Bondage Woman Erotica Inflicting Pain

Bondage Woman Erotica Inflicting Pain
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A Goddess in Leather We met on the dusty crossroads, Of a nameless, silent town, A place by fate forsaken When the full moon wore a frown.

She was a leather goddess, An exile from the abyss With eyes of living fire And sweet venom in her kiss. Her lips the colour of fury, Her skin, in the manner of old: White as the billowing towers Of cloud in the heartland of cold.

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I tasted flesh opalescent, Violet and crimson with life, And therein raged unrelenting The forces of storm and of strife. That night we both drank the nectar; The salty-sweet essence of lust.

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She matched me measure for measure, Returning each kiss and each thrust. Her eyes alight with the embers, Her limbs incandescent with flame; Invoking all that is pagan, Calling the storm gods by name.

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I loved her fiercely till morning, Riding her untamable steed Through boundless lust and through laughter Until all our passions were freed. I awoke in expectation Of sweet love craft, rare and unknown, And of beauty glowing before me, But found that I lay all alone. I then searched every corner Of that fate-forsaken town But found no trace at all of her; Best I let my sorrows drown.

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Fading marks upon my body, Visions that linger in my eye Are all I now have left of her; These and the swirling, spectral sky.