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Dinner was ready; Dave's wife, Jenny, had sent him upstairs to fetch their daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Jake. Sarah had been dating Jake for over a year now; they'd met at college and instantly fell in love. Both were eighteen and their parents trusted them to be mature and responsible; they were in Sarah's room, studying for their final exams. The door was closed, all was quiet, so he knocked softly on the door, not wanting to startle them. He heard Sarah say "Come in." so he pushed the door open.

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Dave stopped. Pinned to the wall, the girl he had brought up for thirteen years was naked and wrapped around her tanned boyfriend as he thrust into her. Her eyes were screwed tight, lips forced into a thin pale line as his cheeks clenched and her thighs gripped his waist. Dave looked on, frozen, helpless, too embarrassed to say anything as his cock responded to the live porn show in front of him, tenting his sweat pants.

Sarah came down from her orgasm; head dropping, eyes opening but unable to focus on the man in the doorway who backed out slowly and quietly closed the door.

"Dave!" Jenny shouted from downstairs, "Are they ready? Dinner's on the table." "Just a sec love." Dave shouted back, "Just been to the loo." He heard scrambling from his daughter's bedroom as they rushed to dress. He knocked on the door, a little louder than before. "Won't be long Dad." Sarah sounded out of breath, "We're just tidying up our notes." Without opening the door, Dave said "Okay." and went back downstairs.

During dinner, Dave looked across the table at his daughter; she gave no indication that she'd seen him; no awkward looks or blushes. She'd seen him accidentally in the bath when she was twelve; only his top half, from his chest upwards; but she'd blushed for a week whenever their eyes met. Now though, it seemed like this was just his little secret with himself.

After dinner, they watched TV for a while, Jake stealing furtive glances at Sarah. Jake went home, kissing Sarah at the door as he left. Her cheeks flushed as she turned around and saw her father standing in the hallway.

"Serious then?" he joked. "Do I need to buy your Mother a hat?" "Dad?" She replied, embarrassed, "We've only been seeing each other eighteen months, I don't think we're quite ready for that." "A year and half? Already? Well I never." Dave said. "We haven't met his parents yet." "I have. They're nice, but I think Jake thinks that you won't approve of them." "We're not that bad, are we?" "Well." Sarah bit her bottom lip, "They are a little. Unconventional." "Ahh." Dave nodded, "Unconventional.

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Are they both little people?" "No!" Sarah laughed, "They're normal; just not what you'd expect." "Well that's settled then." Dave clapped his hands together.

"My interest is piqued; you invite them here for dinner next Saturday and we'll see just how unconventional these freaks are." Sarah punched her dad's shoulder then hugged him before going upstairs to her room.

"We'll see." She said as she dashed upstairs. Jenny was feeling friskier than usual tonight. Her hands wandered over Dave's body until she found his semi-erect penis.

He'd been thinking about Sarah; the way her face scrunched as she came, Jake's cock thrusting into her, pursing her lips in a silent scream whilst her lover took her to the edge. He didn't know what Jenny was thinking as she slipped beneath the covers and took him in her mouth. Fully erect, Dave turned onto his back as Jenny climbed on top.

She kissed him, tongue darting into his mouth as she lined herself up and impaled her slick pussy on his raging hardon. He'd never known her to be this wet before, or, for that matter, this horny. Head back, gasping for air, she grabbed handfuls of chest hair as she rode him through her second and third climaxes, falling forwards, breathless as she felt him swell; his cock falling from her as semen gushed over her buttocks and between her legs.

They lay together, kissing, regaining their strength. Dave hugged her tightly and kissed the tip of her nose. "Wow! What's gotten into you?" "Just a bit horny love." Jenny replied. "Watching those two all lovey-dovey together reminded me how much I love you." They kissed again; Jenny rolled off the bed and walked out of the bedroom. She absently wiped the cum from her buttock and licked her finger, savouring his saltiness as the bathroom door swung shut.

Dave sat up in bed, bed springs squeaked softly from his daughter's room, followed by a breathless gasp. His mind wandered back to this evening's scene; she looked so much like her mother, especially in the throes of passion.

He'd never met or seen Sarah's father; he'd disappeared before Sarah turned five. Jenny met Dave eight months later at a work event and they'd been inseparable since.

Sarah took to Dave immediately, calling him daddy well before Jenny said "I do." in the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, and he'd always thought of her as 'his' daughter. His feelings were conflicted now though, their bond was strong, but until now, he'd never thought of Sarah as a sexual being.

He lay back, thinking of how his daughter had grown, absently touching his hardening member as his wife returned to the bedroom. "It's getting late love." She said, spotting him stroking his erect cock, she climbed back into bed and snuggled her bum into him. He reached over and caressed her soft breasts; she opened her legs, trapping his cock between her thighs, relishing the feeling of it rubbing her shaven lips as she humped back at him slowly, cum dripping down her thigh as it dribbled from his manhood, finally drifting off to sleep, softened and spent.

Dave dreamed of Jenny; he dreamt of the first time she stood in front of him, breasts bare, nipples hard, begging to be touched. He reached out, staring at them, cupping each one; flicking her nipples with his thumbs. She took a step back and he looked up from her shaven slit, across her flat tummy and pert breasts, his journey of adoration finally resting on his daughter's eyes and soft lips.

Sarah lifted her arms from her sides and beckoned him to come closer. He walked into her embrace, his hard cock pressed between their stomachs as their lips met. He took a second to realise that the lips he was kissing were those of his daughter's and he tried to push her away. He woke, sweating, the duvet bunched in his hands, the panic subsiding as his breathing returned to normal.

In the next room, Sarah dreamed of Jake; his hot breath against her neck as she responded to his thrusts. Her legs tightening around his waist as he pushed himself into her and her father watched from the doorway with his cock in his hands.

As Jake convulsed within her, she reached out to Dave; her slender fingers stretching out to touch him. Their hands met, Jake ceased to matter, melting away, replaced by Dave as her thighs gripped his waist and she threw her head back, mouth stretched in a silent scream. Waking with the duvet clamped between her thighs, Sarah grinned to herself; she sometimes thought of Dave as she played with herself.

"Hell," she thought, "Me and Mum are pretty similar, why shouldn't we be attracted to the same type of men? Or even the same man?" She got out of bed and opened her bedroom door, Dave walked past her on the landing, yawning and stretching, his boxers bulged at the fly and Sarah subconsciously licked her lips.

"Morning Dad" she said sunnily. "Morning Pumpkin." He replied, slightly startled he dropped his hands to save his dignity, but she couldn't un-see what had been seen. She had seen it before though, when she was fifteen; she'd opened the door to the bathroom while her dad was sat on the toilet, his cock in his hands and his eyes screwed tight as he pumped himself towards climax.

She felt the familiar tingle in her pussy as her hand snaked under the hem of her nightdress and she felt her wetness. Sarah closed the door and retreated to her bedroom, her finger not leaving her pussy until she'd satisfied herself. That tingle was back as her dad scurried to the bathroom, looking back at his daughter sheepishly as the door closed.

At breakfast, he looked over the table at his daughter, but she was either playing it cool or too embarrassed to look him in the eyes; truth was, she was confused.

She loved Jake with all her heart; she felt butterflies in her stomach whenever she saw him; recently though, she felt different elsewhere when she looked at Dave. Last night's hadn't been the first dream she'd had of her step-father; there had been plenty more which had found her waking in a sheen of perspiration and a scratch needing an itch.

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This was, however, the first time she felt that she needed to act on what her heart and body were telling her; even if the mind knew it was wrong. She decided to think it over properly; see how she felt in a week or two, and if anything happened after that, it was fate.

Dave tried hard to suppress his feelings for Sarah; telling himself that he was Sarah's guardian, her protector and most of all, her father.

The feelings he had for her at this moment were morally wrong, and that his attraction to her, was only because she had become a woman, and so like her mother, that it would be impossible for him not to be attracted to her. For the next week, both Dave and Sarah attempted to return to normal, not knowing each other's internal struggles. Sarah hoped that Dave would walk in through the door again as Jake pounded her; orgasms ripping through as she felt her father's eye's upon her in the doorway.

Dave, watching TV with Jenny, found it hard to concentrate as he fought to stay in his seat, desperately wanting to rush upstairs and press his ear against the wall or watch through the keyhole. He didn't notice Jenny absently stroking her labia through her panties as she listened intently for her daughter's muffled screams. That night, and every night after Jake visited Sarah, Jenny would go to bed horny and in need of hard cock. Sarah had told her mother about what her boyfriend's wondrous penis did to her.


At first, Jenny thought it was just Sarah's infatuation with him; thinking that Jake was her first; he hadn't been, but he had been her biggest. Jake had reached places that the other boys could only dream of; had taken her to heights of pleasure she had never experienced before.

Sarah, having seen the outline of Jake's penis through his shorts as it hung down his leg, could only imagine what it looked like in the flesh.

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"Jake's father must be pretty well endowed himself." she thought, "Black men usually are." Saturday came; Jake's father knocked on the door and Jenny answered. "Good evening," he said, holding out his hand, "We're Jake's parents." Jenny took the hand, shocked. "C. Come in." She stammered. "Pleased to meet you." Jenny stepped back, taking their coats and kissing cheeks as they filed past. Jake looked embarrassed, his dark skin a stark contrast to the paleness of both his parents.

During dinner the conversation flowed like they'd been friends for years; there was no mention of Jake's obvious mixed heritage until the kids retired upstairs to study. Talk faltered as Jenny tried to address the elephant in the room. "S. So, how long have you been married?" She finally asked, hearing the door lock upstairs. "Eighteen very happy years." Brian, Jake's father answered, "You two?" "Oh, we've been together for thirteen." Jenny said, her confidence returning.

"Dave is my second husband. Sarah's father ran off when she was five." Dave smiled back at Brian. "We've only been married the once." Nicole, Jake's mother said, "You couldn't live without me, could you sweetie?" It was Dave's turn to smile at Brian, who was blushing. "So." Jenny asked awkwardly, "Did you adopt Jake?" Dave's jaw dropped, Brian and Nicole grinned. "What the.?" Dave mouthed at his wife.

"Oh no!" Nicole said, her face lighting up. "He's all mine." Dave and Jenny looked at Nicole with disbelief. "We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon." Brian started to explain. "Nicky here has a penchant for black studs." "And I thought I'd give Bry a little treat, while I got myself a big one." Nicole's grin spread from ear to ear. "He had fantasies of being cuckolded, so I made it come true.

Nine months later we were in the delivery room taking bets on the baby's colour, you were ever so randy that week love, but that black sperm just beat you to it." "And she doesn't know which one knocked her up, do you sweetie?" Brian said happily.

"Not a clue love. It could have been any one of them. Four in one night, Brian tied to a chair while they all had their way with me. Every night that week I was on my back with someone plugging away in one hole or another. I was so sore on that flight home." The thoughts that ran through Dave's mind were disturbing.

He stared; slack-jawed, as Nicole rattled off her experience. "Had my tubes tied after Jake was born. They'd done some damage, and I didn't want another ruining my fun." "So, you're still." Dave cleared his throat, "active?" "Oooh yeah!" Nicole said, surprised. "I don't ever want to stop. As long as it's clean, long, thick and black, it's always got a place in me. And Brian loves clean up duty." Brian's smile was nearly as wide as his wife's.

"Does Jake know?" Dave asked. "He found out the hard way." Brian's smile faltered. "He came home early from school and found me in the kitchen making a cup of tea, while his mother was fucking a black stud upstairs. He's come to terms with it, sort of." "It's like an addiction." Jake's voice cut through the tension from the doorway. "Me and Dad just have to live with it.

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You know, once you go black and all that jazz." Sarah stood behind Jake, her hair was dishevelled, his softening cock was pushing at his trouser leg; Jenny tried not to stare, her eye's darting to the impressive length, there wasn't any wonder why her daughter's hair was so messed up. "Tonight has been lovely." Nicole said, standing up.

"We must do it again, if these two lovebirds decide to stay the course." "Definitely." Dave said, kissing Nicole farewell, "It's been a pleasure." They waved from the front door as Jake and his parents drove away.

"Definitely unconventional." Dave said as he hugged Sarah's shoulder. He thought he detected the scent of his daughter's recent activity, but it could have been his wife's arousal as she pressed herself against his back, waving her a hand over his shoulder; the air was thick with pheromones. Sarah turned, Dave's hand dropped from her shoulder and brushed past her stiff nipple, she felt a tingle in her pussy as a spark from leapt from his fingertip, electrifying her senses and causing her to shudder.

They looked at each other, Dave saw hunger in Sarah's eyes; it seemed like a lifetime, but the spell was broken by Jenny, playfully slapping her husband's bum. "I am well and truly bushed." Jenny said, turning towards the stairs. "I'm off to bed." "I'll lock up down here and I'll be with you in a sec." Dave said, reaching past his erection for the keys in his pocket.

"I'll check the windows are closed." Sarah said, glancing at her father's keys and the prominent bulge in his trousers below them. Dave saw his daughter's look; he looked down at her breasts, covered only in a t-shirt, nipples testing the cotton and his resolve; daring him to reach out and touch them. His hand gripped his keys, the sharp metal digging into his palms as she walked away, her shapely behind swaying hypnotically.

Doors and windows locked, she caught up to him on the stairs and kissed him good night, his hand resting on her hip momentarily, both of them fighting the urge to kiss again, not only fearing that the other would reject them, but afraid they would lose control. "Honey!" Jenny called from the bedroom, "Are you coming to bed? I'm lonely." Sarah and Dave parted guiltily; he patted her bum as she hurried to her bedroom.

"Night princess." He whispered. "Good night Dad." She blew him a kiss; he caught it, and then disappeared into his own room smiling. "Anything I should know about?" Jenny asked curiously. "I thought you knew everything." He said, sliding into bed next to his naked wife. She slid underneath the covers, finding him already hard; she licked his length and rolled a condom on. "We have to be careful this week." She said, impaling herself on his covered cock.

It might have been her imagination, she could have sworn he was bigger; but she was thinking about Jake as she came. Sarah thrust her one year anniversary present, a silicone cast of her boyfriend's erect cock inside herself, as her mother tried not to scream out Jake's name on the other side of the thin wall.

As the week wore on Sarah's exams loomed large and sex was the last thing on her mind; revision began in earnest, both parents helping as much as they could. Jake, his own exams to study for, came around less; both daughter and mother missed him being around, although Sarah had something with which to physically remember him by.

It was while Sarah was at college, taking an exam, that Jake called round. "She's not in, Jake." Jenny said. She'd finished work early and wasn't expecting visitors, dressed only in pyjama bottoms and a light camisole which showed off her impressive bosom. "Do you fancy a cup of tea?" She asked, surprising herself as the words tumbled from her lips. "Sure." Jake said, as if it were nothing out of the ordinary, although he'd never been alone with Sarah's mum before.

He stole glances at her breasts, unhindered by her bra, as they swayed beneath the sheer fabric whilst she brewed the tea. Sat next to her at the breakfast bar, he could see her nipples pushing at the thin material. As he lifted the mug to his lips, she took the opportunity to look at his crotch and found herself reaching out to put a hand on his leg. "Wha." Jake said, but realised that she wasn't listening; Jenny was too busy stroking his impressive length through his jeans.

She stood up from the stool, standing between his legs, his mouth open in shock as she kissed him. He kissed her back; their tongues duelling as she fumbled with his belt. He raised a hand and tentatively squeezed her breast, feeling the nipple harden under his thumb. She gasped as he tweaked it, finally freeing his belt; she yanked his button fly open and pulled him to her. Standing, his jeans fell to the floor and she followed them, kneeling before him as his cock yearned to be free of his boxers.

She yanked them down and he had a second to stop her as she looked up at him, her eyes almost pleading for him to say "No, I can't, your daughter is my girlfriend!" But the lust resurfaced before he could say a word.

With a hand gripping his shaft, she ran her tongue around his bulbous head. He shivered as her tongue touched his balls, and then travelled his length before swallowing him. Jake was longer than Dave, but not quite as thick; he nearly lost control as Jenny easily deep-throated him, her lips over half way down his shaft and her hand massaging his balls. After less than a minute, he couldn't go on; he grabbed her hair as she squeezed base of his cock, making sure he didn't choke her with his monster; spurt after spurt of semen hit the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow, or be drowned in a torrent of cum.

She removed his cock from her mouth, licked her lips as she stood up and grabbed his hands. "Quick!" She whispered, pulling him towards the stairs, he stepped out from his puddled jeans and followed, dumbstruck as she led him to her bedroom. At the edge of the bed she kissed him, pushed down her shorts and embraced him tightly, relishing in the feeling of his penis growing between them.

Jenny sat on the bed and pushed herself backwards; leaning back and opening Dave's bedside drawer, she retrieved a condom, bunching it in her clenched fist as Jake's tongue tasted her and flicked her clit. Her back arched as she came, the condom tumbled to the floor, he crawled up her, kissing her body, suckling on her nipples, cock teasing the entrance to her womanhood.

"Fuck me!" She whispered urgently; his cock slid easily into her defenceless pussy and she cried out as it touched her in places her husband failed to reach. On his inward thrusts, she felt like it had no end, she came in a cacophony of breathless screams as his pace quickened. He rose from her, lifting her legs, her ankles on his muscular shoulders as he thrust deeper into her. "Oh! God! Yes!" She cried as she felt his cock swell, filling her with semen and a sense of dread; the unused condom came in to view as she turned her head to the side.

Releasing her legs, she locked them behind him, keeping him pinned inside of her as his cock spasmed gently. When he finally pulled out, she felt so deliciously naughty as she felt his cum ooze from her pussy and between her bum cheeks; she giggled to herself and looked at the clock, Sarah would be home soon, they needed to act fast.

She pulled her pyjama shorts back on and ushered Jake out of the room; on her way to the stairs, she ducked in to Sarah's room and grabbed her spare exam timetable, thrusting it in to Jake's hands she said "Use this." He folded it and put it in his pocket. She kissed him on the cheek, her hand resting on his bottom as he left the house, turning to look at her as he reached the gate and the front door closed slowly.

Her heart was racing as she turned, back against the wall, she slid down and hugged her knees; feeling the wet patch spread between her buttocks as Jake's cum still flowed from her.


"How hard did that boy cum?" She said to herself, reaching down to touch her swollen labia, "I can't let that happen again." But she already missed the feeling of Jake's cock plundering her pussy. She stood, stripped off her cum soaked pyjama bottoms and cami top, placed them in the washing machine, then went back upstairs for a long, hot shower. Drying herself in the bedroom, she spied the discarded condom on the floor. Her thoughts went back to the feeling of Jake's tongue on her clit as she bent down to pick it up.

She placed it back in the packet, thinking that she should get some of her own, just in case it wasn't a one-off and that Dave would notice more than a couple missing. "Wow!" She thought. "It's only happened once, and here I am planning a whole series of sessions with the boy. Pull yourself together Jennifer!" With the condom at the forefront of her mind, she started to panic; she'd forgotten where she was in her cycle, and with that much cum, Jake had surely knocked her up if he'd caught her at the wrong time.

Dashing to her side of the bed, she yanked open her bedside drawer and retrieved her diary. Flicking through to this month's calendar, she noticed the red star she used for the expected start of her period and exhaled; it was due in a week and the chance of her getting pregnant by a boy nineteen years her junior, was slim.

She dressed, threw her laundry in the washing machine, and rinsed away the evidence of her excesses. Jake didn't come around that night; Sarah supposed that it was the stress of exams, Jenny supposed, rightly, that he was embarrassed, not wanting to face both women together, afraid of what would happen should the truth reveal itself.

He sent Sarah a text message saying he was tired and that he'd see her tomorrow. She went upstairs to console herself with her toy; Jenny said she felt tired too, so took herself to bed. Dave, at a loose end, turned on the TV, then crept quietly upstairs when he heard the bedroom doors close, and pressed his ear to his daughter's door. He could hear Sarah groaning softly; he'd seen the dildo before, sorely tempted to sniff and even lick it; he resisted temptation, leaving it where it was.

Now, with only the wood of the door between himself and Sarah, he imagined her impaling herself with the hard rubber. Another noise caught his attention; a familiar buzzing noise, but not from behind Sarah's door, this was coming from his own bedroom. Reluctantly, he left his daughter's door and tiptoed towards the noise. Their bedroom door was ajar and he could see his wife in the middle of the bed, her hand frantically working her vibrator between her outstretched legs.

He was about to creep in and join her, when she whispered coarsely "Ooh, Jake." At least he thought it was her; it could have been Sarah, he wasn't sure. Confused, he decided to leave it, creeping back downstairs to watch TV. Jake didn't show up the following night either, which wasn't out of the ordinary, but Jenny was starting to think that she'd ruined her daughter's relationship.

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She made love to Dave that night, but she was thinking of Jake as she came; the way his cum was forced into her deepest recesses as he flooded her womb. Dave was none the wiser; he had decided that what he'd heard last night was just a trick of the acoustics, that his daughter had whispered the words while she played with the toy she thought was secret. Sarah was home alone, her head in her books and her parents at work when the doorbell rang. She walked halfway down the stairs, expecting to see Mormons through the fanlight window above the door; instead she saw the top of Jake's head.

Rushing the rest of the stairs, she yanked the door open and embraced him, kissing him deeply. He had come to confess his fling with her mother, but with her tongue in his mouth and her pert breasts pushing into him, all he could think about now was Sarah. She pulled him upstairs, undressing each other before falling naked on the bed.

She screamed out Jake's name as the penis which had last given her mother the most intense orgasm of her life, did the same to her, only this time his cock was sheathed in latex. Jenny had been home for about twenty minutes. Walking through the door earlier, she was about to announce her arrival when she heard her daughter scream her lover's name.

She felt instantly jealous, then ashamed and guilty as she remembered that the man currently pleasuring her daughter was actually her daughter's boyfriend and not her own. It seemed as though he was using the timetable she'd given him to avoid her; which was how he should be using it, given her current state of mind; but it wasn't how she wanted him to use it. Distracted, she dropped the pan she was holding; the noise upstairs stopped abruptly as it clattered on the tiled floor and a few seconds later a worried voice called "Mum?" from the top of the landing.

"It's just me Honey!" Jenny called back, "Is Jake staying for dinner?" There was a brief, hushed conversation before Sarah answered yes; Jenny smiled to herself. Dave came home to the three of them sat around the table; Jenny, sat opposite Jake, stood up and bustled to the kitchen, taking food from the oven and warming vegetables in the microwave.

Dave shook Jake's hand and kissed Sarah's cheek before sitting opposite his daughter. Jenny set the food on the table and then sat down to eat. During dinner, Jake tried to avoid eye contact with Jenny, looking mostly at his plate, even when she accidentally stroked his leg with her foot. He did look at her when her foot made its way slowly and deliberately up his leg, lingering near his crotch before making its way back down.

She licked her lips as he looked into her eyes and he felt his cock rising; blushing, he broke her gaze and tried to concentrate on his food. As they finished, Jenny gathered the plates and asked Jake to help her. He stood, taking the bowls and flatware, and followed her into the kitchen. Halfway in, he stopped; she was loading plates into the dishwasher, bent over suggestively, the tops of her hold-ups showing beneath her short skirt.

"Jenny, don't." He whispered. She looked behind her and pulled her skirt up around her waist, showing her bare pussy; he groaned as his cock responded to her show. She straightened up, letting her skirt fall back in place; she turned and took the bowls from him, touching his hands as she did so. "Sarah is out all day tomorrow, Dave is at work.

Come see me!" She pleaded, although it sounded to Jake like an order. "Tomorrow afternoon!" She looked into Jake's eyes, he couldn't turn her down, he nodded, she smiled, his cock twitched.