Holly haltson hot bj schlucken cum

Holly haltson hot bj schlucken cum
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She was beautiful, Dmitri thought as he studied his classmate and his literature partner for the semester.

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One of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on. She was positively tiny compared to his sex foot four frame but magnificently proportioned. He had wanted her from the second he saw her and saw no reason as to why he should be denied the pleasure of having this woman in his bed.

Red hair fell in waves around her shoulders and she had large bright green eyes that radiated innocence. Pale skin the colour of milk was the perfect foil for her ruby lips.

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Standing she was probably no more than five feet four inches and the only thing out of proportion was her breasts. They looked too large for her small frame but he could tell by the way they moved that they were real and they wouldn't fit in his hands all the way. She was skinny but her bones didn't stick out everywhere and her legs were fantastic perfectly shaped.

dancer's legs. She was dressed in skin tight jeans and a figure hugging sweater. He spent the rest of the class imagining what it would be like to fuck her, have her on her knees, looking up at him while she sucked his dick.

Or having her tied to his bed as he licked her body and fucked her again and again he couldn't decide which one would be more pleasurable. His thoughts gave him a hard on that needed to be satisfied. Lost in his thoughts he didn't notice class had ended and the object of his obsession was trying to get his attention.

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"Dmitri?" He heard her sweet high pitched voice and turned to her and smiled. "When do you want to do the project for next class?" "I'm free now. do you want to get it over with? We could go to my place." he asked, with a small plan forming in his mind.

No one would be in his home they would be all alone. Perfect. "Sure, lead the way." Phoenix smiled and gathered her books to follow Dmitri. Fuck he was handsome! Tall with wide shoulders he cut a path through the throng of people trying to leave.

She had seen him watching her earlier so maybe she'd get to fuck him tonight. It took fifteen minutes to arrive at his house and the first thing she noticed was that no one was around. Was it deliberate or pleasant surprise? Either way she didn't care much. Phoenix dropped her bag to the floor and bent over to untie her shoes, knowing full well Dmitri was looking at her ass. As she stood up she ran a hand through her hair and smiled at him.

Dmitri felt himself start to get hard when she bent over and almost groaned when she played with her hair. Without saying much they went to his room to begin the assignment. Every once in a while he would "accidently" brush a hand or an arm against her. The assignment didn't take long to finish and Phoenix packed her bag slowly, knowing that in her low cut shirt he could see her large tits pressed together. As she moved he heard him groan and Phoenix looked at him innocently.

"Something wrong?" she asked sweetly as he stood. That was the last straw for him, she had spent the last hour teasing him with her ass and tits and now she would pay. He reached out and grabbed her, lifted her up against him and kissed her hard, fully prepared for her to kick and scream but instead she wrapped those delicious legs of hers around him. Surprised he broke the kiss and saw that there was a wicked gleam in her eyes.

"Nothing's wrong now. I thought you might fight a little bit and then I'd have to get rough with you," He laughed "But this is better." Phoenix grinned and licked the side of his neck. "Mm just because I'm willing doesn't mean you have to be gentle." She whispered in his ear "I love it when men fuck me rough." This news was music to Dmitri's ears his favourite kind of sex was rough.

"Fine bitch, you're mine tonight." He snapped and tossed her on the bed. Phoenix squealed as she bounced but didn't move off the bed. She just sat there and watched ad he took off his clothes. "What the fuck are you waiting for?


Strip damnit!" he commanded and he watched as colour flushed her face. She was getting horny. Phoenix looked at Dmitri naked and fully aroused and DAMN he was big. Bigger than anything she'd ever fucked before and wider as well. It was going to hurt but hurt in the best way possible. Wanting to give him a little show she stood from the bed and ran her hands up and down her body, finally lifting her shirt off of her revealing a sexy lace bra. Dancing a little she took off her pants to show the watching panties she wore.

Bare foot she walked over to him and smiled. "What do you want baby?" she asked as she trailed a long nail down his chest. "Get on your knees and start sucking bitch." She loved the fact he was dominant and when he called her a dirty name it just made her wetter and hotter. "Mm I love it when you call me dirty names baby.gets me so wet!" she moaned as she sank to her knees.

"Fuck you're so big, I can't wait until you're fucking my little pussy with this." She leaned forward and took him into her mouth. He was large but she worked him until his cock was sliding in and out of her mouth with ease. "Look up at me you little whore, I want to watch your face as you suck my dick." Moaning she looked up as she continued sucking hard, Phoenix reached up with her other hand and started playing with his balls.

Dmitri moaned loudly as Phoenix looked up at him from her submissive position. Even when she was sucking his cock like a thousand dollar whore she still looked innocent and it made him want to cum hard in her mouth. "Stop sucking, I want to fuck your mouth. No keep looking up at me. there's a good girl." He began fucking her face, Dmitri shove his hands in her hair to keep her head still as he pounded his ten inch cock in her throat.

She chocked a little bit but remained where she was looking up at him with those spectacular eyes. He thrust hard one last time, ramming it deep into her throat and came. Rope after rope of hot cum shot into her mouth and throat and he held her there. "Swallow it all like a good little whore." Phoenix swallowed every last drop of his salty cum and sucked his dick clean as he withdrew.

She licked her lips up at him when he was finally out of her mouth. "Oh you enjoyed that did you slut? Get up and lay on the bed with your legs spread and your arms above your head." Excited Phoenix jumped to do his bidding and lay on the bed as he commanded.

"A little whore like you must like to be tied up and spanked doesn't she?" he asked and Phoenix's breathing increased.

That was her ultimate fantasy: to be tied down and fucked hard by a dominating man with a big dick.

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Rough, hard and fast sex mixed in with some BDSM made her hot. She was still in her bra and panties and she knew there must be a giant wet spot on her crotch where she's soaked through. "Oh you're excited are you?" Dmitri smiled and help up three silk ties. "Stay still." He tied her to the bed and took a cloth from the bed stand. "I'm going to gag you but I will still be able to hear you scream. but that's for later. This is for now." He held a tiny whip that looked like a mini riding crop in his hand.


Phoenix wiggled on the bed in anticipation. He smacked her g a few times with it on her milky thighs before gently hitting her pussy threw her panties.

Phoenix gasped in pleasure and bit her lip waiting for him to continue. And he did, again and again each time a little harder until she almost came from the pleasurable pain.

Dmitri reached out and ripped off her panties and undid her strapless bra. She watched helpless as he licked his lips before kissing her neck and playing with her tits. "Fuck your tits are huge. you're going to give me a titty fuck later." He ordered and Phoenix nodded. "Beg me to fuck you. I want to hear you plead for me to fuck that wet cunt of yours." He snarled as he shoved three fingers in her cunt and listened to her scream in pleasure.

"Please Dmitri, I want your dick so bad!" "Call me Sir, little slut. mm call yourself dirty names too. and I might just give you what you want." Phoenix's breathing was ragged she was so turned on.

"Please Sir. fuck me like a little whore. I want that big dick of yours in my pussy so bad! Please, I need to feel you pounding into me again and again!" Dmitri laughed and removed his fingers and placed them in his mouth. She tasted so sweet he wanted more.

Kissing down her body he stopped between her legs and stared. Her pussy was shaved, save for a little strip of hair and she was so wet. Her pussy was dripping her juices all over her legs and the sheets. Slowly he licked his tongue up and down her slit and listened to her moan. Big hands clamped down on her hips to keep her still while he tongue fucked her. Nothing had ever felt this fucking good.

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Phoenix bucked her hips as Dmitri licked, sucked and bit her cunt and she almost came from it. If his cock was half as good as his mouth then she would die happy. Dmitri shoved three fingers back into her dripping pussy and she came from the pleasure of it.

Breathing heavily she smiled; it was one of the best orgasms she'd ever had. She smiled at Dmitri who then smacked her across the face. "Next time ask permission before you cum slut." The order made her heart beat a little faster this was nothing compared to her fantasies: it was better.

"I'm sorry Sir. Please forgive me sir." She begged prettily. Roughly he jammed his fingers in her hair and forced her lips on his. Phoenix moaned as she tasted herself on him, along with the remnants of his own cum still in her throat. He pulled back and Phoenix saw the gag in his hand.

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"Time for the gag bitch." He said gleefully and he tied it around her head. "I'm gonna fucked you now but you have to keep your eyes open, I want to what you as I fuck you again and again. Cum at any time." Phoenix nodded, her body thrumming with excitement. As he positioned himself in front of her opening she moaned as he rubbed just the tip of his head against her. Suddenly he shoved his entire length into her tight pussy and she screamed in pleasure, mindful to keep her eyes open and looking up into his.

"Fuck you're so tight." he grunted as he began to move. It hurt but she was so turned on she didn't care.

He needed to keep going and never stop. He started to pound into her, hitting her g-spot every time. She gave little screams of pleasure with each thrust she was going to cum soon. Dmitri didn't know how much longer he could hold out. The feel of her cunt surrounding him was fantastic. He watched her tits bounce as he fucked her cunt harder and harder.

He felt his orgasm coming and he thrust harder, listening to her little screams and he came deep inside her and grunted when her orgasm made her already tight pussy contract around him. Collaping on top of her he spoke into her ear. "Mm next time I'm going to fuck you in front of a mirror so you can watch that slutty face of yours and your tits swing as pound the shit out of your cunt.

Would you like that whore?" he demanded, a little breathless, as he squeezed one of her tits. Her muffled reply of "Yes sir" made him smile. He rolled off of her and looked at her abused little body.

The marks from the whip were still there and her pussy was overflowing with cum his and hers. Next time he might find something to clamp onto those perfect tits of hers. He took off the gag and kissed her. "You're not going home tonight.

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You're going to stay here and fuck me for as long as I want. Right now I'm spent. I'm going to leave you here for a while. I'm going to go pick up a few toys to use on you." He said. "Yes sir. thank you sir." She smiled and stretched as much as the bonds would allow her to. There was a knock at the door and it opened to reveal another man, one as equally sexy as Dmitri. He caught sight of her before he could speak and he stared at her tits. "You're a fucking lucky bastard Dmitri." He said.

"Mhm." Dmitri knew that look of wanting. He turned to Phoenix and grabbed her throat.

"This is Jack." He whispered in her ear, "I'm going to let him fuck you while I'm gone and you're to listen to him. Got it?" he saw the excited flare in her eyes as she nodded. "Jack I'm going out for a bit. if you want her go and fuck her." Jack looked like he had been given the best present in the world.

"Do whatever you want she takes it like a whore." Dmitri left as Jack walked towards the bed. The woman was hot and he was excited. He took off his clothes and positioned himself by her mouth. "Suck it." Was all he said and he watched her mouth open. He owed Dmitri big time for this.