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It was 1983 and I was a senior in high school.My name is Nicole and that night my best friend Monica and I became more than just friends.Monica was a beautifulsexy girl.She always wore tight ( and I mean skin tight ) jeans and tight fitting t-shirts.She had long black hairgreen eyes and was slender with measurements of 34-26-32.I on the other hand was 36-27-34 and I loved wearing the same type clothes.Guys were always hitting on usuntil prom time.

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We couldn't believe we didn't have dates. As we were sitting in my bedroom Monica said we should go together.I was surprised but agreed.It was a nice evening and we decided to dance together.So the music was playing and they were all fast type songs so of course we were having fun.Then the lights went down and slow music came on.

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I turned to go sit down and MOnica grabbed my arm and said hey I want to at least dance to one slow song tonight.So I said ok.We got close and she wrapped her arms around my waist and laid her head on my shoulder.I have to admit at this time I never thought anything sexual.It just felt nice.After the song we decided to go for a walk.We were walking and we came to a spot under some trees and Monica just wanted to sit for a few.

So we sat and were talking when Monica asked me if she could tell me something without me freaking out.I said sure were best friends.Monica looked straight into my eyes and proceeded to say " I really wanted to kiss you when we were slow dancing"I was shocked and said you did ?

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Why? Monica just looked at me and said " I don't know why I just wanted to". I looked at her and asked her if she still wanted to kiss me and she said yes I really do.

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I leaned in towards her and our lips met.We started kissing and soon it was like we couldn't stop.Soon I felt her hand cupping my breast and it felt so god. I stopped the kiss and asked her if she wanted to make love to me.There was fire in her eyes when she said "OHYes" Right now I asked, and she leaned into me kissed me and said yes.We began to help each other undress and soon we were completely naked under the trees.Her body made my pussy shiver and for the first time I knew we were going to be more than friends.She started sucking on my nipples and I slowly started caressing her pussy.I looked down at her and said" Eat my pussy " and in a flash her lips and tongue were eating me like nothing I had ever had a guy do.

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It was fantastic.I was shivering and ready to explode all over her .I was moaning yes ,yes ,yes I'm cumming and she dove her tongue deep into me and I cam like never before.She moved her face from my pussy and I grabbed her and kissed her hard tasting every bit of my juices.I pushed her back on the ground and began to devour her sweet pussy.I just kept thinking to myself I'm a lesbian and in love with my best friend.It was wonderful as I lapped up all her sweet juices and she came hard like an explosion and we fell back togethet holding each other and kissing.Monica whispered into my ear " Nicole I LOVE YOU " I couldn't believe it but I felt the same way.We were getting dressed when Monica grabbed my panties and said wait I want to do something.She took my panties and shoved them all the way into her pussy and began to masturbate.

I sat and watched and almost cam again. She moaned in excitement as she came all over my panties.She pulled them out of her pussy soaking wet with her sweet juices and told me to put them on.I however did the same to her panties and we were both now wearing cummed soaked panties.They felt so good against my pussy.


When we were dressed we went back to the dance and proceeded to dance together all night knowing that our lives changed forever.We were dancing a slow dance together when our friend Heather came up tp us and said I saw you two out under the trees.We didn't know what to say then Heather proceeded to tell us that our secret will be safe if we make love to her. Monica and I just both reached out and took Heathers hands and said lets go. Heather was like wait a minute lets go out to my car.We all three headed to her car.When we were inside Heather said I have to make a call so Monica and just sat there while she made her call.

All we could hear was ok come on they are here.In a second the passenger car door opened and to our surprise the Cheerleading coach got in the car.

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She was about 23 years old and hotter than hell. Monica and I both asked what's going on and Heather said I want you to meet my girlfried.We wre shocked and asked you two are lesbians and Melissa said yes.

She stated telling us how she caught Heather masturbating in the locker room and how they became lovers.


Heather had begged her not to tell anyone and Melissa said that she asked Heather why not and that Heather replied I'll eat your pussy right now if you keep this a secret.

Melissa said she was shocked but seeing Heather laying there totally naked made her pussy wet .Melissa said she dropped her jeans down and removed her panties and stood right above Heaters face and Heather in a second was eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

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Listening to this story made me and Monica hotter than hell and soon were making out.Melissa said lets go back to my apartment.When we got there we all four stripped down and started making love to each other.Melissa's pussy was so sweet and she loved to lick and tongue our assholes.We were all moaning and screaming especially when Melissa put on a strap on and fucked Heathers ass.Me and Monica were eating Melissas and Heathers pussies while Melissa probed the strap on deep into Heathers sexy ass.

That night we all took turns fucking, sucking and eating.It was aprom night I'll never forget.

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