back later. Jen started moaning so I knew she was close to coming.

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"Give me everything that you've got Steve" said Jen. Steve gave it to her as hard as he could and he started groaning as he blew his load deep into Jen's willing pussy. Jen was coming too, Steve pulled out and his friend moved in behind and shoved his cock deep into Jen's now well swollen pussy and continued where Steve left off.

It was not long before he too was blowing his load into Jen and she came with her third orgasm of the night. With that Steve and his friend got dressed and left leaving Jen lying on the bed well satisfied. I came out of the wardrobe and kissed her passionately.

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"We have to this again" said Jen. "I cannot wait" I told her. I am now planning her next surprise. Let's see how far we can push the boundries!!!