Fisting lesbian rus teen Orgasmus auf Spot Stuhl

Fisting lesbian rus teen Orgasmus auf Spot Stuhl
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Tears running on my face, wondered dad isn't here for wait and punish me. The back time is passed from one hour : maybe he's too busy in fucking Laura. I hate the bitch but she was smart enough for fuck dad and let him marry her. Surely she's more smart and lucky than me, finding someone like dad.

I am sure he didn't just want to fuck her as Jason would do to me. I hate him too! I hate all boys! They just want fuck, fuck and fuck! I hate them!

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I am just able to sneak in my room and throw myself on the bed, sobbing and wet my pillow with my stupid tears. Why I am not a whore like others and I can't just open my legs and let boys fuck me while I take care of my nails? I return on reality hearing a knock at the bathroom's door and my brother's voice asking, whispering, if I am OK and if I am in need.

"Fuck you and leave me alone. I Hate you!! I reply instinctively "Open this door or I'll wake up dad and we will see who will be fucked tonight" Mark says with the stupid voice he uses when he wants blackmail me.

No chance he can back in bed and leave me alone so I open the door. I think my face was a shit because, instead of be rude and sarcastic as usual, he just act worried and ask me what happened and if I am OK. I am trying to find some stupid answer for persuade him to go away but his genuine worried face and his fingers, which put away locks of hair from my face, destroys immediately the weak shield I build some seconds before to open the door.

I am just able to burst in cry again, pushing my face on his chest, sobbing! Stupid bitch as I am! "Sis. What's happening?? Are you drunk?? Please tell me something. you are scaring me.

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someone .raped you??" I hear his whispers in my ear as he hugs me and caressing my hair. I just able to say: "Jason. he thrown me.for Mary Pat Finnegan". and among the sobs I was able to tell him how he wanted sex. Filthy sex with my mouth and in my kitty.and how, when I told him I didn't want it and I would wait, he told me to go away and back when I'll be grow, Mary Pat was eager and skilled in do such things. "He cheated me!" I almost yell at Mark.

I think I was desperate enough else I never could tell him all these things about Jason and me. I think also Mark said something in anger about broke his legs and something his stupidity but I am just able to realize how he take off my shoes and helps me to lay down on my bed.

I think I woke up a couple of times in the night but when it happened he was there. laying on my back.

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caressing my hair. telling how everything was OK and back to sleep. He surely fell asleep at the dawn. Now I am awake and I still feel his warm body next to me. He also provided for a blanket for keep me warm but it doesn't stops me from feel his body against my back, his regular breath and something strange, hard, poking against my. "Mark, you perv.

Go way. Leave me alone!" I just can see his sleeping face watching me without understanding what's going on. So I understand it's not his fault. I am feeling myself flattered about getting my brother hard. I suddenly feel his body moving and trying to go out from the bed so I stop him and I ask him to stay and forgive me. It's so hot feeling his hard on against my butt. I am not sure what I should do.

I hear him whispering in my ear about how sorry he is and he doesn't want I can see him as a perv. I turn my face and I would kiss his cheek for tell him he's not one but my lips meet his and we both froze. His lips are so soft. Much more than Jason's and suddenly I feel his tongue pressing my lips, I let it slide in and he kiss me slowly and nicely. I feel his hand unbuttoning my blouse as he stops to kiss me and watching in my eyes. I guess I am blushing but I don'-- I don't really know what to do now.

I am feeling his hand on my chest, his palm on my nipple.


Suddenly I feel a sharp pain from his pinch. He smiles, stopping to touch me.

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I am confused, scared, disappointed, frustrated and God know what else. He's watching me as if he would know what to do. It's so new for me because Jason never ask my permission for touch me or try something.

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I feel his lips on mine in a while. as he's pushing me on the bed. I still wear the skirt I was wearing last night and he pulls it up. He never leave my eyes with his sight.

He stops again and he whispers "I am sorry Laura. " .

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I watch at him in disbelief, "Oh my God. He never call me with my name." thinking how he always found other "names" for her stupid sister and wondered what's in store this special night.

"I didn't want kiss and touch you but. but. you are so hot.


Much more hot and gentle and smart than every girl at school. I hate when you choose such a looser as boyfriend. Now he does it to you and I am so angry." I can't believe what I am hearing and he never try to protect me nor be gentle since we were in 4th or 5th grade.

Now I am just able to hug him and start to cry again. He try to pull his body out from mine but I just need to hug him "What's happen? I am sorry.

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Please don't cry I don't know what I did but forgive me. Just stop to cry" I can see his face through my tears. I can see he's close to be in panic and the only ting I am able to do, because I think if I try to speak I just could burst in cry again, is starting to caress his face, trying to smile and I feel his hand removing another lock of my hair from my face with his beautiful "oh my god.

I just find him beautiful" face watching me. Now I know what to do. I know what kind of boyfriend I want and I know I always had one near to me and I never realized. How stupid I am. I start to unbutton my shirt as he's watching me terrified. I guess my face is the same color of a lobster but I can't talk and I am just able to out his hand and put it on my breast "oh my god.

It's so warm". I can see he's terrified and I am too but it doesn't stop him from push his hips on my stomach and make me feel his hard on. "If there's someone in the world,now, I would make love with.It's him: Mark. My brother! " I think by myself. I can see from his face how mixed he is. I guess he would touch me but he's scared what I could do.

I hear my voice coming out and seems from another girl because words are just croaked whispers "Please Mark. I want you. I know it's so strange but I need you and I don't want anybody else but you now. Teach me" I can see him watching me in disbelief as I put myself on knee on the bed and I pull down his shorts.

"wow" I can see it now. It's dark with a purple head with a little slit in the middle; in the semidarkness I can see also some liquid is leaking from the slit and I am wondered what it is because, from what I heard, the male's sperm is white.

The smell it's not bad but with a sting of pee "well." I think by myself " what do you think could smell of? It's coming from a pee hole" : I touch it feeling how warm and hard it is but I am also finding it so soft and silky. He moans a little and I am scared to hurt him but from his face there's no sign of pain. "Maybe it's the same expression I have when I am touching myself.If only he could know" I am smiling now, thinking about it and I can see his worried face starts to relax so, I grab it, and I start to go up and down as I heard from other girls and I immediately hear his moans in reply.

Knowing I am doing it well I take a breath, open my lips, and taking it in my mouth. "yuck.It's not bad as I thought. It's just too salty. " scent of his crotch hits my nostril a lot of sensations hit my mind. Suddenly something spurt in my mouth and I start to cough and gag and it comes out from my mouth continuing to spurt and spurt. What a mess! As usual it's just fiction and any of carachters are pure fantasy.

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