Hot masseuse Valentina Nappi fucked after massage

Hot masseuse Valentina Nappi fucked after massage
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was a dark, 16 year old girl. I really hated everyone around me. My name is Rose and I live in New York City. I have long black hair and I am very pale. I'm 5'6". But I tend to wear high heels so I was taller than most girls my age. And lastly I am a sex slave. One late night I got in a huge fight with my mom and I stormed out of the apartment.

It was pouring outside at the time. I was wearing really short black shorts with long black stockings that go up to the middle of my thigh, and long black combat boots. I was wearing a black corset with red strings.

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And since it was could out a black trench coat. I ran to the end of the block. I took a turn and kept running. I got so far I got lost. I was lucky to find a nice man in a big coat and I asked him if he knew how to get out of here.

He smiled. He pointed me to where I have to go. I started walking away as I hit the nearest ally way, a man covered my mouth. I passed out cold. I awoke to find myself tied to a bed, gagged, and blindfolded. I struggled a little seeing that there's no use. I hear footsteps and then a whisper in my ear. A man says "What do we have here. A little pussy cat on my bed?

Well little kitten you are fine now and call me Master or you will be punished in the way I feel is most fit." I feel a sharp cold object touch my face. "Would you like to see what's going on?" I move my head up and down. The blind fold was cut off of my face. I saw a young man who looked to be early 20s.

Hair, dark brown and short. He was at least 6 feet tall. He had a dragon tattoo on his chest. He was naked and his cock lay limp in front of me.


It was 6" just limped. I was still a virgin but I had seen a lot of porn in my time. He took the knife and cut the strings down the middle of my corset. My boobs popped out. I had huge boobs for my age they where DD. He started to suck them.

I tried to moan but all you can hear is muffled from the gage. He saw that my belly was pierced with a small devil on it.

"You like dirty, painful things don't you, you little girl?" I nodded hoping he doesn't do anything to me.

"Well you're going to have a lot of fun with me. He took the knife in his hand and brought it down to my shorts. He opened them and moved his hand into them."Wow.

You're already wet for me. Damn, maybe I should give you what your pussy wants. And you're shaved. You must be waiting for someone to fuck. Good thing I got you when I did." I shook my head. He took my pants and cut them off of me he saw me wearing a black thong.

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He grinned and ripped it off of me. He bent down and started lick my pussy. I started to moan. It felt so good. The man said "You're still a virgin, aren't you?" He rubbed my pussy will doing his.

I nodded. "Well I can fix that." he smirked.

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He took off the gag from my mouth. "Please, stop sir. I don't want to lose it yet." He slapped me in the face. "I will do as I please. You're my slave now." He grabbed my hair and put his huge limp cock in front of me.

"Suck it" I opened my mouth sucking it. Slowly it started to taste good so I got faster swirling my tongue around it. It started to grow it got to 9 or 10 ins.

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"Fuck, you like my dick don't you? Damn." He threw my head back. "Well it's your pussy's turn now" He went right between my legs. I begged him to not do it but he did not listen.


He put his dick right in front of my hole waiting for me to be off guard. Then he rammed it in me. Tears went down my eyes in pain. He took long hard strokes in me. He got faster and faster my pussy felt like it was on fire. It hurt so much.

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Blood was running down my legs on to the bed. "Please stop. I will do anything, just please stop fucking me!" I cried. "Anything?" He grinned.

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He took off the hand cuffs and turned me around so my head was facing the mattress. He smacked my ass hard several times. I could tell it left a mark. "Let's see how tight your ass is." My eyes widened."No, I didn't mean that." He took my hair and pulled it back and put the knife to my throat. He says "Say you want your Master's huge dick in my ass and pound me 'til you cum.

Say it" As tears streamed down my face I said it. "Oh please Master put your huge dick in my ass and pound me 'til you cum in my ass." He laughed. His dick began slowly going into my ass, making me feel pain. Once he got all the way in he pulled out and back in faster and faster. My body felt like it was on fire. His huge dick was beating my ass up. Master spoke again. "Slave, bark for me. Bark like the little bitch you are." He spanked me until I did it. "Ruff ruff"" He laughed and kept going.

I started to fell his dick get bigger and a huge load of his cum went straight in me. It felt like he would never stop.


He pulled out of me. He took the hand cuffs and cuffed me to the bed. He kissed me deeply, playing with my tongue.

"You be good, little slave." He walked to the door "Good night slave. We will have fun tomorrow." He turned off the lights. I lay there tired and was soon overcome by sleep.