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"You're nothing but a naughty little cock-tease," the man who had followed 13 year old Paige into the bookstore, and was now standing directly behind her. Paige stood frozen in place as she felt his breath on the back of her neck. "What's your name little girl," the man asked as he ran his hands up her arms to her shoulders.

"P.P.Paige," she stammered as she shivered from the man touching her. "Did you like showing me your naked pussy at the food court Paige," he asked as he ran his hands back down her arms, and moved her hands up so she was holding one of the shelves before her.

"I . I .

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please mister," she began to say but stopped when the guy ran his hands up her arms, and was now cupping her small, perky breasts through her top. "Well Paige ~ I certainly enjoyed seeing your naked pussy," he said as he slid a hand down her front then back up under her short skirt.

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"Ooooooooooh mister," Paige moaned softly as the man ran his finger over swollen pussy lips then back to her engorged clit. "Do you like me touching you Paige," the man asked as he squeezed her stiff nipple, and slid a finger into her wet pussy. "Yesssssssss mister," Paige moaned out as she thrust her ass back against the man's crotch feeling his hard cock.

"You ever been fucked before Paige," he grunted as he enjoyed her sexy little ass grinding against his throbbing cock. "No mister," Paige whimpered as the man began to slowly finger-fuck her pussy. "You ever sucked a cock before Paige," he then asked as he pulled his finger from her pussy, and sucked her sweet juice from it.

"Yes mister ~ please put your finger back," she whimpered as she had been oh so close to her first orgasm she had not given herself.

"Do you wanna suck my cock Paige," he asked as he slipped his hand back under her skirt, and put his finger back in her pussy.

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"Yes mister ~ I love sucking cock," she panted as she fucked herself on the man's finger wanting to desperately cum. "I bet you look sooooo sexy with your mouth full of cock Paige," he said as he felt her pussy spasm around his finger, and her whole began to tremble as she orgasmed.

"Let's go out to my car so I can see just how sexy you are with your mouth full of my cock," he told her after her orgasm subsided, and he pulled his finger from her pussy to again taste her sweet juice.

Silently Paige let the man lead her out to his car which turned out to be a van. Once inside they got in the back, and he instructed her to take her top off. With trembling fingers she pulled her top off then dropped it beside her enjoying the way he stared at her small, perky breasts with their puffy pink nipples. "Such nice breasts you have Paige," he told her as he began to undo his pants his eyes never leaving her.

"Thank you mister," she said as she watched him sliding his pants down wanting so badly to feel his cock in her mouth. Once he had his cock freed Paige didn't need to be told what to do as she got on her knees between his legs, and quickly captured the head in her lips.


It was the biggest cock she had had in her mouth since she sucked her first one about a year earlier, and she loved how it was stretching her mouth as she began to slide it up, and down. "Oh yessssss Paige ~ suck it good," he groaned as he held her long, blonde hair back so he could watch his cock slide in, and out of her mouth.

The sight of his cock sliding in, and out of this naughty young slut's mouth was more than he could take, and before too long he was shooting his gooey cum in her mouth causing her to gag on it.

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When he was done he released her hair, and loved the sight of the cum she couldn't swallow drip from the corners of her mouth. "Are you gonna fuck me now mister," Paige asked as she sat back, and wiped the cum from the corners of her mouth. "Do you want me to fuck you Paige," he asked as he let his eyes enjoy the sight of her.

"Yes mister ~ please fuck me," Paige panted as she slid a hand under her skirt, and rubbed her swollen, wet pussy. "Well Paige I would really love to fuck your tight pussy but I want to taste it first," he told her as he got down, and as she laid back he got between her long spread legs. "Oh yessssssss mister ~ lick my pussy," Paige cried out as the man slid the flat of his tongue up along her swollen pussy. When he captured her engorged clit with his lips, and flicked his tongue over it Paige grabbed his head, and thrashed wildly as an orgasm hit her like none she had ever experienced before.

When her orgasm subsided she pulled his head up, and begged him to fuck her. He rose to his knees, and as he shuffled forward he was stroking his hard cock. "Do it mister ~ please fuck me," Paige panted when the man slid the head of his cock up, and down thru her swollen wet pussy lips.


"Is this what you want slut," he grunted as worked the first inch in her tight wet pussy until it bumped up against her hymen. "OOOOH YESSSSS MISTER ~ FUCK MEEEEEEE," Paige cried out as her pussy was stretched to accomadate his big cock. "Relax Paige," he told her as he held her shoulders ready to plunge through her hymen, and bury his cock in his first ever virgin.


"OOOOOW FUCK MISTER," Paige cried out as the cock was pulled slightly back then was forced past her hymen, and was driven halfway up her no longer virgin pussy.

"Oh baby feels soooooooo good," he moaned as he held still loving the feel of her very tight pussy on his throbbing cock. Paige laid still trying to catch her breath as she felt every throbbing inch of his cock stretching her pussy.

"You want fucked now," he asked as he enjoyed the sight of her beneath him, and the feel of her pussy tightly squeezing his cock.

"Yes Mister ~ please fuck meeeeeee," Paige moaned as the pain subsided, and she began to pump her ass up, and down trying to get his cock even deeper inside her. "You really want it ~ don't you ~ you horny little slut," he groweled as he watched her gyrate on his cock. "OOOOOOH YESSSSS MISTER," Paige cried out as he pulled his cock out a little then drove it even deeper in her pussy than before.

After he had his cock buried in her tight pussy, he easily picked her up, and managed to sit back up on the seat with her in his lap impaled on his cock. "I wanna watch you ride my cock," he said as he slid his hands to her small perky breasts, and teased their puffy nipples.

"OH mister your cock is soooo big ~ feels soooooo good," Paige moaned as she began to ride up, and down on his cock. As she began to ride faster he dropped his hands to hold loosely on her slim hips as he enjoyed the sight of her breasts barely jiggle every time she landed on his thighs.

He slid his hands to her sexy little ass, and squeezed as she rode up, and down faster. "OOOH MISTER ~ GONNA CUMMMMM," Paige cried out as her orgasm swept over her causing her whole body to tremble, and her pussy squeeze his cock even tighter.

Before Paige recovered from her orgasm he hooked his arms behind her knees, and manauevered them around so she was now lying on the seat with her knees pinned back by her ears.

Since she had her orgasm he began to power fuck her wanting so badly to cum himself that his balls actually ached. "FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE," Paige moaned loudly as she dug her fingernails into his ass which really turned him on.

When he felt his cum ready to blow he pulled out of her tightly suctioning pussy, and aimed for her face as he shot gob after gob of gooey cum on her face, and breasts. After his balls were drained he pulled her up to sit upright, and fed her his cock covered in her juices.

Once his cock was soft he sat down beside her, and handed her a towel he had retrieved from under the seat.

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Once she had her face wiped clean she got her shirt, and slipped it on then left the guy sitting by himself. When she got home she showered then logged onto her IM service. Within 5 minutes she got a message that she was to be at the park at 10:00 the next day causing her to smile.