Transsexual pornstar masturbating and gaping

Transsexual pornstar masturbating and gaping
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The first Girls class Cassandra smiled as she watched her first class of the year troop in. There had been a good turnout after the exact nature of the lesson was explained and the students sworn to secrecy on pain of expulsion.

As the year 11 girls took their seats she appraised them silently. They were a good looking group of young ladies for the most part, though that partly because the ugly girls had mostly declined out of embarrassment. The eldest was almost 17, the youngest 15 (she had skipped a year and was perhaps the most mature student in the year). In their traditional school girl uniforms the bi sexual Cassandra could not help but admire them. She herself was dressed far more appropriately than the first time she had come to the school, she wore a black suit with a skirt cut respectably above her knees and a white blouse that showed little of her assets, but hinted at much.

"Good afternoon girls," Charles had agreed that it would be best if the sex ed class was the last of the day, to minimise distractions and gossip in other classes. "My name is Miss Lynx; you will have to bear with me while I learn all of your names.

Now, you all know why we are here," There was a ripple of giggling, Cassandra continued once it had died down "And while I think you will all have fun remember that this is a class like any other, all rules are the same unless I tell you otherwise." The girls quieted. Until now there had been a note of incredulity amongst the girls, many only half believed what they had been told; now it was becoming clear that this lesson was serious.

Cassandra had decided to keep as much of normal teaching practise in place as possible in order to remind the girls that they were still in school. To that end she took out her register. "When I call your name I want you to raise your hand, so I can see who you are," Cassandra instructed. With only twenty four pupils in the class it did not take long. Right then, time to begin. "Marie," She said, indicating a small brunette sitting near the back of the class "Please close the blinds, it would not do for any younger students to see what we are doing." Once the blinds were closed and Marie returned to her seat Cassandra could begin the lesson in earnest.

"Right," Cassandra said crisply, standing up and walking around to the front of her desk. "First of all I will have to ask you all some questions." A handful to girls groaned and most delved into bags to produce pens. "Oh no, there is no need to write anything. This is practical sex education; there will be little need for writing during lessons. First, put your hand up if you are a virgin." Most of the class tentatively raised their hands, only three admitted to having had sex, though in truth embarrassment probably kept one or two silent.

Cassandra nodded. In a boarding school with segregated dorms a lower number was to be expected. "All right, put up your hand if you masturbate," at first no hands were raised, and then as she waited a few, including two of those who had admitted not being virgins raised their hands. Cassandra nodded once more, some were probably lying out of embarrassment, but she could work on that. "Alright, you can put your hands down." Cassandra picked a girl at random; a cute little redhead just turned 16.

"Annabel," "Call me Anna Miss." "Very well, Anna. Why not?" the girl reddened and looked down mumbling something inaudible. "Speak up." Anna looked up "I don't know; it's wrong isn't it?

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It just seems wrong." Cassandra shook her head "There is nothing 'wrong' about it. It is harmless and pleasurable. Have you ever tried it?" The girl shook her head. Cassandra beckoned her forwards.


"Come up to the front Anna," the red heads eyes widened, but she did as she was bidden. When she was standing beside the teacher's desk Cassandra turned her back to face the class.


Bending close Cassandra whispered in her ear, "If you want me to stop all you have to do is say 'no more', understand?" The girl nodded. Slowly and tenderly, as if trying to quiet a terrified rabbit, Cassandra reached around from behind Anna and undid the first button of her shirt.

Anna let out a small whimper but said nothing. Slowly at first, then with increasing speed Cassandra's hands flowed down the front of the girl's uniform until her shirt hung open. Not a single girl in the class made a sound and many edged forward on their chairs as Cassandra pulled the shirt open and then off, folding it and placing it on the desk.

Returning to the half naked school girl Cassandra brushed one hand up her stomach as she undid Anna's bra with the other. The girl bit her bottom lip as the covering was pulled away and added to the pile on the desk but kept silent, for though her face flushed with embarrassment she felt an unfamiliar feeling between her legs and she did not want her teacher to stop.

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Cassandra ran her hands down the girls neck, over her breasts and down her flat stomach before placing them either side of Anna's slim hips. The red head flinched as her new teacher tugged the skirt down, but made no sound. Casey smiled as she brushed her fingertips delicately over the inside of her student's thighs and after a few moments was rewarded with a slight wetness appearing on the white panties she wore.

Indicating he area with one hand as she caressed one rosy nipple with the other she said to the class "You see that as Anna becomes turned on her vagina begins to moisten, this is especially important when having sex with a man if you are to enjoy it, but it is also a very good thing when masturbating." Bending her head to whisper into the young girl's ear she said "I think we had better take these off before they become soaked." Anna nodded almost imperceptibly.

When Cassandra looked up she saw that many of the girls in the class were sitting with legs slightly parted and one or two almost unconsciously rubbed themselves under their desks.

Cassandra took the sides of Anna's panties and slowly drew them down, at a slight nudge the girl stepped out of her clothes and Cassandra placed them on the desk with the rest.

As she returned to the now totally nude and gently panting student she said to the rest of the class "I don't want any of you to get your underwear wet, if you are getting aroused please feel free to remove you panties and place them on your desk." She didn't really expect any of them to do so, not this early on in their first lesson. But clearly she had underestimated just how horny she had made some of these girls for after a moment one reached under her skirt and pulled down her knickers, placing them on her desk.

After this it seemed the flood gates had burst and over the next few minutes six more girls placed their moist underwear upon their desks.

Meanwhile Cassandra was not idle, as she ran her hand across the top of Anna's pubic mound she felt the girl shiver, but did not stop for it was clear the girl wanted her to continue. Though unshaven the girl had little hair, a fact which pleased Cassandra, for it would make it far easier for the rest of the class to see what she was doing. When the class was still again she slowly slid one finger into little Anna's slit, her left hand wrapped around the girls left breasts and pulling at the nipple.

The red head moaned softly and pushed forward, her eyes closed as she arched her back in pleasure.

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Casey smiled softly as her finger probed the virgin tight lips of her subject and then dove deeper, all the while explaining to the class what she was doing as Anna shivered in her arms.

".and if I do this," another finger joined the first, Anna moaned once more, the loudest yet "Her pleasure is increased. But be careful, not every pussy is the same, most of you should begin with one finger, Anna is very tight but in this state two is good for her.


Anymore and she will most likely feel pain. But if I do this." Cassandra found the young woman's clitoris and began to rub it gently between two fingers, Anna's mouth opened in a silent gasp as she threw back her head. "She is extremely stimulated." Cassandra let the clit go and pulled back slightly. "The clitoris is extremely important for your sexual pleasure, but the G spot can often be even more pleasurable." Her hand delved once more and Anna shuddered.

"And that," she said, withdrawing her hand entirely "is all I can show you with the hand alone." "No!" Anna opened her eyes, looking at her teacher "I mean please, don't stop, I'm not finished." Casey smiled at the shy little red head "Well the good thing about masturbation is that it can be done alone. I will not make you cum, but you are welcome to do so yourself." Anna nodded and smiled shyly. She leaned back on the teacher's desk and reached down with her right hand. Her fingers copied the actions of Cassandra's moments before, and though she was less expert than her teacher soon two fingers were buried deep between her legs.

She bucked and gasped "Oh," she said quietly, but the class was so still that all could clearly hear "I'm so close, so close I. Ohhhhh!" With a moan she came, gasping and panting as she experienced her first orgasm. As she finished and settled down Cassandra noticed several of the girls surreptitiously rubbing themselves through their skirts. All of those who had earlier taken off their panties and two more.

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"If you wish you may masturbate now. But you must remove your skirts and stand or sit on your desk so that I can see what you are doing and give advice." For a moment no one moved, then one willowy girl, one of the older ones in the class and one of the three admitted non virgins stood up and pulled down her skirt, struggling for a second to un hook it from a shoe he placed it on the desk alongside her underwear before sitting on the sturdy table herself.

Gazing at the now still but perfectly nude and dripping Anna she opened her legs and began to finger herself. After a moment several other girls followed suit. Cassandra wondered around the room, placing a hand on top of that of a clear novice and guiding her toward her clit. At the back he found one girl with her panties around her ankles, hand up her skirt and fingers in her slit.

Sideling up behind her Cassandra said "What is your name?" The girl jumped "Clara Miss," "Well Clara, why are you not doing as instructed?" the girl looked down, saying nothing "Well?" Cassandra refused to drop the subject "I don't know Miss, I just didn't." she trailed off. Cassandra held out one hand "Either pull up your knickers, or give them to me." She demanded. The girl looked startled, but under Casey's icy stare stood up and stepped out of her panties, placing them in her teacher's hands.

"Now, put your skirt on the desk." After a second the girl complied, gazing at her feet the whole time. Now naked from the waist down the girl sat upon the table and resumed her masturbation in full view of her class mates. A few of those not masturbating themselves stared at the floor but most couldn't take their eyes away from the other girls in the class, mesmerised. After several minuets all of the girls had cummed and Anna, who had started again, managed a second orgasm.

Cassandra returned behind her desk. "Some of your have made excellent progress today. There is a packet of tissues on the side next to the sink, please those of you who are undressed clean your selves up and put your clothes back on.

Now, are there any questions? One girl seated near the middle of the class raised a hand "Miss, I didn't want to take of my underwear but I got really exited watching the others, so my knickers are soaking wet, what should I do?" "You should have taken them off earlier if you wanted to avoid that.

In the future when you come into lesson I recommend that all of you take off your underwear and put them on the front desk." Another hand went up "But Miss, you didn't take of your underwear, weren't you turned on at all?" Cassandra felt a bead of liquid run down her inner thigh and smiled "Oh that's simple Rebecca," "I'm Jennie Miss" "I'm sorry, it's simple Jennie; I wasn't wearing any to begin with." "Right, now for your prep," many of the girls looked surprised "Oh yes there will be prep, though I think you had better do it in private.

I want each of you to have at least one orgasm before next lesson using nothing but your hands. Of course it is difficult to check that you have done this but rest assured if you do not do the home works set you will fall behind the rest of the class." When all of the girls were dressed and sat down Cassandra said "Go on, your housemasters wanted to talk to you ." The class bustled to its feet, collecting bags and huddling around the sink to wash their hands.

In the midst of this Clara came up to the desk "Miss, you still have my underwear." "Yes, I know." Clara looked embarrassed "Well, can I have it back please?" "No." The girls face was uncomprehending "But I can't go without my knickers!" Cassandra stared into her eyes "You should have thought about that before you defied instructions. You may have them back next lesson." With that she looked down, focusing on some paperwork and smiling inwardly at the stricken expression on the girls face.

The girl's father was one of the governors completely behind the project so she had no leverage to gain by threatening to tell her parents. Cassandra had met her father and was willing to bet he would be more willing to ground the girl than complain to the school. As the last of the girls filed out she opened her legs, but did not touch herself.

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The class had made her sopping wet, but she would wait for the staff meeting, there would be ample relief to be had there.