Sexy student blindfolded for a dare

Sexy student blindfolded for a dare
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Shelly is 32 year old never married live in lover of mine. I have been divorced from my sixth ex-wife for four years. As an International business tycoon traveling, entertaining, and social events a dominate part of my life. My womanizing destroyed my six marriages and I had not met any woman that I wanted as a live in lover until Shelly. Shelly accepted my womanizing, accepted my sexual prowess and insatiable sexual appetite. She suggested a swinger lifestyle with five women permanently living with us, scheduled to be at my demand 24/7 for my sexual pleasure.

This schedule allows Shelly and the other five women time to recover from multiple sexual sessions with me. Each of the five women will have their own bedroom suite including a private bathroom. There is a guest bedroom suite for a selected woman from my black book to stay. Shelly will run the household including the schedules of the five live in sexual partners and guest sexual partners. Shelly never married, has been in only two serious relationships, and was dating on a limited basis when we met and went on three dates.

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Shelly and I have a great sex life. It is never been dull. We are both very open minded people. We can have passionate slow love making to rough primal animal sex that lasts about two hours per session.

Our sexual session is usually three to six sessions per day or night. Shelly has never experienced this kind of sex with any man until she met me.

She had never experienced sex with a huge cock that is long and is 4 inches thick when fully erect with a knot at the base that grows in size to lock me in a woman's pussy like a male dog does with a bitch. She has never experienced sex with a man with sexual stamina for multiple sessions lasting one to two hours per session like me.

Since dating and moving in with me, she knows our spontaneous sexual sessions happen anytime, and any where and usual there is an hour or two in between sessions. Out of town business trips I take two women from my black book. Tonight is going to be rough primal animal sex.

This is after having three one hour quickies this afternoon. Our quickies are usually one hour long and very rough. Shelly and I agreed we did not want children so she had the Essure procedure, a permanent birth control that works with your body to create a natural barrier against pregnancy.

Shelly is standing in front of the mirror as I stand in the door of the bedroom staring at this beautiful sexy woman, I feel my cock growing hard in my pants. Her towel is wrapped around her like its giving her a hug. Her hair leans to one side of her shoulder as water drips off the ends.

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Water drops run down her shoulders and back. The room is dim and quiet, and filled with the feminine scent. Candles light up the room as the scent of vanilla fills the air. The light shines onto her wet body as she removes the towel.

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Throwing it on to the bed. I walk up from behind her and wrap my hands around her waist. Pulling her body towards mine as I gently kiss and nip her neck. She moans as I my hands caress her ass.

Squeezing slowly and gently. Then I push her against the wall. Stunned and aroused, she stood there motionless as I pin her arms above her head. " OMG.John," She moaned. " Shhhhh!" She stood there as I my foot pushed against her, forcing her to spread her legs apart. I undid my trousers freeing myself, and roughly stroking my cock until covered in a thin, sticky film.

I'm fully erect, I shove my hard, hot cock into her small, tight opening. A look of surprise on her face and a gasp, I stop. I look down into her wide eyes and then with a smirk, deliberately thrusting hard tearing her tightness mercilessly, she whimpers with the monstrous painful intrusion into her tightly- clenched cunt channel.

I feel a wave of sadistic pleasure wash through me at her soulful moans and a evil grin immediately forms on my lips.

I shove again. " Oooooooh, God, John!" I force my massive span of lust-hardened flesh into her constricting inner passage, filling her moist, vainly resisting cunt cavern inch by inch. I can barely contain the excitement that Shelly gives me as I slowly and relentlessly drive further into her futilely-resisting cunt and again and again I flex my hips against her wide-split pussy, until at last, I can stand it no longer.

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I had to fuck her right away. I rammed brutally forward, pressing my weight against her, smashing her full, firm breasts flat against the wall, my chest against her back as I ram my hips forward at the same time.

My thick hard cock plunging into her moist, spasmic cunt with the cruel force of a battering ram, bruising and scraping the soft tender walls of her warm vaginal flesh in rippling waves. There is no stopping until I feel my balls smack resoundingly against her wincing ass.

" Oh, my God.You Bastard.You're ripping me apart! Aaaaaaaaggggh!" she wailed, her skewered form pinned helplessly to the wall. Her arms are stretched above her head, palms against the wall, feeling the blood-filled head of my cock pressing like a hot heavy rock against her fragile womb.

Her vagina feeling battered and stretched as she had been impaled on a sawed-off tree trunk.


In agony, she fought hard, accepting my fleshy invasion, squeezing tightly the muscles of her helpless buttocks to slow the rampaging cock burrowing itself further into her tortured young pussy but with struggling movement the huge throbbing cock-head is burrowing even deeper into her. My hands holding her shoulders pressing tight to the wall, my spread knees wedging her quaking thighs apart.

She feels as though her body is being torn down the middle, my white hot cock has filled her full, filling her completely. My heavy breathing rasping in her ear, my lips curled into a lascivious grin as I see her face cloud with the pain of my first cruel thrusts into her. Glancing down between our sweaty bodies, I see my grey pubic hairs rubbing lewdly against her soft flesh, the gleaming knot at the base of my cock mashed against the moist lips of her wide- stretched vagina.

Primal lust filled pleasure running through me, as my captured aristocratic little bitch is moaning and grunting spread-eagled and fucked senseless again. I'm making her scream and curse, as I'm again about to give her a fucking that she will never forget.

In front of me, Shelly struggles uselessly against the agony of my sudden forced entry. Though she tries desperately to accept me, trying to relax the muscles within her straining pussy, my throbbing shaft buried inside her excites me more as I drive deeper into her wide-split cuntal passage. She feels my huge sperm-laden balls slapping against her small, soft swollen lips of her liaba as my white hot shaft is buried deep inside her futilely-straining belly.

There is not one ridge or vein on the monster hammer- headed cock that she cannot feel as the tender bruised, scraped, stretched wet walls of her cunt clamps down around it like a vise. At the end of her anguished spasmic vaginal passage, she feels the huge tip pushing against her cervix like a large rock. The throbbing the thick shaft within her sending jolts of pain and pleasure through her trembling body and she whimpers and moans softly in front of me.

I feel the throbbing pressure she is exerting against my deeply-buried penis and smile at the hot sensual urgency I feel.

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I had waited patiently for this and pressing motionless against her quivering body until she became accustomed to my thickness rammed up inside her. Still not moving my body, I flex my raging blood-filled prick inside her, stretching her vaginal walls ever further apart. " Ooooooh, God, Oooooh," She whimpers, her eyes tightly shut as she feels the pleasure-pain. My hard shaft is again throbbing and jerking in the depths of her tight narrow passage, watching her wincing face.

She groans, softly as she feels the embedded cock expanding the tightly-stretched walls of her bruised sore passageway. " Ooooh God," She gasps breathlessly as I flex again. " Oooooooooooh, pleeeeeease," She pleads, her eyes clamped tightly shut as she feels ripples of pleasure mixed with lingering pain.

I flex the hard rod again relishing the responsive grimace of pain that distorts her now perspiring face. She groans but this time with less suffering in her tone as she feels the deeply-embedded cock expanding and pressing outward against the tight-stretched lining of her vagina. " Gaaaaawwd," She gasps breathlessly as I flex again and again, setting a teasing rhythmic pattern in my tormenting movements.

Her pain-tensed face relaxes slowly as I feel uncertain answering throbs around the pulsing head of my imbedded prick as her body begins to respond to the maddening flexing of my cock. She groans helplessly in front of me as her smooth milk- white buttocks begins the gradual involuntary rolling that signals the unmistakable rekindling of the uncontrollable embers smoldering deep in her naked pussy.

I can barely control myself as I feel her hungrily-nibbling young cunt clenching tightly around my aching-hard penis. Shelly senses her soft warm body reacting, sparking the beginnings of an ecstasy that she has only experienced with me.

The agonizing pain has given way to pleasure sensations, a deep thrilling tingling rising from deep in her womb to saturate her entire body with an urgent need to have even more of my brutal impaling cock, deep inside her viciously-filling her. Her smooth silken flesh is totally alive with lewdly swirling sensations rippling in dancing waves across her white skin from her head to her toes each time my huge buried penis lurched up in her. A burning need centered hotly in her pussy, making her filled cunt involuntarily dilate and spasm around the hard pole that is stuffed into her.

She wants more of it, wants to feel the thick cock drilling in and out of her moist hungry passage. Instinctively, she drove her young buttocks back towards me, grinding herself against my pelvis as I remain motionless, against her, my weight pressing her into the wall.

She can't move and she feels like she is about to go out of her mind with the fiery lust roaring inside her trapped body. " something," She gasps, looking back at me pleadingly into my unshaven face.

She sees a sadistic grin of lewd delight creasing my weathered face. " Did you say something, my vixen?" I taunted, sending a forceful thrust into the depths of her soul.

" Oooooooh.Aaaahhhhhhhh," She breathed helplessly, as she rotates her lush young hips around my hard fleshy rod. The dilated lips surrounding her pink wet slit nibbling hungrily at the inflated prick, sliding moistly down the shaft for several inches then working slowly back up until the full length of me is again fully embedded in her heaving belly.

" What? What did you say?" I insisted mercilessly, pulling my hips a few inches away from her. I watch gleefully as she strains backward, trying to capture my length again as I keep pulling my monstrous glistening cock back just out of her reach.

" Oh.God.please.fuck me bastard," She demands, her eyes wide filled with anger. " You mean you want me to fuck you?" I demanded. " Say it again! Tell me to fuck your cunt!" " Oh you fucking bastard.fuck me," She groans. This, Shelly knew, is her surrendering to lust. Her resistance this way is her lust. She lets me have the satisfaction of hearing her grovel for me to ravash her.

After that, there is no escaping the primal animal sexual rage that she has wanted as much as I did and she will again fulfill her craving for me again.

" Do you like that?" I tease her, rubbing the broad tip of my thick cock up and down the full length of her hungrily- starving pussy. " Doesn't it feel good?" " Oh, God, yessss," she gasps. " Do you want me to stop now?" I demanded, shoving the huge fleshy head up inside her hotly- contracting pussy. I flexed it harder and harder. " Do you?" " No.No.'t stop.Don't stop!" " Then beg me, bitch," I snarled, losing patience. With a low growl, I grab her naked shoulders digging my fingers painfully into her ivory softness.

As I roughly shook her trembling body, I commanded again, " Say the words!" " Oooooooh, GOD FUCK ME.YOU BASTARD." She screams, but as she utters the words, the overpowering knowledge of her surrendering melting into her primal needs needing to be satisfied.

Through her weakness there is an urgent demand of her aroused body needing to be completely conquered by her lover. All that matter is that she wants me now, wants my lust-hardened cock to be set in motion to match the urgent desire that is boiling within her.

At last, through tightly-clenched teeth, she hisses angerly, " All right. fuck me now. FUCK ME!" As she closed her eyes in need, savoring my sweet prey, I leverage myself against her and slowly withdraw my deeply- embedded length until only the bloated mushroom-like head still rested within the moistly glistening swollen lips of her tender young pussy. This beautiful naked woman is intoxicating as I feel the intoxicating friction of my massive gleaming staff against the smooth tender moist walls of her cunt and as a new wave of intense passion pulses through me, I gather all my strength and lunge forward again, the broad fleshy head of my thick cock stretching the soft flesh of her warmly-welcoming cunt channel, until the entire length is buried once more in her.

This time there are no cries or pleas for mercy, only the throaty animal sounds of a lustful woman reaching out for pleasure. To my delight, I feel my aroused lover's trembling hands reaching back grabbing my hips pulling at my tightly-clenched muscles to draw me deeper into her aching pussy.

Confident now of her unconditional submission, I begin to grind pelvis up between her open thighs, pistoning my thick cock in and out of the tight-clenching cavern that is wet and slippery from the young blonde's unchained passion.

The banging against the wall growing louder as Shelly jerks herself back and forth to meet my thrusts, grinding her nakedly-writhing buttocks harder and harder against me to get more and more of my skewering cock deeper up inside her. Looking at her to see the thin soft ridges of her pink cunt flesh pulling outward with every out stroke and then disappearing back into her as my thick moist glistening shaft is swallowed by her tight, greedily-working pussy.

I slowed, fascinated by the utter abandonment of her labor as she strains against me, a half-crazed ecstatic smile playing across her pink lips. Her motions become faster by the second, the tempo of her thrusts becoming more urgent, and I knew that she is straining to cum. The inner fluids of her hotly- milking vagina are flowing and I hear the wet sucking sound of the in and out piston movement of my huge jack-hammering cock driving in and out of her freely.

Suddenly her back arches back towards me and she bucks wildly against me. " Oh, God, yes. yes, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming!" she wails. " Oh, fuck me! Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!!!" With a deep groan, her desperately-writhing body is quivering uncontrollably, creamy viscous fluids oozing out from her hot contracting pussy to cover my impaling rod with its sticky warmth.

It trickles down the valley between her smooth rounded buttocks and over my sperm-loaded balls that smack hard and noisily against her smooth soft flesh. I lost the last of my self-control as the young blonde lover jerks spasmodically against me, trickling the last of her orgasmic juices against my hair- matted pelvis. I reach out, grabbing her shoulders and pushing them viciously forward towards the wall until she cries out from the pain of my grip.


Half mad now with lust, I pull my deeply-buried prick from her until only its excitedly- oozing tip penetrates the soft swollen lips of her vagina. Then I ram forward with all of my strength, burying the full throbbing length of my thick cock deep into her exposed pussy. The slapping of my sperm-bloated balls slamming against her buttocks resounded loudly throughout the room.

She had had her fun and now it is my turn. Clamping my mouth tightly against her neck, I bite and lick along her neck. My broad shoulders pushed against her back, locking her against the wall as I fuck her mercisless into her.

Snaking my sun-bronzed hands in front of her mound, I tightly grasp her mound, cupping her in my spread fingers and palms, squeezing the warm fleshy orb and pulling her clit. I begin long hard strokes into her seething vagina and the quivering walls, lubricated from her climax, clasping hungrily around my fleshy hot rod, slithering up into the moist channel to be devoured by her pussy. My sperm-filled balls slapping her damp buttocks as my breathing came in short bursts.

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The sight of her magnificent young breasts dancing wildly with the buffeting her lower body is undergoing, the tight erect pink nipples bobbing before my eyes, made me plunge deeper, driving her against the wall and making her neck arch with the sudden lewdly- inciting sensation. " Oh, yesssss, ooooh," Shelly groans her submission to the obscene sensations racing through her cruelly ravished young body.

There is no longer any reason to fight the raging fire of desire coursing through her. She has lost the battle against the obscene feelings and the agonizing thought of her total surrender to me, with whom she lives with sending lascivious chills of increased desire along her spine as she responds to the rhythm of my heavy cock driving in and out of her now. She feels each movement of the huge fleshy shaft in her hotly-clasping cunt walls, the giant head slithering up and down the warm slippery passageway, and hears the sharp slap of my bloated balls against her ass as I lunge forward with each in-stroke.

Maddening rushes of cool air eddied between her wide-splayed thighs each time I withdrew, teasingly cooling the thin rivulets of sweat that trickled hotly down from my powerfully straining loins.

Her womb opens as my monster rod massages erogenous zones deep within her creaming vagina. Below my hairy balls dripping with her milky cum. The lubrication helps to build a rhythm that only increases the erotic pleasures. Each consecutive inward thrust I make pulverizes her pussy, loosening her extremely tight passage into a sopping mess. Such insatiable desire makes our hearts race as we fuck each other with an unrivaled passion. After continued abusive injections from my steamy piston she finds herself craving something more unusual and exotic.

The only thing that can gratify this carnal desire is to mate in the most intimate of primal ways. Shelly begins by angling her hips into a position that makes penetration more shallow. Then I feel the ring of her cervix glide up over and rest upon the tip of my penis. Now I understand her intention and impure wish to have the sanctity of her virgin womb violated by my searing manhood.

The slimy, concave opening of her cervix feels like it's sucking on my crimson cap as she repeatedly tries to stretch it over my large engorged head. After several attempts the mucus covered ring of the external orifice dilates appropriately, relinquishing it's guardianship of your sacred feminine passage.

Slowly the muscular orifice of her cervix rolls over my penis, contracting its ring behind the ridged corona of my bulbous head, locking me tight within. Once inside I slowly push into the unexplored, constrictive passage of her resisting womb; while enjoying her changing facial expressions at each stage of her inner deflowering. Her hands reach back grabbing my ass, her fingernails clawing red-streaks down flexing buttocks as she pulls me deep and thrusts back against me skewering herself on the hotly-driving flesh of my wildly-pumping cock.

Her body matching my hard thrusts with her own rhythmic thrusts. The flat smacking sounds of sweat-soaked flesh banging against sweat-soaked flesh and the wet viscous slurping of my pile-driving cock ramming in and out of her slippery, passion- drenched cunt.

" Christ, honey, you're a good fuck," I grunted, fucking faster and faster into her with a maniacal frenzy, my heavy-lidded eyes filmed over by the force of my sexual excitement.

I feel hot cum boiling up in my heated balls as they beat hard against her. I'm ready to explode. My harshly kneading hands squeezing her breasts. My jack- hammering pelvis is ramming my expanding cock all the way to the hilt inside her soft, now welcoming cunt.

Shelly is rocketing to a new and thrilling height of pleasure and her breath rasping from her throat in short cries of passion. I fuck mercilessly into her willing vagina and with the depth of each lunge, she screams from the sheer lust and pleasure that she feels. Shelly feels her insides stretching painfully as the head of the deeply-buried cock suddenly flared into a hugeness that threatened to tear her belly wide open and then it begins to spurt its thick creamy load like a fire- hose gone wild.

I pull out of her then throw her onto the bed as her hair whips out water. Shelly looks back at me startled and in a daze. I lean over her as the light shines off our sweaty bodies. My hand slowly runs up and down on her thigh. As the other lifts her head up for a kiss. My lips touch hers in a slow, gentle motion. Her lips melting into mine as we kiss. Shelly gets on her hands and knees, I spread her legs. I lean down behind her begin lapping hungrily at her upturned cunt with my tongue.

Groaning, she pulls her thighs up tight against her breasts, turning up the flat plane of her silky wet cum covered pussy in a frantic effort to capture the fleshy spear. I push forward as I struggle to implant the tip of my dripping cock between her thighs, striving to shove it into her until my thick hard cock sank all the way into her wet opening, popping cruelly into the tightly- clenched little hole with one forward lunge.

With a strangled cry, Shelly twists to one side in an effort to escape the sudden animal impalement. But having just finished our first session, I'm still lust-driven and return to the attack with all the barbarism of a mindlessly savage, I'm thrusting against her tiny hardened clitoris and slipping my hard cock down to thrust between the naked lips of her white-hot pussy.

At last, Shelly grasps my slippery cock without shame and parted her cunt opening assisting me, holding her breath as I begin to stroke into her, inch after inch of my long, thick cock disappearing into her with each new pile-driving thrusts. Suddenly her frail breath hisses out of her bruised, tired, and sore body in a whistling sigh as my monster cock slips into her all the way and begins to slam up into the moist cavern like a fleshy spike being pounded deeper and deeper into a tight moist tunnel.

My arms dropped down on either side of her smoothly- curved hips, trapping her, and she begins to undulate her quivering young body, her tightly-clenched buttocks grinding upward in lewd circles, abandoning herself to the wonderful animal-fucking that she is again receiving from me.

Her face is again twisted with ecstasy and her full taut breasts jiggled lightly, moving in time to the throbbing cock as it spiraled up into her vagina like a rampant drill made of hot flesh.

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Oh, God, she moans, relishing every vicious thrust of my cock into her hotly raving cunt. She is being fucked senseless by me again, my huge cock filling her slim belly and pushing her inner organs higher and higher until she is afraid they will rupture and be pushed all the way up out of her. It is tearing the soul from her body, driving it out of her with every powerful stroke.

She is begging me to fuck her harder and faster, to shoot my hot cum up into her again, aching to be filled with hot sperm. That is all that matters to her now. She is again reveling in her defilement, uncaring, no longer capable of thinking about sex as gentle lovemaking or thinking of anything but the monster shaft of hard flesh pistoning back and forth in her wide-stretched pussy, causing her to push back hungrily up against my hairy, jerking body like a female animal herself.

Small droplets of moisture are forming in the juncture of Shelly's erotically-rotating thighs, glistening and sparkling in the light as they trickle down over her smoothly gyrating buttocks onto the bed, sometimes sticking to my sperm- laden testicles as they slap wildly against her nakedly upturned ass with each downward stroke.

Her rounded ass-cheeks begin contracting uncontrollably, signifying her approaching orgasm, and she pushes up greedily against me like a woman possessed. Suddenly a piercing scream came from her passion-twisted lips and she pushed up violently against me just as I hunched forward and my cock begins spewing its sperm in hot searing torrents far into the depths of her voraciously clasping vagina.

Shelly's crazily grinding buttocks begins to pitch and toss wildly on the bed as her own thrilling climactic upheaval explodes deep in her belly. Thick white liquid oozing from her tightly-squeezing cunt as she milks hungrily at my thick-jerking penis, drawing out every last drop of my precious sperm.

Glistening trails of the sticky cum streams down the cream-white fullness of her buttocks, creating dark stains in the velvety fabric of the bed below. At last, my deflating cock slips from her mauled pussy with a lewd wet sucking noise that echoed obscenely through the silence of the room. Then, in a last act of bestial depravity, I drop to the bed and lower my face between her widely-splayed thighs, lapping at the warm viscous sperm still dribbling from her well-fucked young cunt.

I gulped it thirstily until eventually there is none left and then I turn away to walk across the bedroom. Shelly listened to me groaning happily and unconsciously assumed that I was going to rest. Shelly laid on the bed covered in sweat, her body bruised, and her pussy covered in sperm, stretched, sore, and well fucked.

She is remembering having three quickie sessions in the afternoon then these two rough animal sessions, she had multiple fantastic orgasms. For the first time in her life, at age 32, she is experiencing overwhelming sex with a man that makes her a complete woman. I know she always needs my cock to finish her off completely.

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