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Cara cum gratis
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Mom! Can you come in here?" "What is it Donnie? You need to get out of bed." "Mom, something weird happened? "Okay, I'll be in…Now what is it?" "Well, it is something to do with my privates so I don't know what to say." "Honey, I am your mother.

I have seen your 'privates' since you were born. Your privates will always be 'public' with your mother…Now, it could be something serious so let's see." Donnie shrugs and pulls back his cover and then his sheet. His mother stares at him with her arms crossed. "Next." she orders. He slides off his pj bottoms leaving his briefs.

"Next."She orders again. Donnie places his thumbs on the sides of his white cotton briefs and complies.

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Mom pulls them the rest of the way off. "Oh my God! I see." Mom sits down next to her son on the bed and puts her arm around him. "Honey, the treatment has been a success! The testosterone cream has worked and in only two months.

You were slow reaching puberty but the treatment has worked. Not only have you caught up with boys your age you have passed them. Your father and I just hoped you would catch up but this is totally unexpected. All this means, Donnie, is you are becoming a young man.

" The boy's stiff circumcised penis has grown to be long and thick but there is sill very little hair surrounding it and his testicles. This anomaly makes it appear much larger than it is. "But Mom, it's okay that it is big now but it hurts!" "I can't wait to tell Dr. Jane that the cream got that pituitary gland of yours working. She'll be ecstatic! You have even surpassed the other boys your age and. There couldn't be a nicer 16th birthday gift! Now we can really celebrate your birthday tonight." "Yeah, Mom, we are going to have that party tonight but this hurts now!" "Donnie, Mommy can help you with that.

Let's wait a few minutes until Daddy goes to work and I'll come back. Just don't touch it. Okay?" "Okay. But it does hurt." As she exits her son's bedroom she winces to confirm his pain but her expression then turns to a smile. Shortly, Mom returns sighing, "Your father is now off to work. You men are a full time job for us mommies - taking care of your daddy last night and now helping you this morning." She pulls his cover and sheet back, and says softly, "Honey, this is called an erection.

The penis is a wonderful organ used for three things. First, to pee as you know. Second, to give females babies. And last, to give yourself and females pleasure.

This is the gift of Mother Nature. You are so lucky you can now join the other boys who were ahead of you in physical development. Indeed, they will be envious of your equipment now." "But, Mom it still hurts!" "Donnie, I know it can hurt if it keeps hard too long. I grew up with three brothers so I know all about it. It gives an irritation because there is a liquid just above your balls that needs to come out every few days. Your body is telling you that you need to take some action.

This happens when boys reach puberty but in your case it took a little longer. See when I push here the pain increases. I'll do it softly." "Ow-ohhhhhhh!" "Honeybunch, it may be a little discomforting but it will give you and girls much pleasure.

And, when you're not with them you can rub it yourself to get rid of the pressure and also have pleasure. Now, let me get an old newspaper and we will make the pain go away. I will be right back, Okay?" "Hurry, Mom!" The doting mother returns with the newspaper.

"Now you get onto the edge of the bed." When the mother notes the pronounced pulsing red arteries on his enlarged penis she feels a release of cream oozing into her thong. "There. Now after I get this paper spread out on the floor we can get to work. Okay. Please lean back a little. Oh! I need some oil just a second." She leaves for the bathroom.

While there she puts a couple dabs of Escada perfume between her breasts and reaches under her plaid skirt and thong and places a drop on her wet shaven mound.

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Upon returning she says, "To be sure that your first experience is a good one and knowing that males do better in getting their release with a visual - something to look at, Mommy, will take off her blouse and bra." Mom slowly unbuttons her white frilly blouse, removes it and tosses it onto the bed. A pink push up bra struggling to keep in its contents is revealed.

She turns and leans back toward the boy. "Honey, can you help Mommy with her bra - it is a little tight." His fingers fumble but he eventually digs in enough to unhook the clasp of the sheer 36 DD cup bra. His mothers' full tits are freed from their confinement and the bra falls to the floor. Perky pink nipples protrude from the large brown-freckled aureoles. Due to their size her breasts sag a little but she knows they are magnets for males.

"Ahhhhh. Mom, you sure are pretty." She can see that the boy's eyes confirm the magnetic pull of her tits. "Thank you, sweetie." The compliment results in a smile, with a reward of a thrust and a side view presentation of her mammaries.

She has always been proud of what her hunter husband calls her "14 - point rack." "Your words mean more to me in this precious time of intimacy, darling.

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It is a special bonding between mother and son that can occur only when families have an open liberal attitude like ours." As she sits down next to him on the bed, her left globe pushes against his shoulder. "Now I need to warm up this oil." She shakes some onto her palms and rubs them together. "Next, I will place some oil on your little oops! - big cock. Actually Donnie, it has grown the size of your dad's - at least." Donnie is startled to hear his mother say the word "cock" and mention his dad's.

Before, she has always called it his "penis" or earlier "his thing." "I know I shouldn't compare." Her thumb and forefinger in a pinch form move towards his penis. 'Oh! Lovely. It jumped before I even touch it.

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It's okay for it to jump. There - there." She grasps it and gives it a little squeeze.


The boy jerks back but her hand holds the penis. "Ohh! This feels soooooo nice. How does it feel to you Donnie?" "Gee mom, it feels much better but it still hurts." "Don't worry, dearest, the stiffness and pain will go away in a few minutes." She leans over and her taught nipple pokes into her son's shoulder. "I wish I had several sons, they are so cute." She feels her soaked thong cut into her.

"Hold it Donnie." She stands, unbuttons and then pushes down her pleated Pendleton skirt. She then removes her pink thong revealing a shimmering cunt with large loose labia that so many married women eventually earn from their use.

She tosses the wet thong to the floor which makes a quiet dull thud. The room fills with a unique feminine scent of cunt juice modified by her perfume. "There honey - Mommy is more comfortable. Seeing a nude woman should help your semen flow. Boys and men are activated with visuals when it comes to sex. Later, I will give you some of your father's magazines for when I am not around. He can certainly spare a few.

"Thanks for waiting, while I get prepared." She knows he did not mind because his eyes have been continually moving between her tits and pussy while all the time his mouth has been open. She removes her gold wedding band and puts it on the table adjacent to his bed. "Now, you need to open your legs a little - that's good." She then returns to her spot on the bed next to him.

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She reaches for the baby oil then pours a liberal amount on her forefinger and thumb. Her son's eyes follow them as the stop at the base of his penis forming a tight ring. The oiled ring begins to move slowly up and down up and down. Mother focuses on the young cock and says in soothing voice, "Donnie, 'semen' is the word for the liquid that will come out this little hole. It's made up of thousands of little squiggly things with heads and long tails so small you can only see them with a microscope.

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Each one searches for the girl's eggs in her vagina. If they do find an egg then the girl becomes pregnant. "In Mommy's case that would mean you would get a sister or brother.

If the girl is on birth control pill or if the boy is wearing a rubber she won't become pregnant. Don't worry you won't need a rubber in our home because I am on the pill. .Am I going too fast for you - I mean with all these new words?" "No mom. I think I got the jist of it. Like Janie in our class - her brother did that to her and she had a baby." "Oh, you are right.

I forgot. Jane's folks thought she was too young to be on the pill at 16. They just had not prepared her. But they were lucky the baby turned out fine. That is why this important for me to show what to do and what you don't want to do with some girls who are not ready for it. We can talk more about that later." Mom increases the speed of stroking her son's penis. Donnie begins to squirm, "Mom, gee, it seems to be really feeling funny now!" "You cute little man! Oh! I just remembered your Aunt Helen wanted a picture of this moment when it arrived.

Hold just a second and let me get the camera." Mom releases his penis, which springs back and forth a couple of times and ends pointing at the ceiling. As she walks out of the room to the hallway the boy watches her swagger and notes the outline of the white skin where the thong prevented the tan. He looks down at his cock, "Geeze - hurry Mom!" As the full-bodied woman returns with the camera she smiles as she feels the pleasant weight of her full breasts jiggling.

This is one of those times she appreciates having large breasts. "Lean back, hon… There. Your Aunt Helen will love this shot. Got it! "I'm sorry I interrupted your relief but I forgot that your aunt wanted pics if and when this moment arrived. As soon as she sees these, I am sure she will want to get together with you soon.

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It will be just like I got to do with your cousin Alex two years ago when he was your age. Aunt Helen showed him what to do and then he got to demonstrate for me what he learned. We had so much fun together.

Your aunt will want her turn with you too. We girls are nasty when it comes to our boys." Mom resumes her spot the bed, and now increases the speed of stroking his hard cock which must be 6 to 7 inches in length. "Gee Mom! Something is happening!" He reaches for her breast and grabs it.

"That's a good boy, (she knows men can't fight the magnetic pull of her tits)&hellip. Darling, go ahead and suck it&hellip.

Oh Jesus! It's been sooooo long. Ohhhh." Mom collects her composure, "Honey! See, that is pre-cum. You're fine dear." She kisses him on his forehead then begins to pump him furiously. Mom feels some movement in his rod so she tips it a little. She smiles to herself thinking it looks like a miniature canon. As she feels the boy's teeth nibbling on her nipple she responds with her left arm by squeezing his back.

"Donnie, put your hand between my legs. Now please!" She drops his cock and grabs his hand and shoves several of his fingers into her soggy cunt. …Oh, my. Oh my!" When her hand returns to his warm cock she feels a build up which triggers another release of her own love juice. "Ohh! Donnie, I can feel it. My God! Here it cums!" The boy's whole body becomes rigid, "Ahhhhh! Ahhhh!" Suddenly, a little "whoosh" of thick translucent semen shoots out with the end of the streak landing a foot beyond the newspaper "Wow!

Wow! Wow! Honey and you're only 16 years old!" The young man recoils a few inches thrusting his pelvis with its solid pole as he once again moans, "Ohhhh!

Ohhh!" Out comes another spurt, then another, each a little shorter. After a pause, Mom drops his cock and he follows by releasing her globe as they both simultaneously fall back on to the bed in total exhaustion. They both look at the ceiling. The flushed mother finally says, "Donnie you are going to make women happy.She rests her hand back on his penis. I've got to get a picture of this for your aunt." "Wait, Mom!" Mom feels his little cannon refilling.

The young man's body stiffens once again.


She walks her fingers up his re-engorged penis and wraps her fingers around the cock head to make a cup. "Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhh!" The boy utters a high pitched sound as his mother's now warm hand catches the spillage of her son's juice. "Donnie, I am so proud of you!" The nude Mom rises to get the camera. She returns with it and gives her son a full frontal view of her body. As she bends forward with her camera her hanging breasts get his attention. She takes several shots of him ending with a frame of his now half limp dick.

She then gets a few perspectives of the streaks on the newspaper and the hardwood floor. "We can share these pictures with Dr.

Jane and her nurse Diane. If the treatment was successful, they wanted to document this with their office movie camera. They will probably fight as to who has to hold the camera while the other does the demo! We will have to ask for a copy to add to your Dad's and my collection." "Mom should we tell Daddy?" "Hon, he would be so proud of you too but let's keep this between us.

Okay? Some things should be just between mothers and sons and, in this case, also your Aunt Helen. Don't tell your father, I said it, but no man can give a lady as much pleasure as a young stud or even a colt like you." "Okay, Mom. Can we do this again?" "Sure honeybunch. Anytime you feel that little pain or itch. The best time will be when Daddy goes to work in the morning. Just stay in bed until he leaves - then call me. We can also do it after you say your prayers when I tuck you in at night.

"By the way, sometime your school buddies and soccer mates will probably talk about 'jerking-off' or 'wanking.' They are both referred to 'masturbation' in our family - please say that -'mas-tur-ba-tion.'" "Mas-tur-ba-tion." "Good.

So if the guys ask you about jerking-off or masturbation you know what it is. That is important to know that but just don't volunteer that Mommy and your Aunt Helen helps you. Some other parents are old-fashioned so we just keep that part in the family. I will tell Daddy in due time but it I don't want him any more excited than he is already is about your sister's own recent accelerated physical development.

I'd like to see her have at least another six to twelve months of growth before&hellip. And, you can always do it for yourself too. But I think it is better to make it a social activity. Since you have no sister and I am the nearest female I will always be available, Honey.

They used to call masturbation "self abuse" because it was not shared. One last point, I think it best if you don't do it more than two or three times a day although some mothers differ on the frequency. "Oh I almost forgot, this is important, always do it with a lubricant such as Vaseline, lotion, or baby oil and never use soaps or shampoos which are too harsh." "That is a lot to remember.

Mom, I love you." "I love you too my little man. We have plenty of time for your Aunt Helen and me to teach you a man's duties." She leans over with her smooth globes and still stiff nipples. She steadies herself with her hand in his bare crotch noting that he still has some hardness. She closes her eyes and plants a kiss on his forehead. She straightens back up, "Now, Donnie, my little lover, let me get one more picture for your aunt.

Spread your legs a little. Here, let me put this magnificent thing to the side so they can see your nice scrotum too. Oh, that is a new word 'scrotum.' There.

Got it! "Do you want me to wash you? … Okay then you do it and get dressed.

I'll stash the newspaper and get the stuff off the floor before it gets sticky. I'll get you something to eat before soccer practice. We'll have a wonderful birthday party tonight and maybe you and I can have our own private one again when I tuck you in!"