Teen pledge gets pussy toyed

Teen pledge gets pussy toyed
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---------------------------- ------------------------------------- Notice: Just a few updates I'm going to tell you guys… 1. If you haven't read 1 or 2 in my series I really suggest you read it first. 2. I was looking at some past pictures of me and I realized my cocksize could not possibly 8 inches when fully erect.

Therefore from now on Im changing it to 5.0in at the time I was almost 14 and I remember having a fairly big dick, I also had a forest down but usually i tried to shave it there because obviously being 145 and muscular, puberty had hit early. This also means everyone else's package goes down a bit. 3.

Bitches took to the ring to settle scores

I realized I was a bit taller and more muscular, I would say 5.7 maybe tops, Think about it My team had to be pretty big and athletic to get this far. Oh and by the way if you want more info on me here's a bit more: I ski, wrestle, play football, swim, track, basketball (for a little while),Weight lift, and play video games (That's a no brainer) As for that I'm finally getting to part 3 and if you want an Idea as to how many more I would say 2 OR possible 3 or more at max it really depends on how much time and when I want to stop the stories&hellip.

And yes this isn't my only true stories like this I got more handy lol. And please send me a message with complaints, Ideas, suggestions, or requests ( I will write a story if you have your own and you give me sufficient data). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "DOWN" Yelled Ryan at the start of the play. "SET" Screamed Ryan. "Hike!" I remember this play especially because we were 7-0 on the scoreboard, my team being down, meaning we had to get a touchdown along with a 2 point conversion to continue and I wasn't about to let the "fun" I was having here at this football tournament end here on day 3, 4th down, 4TH quarter, and only a field to go.

As I ran as fast as possible to the right all the way to the other sideline, the play: basically pitch right was just a basic all out run to the right and down the field, Eric was right behind me. I rammed Into the Cornerback and pushed him aside letting out a small roar ( On the football field I was quite a different person).

Eric then did a Stiff arm to the right linebacker and at the same time We ran down the field, him depending on my blocks and me depending on him to score. Side by side we scored the touchdown as we usually did. We did score and we were off to the next play for the two point conversion that Ihad to score. My job was something like this: Defense Offense ( ( <<<<<<<(*<<<<<me * ( ( key: * = player me = me ( = Offensive line Usually Eric would be pushing me through from behind along with the Quarterback, Ryan.

Yep, that's me&hellip. Ramming that ball straight up that hole and it usually is a very, very, very tight hole. Sorta reminds you of something don't it? And so it was we won the game by me slamming that ball up that tight hole with Eric pushing behind, through a 2 point conversion by me…&hellip. and when we ran off that field with his helmet off, Eric flicked me a smile and sorta swung his swetty hair loose. We were in the locker room and celebrating the win, every team member spanked me practically.

When everyone had gone it was just Rocko and I, I was still in my football shorts with my pads off and had just taken my socks off. I was drenched in sweat so I took off everything and tooka shower right in front of Rocko, who even though he was pretending to text on his cellphone I knew he was watching me out of the corner of his eye.

By now we both had a pretty good tan and I couldn't help but noticing my big boner. Problem was: "Would Rocko keep my secret one more time?" Well I decided to take that risk. So I took the soap and started rubbing my 5.0 inch dick, It wasn't too much; I just wanted to blow a load.

Rocko took notice and slowly walked over and stood there eyes locked on my dick. I decided not to say anything and I blew my load there. He just said, " Im supposed to watch you, so lets go I'm getting bored here" and walked away with a awestruck expression on his face.

I shrugged slid my briefs on dressed and then we left. By the time we got back to the hotel, which took 5 minutes, I was already sore from the game. If I had never told you the hotel room was a suite on the top floor, meaning we got a pretty big room with an upstairs.


The upstairs you had to take this spiral staircase (nothing special, just metal and old) and at the top there was a small landing with a chair and a door which was kept open… at most times. In the door was a room with two beds and a bathroom, of course my bed along with tom and Eric's and the other bed Rocko's and John's.

Jake and Ryan slept on the sofa bed downstairs. I grabbed my small bag, which had all my swimming supplies and grumbled to Rocko about going on down to the Jacuzzi and Sauna. As I entered the swimming area it was late at night around 10:00 and no one, I thought was there so I put on my Red brief speedos that felt so damn hot on me&hellip. I walked over to the sauna and (back 6 years ago there werent age restrictions and stuff on saunas at resorts) and opened the door and BAM there was John.

He was our safety, he was about 2 inches taller then me and had blond hair and blue eyes along with a pretty good build, he was about 12 and a half and his dick was about 3 inches, and he was just sitting there naked. I instantly grew my already boner into a bigger one so that my speedos were literally like skin but tighter. John looked up and said, " Hey" I responded, "Hey there." I walked and sat down across from him in the heat.

He said " Man, do you still have a cup on or something? Never seen anything like that…" (He was pretty shielded from that sort of stuff, so I jumped on it) I said, " No, that's just my boner. Haven't you ever gotten one?" "No" he said while gazing at my speedo.

I said "Well… I guess since were friends and all I could show it to you if you want to see it." He just nodded I took my speedos off and flung them to the side. He said " DANG" I said " Well I got to rub it now." " Why?" " Well if you don't rub it, it starts to hurt… I'll maybe let you rub mine and possibly just possibly I'll rub yours." He said "Well I have never seen it done before… please, man?

I really want to know how its done." He begged me " Fine, fine…" I walked over and grabbed hold of his now raging hard one, which was maybe 4, 4.5, at most 5 inches. He moaned a bit and grabbed mine. I started rubbing his and he did mine at the same time. We soon were on top of each other, fondling each other, and rubbing are penis's together. He groaned and said "This feels sooo good" I just grunted back, as he kept humping my groin area, I rubbed his butt cheeks, which were so warm.

He rubbed my lower back and then my neck and then back down We kissed from time to time and gave each other massages while slowly rubbing each other penis. So I kneeled in front of him and stared right at his big dick.

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"What are you doing?" I responded, " Im going to suck your dick." I had never been so close to a dick before. Of course Eric had sucked me but I had never sucked him or anyone else. So I started licking his dick slowly I lick it lick a lolly pop going around and around and around.

He moaned in pleasure and then I kept moving his penis in and out swishing my tongue around it. I twiddled with his balls and cupped them while he kept thrusting it in and out. I then put my hands on his butt and pulled him closer. I kept sucking on his dick with different tones, teasing him with hardcore and then none. I would stop sucking his dick at times and just breathe on it. He would whine. By now he was begging me to stop."please stop, Suck it harder.Harder DAN harder!" He moaned.

But the fun was over I started sucking his balls while i moved my hand up and down his dick. And moved his balls around and he kept moaning.

I then returned to that shaft of his and start sucking it harder then before. " Oh yeah Danny, Thats great. Harder I want more ugghhhh" he said. I silently cupped his two butt cheeks. and squeezed and massaged them, I pulled him even closer. The i slowly put my finger on his tight ass hole and moved in circles around it. "What are you. uugghh. doing?" I then slowly put my other hand's finger into his mouth and got it drenched in drool.

Then I put my middle finger slowly into his asshole. At first it was tight, but eventually it loosened. "WHat,what (sigh). why does this feel so good.?" He moaned I then started moving my finger in and out faster and faster all the while sucking his dick so hard my mouth hurt.

He started Humping my mouthhole. i sucked and swished my tongue harder all the while moving my finger in and out of his ass hole. I could feel it his dick was starting to throb. i went faster and he started moaning louder. Then he said, " Im going, Im going.


" I felt all the salty creamy cum burst out into my mouth. He deepthroated me and I almost choaked. But then T i licked all of it out his now softening dick. The he said "Spit it on yours" I did it quickly and just lay there. He then grabbed my dick and he knew from then on he had totaly control over me. I sighed. He started moving his fist up and down my shaft. Soon he started pumping on it with all of his strength going faster then i had ever seen. His fist just went up and down. The minute I thought i was going to cum he stopped.

I yelled " Please, KEEP DOING IT!" Then he started slowly and soon returned to the fast pace. I couldnt hold any longer. So I shot right there. Mine went everywhere. We laid there for ten minutes. Then got up and cleaned up and sat down in the Jacuzzi. All this had felt so good on my sore body especially knowing I accomplished getting 1 more member down on the "team" Then Tom entered unexpectantly at 11:00.

I secretly loved tom even though he was ten years old. His was just soo cute! He was very stubborn anx wittty too.

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I had learned from Tom's brother that Tom was always talking about me like I was the best football player in the world. So being I had a soft spot for him I stayed. He was in his white briefs that covered his cute butt and penis that were so smooth.

He said "Hi.

can I join you guys?" "Sure" we responded So I let him sit on my lap which ended not being my lap but my cock Come 15 minutes my penis was erect again and I swore the little kid was moving and grinding on it. He just talked and talked and talked.

He was just so fucking cute the little guy, I just kept staring out his ass which his white briefs fit perfectly John was still dazed and I was trying to act somewhat attentive and respond. So we soon got out and got our clothes and headed to the lockerroom. There was 1 shower so John went first while me and Tom talked. " So who's going to take the next shower" I asked " Why dont we just go together so we can go quickly?" Tom responded In my mind I was saying Fuck Yeah!


But I knew i shouldnt be so quick to say yes. "Well, okay, were both boys I guess right?" Tom smiled.

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John got out and left soon. Then I said here let me take those briefs off for you. I knelt so I was eyelevel with his dick. and slowly pulled his briefs down. He was a bit surprized but didnt seem to mind. We goit into the shower and I soaped down. Tom kept staring at my dick. Finally I said "You like itI suppose?" He said "Its just really big.

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Can i soap it for you?" "Sure" So he soaped it, FOR a LOONG time. He massaged and carressed it with curiosity. I was moaning a bit and he said "Why you moaning" I responded "Nothing" Once we were done. We were changing i had just put on my briefs. When all of a sudden Tom tackled me and yelled "I bet i could beat you in a wrestling match!" I quickly was on top of him and had him pinned stomach down. I couldn't help it but while i was trying to make him admit he lost, I started humping his butt slowly, still in my briefs.

Though he didnt notice i knew i would have to stop. But Before I knew it I cummed in my briefs! So since i didnt want him to ask about the cum, I wet my pants to disguise it. so i let loose my regular penis and made everything, including his briefs nice,warm, and soggy. He laughed" you wet your pants!" "Yeah what do you think about it?" "Well, Actually i liked it.

I do it all the time and it feels good!" I said " Really? Do it!" So before i knew we both had wet, warm, and sticky briefs and a puddle under neath us. So we sorta just kept in that position laughing until we cleaned up took another shower and went back to the room and feel into our beds exhausted.