Submissive Granny Jean Brutally Face Fucked Until I Cum

Submissive Granny Jean Brutally Face Fucked Until I Cum
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My first story written on a mobile. Constructive criticism welcome. Teenage boy and 8 year old girl experiment alone.

During the summers of my teenage years I helped out with a tennis camp for younger kids in the area. But my 16 year old summer changed why I went. The highlight of the camp every year was of course watching all the girls of every age and size.

But I always found myself thinking about ally.


She was only 8 years old which I felt bad about lusting after her at first but I realized I had no choice she was so adorable.

I shadowed her everyday and tried to give her advice pointers. One day, I was teaching her backhands and she was struggling so I stood behind her and held her hands on the racket to give her a better feel of the motion. She was the cutest little girl I'd ever met with blonde hair and a few missing teeth.

When I was standing behind her her little head only came up to just above my belly button! She loved all the attention she was getting from me and always asked me for help. Ally was the best. It was the second to last day of that years camp and I was glad for it to nearly over.

Ally was in an exceptionally giddy mood which I expected was normal for girls of her age. At the end of the day, I was waiting with the coach for all the kids to get picked up but Ally was the last one there. Finally after a out 40 minutes I asked her, "Ally, do you know how to get to your house in a car?" "Of course!" "Okay well I am going to take you home because I think your Mommy forgot about camp today." "Oh really?!

Yay!" "Alright jump in!" I got in my white BMW and she jumped in the backseat just bouncing with joy. "Alright sweetie you're gonna have to tell me where to go." "okay!" Surprisingly she knew exactly the way to get to her house which was only about 10 minutes away.

We pull up and both get out of the car. I pop the trunk and she has to lean way over the back of the car to reach her racket in the trunk. As she is leaning over I see she is wearing Disney princess underwear under her white tennis dress! I thought she was a little old for that but I absolutely loved it!

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Her house was very nice and big in a prestigious neighborhood. We walk up to the front door and ring the door bell. After a few minutes of no answer, Ally runs around to the backyard and opens the door for me.

"Ally, we need to call your Mommy to see when she will be home. Can I have her number?" "Yeah it's right here on refrigerator!" I call her mom, who says she totally forgot about camp today and said that she was just arriving at the salon and couldn't get back home for another 3 to 4 hours. She asked me if I would like to babysit for pay until she got home. "Of course!" I said. "Yayyy! Playdate!" Ally yelled as she found out I was staying.

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"Let's watch a movie!" "Alright what's your favorite?" "Hmmmm. Let's watch Finding Nemo!" "I love that too!" We walked into the family room and I turn on the movie.


We both flop down on the big sectional couch and watch. I absolutely loved everytime she would let out one of her cute little laughs. "My dress is kinda dirty I'm gonna go change!" "Okay I'll pause the movie." I got on my iPhone and started playing games while dreaming about seeing Ally ontop of me. Just then Ally plopped herself down in-between my spread legs. She had put on pink pajama pants and a white tank top shirt. I was so surprised I dropped my phone right under her tiny butt!!

"Oops! Haha!" she giggled "Haha you scared me!" My phone was right under her left butt cheek so I tried to reach under while she leaned to the other side but it didn't work. I boldly and playfully grabbed both of her butt cheeks with my hands and lifted her all the way up and over to the side of me and she laughed and fell over.

Her head landed right on the bulge in my loose athletic shorts and she immediately lifted it up with a concerned look on her face. "it's okay haha!" "I'm sorry. Is that. Like. Nevermind" "What hun?" "I've just never felt a boy in their peepee place like that" "Oh sweetie. It's okay." "Can. can I see it? Please?" My mind was racing "Ally, I don't know if we can do that because I am a lot older than you." "But!

I'm the oldest in my class!

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And my Mommy says I'm getting old! Please oh please oh please!" "Fine, but you have to promise not to tell anyone ever!" "Promise!" I'm sitting on the couch and she is leaning over me with anticipation.

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"what am I doing" I thought. I pull down my shorts revealing my semi-hard penis and she gasps in excitement.

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Luckily I shaved this morning so I am all fresh and clean. Without even asking she reaches out and places her hand on the head of my hardening dick.

"It's all hard!" "That's what happens with boys my age honey." "Do you wanna see mine?" Well it's not realt like this but." "Ally I don't know if." Again taking the initiative she lifts her little hips off the couch and yanks her pajama pants all the way off her legs and feet and laughingly throws them over the couch. I look down in awe of her pale pink pussy lips and tiny clitoris protruding out.

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In that instant my penis goes from hard to rock hard. "Touch it! I touched yours." Not wanting to miss an oppurtunity to feel 8 year old virgin pussy I reach out and move my hand back and forth on Ally's pink clit. "Wow! Keep doing that!" "Then you do it to me hun." Ally reaches down and grabs hold of my hard cock and starts stroking up and down very slowly. After only 40 seconds of my licked fingers rubbing her virgin clit she let go of me and grabbed my arms and whimpered in pleasure as her tiny body trembled and shook.

"Oooooh my gosh!

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What just happened?!" "You just had your first orgasm! That's what happens when boys and girls make each other feel good." "Can you have one?" "Yeah! Watch." I jerked myself off for another minute or so and came inside my hand as Ally watched in amazement. "Wow! What is that stuff?!" "This is called cum. It comes out of boys peepee's after they have an orgasm." Again without asking Ally reaches over and dips her pinky in the deep pool of cum in my hand and brings it to her nose.

She smells it then licks a tiny bit and grimaces. "It's salty! And warm!" Right then I hear the garage door start to open and my heart panics. I quickly wipe my hand with a paper towel toss it in the trash but miss right as the door to the house opens.


I panic and jump onto the couch next to Ally who had already covered herself back up. We both look at each other and wink. Just then Ally's mother, Cynthia walks in the door and yells hello as we both return her greeting.

I try as hard as possible to not look back at the kitchen and the missed paper towel full of my sticky cum. I hear Cynthia putting things away and she yells, "I bet you learned a lot today Ally."