Smoking hot besties fucking cock

Smoking hot besties fucking cock
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Fbailey story number 686 She Thought That She Was Alone I was working late in my office. It was just starting to get dark and I had not turned on my office lights. My computer monitor was dim because that was what I liked.


From the corner of my eye I saw something or someone go by. I pushed my chair back and used its rollers to get me closer to my office window.

I saw a blonde head of hair behind a partition. It went down an aisle, turned and went down another aisle. I followed her head of hair as it traversed the entire office area.

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Finally, that hair started back toward my office. I recognized her as Betty Sioux, the newest apprentice.

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She was fresh out of high school and on her way to college. She had only stated that week on Monday. What was she doing here this late on a Friday? A girl that cute must have a boyfriend or a date at least. As she came around the corner I saw that she was naked, totally naked, from her toes to the top of her head.


She didn't have a stitch on. She had an amazing body. Young girls can almost always look great but if they pass the test of time then you have one fantastic woman. I was lucky enough to have one of those fantastic women for my wife.

Hey, she puts up with me working until midnight on a Friday. She has been there from the start, cheering me on, as I built our business…now look at me today.

Betty Sioux came right up to my window before she realized that she was not alone. In fact she was totally caught off guard. She spotted me and she freaked out. She lost her balance, stumbled, and fell to the floor.

She didn't get up. So I stood up, opened my office door, and went out to see if there was anything that I could do. As I knelt down beside her she rolled onto her back, one knee bent, and she was holding it in both hands.

It was the knee furthest from me so her shaved pussy was right before me. I took a pretty good look at her body. Her nipples were tiny little marbles on her pointy breasts, her belly button was pierced, and her pussy was leaking. Running around naked must have really excited her.

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I know it excited me. I asked, "Should I call an ambulance?" Betty Sioux replied, "I don't think that will be necessary. Besides it would be embarrassing to have them see me like this." I laughed and asked, "What about me seeing you like this?" Betty Sioux said, "Oh that was the plan from the beginning. I knew you were still in your office." Astounded I asked, "So you wanted me to see you naked?" Betty Sioux replied, "Yes!

What do you think?" I gave her body another look. She had lowered her arms and that leg to the floor. I noticed her breathing because her breasts were firm and they rose up gracefully as she drew in a deep breath.

Her flat tummy sank in until her hipbones stood out nicely matching her collarbones to perfection. Then I looked closely at her pussy mound. It humped up and it looked like she had never had any hair on it at all.

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The slit was perfectly centered and parted slightly. There was a hint of pink. Her legs were long and they looked graceful. Even her feet and her toes were just right. Her dark blonde hair and her brilliant blue eyes were extraordinary. Her nose, her lips, and her chin were exactly right on her. This lovely young woman was a ten in any man's book. So I said, "You are absolutely perfect." Betty Sioux said, "I don't think so.

My ass is too big." Then she rolled over. Once again I inspected her body. Her shoulders were smooth, her spine poked out a dozen or more times on its way to her butt crack.

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Her buttocks were rounded and flawless, her crack was deep, and there was a slight gap just under her pussy. She actually had two dimples just about her waistline. I couldn't miss her sexual aroma that was wafting up into my nostrils.

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I said, "There is nothing wrong beck her." She lifted her butt up high and said, "My asshole is too dark." No, it wasn't. I leaned in and I kissed her light brown puckered sphincter. She giggled. I changed position, stuck my nose right up against her asshole and then I started licking her pussy. It was moist and it tasted very good. She moaned. As our sexual desire for one another grew I became much bolder. I rolled her onto her back, got between her legs, and then I parted them around my waist.

That was when I started in on her pussy again. After an orgasm I kissed my way up her belly stopping at her breasts to try her nipples.

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I moved up to her face and kissed her. Just as my tongue entered her mouth my cock entered her pussy.

That was what she had been waiting for. That was when we started fucking like a pair of bunny rabbits.

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I slammed down into her hard and fast. She cried out her pleasure, she encouraged me to use more force, and then eventually she started another orgasm. That was when I started to cum inside her. We lay on the floor cuddling for almost a half-hour. We talked about her, her past, and her future expectations. She told me about how she had lost her virginity and who it was with. She told me about her first girl on girl experience.

Then she told me about her first anal experience. That was with two boys, brothers, her own.


One was on his back, with her on his cock, while her other brother slipped his cock into her virgin asshole. She then told me that she had wanted to have sex with her boss at work, be in a threesome with an older couple, and then to let a college football team gangbang her. I asked her to come home with me. She said, "Yes." When I called my wife and told her about me bringing a nineteen-year-old girl home for a threesome she got very excited.

She made me send her several photos from my cell phone. The End She Thought That She Was Alone 686