Cummin on my sleepin latina wifes ass

Cummin on my sleepin latina wifes ass
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Kylie's head was fuzzy as she slowly came to. The last thing she remembered was going back to her place with Shauna. Tonight had been the appointed evening of their rendezvous with Brayden. He had actually agreed to it, to letting Shauna in on the fantasy.

She remembered arriving home, seeing a note on the table and two glasses filled with a dark liquid. Brayden's precise handwriting had been scrawled across the note. 'Drink.' She and Shauna had shrugged and done just that…and then the world had blurred, shifted, become totally indistinct.

Then blackness. "Ughhh…" Kylie realized she was upside down before she'd even opened her eyes. The air felt cold, dry. She was in a basement of some kind. She was also completely naked. A chill raced down her body. Goose bumps rippled across her chest as she opened her eyes to see Brayden's muscled figure. He was wearing a dark skin-tight mask with openings only around the eyes and mouth, but she could tell it was him. "Good morning little cunt. You and your friend have been asleep, imposing on my hospitality for far too long.

I've killed dozens of cute little sluts just like you for doing much less to annoy me." Brayden gently slapped his hand across Kylie's exposed sex. The sting drove away the last fuzziness from her head. The slap of his hand on her sex sounded incredibly loud, echoing in whatever chamber he was holding her captive right now. Kylie groaned as she realized that her ankles were suspended from the ceiling, spread wide so that her sex was fully bared. Her wrists were chained to iron hooks in what looked to be a cement floor.

Two fingers stroked a tantalizing outline along Kylie's labia. Her captor's thumb flicked tenderly across her clit before vanishing. "Now, what should I do with a helpless little fuck toy hanging upside-down in my dungeon? Would you like to experience real fear, bitch? Would you like to have a taste of what it means to be the Master's pain slut?" "No. Please," Kylie wailed as he smacked her sex again, harder this time.

She felt a burst of arousal in the depths of her cunt as he abused her. He smacked her snatch another ten times at least, making her sex feel so sensitive as it ached from his touch. Then he bent his head between her thighs and began to slowly lick at her upside-down cunt. His tongue felt like a healing salve as he pushed it between her legs, exploring her dampening heat. He slurped fervently on her most intimate, soft folds, feasting on her sex as if the fluids were some kind of life-giving nectar or the secret to immortality.

Her mouth fell open. She was aware of her hair hanging down nearly to the floor. A soft moan slipped from her mouth as she suddenly pieced together what she was seeing from her upside-down perch. Just across the way, a young, nubile girl was also completely naked. She sat in a chair, unconscious. Her wrists were strapped tightly to the armrests and her ankles were chained firmly to iron ringlets similar to the ones to which the kidnapper had attached Kylie's wrists.

It was Shauna. Kylie's best friend was still unconscious. She stirred with a slow 'Ughhhh' not unlike Kylie's from a few minutes ago. "Shauna!" Kylie half-cried, half-groaned. Brayden was gone now, and in his place there was only 'Master,' only the cold-hearted, lust-fueled 'serial killer.' He reached down, slapping Kylie's cheek.

"Quiet, whore. Your friend will wake up and join in your torments soon enough. Enjoy what gifts I offer you while you can." He resumed licking at her pussy. He burrowed his nose near the crack of her shapely ass as he tongued her deeper, stroking her velvety folds with his tongue until her moans returned. "Uhhhh… Please, Sir. Let us go! UHH!!" Kylie half-pleaded unconvincingly as she drowned out her own words with the sudden lilt of her moans.

The tongue abruptly left Kylie's moistening pussy, making part of her feel bereft. Her feminine instincts cried out 'No! Please don't stop!'. Instead she suddenly felt a small bite on her left nipple, then her right nipple.

"I said to be QUIET, stupid slave. Disobedience deserves punishment." He had attached a metal clip to each of her hardened nipples. The clips pinched her nipples hard, making them incredibly sensitive the longer they bit into her flesh. She groaned as she slowly acclimated her body to the unfamiliar sensations. The initial pain dulled to a manageable burn…and that burn slowly stoked Kylie's libido.

She felt her snatch slickening up not just from her Master's saliva but also from her pussy's gathering fluids. "Now, you be a good little fuck-slave and be quiet while I play with this pussy." He rammed two of his fingers hard into her slick passage. She gasped as he pulled them out, slamming them back in and finger-fucking her for some time. Finally he drew them out, and Kylie could hear him licking up her fluids off his fingertips.

Then he dove between her legs once more, his tongue flicking in time to the fingers as they reinserted themselves, fucking her with a crescendo of firm, penetrating stabs. Kylie's moans crept up on her. Low and reluctant at first, they gathered speed as the Master's fingers speared into her moistening slit faster and faster, harder and harder, plunging in mercilessly as his tongue lapped at the pearled nub and prize that was her clitoris.

He wasn't letting up on her. The more she cooed and started to squirm in the midst of her moans, the more thoroughly he fucked her with his forefinger and middle finger. The digits slammed into her so hard, grazing the walls of her cunt as his teeth sucked in her clitoris, as he nipped at her tiny joy bundle and battered it lovingly with his tongue. It was too much for one body to handle. The stimulation pulled her up the precipice, eager to fling her off the cliff - soon.

Too soon. "No. Please stop. This is wrong. Please, stop raping me," Kylie wailed. But her hardened nipples and the pungent smell of her cunt cream filling the room told her captor 'Keep going. More!' and he followed his instinct to dominate her. To make her his in every way that mattered. Shauna came to with an agonized groan, her eyes fluttering open just in time to see Kylie reach her first unwilling climax.

"Nooo! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Please stop! Aaaahhhh!" "CUM for me, you hot little bitch. CUM for your Master now or I'll beat your cunt bloody. Now I want to see cunt cream spurting out of your sexy little fuck-hole!" the 'serial killer' growled. Kylie squealed as Brayden's fingers thrust deep towards her core, as he sucked on her clit so hard it nearly hurt. Her cunt muscles twitched in a series of joyful spasms as she lost all semblance of control.

Her pussy gushed like a river, spewing strongly scented sexual fluids which her tormentor lapped up greedily. "Mmmm!!! Ahh! You taste great, little whore.

You should be proud of yourself for coming so hard for your Master." He kept licking out the helpless girl's slit until Kylie was whimpering and twitching in his grasp. The Master kissed the hood of her clitoris before rubbing it playfully with his fingers.

The assault on her oversensitive nerve bundle made Kylie moan as her heart jackknifed inside her ribcage. The thud of arousal and lust pounding in her veins seemed to extend all the way to the dull yet delicious throbbing inside her pussy. And that throbbing was just the beginning, because part of Kylie had to admit - she wanted more.

Much more. Her pussy had just had a foretaste of what might come. She didn't want her Master's fingers inside her. She wanted his big, nasty cock - fucking her, pounding her - without mercy. "Oh, look at this. Your girlfriend finally woke up. Look at this clueless bitch. She's late to the party. Maybe I should shove my gun between her cunt lips and pull the trigger." Shauna's eyes widened as she took in her masked captor. Brayden was long gone, and in his place stood a muscular psycho wearing only a mask, dark pants and boots.

The Master looked his other captive up and down. Shauna was a more petite girl than Kylie. She lacked Kylie's athletic build. She was shorter, daintier, yet her larger breasts and thin waist gave her a curvaceous allure that made most men salivate over her.

She had a pretty face with shoulder-length, silky brown hair; Kylie had always been envious of Shauna's perfect hair. Now the helpless naked girl struggled in her bonds. She tried moving her wrists, her ankles. It only led to a mocking rattle since the chair was bolted to the concrete floor.

The 'serial killer' bent over her, hovering. He leaned down, licking each of her nipples. "Struggle all you want, bitch. It only makes my cock HARDER before I kill you." The killer stood back up to full height and unbuckled his pants, dropping them to his ankles.

His huge, elongated prick flopped into view. A pearled drop of cum glistened on the tip like an evil promise. He reached into the duffel bag behind him, grabbing something sharp. A savage-looking knife came into view. "Now, I bet you want to suck this cock, little girl. Do you want to suck this cock?" Shauna was frantically shaking her head 'No!' and now her eyes were glued to the sharp point of the knife.

"Really? That's too bad," the Master said with deceptive softness. He pressed the flat of his blade to Shauna's exposed pussy.

He pressed the hard metal against her clit. "Please, don't hurt me!" Shauna squealed. "Hurt you?" the captor said with a tone of disbelief.

"I'm not just going to HURT you, little girl. I'm going to KILL you once I'm done raping you over and over in all your tight holes. Your girlfriend too." The 'serial killer' glanced back at Kylie, who was shouting at the man to leave her best friend alone. Kylie was fully immersed in the dark, appalling fantasy now…and hoping that Shauna would soon find herself that way too. Shauna trembled as the Master slowly slid the flat of the blade back and forth across her clitoris.

"Hmm. What do you think, bitch? Should I cut off your clit? Or do you want to suck my cock now?" Shauna felt an incredible heat surging through her loins. She licked her lips. Her mouth had gone bone-dry. Her heart twitched and galloped inside her chest. 'Oh god, what am I doing? What did I let Kylie talk me into? And why do I feel so horny right now?' "Please, let me…let me suck your cock," Shauna sighed. "Don't cut off my clit.


Please," she said, her tone imploring in every way. Slowly Brayden put down his knife. He untied her wrists, retying them behind her back roughly before she could resist. Then he picked up the knife again and put it to her throat. "Open, bitch. Let me give you a taste of the cock you'll be worshipping for the rest of what remains of your pathetic life." Shauna opened, aware of her captor's musky male scent. His heavy testicles bobbed before her as she reluctantly opened her lips, as she felt his cock-head slip into her mouth.

No sooner was his cock inside her mouth, she cradled the underside of his shaft with her tongue. She closed her lips in a tight O-shaped seal and began to suck, to slurp noisily on his manhood. The 'serial killer' groaned appreciatively. He lowered the knife and with his free hand to gather Shauna's hair at the nape of her neck, pushing her head down harder onto his cock until it was hitting near the back of her throat. She could only gulp, gasp, and listen to the awful sucking sounds she made around his throbbing cock nestled inside the warmth of her mouth.

Her nose brushed against his pubic muff as he made her take him in completely, his balls gently slapping against her chin like a constant stream of love taps. Her eyes watered as she choked on his cock, as she fought to pull air in through her nose - because she couldn't breathe through her mouth, not with his monstrous dick half-way down her throat. "UGGGHHH!!! MMMPPPHHH!!!" she groaned, slurping desperately as her lungs began to burn.

Suddenly she felt relief. She sucked in a deep breath as the Master withdrew his shaft. It came out of her rippling jaw with a loud POP. She coughed as his pre-cum dangled from her lips. One particularly gooey stream of pre-cum drifted down to her chest.

She sputtered and coughed again as she wondered what sadistic thing Brayden - no, this alter-ego, this cruel 'serial killer' - might do next. "Well done, little bitch. Now maybe we should bring your slut-friend in on the action." The Master turned back to Kylie's prone figure.

He walked up to Kylie, his rigid shaft glistening with the coating of Shauna's saliva as it bobbed a little with each stride. Kylie watched as their captor knelt near her face. He rested his testicles against her mouth. "Suck on my balls, slut. Let me feel some tongue action." Kylie turned her head away. "No. Please let us go!" The rape-captive fantasy had her heart racing, her insides melting with lust even as she paradoxically refused to do as he asked.

"You're going to learn to obey, bitch, or you're going to feel pain like never before," Brayden growled. He took off the two clips attached to her nipples, making her yelp as blood rushed to the tips of her cones. But it was only a flash of relief because the Master then attached a new pair of clips to Kylie's abused nipples, except these clips were connected by a chain.

He tugged on the center of the chain, making the girl's nipples stand out. Kylie cried out as she felt her sensitive nipples stretched to the limit.

"Are you going to start sucking on my balls properly, whore, or am I going to have to rip your nipples off?" Brayden said. Kylie gently took one testicle, then the other, into her mouth. She relished the wrinkly yet smooth texture of his testicles in his sac. She sucked them, she smothered them. She vacuumed them between her lips, fondling them with her tongue. Finally, when she had his testicles glistening in a way that matched his manhood, the Master withdrew and let go of the chain.

"Not bad, little cunt. I think you deserve a reward." Kylie felt a shiver up and down her belly as he rummaged inside his black duffel bag. Whatever 'reward' her captor had in mind, it couldn't be good. Her mind raced with possibilities. She gasped as he drew out an object. It was a stubby blue shaft with a triangular point. "Do you like it, bitch?" Brayden's voice was filled with gloating behind his mask.

"This is my butt plug vibrator. Ever had something embedded deep in your ass? You're going to love it." Kylie shook her head as she dangled upside-down. "No. Please don't put that in my ass.

Please Sir!" The 'serial killer' leaned down and yanked on the chain attached to Kylie's breasts. Kylie screamed. "Call me 'Master' you stupid cunt." Now the man poured a vial of melon-scented oil into the crack of Kylie's ass.

She groaned as the cold liquid slipped into her anal crevice, then sighed as it warmed up the longer it stayed in contact with her skin. The feeling wasn't unpleasant. She stifled the urge to moan. Next, with deliberate care, the Master inserted the butt plug-vibrator into Kylie's ass.

With the help of gravity he had no trouble pushing it in deep and making sure it stayed embedded in her shapely bottom despite the oily lubricant.


He looked down at her, studying her fearful and expectant face. "Are you ready for me to switch it on, little slut? Would you like me to start the setting on 'Low' or 'High'?" Kylie whimpered, squirming helplessly in her bonds.

"Don't do this…please!" was all she could breathe as he flipped on the vibrator in her ass. The sudden whirring startled her. The fullness of it inside her tightest hole made her writhe and groan with newfound agony. Her ass had never felt so full, not ever.

Her nipples beaded up as the fullness of the buzzing vibrator against the walls of her anus began to create sensations she'd never even dreamed about. Sensations that morphed into something shockingly reminiscent of pleasure. "AAaahhhh!" she groaned. Brayden was intently stroking her clit with his fingers while watching the little blue vibe just purr away inside her wrinkled hole.

He turned back towards Shauna, who was gaping as if none of this could be even remotely real. "Look at the little slut, her pussy's already creaming up again just because I plugged up her sexy ass with a vibe.

Now let's see what happens if we up the pleasure dosage." Pleasure dosage? What was he talking about? Kylie felt a spike of fear as Brayden rummaged around in the duffel bag for yet another of his twisted 'toys.' He drew out a long, red shaft with ribbings along the side. It had a bulbous head shaped like the perfect replica of a massive penis.

He switched the vibrator to 'Low' and proceeded to insert it slowly into Kylie's snatch. The slender girl squirmed frantically. "No.

Stop! What are you doing? I can't take two at once," Kylie wailed. But she could. Her pussy was getting wet just anticipating the huge, awful shaft about to be shoved deep inside her.

The gorgeous girl bit her lip and felt her pussy clamp onto the buzzing artificial penis the moment her Master inexorably began thrusting it downward… until it filled her young cunt completely.

Until she could feel the twin sources of friction, the buzzing anal vibe and the more softly purring cunt-stuffing vibe, drilling away inside her most sensitive, intimate holes - sending ricochets of pleasure along the membranes of her cunt and anal walls. 'Oh god…I can't hold out for long.

I can't believe he's raping my ass and my pussy at once,' Kylie thought. She squeezed her eyes shut. She was panting now.

Sweat had broken out on her forehead as she felt her heart slamming into the sides of her chest faster and harder than ever. She couldn't believe it. She was naked in some dungeon-like basement, being held captive by her boyfriend as he tortured and abused her.

And worst of all - or best of all - part of her loved it. 'Shauna…she's seeing all this. Oh god. I'll never be able to look at her the same,' Kylie realized.

But she had no time to dwell on her shame as Brayden leaned down, the head of his rigid manhood prodding at her lips. "Open up, slut. You should suck my cock as a 'thank you' for all the pleasure I'm giving you. Besides, your friend's saliva is starting to dry.

We can't have that. Get my shaft nice and wet. Soon enough I'll be raping your friend's tight little love-hole…or YOURS." So saying, the 'serial killer' thrust his cock into her face. Kylie accepted the man's elongated prick. She opened her mouth and moaned, her tongue caressing the sides of his shaft as he began to pump into her face. It was so humiliating, having her mouth stuffed full of hard dick while she dangled upside-down with her ankles chained above her, wrists shackled underneath her.

She could only imagine the sight Shauna was seeing just now: Brayden's balls slapping against her nose as she gurgled on his pumping prick, which drove deeper and deeper into her straining throat. "Uggghhk!!!" Kylie felt her air cut off as the Master pinched her nose. "You can suck better than that, slut. Let me hear you slurping on it like your life depends on it!" She gasped as he let go of her nose. Then the beautiful naked captive frantically sucked on his penis.

She slurped loudly, her tongue writhing around his dick as her jaw rippled with constant effort. She pushed her head forward to take in more of his cock. She didn't care that she could smell his overpowering male musk as his balls jostled against her nose.

She tried not to think about how she must look, her breasts jiggling with the force of the skull-fucking Brayden gave her as he grasped her head and threw his hips forward with swift, brutal thrusts. She could hear the chains restricting her ankles and wrists clanking loudly as he fucked her throat raw. A bizarre contrast of sensations assaulted her now too. The man's shaft nearly bursting her throat, making her gag as he shoved it balls-deep into her mouth, was offset by surges of traitorous pleasure from the delicious friction inside her pussy and anus, nerve endings awakening where young Kylie had never known they could come to life.

She was gasping, tears slipping from the corners of her eyes when he finally growled and yanked his shaft free of her mouth. "That's enough, bitch. I don't want to waste my cum by spurting it in your worthless mouth." Strands of cum painted the girl's lips. More strands of cum drifted from her upper lip, down past her nose, and some even lay smeared across her forehead as Brayden rubbed the pre-cum along the tip of his shaft against her face.

Then he turned around and returned his attentions to Shauna. Poor Shauna. What must she be thinking now? Kylie couldn't help but wonder as she finally felt herself lose control, as Kylie felt the competing penetrating vibrators in her quim and her anus reach a riotous dance that sent her over the edge. She climaxed hard. Her juices coated every inch of the bright red shaft pulsing deep inside her snatch. "Uuuuuhhhhh!! Oh god. My pussy," Kylie moaned. As she came down from her orgasm, her sensitive young pussy needed some semblance of rest.

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Just a quick respite. But the mindless, buzzing replica of a massive penis didn't care what she wanted; it just continued to assault her snatch with waves of stimulation like the perfect machine. It seemed to respond to her plea by just fucking her wet pussy that much HARDER. It felt so wrong. The sensitivity in her cunt felt so…raw…so almost painful and yet heightened to a new level of ecstasy she couldn't deny. She writhed in her bonds as she dangled upside-down, already building up towards an even more violent orgasm.

"Take it out. Please take it out of my pussy. AHHH!" Brayden ignored Kylie's pleas in the background as he approached Shauna. The younger girl was still naked, her ankles bound to the feet of the chair, her wrists bound behind her. She looked up fearfully at her captor. So many thoughts were whirling through her brain just now. 'What sick, twisted, demented thing is this psycho going to do to me?

And why - fuck me to oblivion - is part of me EXCITED to find out what?' The petite girl flinched as Brayden gently cupped her cheek. "There, there, cute cunt. I bet you thought I'd forgotten about you. Don't worry. You're the main dish for tonight. If Slave Kylie was the appetizer, you're the prime rib. You get to have your pussy raped by a real cock." So saying, Brayden kissed Shauna with surprising tenderness. Shauna could only make this 'Uuunnnghhh' sound as she felt his tongue slip into her mouth, exploring her like the first conquest of many.

He kissed her slowly, letting the slow burn of lust settle between her thighs until she was responding, kissing him back. Her jaw worked in tandem to his as their faces pressed together. She felt his hard lips morph to her softer lips, claiming her as if he owned her body and soul. Finally, as Shauna felt a traitorous stab of disappointment, Brayden pulled away.

His cock stood out, veins throbbing along the sides, totally erect and hard for her. He retrieved his wicked-looking knife and slashed away the ropes binding her wrists and ankles. He stepped back. He pointed with the knife at the floor between his feet, right in front of the dangling Kylie.

"Crawl over here on all fours, little cunt. It's time you and your girlfriend get to know each other better." When he saw Shauna's gaze dart towards the exit, he glared at her. He pressed the flat of the blade against Kylie's clitoris as poor Kylie whimpered and squirmed, fluids trickling from her bare and exposed pink opening.

"You better not even THINK of running unless you want me to cut off your girlfriend's clit and feed it to you." Shauna blanched.

'God, this guy is brutal. Brayden's a maniac.' He really did play his role so well. Almost TOO well. The sexy, dark-skinned girl crawled forward on her hands and knees, trying to ignore the discomfort and stiffness of her limbs. 'How long did he have me bound unconscious to the chair?' she wondered. 'Uhhhh…' "Now the real fun begins," the 'serial killer' murmured.

The muscular man positioned Shauna on all fours facing her friend. He stepped behind her, admiring the girl's exposed cunt and perfectly sculpted ass cheeks. He smacked each for good measure, admiring the way they stayed firm. Then he gently positioned the head of his cock between Shauna's labia. He slowly began to nudge his shaft forward until just the head had disappeared inside her quim.

"Ohhhh," Shauna moaned. "You'll do two things if you want me to keep you alive, bitch. First, you'll beg for this cock. Second, you'll kiss your girlfriend while the red and blue vibes fuck her pussy and ass and while I rape your snug little fuck-hole. Understand?" Shauna looked back at the huge, elongated shaft, most of it still visible except the head tucked inside the tight seal of her sex. She nodded slowly as lust pooled deep in her belly… as she felt her throbbing cunt twitch with anticipation.

"Y-yes Master. Please fuck me. Fuck my young pussy hard. Drill me with your hard cock." No sooner had Shauna said the words, she gasped as the Master launched his hips forward. He cupped her supple tits and began fucking her in earnest, his shaft plowing deep between her snug-fitting cunt lips, raping her with full, deeply penetrating strokes.

Shauna had time to moan as she leaned forward, and her lips captured Kylie's. Kylie's eyes widened as she felt the softness of her best friend's lips. She'd never thought of Shauna in that way before - being sexually attracted to her.

She wasn't a lesbian, though she had no problem with those who did have an attraction to their own sex. But even in the midst of this bizarre rape fantasy, Kylie reflected how sexuality was really more of a spectrum, a scale.

And though she didn't really lust after Shauna as a fellow woman, there was a latent sexuality there. Kylie's sex-crazed, overstimulated body in this unique moment would have been willing to do just about anything - including lick Shauna's pussy. So it was with surprising ease that Kylie found herself moaning and kissing her best friend right back.

Their tongues tussled and entwined as their lips moved as one. The friends kissed each other passionately, with plenty of tongue and shared saliva, as each felt a hard shaft penetrating their delicate sex. The only difference in this case was that Kylie's shaft was a 10-inch resin-coated vibrator and Shauna felt the constant spearing of Brayden's cock.

"Uhh. Uhh. Uhh!!! Damn, little cunt. You're as tight as a velvet glove. Fuck me back, bitch. Slam those hips back to meet my thrusts," Brayden growled. To emphasize his request, the Master pinched Shauna's nipples.

The girl moaned, all too aware of the nipple clamps on Kylie's abused breasts. She didn't want to end up like THAT. So she obeyed. Shauna sighed and thrust her pussy backward to meet her Master's pulverizing fucks. She felt her pussy clench up around his shaft, arousal coiling through her sex as wetness began to trickle down the 'serial killer's' penis. "Uhh! Your pussy loves getting raped, bitch. I can feel it!" Brayden hissed. "You know… uhh… I can't wait to fill your pussy with my seed, bitch.

And do you know what I'm going to do after that?" the Master said. He had a hand grasping around Shauna's neck, half-choking her now as they fucked. Shauna slammed her pussy backward, engulfing his length as she creamed up on his manhood.

"N-no Master. W-what are you going to do?" Shauna gasped. Meanwhile Kylie squealed as a fresh orgasm ripped through her body. Her legs flailed as much as they could in the constriction of her chains. Cunt juice trickled down her upside-down body, thin glistening streams of pungent fluids that ran down her pubic muff and belly until they almost reached her breasts. Kylie's pussy was so sensitive. The tiniest touch or rubbing felt like it might set her skin on fire.

Kylie's plaintive wail filled the room. "Please Master, take it out of my pussy.

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My pussy hurts. It's too SORE. Please, I'm begging you. Please! Have mercy. Oh god! Ugghhh!!!" Kylie couldn't handle another orgasm. At this rate it might drive her mad or permanently damage her raw, delicate sex. She looked with imploring eyes at her captor. Brayden ignored her completely as he whispered in Shauna's ear, his cock flying forward with a satisfying smack, thrust balls-deep into her helpless snatch like a sword embedded in a feminine sheath.

"Listen to me, little bitch. After I'm done spurting my jism inside your worthless twat, I'm going to strangle you to death in front of your girlfriend…and then I'm going to take your slave bitch friend Kylie and hammer her nipples to the edge of my workbench with sharp nails just to see her tits bleed. Doesn't that sound like fun?" The sadism and the cruelty of the threat made fear course everywhere in the primal, feminine part of Shauna's brain.

Strange and awful as Brayden's words were, sick and twisted though they certainly were, it was all part of the intensifying fantasy. The darkest fantasy. Shauna responded to her inner libido, to that thinnest line between terror and eroticism. Brayden's words made her moistening slit clench up with a sudden frenzy. She moaned as her pussy gushed along the length of Brayden's penis.

She coated his shaft in her fragrant juices as she felt her nipples harden - as she saw stars explode behind her eyes, as she forgot herself in the throes of ecstasy. Her cunt muscles squeezed Brayden's shaft hard, milking his testicles until their precious cargo had no choice but to erupt.

"Aahhh! You nasty little fucking whore!" Brayden growled. "You're coming hard on my shaft, bitch. You love getting raped, don't you? You love knowing that I'm going to rape you and torture your sexy body and snuff you after I'm done fucking you senseless, don't you? Aaahhhh! Fuck!!" Brayden stiffened then, unable to hold himself back for a second more. He gripped Shauna by the neck, choking her with one massive hand as his other hand reached down, fingers digging in to press firmly against her throbbing clit.

Shauna felt a little after-shock of joy, the thread of a second orgasm leaping onto the heels of her first as Brayden's fingers cajoled her tiny nerve bundle in the same moment he began to ejaculate.

The petite girl shivered as she felt his hot cum spew inside her slit. He held his cock firmly inside her warmth, his manhood twitching inside her until her snatch had wrung every last drop of sperm from his heavy testicles.

He grunted, falling forward on top of her as she moaned and collapsed in a heap; she felt her breasts crushed against the cold concrete of the basement floor with her captor's heavy bulk on top of her. Finally, still dazed in the aftermath of her orgasm, Shauna felt a hand squeeze her throat until she passed out.

These were the last words she heard before the interlude of oblivion: "Time to sleep, little cunt. Go to sleep." A FEW MINUTES LATER… Shauna distantly heard something. It sounded like grunting. No, moaning. No, a combination of the two, one voice female and one voice definitely more guttural.

Male. The pretty, dark-skinned girl opened her eyes only to realize two things: Someone had tied her spread-eagled face-up on a bed. On top of her, tied spread-eagled face-down instead, Kylie's naked form now blanketed Shauna's.

The younger girl looked at her 23-year-old friend. Her face loomed just inches away. She could see Kylie's lust-glazed eyes, her mouth hanging open as she heard a loud slapping sound and knew that Brayden was fucking Kylie from behind. Their captor had tied the two friends together, their pussies flush against each other, their breasts pressed together.

"Uhhh! Uhh!!! Oooohhh!" Kylie cooed. "Yes, Master. Rape my pussy. Fuck my worthless little cunt with your great cock. Please! Uhhh!!! Fuck me hard, until I beg for mercy…then fuck me HARDER. AHH!! Thank you for sparing my best friend's life," Kylie yelped as the 'serial killer' slipped a hand around Kylie's neck. His other hand grasped her by the hair, yanking her head backward for a passionate kiss as he filled her with one savage thrust and another and then another, as her breasts shook from the force of his pulverizing fucks.

"Uh! UH! UH!!" the Master growled. "Looks like your girlfriend woke up. Welcome back, little slut. I bet you missed me." As Shauna became fully aware, a crushing wave of emotions pulled her under. On the one hand, being tied naked and helpless, seeing her best friend getting fucked so brutally, it turned her on in ways she couldn't even describe.

There was definitely a part of her - a normally dormant, tucked-away side to her - which had just been waiting for a night like this, which just wanted to be terrorized and dominated by a strong male - the strongest male.

And that was the thing, Shauna realized in a split second of insight… This was EXACTLY why Kylie found this dark, twisted, tough-as-nails rape fantasy so intoxicating; this sadistic serial killer fantasy represented one of the strongest males imaginable. Shauna looked up at Kylie's alluring figure, shaking with the jarring impacts of Brayden's merciless fucks.

He saw Kylie's beautiful face lit up with lustful need, and she knew in that second she was on to something. She was beginning to understand what made Kylie tick on a level she'd never sensed before. "Uh!! OK, Kylie my little fuck-slave. It's time for this night to end on a high note," the Master growled. He grabbed a pistol from his duffel bag and pressed the barrel to Shauna's neck. "I want to feel your pussy clench up around my dick as you CUM with me raping your tight young pussy.

And if I don't feel it soon, bitch, I'll put a bullet in you girlfriend's neck. Am I motivating you, slut? Answer me!" Shauna felt a thrill of terror, spurred on by her now-dripping sex as the arousing scene sucked her in.

She looked into Kylie's tormented, lust-tinted gaze. Her best friend cooed loudly. "Yes Master. I'll do whatever you wish. Please don't hurt her. I'm your sex slave forever, I'll be good. I promise. Please. Ugghhh! I'll gush all over your godlike dick if you please let her live. Please." Kylie's head dipped down as she concentrated all of her cunt muscles on squeezing Brayden's ramming prick. She squeezed her eyes shut. She focused all her senses on his rigid length slamming through her soft, brutalized pussy again and again and again.

Her hardened nipples were sore from the clamps, but they still beaded up like tiny pink diamonds on the tips of her shaking tits as arousal surged through her whole body. 'I can't believe I'm tied naked to my best friend.

I can feel Shauna's eyes on me. I'm too ashamed to look at her right now… Oh god. I'm too ashamed and she's seeing all of this, her face just inches from mine. This was a mistake. I should never have asked Brayden to let her join us. What if she thinks I'm a total freak? What if… Ahhhh!'. Yet even Kylie's insecurities shattered into tiny pieces like a useless mirror as her libido swamped all other facets of consciousness.

Suddenly all the sexy girl-athlete could feel was Shauna's lips. Like a token of forgiveness, her girlfriend's lips banished the guilt. She felt Shauna's kiss on her cheek. She turned, opening her mouth, accepting Shauna's tongue. Kylie was suddenly hyper-aware of the heat of Shauna's beautiful body beneath hers, of their body heat mingling as one.

She was suddenly all too aware of Shauna's tongue lovingly exploring inside her mouth. Then she heard Shauna's words, husky and filled with yearning. "I want to see your face as you CUM on our Master's dick, babe. Come on, sweetie. CUM for him. CUM for both of us." As Shauna's shocking words of encouragement permeated Kylie's mind, she felt a fresh surge of lust, of relief.

She moaned, her hands clenching up as her whole body stiffened, as she squealed and writhed in her bonds. "Yes, oh god…oh fuck me… please fuck my wet pussy. Fill my wet pussy with your cum, Master. I'll gush on your magnificent cock. I'll be your fuck-toy. I belong to you," she cried out. Then it happened… Kylie's lithe, muscular figure tensed up as her cunt burst with fluid.

Her sex completely saturated Brayden's penis with the pungent evidence of her lust as she experienced an orgasm violent enough to erase all traces of memory.

Her juices spurted down his shaft, streaming down to even moisten Shauna's pussy beneath her. Shauna gasped as she felt the warm fluids of her best friend trickling into her own intimate sex. She marveled at Kylie's face as her dearest friend rode out the orgasm of her life. "My turn, little whore!" The 'serial killer' dropped the gun as he clutched Kylie's shapely shoulders. He shoved his pelvis forward as roughly as he could. His entire penis lay deep inside her now-convulsing snatch, and then he exploded.

He pumped wave after wave of warm, gooey seed deep in her unprotected sex as his body tensed up, his buttocks fully clenched. Kylie groaned as she felt his cum erupt in her pussy and she could do nothing about it except lie there helpless, naked on the bed, taking his sticky seed as he fully violated the most intimate part of her. With a sigh of sated calm, the 'serial killer' pulled out of his victim. He looked down at the torrent of excess jism from the 'cream pie' that was now Kylie's sex.

He had filled her cunt so completely, and now the warm jism slid out of Kylie's brutalized quim, coating Shauna's cunt and shaved pubic area underneath.

The Master slowly left the bed and returned with a smartphone. He took a picture of the two helpless and naked girls tied to the bed together, their pussies glistening with his cum. He took a second close-up shot of just their two ravaged pussies. "I like to take trophy pictures of my bitches before I put them to bed permanently," the 'serial killer' growled.

He rummaged around inside his duffel bag as both girls looked at each other with fear. 'What's he going to do now?' both girls wondered. Next he came around with two bright pink ball gags. "Wait, Master.

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Please wait. You don't need those. What are you--" but Kylie never got the rest of her sentence out. She groaned as he fastened the ball gag to her mouth, tightened it firmly. Then it was Shauna's turn. Her eyes widened as he fastened the other bright pink ball gag to her face just as securely. "There now. You bitches sit tight. I'll be right back. I'm afraid we are going to need these because there's going to be A LOT of screaming down here tonight." Screaming?

WHAT? Kylie and Shauna exchanged another look of terror as Brayden's footsteps receded up the basement stairway until he vanished altogether. As much as this fantasy stoked her libido like nothing else, Kylie was beginning to worry. What if Brayden was becoming too immersed in the fantasy? What if he took it too far? She and Shauna had the same idea. At once both girls began to test the strength of the ropes which bound them. The more they struggled, though, all it seemed to do was make the bindings that much tighter.

After accomplishing nothing except rubbing their bodies together - and creating some unintended pleasurable sensations in the process - the girls lay still.

Time flowed like trickling sand and still Brayden didn't return. The girls lay there for what seemed like hours, just sensing each other's frantic breathing and frantic heartbeats fighting to return to a semblance of normality.

Kylie was all too aware of her sex nearly flush against Shauna's pussy, and Shauna felt the same self-conscious embarrassment making her blush. With their mutual shame the two captives tried to just take comfort in one another's presence.

Finally, they heard their captor's footsteps again, the creak of floorboards down the basement steps. The Master clutched a big black trash bag in his fist. Out of the bag he drew a wicked-looking black whip.

It had five tails of heavy cow hide lace, braided with tantalizing tendrils at the end of each tail. "Ever been whipped before, sluts? No? You're in for a treat." He tested the whip, making a loud WHOOSH and then a loud CRACK as it whistled through the air.

Both girls squirmed frantically as he moved towards them. First he gently put a hand on Kylie's ass, sliding his fingers along her smooth contours. "Which pussy should I punish first, hmm?" "PLSSS NNN!!" Kylie groaned through her ball gag. Shauna's eyes were bulging with disbelief as the Master now trailed the tips of the whip tails over her drenched pussy. This was getting too real.

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"Or maybe you, little pussy? Shauna looks like she's feeling left out after that hard fucking I gave you, Kylie.

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Maybe we should make her feel included." Shauna shook her head 'No' and proceeded to beg even more plaintively. "NNNN!!! DNTT! PLSS DNNT!" There was a sudden crack as the five-tailed whip landed squarely on Shauna's crotch. The girl squirmed and moaned. "I call this whip 'Predator.' Nice name, isn't it? Oh, and the best part, ladies… it's made of the heaviest cow hide possible. Perfect for enhanced effect," their captor said with a brutal grin.

Now he lashed it against Kylie's cunt lips. Kylie felt a burn shoot through her loins as the tendrils smacked against her unprotected sex. Her ass wiggled. She moaned and pulled on her bonds.

"You like it too, don't you whore?" He switched back and forth, swatting each girl's exposed snatch with the Predator. The whip tore into them brutally, sending stinging ricochets of sensation through each girl's quim.

The bed shook with the impact of the Master's whip - not from the whip directly, but from each girl's writhing body as they responded to the Master's savage swings. SMACK. SMACK. SWAT. SMACK!! The heavy cadence of the whip and the two naked girls' moans filled the room. What neither Kylie nor Shauna realized, though, was that the Master was still going easy on them.

He was letting the blood flow increase through their battered bodies. The more the blood flow increased, the more pleasure began to dovetail with the pain.

He awakened their nerve endings with each loud smack of the whip. But then he went FURTHER. He began swinging the whip even more savagely, lashing it with brutal finality against each girl's sex. Kylie's labia were swollen red now. He swung harder.

He catapulted to a faster rhythm. "AAAAAAYYYY!!!!" Now Kylie was screaming through her gag each time the 'serial killer' lashed the whip across her cunt. The fire in her loins was so intense. It was like someone had put a little sun inside her pussy. "PLSSS NNN!!" Kylie huffed between beatings.

But the 'serial killer' merely adjusted his grip on his torture device and then swung with all his might. There was the loudest scream yet wrested from Kylie's lips as the whip smote her sore little twat. The girl shook in her bonds, her breasts rubbing against Shauna's as she felt that burning course everywhere inside her. Her swollen cunt now felt every sensation with an exquisite amount of clarity. It felt whipped raw. "AAAAYYYYY! NNN!!!" Shauna shouted.

Now it was her turn again. The Master was even more brutal with her, partly because he had even easier access to her pussy as she lay face-up and spread-eagled on the bed. The constant cadence of the whip - SMACK - SMACK - continued as Shauna screamed through her gag. She strained against her bonds uselessly as the whip tore into her pink opening, making her labia and clit swollen from the constant barrage. Soon both girls' pussies were equally red and swollen.

Finally the constant smacks died away. Their captor put the whip aside. "Ooohh. Look at you two cunts. Look at those sexy young pussies all nice and RED and SORE. Poor bitches. I think you need some comfort." He looked down at his cock, rigid as ever as it sprang up from his testicles. "You wiggling those sexy young pussies and asses made my dick hard again, sluts. Let's see how sensitive those young pussies are now, shall we?" He approached the bed and immediately positioned himself between Shauna's legs.

Shauna groaned loudly as Brayden entered her. He slowly lanced her pussy with his hard shaft. The petite girl could feel every inch of him invade her sex.

She groaned again as the exquisite sensation - her reddened cunt taking in his cock - made her feel more aware of his thrusting penis than any cock that had ever fucked her before. She kept moaning through the pink gag as he established a steady rhythm. "Oooohhh. You're so tight still…and so slimy with cum." It was true. She was still sticky with cum from their earlier coupling, and right now she was grateful for that…grateful that her captor's manhood could slide so easily through her over-sensitive sex.

The Master continued raping her at a leisurely pace. He unlatched her ball gag, letting it dangle onto her neck. "Well, bitch? What do you say? Do you appreciate the comfort I'm giving you?" "Uhhh!!" Shauna groaned. She looked up into Kylie's eyes. They were shining with fear. "Y-yes Master. Th-thank you for fucking me. Please go slowly. My pussy's so sensitive right now. Ooohhh…" But Shauna was definitely wet too. Her cunt fluids were trickling onto Brayden's dick. The friction of his penis was penetrating all of her brutalized nerve endings, sending messages to her brain with an enhanced effect she couldn't ignore.

"Hmph." The Master pulled out, which showed Shauna's juices gleaming on his shaft. "No reason I can't share. Would you like to have some of your friend's cunt juice inside your pussy, Kylie?

Here you go." Kylie moaned, her eyes clamping shut. Her whole body shuddered as she felt the 'serial killer' slowly plunge his Shauna-scented shaft into her pussy now too.

Her sex immediately gripped him hard. She moaned with arousal as her brutalized cunt felt an intensity of sensation she didn't think was possible.

It was like his dick was scouring out every inch of her love-hole with each fuck. He put a hand on Kylie's neck as he fucked her.

Drool seeped at the edges of Kylie's ball gag, falling down onto Shauna's face. "How does your girlfriend look, Shauna? Sexy as I fuck her sensitive young pussy, right?" The 'serial killer' pulled out of Kylie, admiring her swollen cunt lips.

Then he nudged his cock-head between those cunt lips, slamming his hips forward as Kylie's moan deepened to a plaintive wail muffled by the gag. "Please stop. You're hurting her," Shauna begged.

"Is she right, bitch? Am I hurting you?" Brayden growled. He withdrew his shaft from Kylie's brutalized snatch. It was shining now not just with Shauna's cunt cream - but Kylie's as well. He pumped her with a few more hard fucks, then withdrew, re-inserting his dick into Shauna's cunt. There was just the sound of Shauna's little feminine grunts and moans and Brayden's more guttural grunts until he growled.

His testicles stiffened. His whole body went rigid. His buttocks clenched up as he stilled deep inside Shauna's sex. The look on Shauna's face was priceless as she felt him erupt inside her, splashing her insides with more jism. Their captor's eyes snapped shut as he relished the feel of his gushing shaft pumping Shauna's pussy full.

Then he pulled out. A long strand of cum connected the tip of his cock to Shauna's pussy. He inserted two fingers into Shauna's cunt. Shauna cried out. Her pussy was too sensitive to have fingers inside her now. He drew out a swath of freshly spewed cum from her pussy and smeared it along Kylie's perfect ass. He smeared more cum along her back. He reached around, smearing yet more cum on Kylie's tits, then Shauna's. He took a final dollop of cum from Shauna's ravaged cunt and smeared her face with it while she sighed and could do nothing but let him.

Then he grabbed Kylie and Shauna by the head, twisting their necks so they had to face his cock. It was still stiff, amazingly. And one thing was obvious: both girls could see their fluids shining on his engorged shaft. "You see, sluts? You two LOVED being tied up, raped, and beaten. You're just a pair of sexy little whores." The 'serial killer' sighed with contentment. "Unfortunately all good things must come to an end at some point." He cupped each girl's chin with deceptive tenderness.

"As much as I've enjoyed our little rape party, I'm afraid I have other sluts to kidnap and fuck. I like to upgrade my sex-toys once in a while and discard the cunts I get tired of. Which in this case…means you two." As he said those words a chill settled in each girl's heart. Kylie could only protest through the ball gag still fastened to her aching jaw, but at least Shauna could talk.

"Please, let us go! What more could you possibly do to us? Please, no more," Shauna implored. But now Brayden withdrew two new items from his trash bag. The two gorgeous naked captives stilled, their hearts hammering in their chests. In each fist the Master was holding an Automag III .30 caliber pistol with its long, stainless steel barrel. He knelt below them on the bed and brandished both weapons for the girls to see.

"These are both fully loaded, little cunts. Say goodbye." He inserted one of the barrels into Shauna's pussy and the other gun into Kylie's cum-soaked sex. Then he gently rubbed their swollen clits, first with coaxing, tender strokes, then with firmer, more insistent caresses. "One last orgasm for both of you before I put a bullet in each of your tight little love-holes. Enjoy while you can, sluts." As the 'serial killer' seemed just about to make good on his promise, as he had both girls creaming up on the pistol barrels thrust like makeshift dildos into their warm cunts, he suddenly pulled both triggers.

Neither of the guns were loaded, but the sudden jolt as he pressed on the triggers and shoved the pistols deeper into their cunts - it sent both Kylie and Shauna over the edge. Kylie thrashed in her bonds as her juices coated the cold barrel of the pistol.

Shauna keened with a desperate cry as her body trembled with the force of her own climax, until her juices flooded the bedsheets and made the end of the weapon shoved inside her body every bit as fragrant with her fluids. Afterwards, there was only silence for a long, long while, punctuated just by the loud panting of the two girl captives.

The 'serial killer' might as well have imploded, because a more familiar man finally returned to life. 'Normal' Brayden was back. He removed the pistols and put them away in a safe place. Now Kylie's boyfriend leaned over her, drawing aside her hair as he kissed the nape of her neck. He forged a trail of kisses over to her left shoulder, his hand gliding lovingly along her back as he murmured, "Mmmm.

Such a brave girl. I love you Kylie, I love you so much." He knelt between Kylie and Shauna's legs, kissing each girl's pussy reverently before the mattress shifted as he left the bed.

Next he retrieved a knife to cut away each girl's bindings. He leaned over Kylie as she lay back, staring at him.

He stroked her cheek with one hand even as he unfastened the pink ball gag to toss it away. Then he threw a blanket over them and scooted under the comforter. He wrapped Kylie in his arms from behind, kissing the side of her jaw softly.

She turned her head, and their lips joined as she sighed with a satisfaction which no words could ever convey. "You were insane," Kylie murmured. "You scared me to orgasm so many times. Dear god." "I'll take that as a compliment," Brayden said, rubbing his thumb along her lower lip before renewing their kiss. Shauna lay on her side, looking at the happy couple. Kylie reached out, gently stroking her cheek. "Come here, babe." Those simple words had Shauna scooting over until Kylie's arms caressed her, enveloped her.

The two girls hugged each other tightly. "That was…I can't even… Words just…" Shauna began, halted, tried again, failed again. She didn't know what to say. But the awed tone of her voice told Kylie all she needed to hear. The night hadn't been a disaster. Shauna had taken the pleasure from the bizarre experience which Kylie wanted her best friend to have.

She'd expanded her horizons into a new forbidden land, and that made Kylie happier than she could ever say. Brayden lovingly encased Kylie in his arms again, yanking her back.

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She giggled as she felt Brayden kissing the side of her face, as Brayden's roving hand cupped one of her breasts while the other hand cupped her aching, throbbing, thoroughly 'raped' sex. "I've got dibs on this little hottie," Brayden growled playfully. "So don't get any ideas." Shauna smiled, not about to intervene between the two lovers. She'd come into this night with the right expectations. She'd known that no matter what happened tonight, no matter what intimacies came about, Kylie was still Bray's better half and Bray was still Kylie's.

She couldn't begrudge them that. She didn't have to. She felt sated, complete in her own way. Newly confident in her sexuality, Shauna decided, 'I can find a man now because I know who I AM. I know that the limits I've set for myself, they aren't as real as I thought they were.' ********** EPILOGUE Kylie pulled Shauna from her thoughts as she stroked her best friend's fine, silky hair.

Brayden, Kylie, and Shauna had fallen asleep under the sheets together. It was just after midnight now, and the cry of some nocturnal critter had awoken them. "You're sure you're okay, honey? I know this was intense." "Intense?" Shauna cocked an eyebrow, looked meaningfully Brayden's way. "How do you come up with all that stuff anyway? All the dirty, nasty sex talk. Gawd. It made me want to get fucked HARD, but I have to admit - it was pretty disturbing too." Brayden grinned ruefully.

"The truth? I ad-libbed, I just pulled it from my caveman DNA I guess. I don't know. It's not something I do consciously, crazy as it sounds. Does that make sense?" Brayden looked at the two girls thoughtfully, as if he'd just revealed some deep, dark secret. His expression caught his girlfriend's attention. Kylie swiveled around.

She cupped Brayden's face. "Bray, talk to me. If what we did tonight, if me asking you to have Shauna join us created any weirdness, you'd tell us, right?" Brayden's face turned carefully neutral as he ran a hand through his blonde hair.

Kylie looked at him earnestly. "If this is too much, you pretending to be what you're not…I know this is dark stuff, baby. I don't want you to be something you're not. I don't want - " The handsome young man put a finger to Kylie's lips. "I know. I hear you. The answer is no and no. I'm not weirded out, I'm comfortable playing whatever role you want me to because, babe, I love you to the moon and back.

Hell, I love you to the most distant galaxy and back. Just…let me do this for you. I can play the role of any demon if it will make my lovely, smart, and sexier-than-sin girlfriend happy.

And you know what else?" Kylie gasped as Brayden stroked her opening like the delicate petals of a flower.

He slipped two fingers into her sticky pussy and massaged her until she was melting in his arms all over again. "Part of me relishes playing the big, bad wolf, Kylie.

So don't feel guilty about my role in this, not even for a moment. THAT'S an order," he murmured. As he said this Kylie's eyes widened. She flinched. His cock had grown to full hardness again, elongated and throbbing with need. "Bray, do you ever get tired? Wait!" Kylie squeaked as Brayden pushed her onto her back and positioned the tip of his cock between her legs.

He thrust forward as his hands settled on either side of her pillow. He sighed as he saw his cock, framed by Kylie's delicate labia, lance deep inside her silky-soft sex.

"Ohhh yes… your pussy loves getting stuffed. You never tire of this cock, do you babe?" Her slick, cum-coated cunt walls let him slide in so easily. The feeling of his pumping shaft felt like heaven. She felt her cunt quiver greedily around his manhood - sucking him in. Kylie opened her legs wider, shuddering as she felt his pulsing manhood push through, deeper still, so deep inside her until the head of his prick tapped against her cervix.

She bit her lip and clutched his shoulders. "Oh god… Baby, my pussy needs rest. You whipped my pussy, remember?" she said accusingly. "No," Brayden said darkly. "Your pussy needs to be filled with hard COCK." To punctuate his point, he withdrew almost completely out of her love-hole, only to slam his entire slab of man-meat into her snatch in one brutal thrust. Kylie whimpered and felt a fresh wave of heat begin to take over her body.

She felt feverish. It felt so good. Brayden threw her a devilish smirk. "If you want to get fucked less often, you're going to need to find a different kind of boyfriend." Kylie looked down.

Her sore nipples were hardening up with arousal again. She groaned. Suddenly Shauna was there, kissing the side of her face as one of her hands, with its long delicate fingers, caressed Kylie's breasts.

Shauna pinched her girlfriend's nipples as Kylie's moan rose a full octave. "Shauna…what are you doing?! AAAHH!" Now as Kylie glanced at her friend, Shauna's evil grin seemed to match Brayden's smirk almost too well.

Maybe introducing Shauna to her darkest fantasies hadn't been such a good idea after all. Brayden and Shauna ignored Kylie altogether now.

Suddenly the deep, forbidden fantasy was back for an encore… Brayden nodded to Shauna. "Hold the bitch's arms. I want to rape this pussy one more time." Shauna smiled.

"With pleasure, Master." 'Oh god,' Kylie thought. What if Shauna's love of this dark game of sex and fear included being on the other side of the equation? What if she liked to dominate as much or MORE than playing the role of the submissive? Kylie hadn't considered that possibility.

She hadn't prepared for it. Shauna scooted close as Brayden straightened up, no longer looming over Kylie. Shauna could easily watch as Brayden's long, pale dick disappeared inside Kylie's cunt.

Shauna seemed mesmerized by the sight of it. She held Kylie's wrists fast, making Kylie feel helpless as her best friend helped the resurgent captor rape her aroused slit. Shauna purred as she gripped Kylie's wrists so tightly. "Keep fucking her, Master. Oooh YES, I love seeing your long, hard shaft slam into her little pussy. Let me help you." With that, Shauna put her fingers to her mouth, coating them with her saliva. Now she reached down, rubbing Kylie's clit with her moist fingertips. Kylie couldn't believe it.

She was whimpering as the inferno built inside her loins. She couldn't believe that her sore, hyper-sensitive pussy could take another coupling, or that Shauna was helping play the role of 'co-rapist.' She put her hands above her head, clutching the headboard.

She clenched her eyes shut, and felt her libido go off the rails as her cunt's gathering fluids created a squelchy-wet cadence each time Brayden's cock pulled out, each time he plunged in deep until his balls smacked against Kylie's inner thighs. "Yes," Kylie grunted. She half-moaned, half cried out with need as Shauna's glistening fingertips worked faster.

"Fuck my pussy. Touch my clit. Oh god…Oooohhh. OH. Ahh. Ahhh. Ahhhh!" Kylie looked at the man she loved, then at the girlfriend she cared about so much. She decided she was the luckiest girl in the universe as the two people she loved most in this world drove her towards a beautiful, delirious oblivion. At long last she came, her pussy gushing copious amounts of her pungent fluids. She screamed Brayden's name.

Shauna sucked greedily on her hardened left nipple and seemed to relish the sight of her quaking body. Brayden was right behind her. He grunted and groaned as he gripped her by the hips and shoved her entire body towards his pulsing shaft.

His cock spurted deep inside her, giving her womb a blast of life-creating seed - impregnating her despite her birth control. He'd hardly pulled out of her when Shauna pushed his cock out of the way.

"Lie still, little slut. I want to taste you and our Master together," Shauna murmured. Kylie gasped. Shauna was suddenly right there, kneeling between her legs. The girl's beautiful face was pressed to her snatch. Her tongue slid into her cum-soaked pussy, licking and laving with a tenderness that took Kylie's breath away. Soon the cocktail of Kylie's and Brayden's fluids had vanished completely, sliding down Shauna's throat. Kylie's cunt lay glistening with the saliva of her best friend…a best friend on a level now deeper than she could ever say.

Shauna and Brayden cocooned Kylie from both sides now. They snuggled together under the blanket with a collective sigh of exhaustion. Kylie shivered. Her pussy ached. It ached in a way it had never ached before. She didn't care.

She lay happily limp between her boyfriend and her best friend. Brayden kissed the top of her head and Shauna kissed her full on the lips. "I love you, babe," Shauna whispered. Kylie's reply came out before she could hesitate. "I love you too." ********** THE END ********** I really hope you enjoyed the story. Disclaimer: all characters in the story are 18 or older, and all events are entirely fictitious.

Remember, this is a fantasy. Always follow your dreams, the darker and kinkier the better :) ~Gaggedkitty