Tight Blonde Takes Black Cock In Her Mouth And Pussy

Tight Blonde Takes Black Cock In Her Mouth And Pussy
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For those of you who haven't read the first two instalments, (I would recommend you do to understand the story better) each paragraph is from the point of view of Jen or Lee which alternates each time, as always.

I have taken onboard comments from readers of my other parts and have checked this story over many times, so i'm sure there are still many errors left but i tried my best!!! Enjoy. (And for those of you who don't understand who it isn't finished, it's part of a series.) The car had begun moving, the tracer had shown it moving north, but they had made a stop at some particularly expensive flats in New Fernston, I knew for a fact they had just been finished.

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I noted down the co-ordinates and continued to follow the car tracer; instinct told me that Jen was still in the car. I got out my air rifle, not quite a gun, but an extremely powerful weapon, enough to kill someone from close enough range, and I was a crack shot, hit the target every time.

As I realised I was getting close to the tracker's location, I loaded my weapon, the K's car had stopped at traffic lights, and I caught up first. At this point they where clearly visible, just 9 meters or so away. As the cars sudden stops and starts caused the silky fabric of the lingerie to brush against my clit, I began to become extremely horny, the car started up again the fabric swept gently over my cunt, turning me on even more, I moved my leg slightly for comfort and it moved my panties again, giving me immense pleasure.

I repeated the action, moving my leg and moaning, I did this quicker and quicker, flexing my leg and moaning in pleasure from the way the material was toying with me. I was about to cum, I could feel it building, then the car braked suddenly and I went flying forward. I pulled in front of the car, rolled down my window and pulled up my rifle, Mr K did as expected and braked suddenly, honked his horn, and I shot twice, this first metal bullet smashed his windscreen, the second bulled hit him in the centre of his forehead.

I reloaded quickly as Mrs K, screamed and attempted to call the police whilst getting out of the car, one shot took care of her. I got out of my mums car and took Mr K's car keys out of the ignition to open the boot. The boot opened slowly and there she was, stunning in what seemed to be designer red underwear and amazing make-up with crimson read lip stick, I removed her gag, "Oh my god Lee, what happened?" I thought it best to move first, "We don't have much time, follow me…" I grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the car.

Mr K and Mrs K were lying on the road almost motionless, but there was no blood, they where not dead, Lee explained he had shot them in the forehead with such force it would knock them out for a while, but he didn't know how long, which is why he decided to keep Mr K's car keys… "Lee, we need to go back for my Mum before they get to her, I don't know where she is but…" "They must be keeping her in the New Fernston flats… I'll head there now!" I turned the car around and sped towards the new flats.

"Thank you so much for saving me Lee, I thought I was gonna be there for the whole 9 months…" I smiled knowing I would have never let that happen, "I couldn't have lived without you for that long anyway hun… I love you…" she gave the obvious response, "I love you too" Where is my daughter Jen? Why is this happening to me? Where am I? When is this going to stop? So many questions raced through my mind, but only one was answered, the vibrators switched off, the nipple clamps, and the foot pads.

Something told me this wasn't the end. The metal rod clicked and I could remove the vibrators, the pads slipped off my feet easily as did the button shaped nipple contraptions, it didn't make sense, she was still trapped in the house, all of a sudden the floor began to vibrate, it felt good against my toes, and I didn't want it to end, I stuck my finger in my pussy, feeling deep inside and then brushing over my G-Spot, god it felt good, with my other hand I brushed over my nipples, hard and pointing outwards, my firm breasts felt so good in my hands.

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This didn't make sense, usually I had such self control, I had been so turned on before but never masturbated, I thought of it as dirty, but this felt so good… The lady sure liked to keep me clean, I was fully shaven, my skin felt great and there was something else.

Some odd feeling, like I was unsatisfied. I was really horny, even whilst I came and the juices flowed over my fingers I was incredibly horny, had they injected me with something?

The door swung open, it had been kicked down and a young familiar boy ran in with my daughter, "Mum!" Jen shouted running just behind him, I was so happy to see her but I couldn't stop fingering myself, as the two kids drew near they realised this and asked me to stop, I couldn't speak. The boy began to reach into his trousers and pull out his throbbing 9 inch cock, Jen was clearly stroking her nipples, they began to kiss and undress each other, then I stepped in, pushing her out the way to sit on his huge dick, it filled me up and I grinded on it hard before lifting myself up just to drop slowly again, I moaned, it felt so fucking fantastic.


Jen's mum was so slow, it felt amazing, why was we all suddenly so turned on… I saw Jen come over and before I knew it she was sitting on my face and I was licking on her juicy tasty cunt.

Her juices tasted amazing, and as I came inside Jen's mum, my face was coated with Jen's sticky liquid as she ran her fingernails through my hair, screaming and panting from the pleasure. I was so confused, why where we suddenly so horny, it must have something to do with Mr K, but why would they want us to have sex now? How did they know we would come here? Then it all became clear, it was a safety precaution in case we escaped, they knew we would try and save mum, there must be something in the air, she could see the vents in the ceiling.

It took a lot of concentration to overpower her desire to fuck Lee senseless and managed to explain to the others and get herself out of the room with her clothes, the other two slowly followed, we got redressed and ran for the car, the K's wouldn't be close behind now. My daughter had worked out it was something in the air and we were now in the car headed for some kind of hotel, Lee seemed pretty confident his family where well protected, being ex karate teachers.

I decided I would go see a few old friends, a few people in high places that could possibly help with our situation, I ordered Lee to drop me off at the airport, and told them I would get my friends to sort out Mr K for them, but until then to remain hidden.


Lee handed me the CD with the tracker software on, and told me where I could buy the receiver, written on the CD was the Identification number of the tracker on Mr K, the house and his car written in permanent marker. "When did you learn to drive Lee?" I asked, his reply was nothing like what she had expected, "I play a lot of video games, and this cars an automatic, this driving stuff's a piece of cake" he told me.

Who ever said that video games where useless? It then dawned on me where Mr K had got all his money from. "Lee, you remember Mr K telling us about how he used to live in Russia with his mothers side of the family?" Lee thought for a moment, "Oh yeah… You don't suppose he was involved in the mafia or anything do you?" though hard to believe it would explain the money he's got and his skills in kidnapping.

"The teacher job must be a cover to help him pick out kids easily…" it was all becoming a little clearer… The laptop beeped, it was my tracking software telling me I was getting close to one of the trackers, Mr K, he was following us in a car, and getting close, not his own car though.

I looked around to see if I could tell where he was but I couldn't. Then, the laptop ran out of batteries and died, I had no idea where Mr K was, but I still had my GPS set on the nearest hotel, it was getting dark and I decided to re-route the GPS so it would take me through a complicated array of back streets and alleys in order to lose our follower. I navigated through the route quickly and with ease.

Mr K must have lost us, because when we arrived at the hotel, there was no-one in sight. We went up to room 103, tired, and relieved to have escaped, we made plans and agreed for Jen to get an abortion the next day, she wasn't ready for a baby… neither was I… When we got to the room, Lee realised he had forgotten his laptop, he decided he was going to go back and hide the car while he was there, so if Mr K was looking for us, he wouldn't recognise the car.

When he left, I undressed, my lingerie was wet and dirty. I filled the sink with water and soap then washed the sexy underwear, lace up and stockings included, and then rinsed them and hung them up to dry next to the radiator.

I then went and turned the TV over to the porn channel. The porn cost extra, but if you hadn't paid for it, the previews where just a few child friendly sexy pictures, and some sensual jazz music, I turned the TV brightness right down so all you could hear was the music and the television appeared off. Then I went over to the roses in the vase, Lee had spent quite a bit of his money specifically requesting the Lovers Suite, there where about 30 roses in various vases around the room, I pulled off the petals till I had a few handfuls, then scattered them over the bed.

I dimmed the lights a little and went to check on my lingerie, it was dry and warm already, I put them on again, and re-administered my lip-stick and make-up with some cheap stuff supplied by the hotel. I could hear Lee putting his key card in the slot, so I got into position by the bathroom door, leaning on the doorframe, my breasts pushed up, my legs crossed. As I entered the room with my laptop after moving the car, I could instantly hear some kind of sexy jazz music, and as I pushed looked around I saw the bed covered in roses and Jen standing erotically dressed directly in front of me, I placed my laptop on the floor and walked slowly towards her, we met in the middle of the room, her arms going straight behind my head as we kissed passionately.

Her arms slid down and started to unbutton my shirt. We said nothing, we didn't need to. She pulled my shirt off and I pushed her backwards onto the bed, her legs dangled off the side of the bed. I got down on one knee, lifting her right leg and straightening it, till her foot nearly touched my face, she looked up at me with her sexy brown eyes, devious and wanting.

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I unclipped her stockings and rolled them off one by one slowly, then threw them aside. I licked up the sole of her foot, her moans of pleasure driving me forward, as my tongue reached the end of her foot I began licking around her little toe, then sucking on the one next to it, my tongue exploring it's shape and texture, I moved onto the big toe, licking all the toes in between and then sucking on the biggest of them as erotically as I could, then I slowly licked up the top of her foot, kissing up the inside of her leg slowly, she giggled, then I planted a kiss on the silk of her panties, licking at it as she gasped, making me even harder than I was before.

I bit at her panties pulling them down a little, and then pulling them off completely with my hand. I licked up her snatch slowly, stroking both of her pussy lips at once with my tongue, I teasingly stuck my tongue inside slowly, as deep as it would go, then pulled it out, kissing up her sexy slim stomach, stopping at her navel to lick the inside of her inny belly button, she moaned softly.

Then I continued kissing up to her neck where I snogged her hard on the lips, whilst reaching my finger into her pussy, finger fucking her nice and slow, "Oh god yeah…" she whispered, "Please Lee, put another in…" I stuck my middle and forefinger in together, listening to her moan; her hips began to move in time with my fingers as I undid her sexy bra with my spare hand and began sucking at her nipple.

"Ohhh yeah… one more finger please…" she begged, I hesitated, "I'm a big girl…" she giggled, so I put in a third finger, still moving nice and slow, her hips responding. I moved my head further down, flicking my tongue over her swollen clit, the moisture her love hole was emitting was unbelievable, she was going to cum any minute… I could feel it. Lee slowly withdrew his fingers, and began fucking me with his tongue, dunking it in and out of my pussy with amazing speed and accuracy, it felt like nothing I'd ever felt before, it was amazing, I stretched my legs into the air, screaming out his name, and parting my legs till I was practically doing the splits, I came, his licked up my juices which turned me on even more, I brought my legs back in, and pulled his head right up against my pussy with my legs wrapped around his head, he licked me harder till I came again, and I released him.

He sat up quickly, panting for air. I realised he was yet to be pleasured. Exhausted, I used my foot to unzip his jeans, and undo the button, I then pulled back his boxers with my toes and his cock flung up to attention, his thick long member made me even wetter, I licked my lips, pressing the soles of my feet against his dick, one on either side, moving my feet up then down, jerking him off with the sexy soft soles of my feet.

He was clearly enjoying it, and his rock hard member felt good against my sensitive skin. I drew to a stop just as he was growing close to cumming, then I pulled my legs back towards me and began crawling up the bed towards him, my lips reaching the tip of his cock, I lingered, then opened my mouth and took his dick inside of my mouth, it felt weird, but I enjoyed sucking on it and licking around it, Lee was circumcised, so there was much more to explore with my tongue, I bobbed my head up and down, twisting and licking.

She was amazing at this, it felt so good, I thought about telling her I was about to cum, but I didn't want her to stop, so I came in her mouth, and she swallowed it. "Oh my god, that was really sweet…" she told me. The thought of it grossed me out a little, "So were your juices…" I smiled. "I want some more…" she informed me, but I told her she wasn't allowed anymore.

She pulled off my jeans, climbing towards me almost naked as she removed her extremely sexy lace up and then pulled me towards her, now both of us completely nude, she pushed me onto the bed, for the first time I was gonna be on bottom. She sat on me, riding me cowgirl style, and oh did she move fast, "Fuck me, oh god fuck me…" She closed her eyes looking directly up.

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I placed my hands on her hips, pulling her towards me then gently pushing her away. She ran her nails down my chest, leaving white marks behind, but the feeling of my dick ricocheting off her vaginal walls was so hot, the nails didn't bother me.


She moaned, louder and louder, "I'm gonna cummmmmm…" she groaned, her pert tits bouncing up and down, releasing her goo all over my unbelievably hard rod. I had another even bigger orgasm shortly after, whilst Lee came inside me. Then Lee moved his hand to my well formed arse, and stuck his finger in my anus, I let out a little scream, but it felt so good, the feeling of it sliding in and out of me brought me multiple orgasms, and the feeling of me wriggling with his cock inside me caused him to cum inside me shortly after, at which time he pushed his finger deep into my anus and left it there, oh it was so sexy.

I could then feel his dick softening a little so I got up. Grabbing his hand and guiding him off the bed, his finger slid slowly out my anus, causing me such pleasure I fell to the floor. As he pulled me gently back up, he turned me around, and slowly pushed his dick into my ass. "Uhh…" I moaned really loud, wincing as it went in. He pulled out slowly, I leant forward, steadying myself on the bed, bent over.

He pushed inside my tight little asshole again, and then grabbed my left breast with his left hand and began kneading it, he knew I loved boob massages… I didn't realise it was possible for a woman to cum whilst being ass fucked, but I did, it felt so good, and when he came inside my ass, I couldn't help but giggle and ask him to stop. He turned me around ready to kiss me but I dropped down eager to try something. It felt so good having the freedom to be able to fuck her any way I wanted, there where roses everywhere, and Jen seemed to be experimenting with her breasts, she pushed the C cups together and stuck my dick in her cleavage, it felt nice, but then she began to move up and down and it was so much better, I came almost 10 seconds later, the goo covering her face, she licked as much off as she could, as I collapsed to the floor.

She crawled over and on top of me, stroking the side of my face before going into the bathroom and turning on the shower. She washed her face then came back in laying on the floor next to me, stroking my cock, "That was amazing Lee, it was great to be able to do whatever we wanted…" I smiled in agreement, "I'm gonna go take a shower now…" She told me, walking off sexily to the bathroom her arse wiggling from side to side; I then got up and followed her.

She was already standing in the bathtub, the curtain pulled so she couldn't see me, I crept in behind her, wrapping my arms around her slowly, she moaned turning around and embracing me too, we stood there for a few seconds in each others arms, her head resting on my shoulder and the water toppling down our steamy naked bodies.

Then she looked up at me with her devious smile, and jumped up, wrapping her legs around me, placing each of her hands on either side of my face and kissing me hard as I fell back a little hitting the wall, my cock slid straight into her cunt and she screamed with excitement, then moved up and down while I stood kissing her, holding her arse in one hand and her breast in the other.

She came and then I came with her, kissing passionately the water trickling over us.

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When we got out of the shower, exhausted after getting a little dirty whilst getting clean, we lay on the bed under the cosy covers on our backs, I rolled over, putting my leg over him and my arms around his shoulder, he put one of his arms behind my back and we fell asleep exhausted. When we woke up after ordering breakfast to our room, we set off to the clinic to get my abortion.

As we reached the hotel lobby we where stopped by the man at reception; informing Jen and I a man had left us a message. The message was a phone number, so we decided to call it. I took Jen back up to our room, put the phone on loudspeaker and rang the number. For a while it just rang then went to answering machine, the out-going message was as follows: It started with girls screaming, then a mans voice said, "Hello Jen and Lee, I hope you get this message in time before you go to the clinic, otherwise you two are going to be busy… We've gone to the school and kidnapped some of your friends Jen…" It was Mr K, angrier than I'd ever heard him, "We've got little Amber here, the only other girl in the class as smart as you, and we've got Suzie over here…" Suzie I knew quite well, she flirted with me every form tutorial, and Amber was one of the hottest girls in our class, Suzie was pretty fit too, "Ooh, not forgetting Kayleigh over here…" Kayleigh was good friends with Amber, and also extremely hot, with the longest, sexiest legs and feet you ever saw, with the curvy body to match, "And of course Louisa, not that you two know each other too well, but I'm sure Lee will know her…" Even I knew Louisa was so fit guys practically had orgasms just looking at her, she wasn't supposed to be in our class but she was so stupid she'd had to do the year again, and was a little older than the rest of us, and was like a petite model.

"I've got your friends here hostage, you have no idea what kind of things I'll be doing to them… Now I want that baby back Jen, if you've got an abortion already, I guess you two better get shagging like rabbits, because from the moment these girls wake up, their gonna get fucked till the moment you get here.

Call this number again when you're at Aldern Avenue and I'll come pick you up. Come together, if you make any attempt to hurt us, your friends will be left to get fucked to death…" I didn't even know that was possible, but I wasn't prepared to take any chances on my friends, "Looks like dainty little Amber here is waking up, you should get a move on…" There was a beep, and then we hang up. Both Lee and I where silent, then we looked at each other, collected our things, and headed out the door.