Milf sexing with a stranger

Milf sexing with a stranger
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For about the twentieth time, I looked down the aisle to see why we were not departing. To my surprise, coming down the aisle towards me, was an attractive dark haired woman. Behind her I noticed the hostess closing the front door. I though she looked Brazilian, dark hair, olive complexion and wearing a dark blue dress that was buttoned right down the front. The dress was fitting at the top, where it was stitched in patterns with light blue cotton; highlighting her breasts, and then flaring out over her hips, down to her ankles.

I had just spent a few days in Milan on company business, and had boarded a British Airways flight for London, departing Milan at 7:50 p.m. The flight was not that full, so I asked for a row of seats to myself, as it had been a tough set of meetings and I wanted to catch some sleep, even though the flight was not all that long.

Because I was rather late to the check-in, I was informed that the only free row was down near the back. As I walked down the aisle, I noted that the rows towards the back of the plane all only had one or two persons in them, so plenty of people had the same idea as I did. When I got to my seat, I found that I was in the second to last row the row behind me was empty, I guessed it had been left free for the stewardesses to place their bags etc.

My seat was the aisle seat (I always ask for that) and I sat myself down, expecting to move over and spread out once the plane was in the air. I was one of the last to board, so I glanced down the aisle, watching the final passengers for anyone that may have been placed in my row. When there had been no passengers boarding for 10 minutes or more, I started wondering what the delay was.

That is until I saw Miss Brazil hit the aisle. As she walked towards me I couldn't help but wish I had not asked for a row to myself, as she really was a very attractive lady. Then she came right down to the back, right beside me, looked at her ticket and exclaimed that she was sitting in the window seat of my row. I did not complain, but leapt up, helped her get her travel bag into the overhead locker and ushered her past me. Once she was seated and had her handbag under the seat in front, I leaned across and spoke.

"You only just made the flight." "Yes, the bus from Verona to the airport was held up. It was a long ride getting here." She answered. I thought she sounded very nervous and thought to myself, that she looked a bit stressed out.

"Where are you going?" I asked. "I'm going home to visit my family in Argentina." She replied. Ah! I thought, not Miss Brazil after all, she must have been Miss Argentina. I would have left her alone then, as I find most passengers just want to have their own space when flying. But she struck up a conversation and although nervous, seemed to want my companionship.

In the next five minutes I found out that her name was Senalda, but that her friends called her "Sena". She was thirty two and she was married to an Italian guy in Verona, she had lived there for five years and been back home for monthly visits twice in those five years. This time she was going back for 2 months. I also found out she absolutely hated flying, in her words - it terrified her.

She spoke English really well, with the sexiest accent, as you can imagine with that Latin blood. In response to her questions, I told her that I was from New Zealand, had spent a few days in Milan on business and was visiting friends in London before travelling back home.

I also mentioned to her that I was at least 20 years older than her, which she wouldn't believe. No one ever picks my age, but it is always nice when people argue that you must be much younger. As the engines started up, Sena leaned over and asked if I would sit by her, as she was scared.

So I lifted the arm rest, undid my belt and slid across into the centre seat. I was expecting the airhostess sat in the rear galley to jump up and tell me off, they usually do, but they were already all buckled in somewhere behind in the galley and could not see me. I looked to see what the guy in the row opposite ours was thinking, but noted he was a very large man and already had his eyes closed, with his head on a pillow up against his window.

Sena seemed very keen to keep talking; I expect that her fear was driving her to be so talkative. It certainly was not upsetting me; I am always keen to entertain a pretty woman. I proceeded to tell Sena that I had been an aircraft engineer and had my private pilot's license and there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of. However I quickly noted by the panic stricken look on her face, that whatever I said, I was not going to alleviate her fear by telling her it was OK.

I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do to help her. So I told her a couple of funny jokes and had her laughing, albeit nervous laughter. Then the aircraft bumped back, as the Tug moved the plane from the gate. "Will you hold my hand?" She exclaimed. Before I could even move to comply, she reached over and wrenched my hand over her side of the armrest and gripped it in her lap with both hands. I swivelled around to look at her, and found myself looking into the eyes of one very frightened lady.

I shifted my right hand onto her leg, with absolutely no intention other than to comfort her and let her know I was calm and everything was going to be alright. But her reaction was quite the opposite of what I expected. Her legs parted slightly and she looked pleadingly into my eyes. That slight of movement from Sena, the slightest opening movement of her legs, was enough. It told me that even though she was terrified, or probably because of it, she needed comforting. Just to be sure, I leant over and whispered in her ear.

"Would you like me to take your mind of everything?" I think she was too scared to talk, she just nodded at me. I moved my hand a little higher, pushed down, taking the dress in between her legs and stroked the material up and down just above the knee.

I felt my fingers on the buttons, so slipped them through the buttons and stroked the bare flesh of her inner thigh. I don't think Sena had really comprehended what my idea of comforting was, She nervously looked around to see who was watching. I could not believe she was going along with this. I guessed she was just wanting comfort and not really thinking too far ahead, about where things may lead to. About this time they dimmed the lights for take-off, with an announcement that you could turn your reading light on if you wanted to read.

I leaned over to her again. "The hostesses are all buckled in and won't get up until we are airborne. And the guy opposite seems to be fast asleep, so relax and I will watch to see no one is looking." She didn't relax, but she didn't stop me moving my hand higher either. I couldn't believe my luck, and thought "what the Fuck I may as well go for the sky". So I slipped my hand out from between her legs and opened the two buttons in her lap. She gave me a bit of a worried look (that is on top of the look of terror that was still deeply set in her eyes), so I gave her my best smile and told her it would be OK and I would keep a lookout.

Sena leant forward and grabbed the blanket from the floor and pulled it up onto her knees. I knew then for certain that I could do almost whatever I liked, so I flicked the rest of the buttons open right down to her knees and opened the blanket up for her a bit so she could cover herself if needed. The blanket seemed to give her some security, and she opened her legs a bit more.

I spread her dress apart and took in the view of her beautiful tanned legs all the way up to a pair of white lace knickers. Her seat belt actually helped to keep the dress apart at her waist and I undid two more of the lower buttons and slipped the dress outside her knees. Moving my hand back between her legs, I massaged from her knees right up to those lacy almost transparent knickers. All this time we had been running down the taxiway, but suddenly we stopped.

Sena jerked her legs together, covered herself and looked to see what was happening. I calmly leaned over to her ear and explained we were just in the queue waiting for permission to take off.

I pushed the blanket to the side, applied slight pressure and she opened her legs again. Again I proceeded to stroke may hand from knee to crotch, lingering around her mound each time I reached the top of her legs and giving it nudges with my knuckles. This seemed to be having the desired affect and calming her a little, so at the end of one stroke, I cupped her mound and pushed a finger against her slit. Keeping a little pressure on, my finger worked her knickers into the warm confines between her pussy lips.

Suddenly there was an announcement from the captain. Sena grabbed the blanket back into her lap, but I didn't remove my hand. "This is the Captain speaking. We are behind three other aircraft waiting for clearance to take off.

There is going to be a slight delay of maybe ten minutes or so. Please stay in your seats and relax, we will be on our way soon." Wow, this was getting better and better, there was going to be at least 15 minutes before we were likely to have anyone moving about the aisle. I glanced across at the guy next door; he was still fast asleep, so if the captain's message had not woken him, I was pretty certain he was going to stay out to it.

I just kept moving my hand slowly up and then down in between her legs, all the time feeling her panties getting wet around my finger. Moving my hand away from her panties, I stroked down inside one leg and up the other leg.

Now that there was more time, I did not want to move too quickly. But every time my hand reached the top of her legs, I made sure it brushed across her mound and down the other leg again. Her knickers now had a dark wet stain on them and that had made them almost transparent; I could see a narrow landing strip of black pubic hairs pointing down to the wet patch that now revealed the glistening, pouting lips of her pussy.

I got a desperate urge to see more, so I took her hand that was holding the blanket and moved it up to her left hip and hooked her fingers under the thin strip of lace on that side of her briefs, then took the band the was on her right hip in my hand and started to pull her briefs down. Again, amazingly, she didn't hesitate and lifted up a bit and helped me pull them down to just above her knees.

This was too easy; I kept pulling them past her knees, deciding I wanted a souvenir. Sena put up the first real resistance when I pulled her panties over her knees and down to her feet. "Relax; it is going to feel really sexy and erotic without them on." I breathed in her ear. She gave up reluctantly and lifted each foot to let me take them off. I placed her panties down between my legs, and then returned to stroking her legs and running my fingers up around her mound.

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Looking into her eyes, I could see she was still really terrified. I felt the plane move forward and knew we were that much closer to the runway. I only had one hand to work with still; as Sena still had a very firm grip on my left hand which she was holding against her stomach. The next time I dragged my fingers up her legs I moved them up through her slit around her clit, close but not touching it and tried to lift her hand away from mine.


But she was having none of it, she just gripped it tighter. So I returned down, cupped her mound and slid my fingers in between her lips. It was like playing a flute, every finger had a part to play, I sorted out all the most sensitive spots and moved her juices around so every finger was picking up juice from her vaginal opening and spreading it over the lips, clit and down onto her butt hole. Sena's legs spread as wide as the armrests would allow, she was becoming aroused.

I re-arranged my fingers so that two of them were pushing against her opening, while the others were still working each side of her clit and opening her up like a flower, so I could watch what was happening. She was moving her hips slightly now, the movements were an attempt to get my fingers up inside her, but I kept them just at the entrance and didn't let them slip in more the a few millimetres.

The plane moved forward again another plane taken off. This time she didn't give a startled jerk, but I think she realised that time was running out, as she let go of the blanket moved her hand between her legs and tried to push my fingers into herself. I let them slip in a small amount and then held them there, bending the tips up onto the roof of her vagina and continued to work on her clit with my thumb and first finger.

She was definitely working at getting herself of now, so I helped out by moving my left hand down to her mound and rolling it over so that her own fingers on the hand still gripping mine, rested up against her clitoris. I then indicated that she should work at it herself. She pulled her fingers away, looked at me and mouthed "No," so I mouthed back "Yes," pulled my fingers out of her and with my left hand rolled hers back against her clit again. As she touched it I pushed my fingers in again, but again she tried to move them away, so I pulled my fingers all the way out of her this time.

Sena, finally started to work out that I really wanted to see her play with herself, and she tentatively put her fingers back on her clit, to which I slipped two fingers back into her and as deep as I could get them this time.

She arched her back and tried to slip down the seat a little more, so I eased the seat belt open giving her some freedom. The plane now swung around in an arc, and I knew they were lining up ready for the take-off.

The sound of the engines increased and I felt the brakes release. I upped the tempo, thrusting two fingers firmly as deep as I could get them and started sliding a third finger through her juices, in anticipation of trying to insert that as well.

Sena was now working hard at getting herself of; her fingers were moving erratically over her clit or down to feel my own fingers slipping into her. Watching this had me almost coming, my prick was jerking and hurting it was so hard. With my left hand now free, I moved it up and massage her breasts, through the material of her dress. While I slipped the third finger in and pushed into her hard with little jerks to try and get the three fingers in deeper still. She was so close, I leaned in and licked and nibbled at her ear.

I don't know if that tipped her over the edge but she came hard. Thank god the engines were roaring, as she let out a long moan of ecstasy and I could hear it even though she had her mouth closed tight. Sena's legs had closed around my hand, so I couldn't have pulled my fingers out even if I had wanted to. She did pull the blanket up and covered herself and coyly hid her face in my neck as she slowly came down from her orgasm.

The she whispered in my ear that she wanted to go to the toilet. I looked around; we were still all alone, although I could hear the hostesses moving about in the rear galley, as we were climbing away from the runway now.

I noted that the seat belt lights were still on.

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"We can't get up yet, the seatbelt lights are on. Can you hold on for a few minutes?" "Yes!

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But shift your hand out gently, I need to button my dress up." said Sena. "I'll have to come with you, I need relief; look what you have done to me." I said, pulling her hand into my lap and placing it on my very hard cock.

As Sena started buttoning up her dress, I lifted the blanket onto both our laps, but held it up a few inches to give her some privacy. Just as well, as one of the hostesses strode off down the cabin and looked in at us as she passed. Within seconds the other hostess also took off to the front of the aircraft. I saw our opportunity to move, even though the seatbelts were still lit up. "Come on, there is no one back here now let's go." "I haven't got all my buttons done up yet." "Doesn't matter, if we move quick there is no one to see us.

Come on." I said. As I had stood up, I noticed Sena's panties were on my seat; I grabbed these and slipped them into my pocket, then held her arm and helped her get out into the isle. We clumsily manoeuvred ourselves out between the seats and the two or three steps across the aisle, with Sena clutching the bottom half of her dress closed.

I opened one of the toilets and guided Sena in, then followed her in as well. She balked a bit at this and said I should use the one opposite. But I was having none of that and squeezed in then shut the door. There wasn't a lot of room, but there was more than I had expected. I could see that Sena was reluctant to go to the toilet in front of me, so I reached around her and lifted her dress up past her waist, then pushed her down onto the toilet seat.

Then I released my uncomfortably hard prick from my trousers and gave it a few strokes to relieve the pressure. Amazingly, Sena leaned forward pushed my hands out of the way and took me in her mouth.

"What a beautiful big cock…" Sena declared softly, peering around the side of it. I heard her pee hitting the toilet base and bent down; spread her legs so I could watch and stood there in ecstasy as she worked on giving me some relief.

Problem was, I was not going to last more than seconds if she kept this up and I now really wanted to fuck her. I suddenly realised that my dream of joining the mile high club, was for the first time in my life, a distinct possibility. Her pee slowed down and then there were just a couple of drips, so I lifted her under her arms and stood her up against the hand basin. Reaching down with my left hand I held her under her knee and lifted her leg up onto the toilet seat.

Then bending my knees, I used the same hand to rub the head of my cock up and down her slit. I don't know why but I expected some resistance. But there was none, Sena was into this as much as I was now. She lifted up on her toes and moved forward until her mound was against my stomach; then reached around behind herself, between her legs and pulled me into her.

I leaned back and undid all the buttons she had just re-done. But kept going until I had her Bra exposed and this I lifted up above her breasts and bent to work on her nipples with my lips.

"Oh yes, I like that, the other one too." she exclaimed. I leaned back and took in the view. This I had to burn into my memory, it was unlikely to ever happen again.

Sena was a very attractive lady, she had her eyes clenched firmly shut and was now thrusting her hips against me. I had to clench my butt cheeks together and think of non-sexual activities to stop from coming, I really wanted this to last.

I had to close my eyes, as looking at her working at getting another orgasm, was going to bring me off just as quickly as fucking her. I gripped her butt hard to stop her movements, and quietly whispered in her ear, for her to give me a minute. Slowly the urge to cum subsided. I opened my eyes again, to see that she was now watching me. "You are very beautiful and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world." Still looking into my eyes, she replied "You are very beautiful as well." Not sure if I was OK about being called beautiful, but you had to forgive her when she used that sexy Latin accent.

I started moving into her again, then eased her leg to one side and lowered the toilet seat. Reached up and removed her dress from her shoulders, sort of folded it up and dropped it over the toilet. What the hell! I undid her bra and placed that on top of her dress. She was now totally nude apart from her shoes, and offered no resistance, just started moving her hips in to meet my thrusts.

Sena was no longer seated on the basin; she had lifted herself off by clasping her hands behind my neck. One hand I slipped behind her arse and used it to pull her against me, the other I massaged her breasts and pulled on her nipples. They were hard and very dark against the light olive complexion of her breasts. In no time I was ready to come again. "Shit hold still, I don't want to come yet." "I think we need to be quick, before someone comes" said Sena.

"The first person to come is going to be me. Fuck them they can just wait." This time I just held still and clenched down hard to let the building tension ease away. But it was not going away, so I pulled out of her and sank down onto my knees. On the way down I pulled and rolled each of her nipples between my lips, then ran my tongue over her stomach and through her bush.

I took both her arse cheeks in my hands and pulled her onto me.

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I savoured the aroma and buried my tongue as deep as I could; I was rewarded with a flow of sweet nectar. Sena made little circular motions, rubbing her clit onto my front teeth and upper lip. I was still really close to Cumming, but just managed to ward it off.


However, I was enjoying the pleasure I was obviously giving Sena, and so I stayed on my knees and worked my tongue around the folds of her pussy, making sure my upper lip was constantly in contact with her now very erect clit. Sena had sat back onto the basin, she dropped her hands to my head and was guiding me into the places that needed attention. She was pushing onto me with little gyrations of her hips.

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I could see she was going to cum again, so I slipped a finger into her arse and wrapped my lips around her engorged clit and sucked hard. Sena let out a load moan, clamped her legs together around my head and her body spasmed and jerked as she reached another mind blowing orgasm. I started to panic, I couldn't move it was so cramped and I seriously started to worry about the lack of air.

Just as I was thinking about how to get her off me, she reached down and pulled me to my feet. She opened her legs, lifted one onto the toilet seat again and pulled me against her.

I wasn't going to fuck about any more, I just grabbed my prick and pushed it between her legs, rubbed it around in her juices and then slid straight back into her. Sena arched her back and pushed down to meet my thrusts and we quickly fell into a rhythm together. The funny thing was that I didn't even feel the urge to cum now.

I pumped away until I felt her getting quite urgent again. She had her head nuzzled into my neck and I watched her in the mirror, as she started to shudder and buck against me again. Finally as she was settling down, I felt my own orgasm building. So I upped the tempo and pumped away until I shot about 5 days of cum into her. She just clung to me, as I slowly stroked away as my erection faded.

We kissed for a minute, then I helped her get her bra and dress back on. Pulling my trousers up, I told her I would leave first and let her dress and tidy herself up. I cracked the door very carefully, noted there was no one waiting and slipped out the door. Both hostesses were back preparing the drinks and food trolleys. One of them gave me a very knowing look, but I ignored her and took the couple of steps back to my seat. As I gripped the seat back to slide into our row, the woman in front of us looked up at me, smiled and gave me a wink.

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I turned red with embarrassment, she obviously was very aware of all that had happened. I'm not one to get embarrassed very easily; I think it was more for Sena than myself really. Sena came back to her seat a few minutes later; I gave her arse a nice squeeze as she slid past me into her seat. "I need my panties back; I have none to put on before I get to Argentina." "No, I am keeping them to remember you by." "But I am going to leak all over my dress." "I'll get you some towels." I realised I needed to pee really badly.

And so hopped up and headed back to the toilet. Again the hostess gave me a strange look as I opened the toilet door. I hope she didn't think I was going back in there to masturbate! The toilet smelled of sex, mixed with the deodoriser smells they use. After peeing and slipped about 4 of the cotton hand towels into my pocket, I let myself out of the toilet. There were a couple of people waiting to use it now. Again I felt a deep embarrassing red creep over me, as it came to me that the woman waiting to go in there was going to think I had masturbated in there, the smell of sex was so obvious to me.

Back at the seat, I handed Sena the hand towels and watched as she slid a couple of them between her legs and around under her. I found this very sexy, and felt I could probably have another session and get off again. But it was not possible there were now a steady stream of people coming back to use the toilets.

Life can be very tough sometimes!!!! We talked for the next hour and had a light snack that the hostesses brought around. Sena blushed as he told me that I had taken her mind of her fear of flying. But it hadn't removed her fear totally; she was still a bit nervous. She said she couldn't believe what we had done; she had been brought up with chaperones until she was 20 and reconed she had only ever slept with her husband before.

I couldn't get my mind of the fact that I was sitting next to a very attractive lady, who had nothing on under her dress. And so jokingly placed my hand above her knee again and said I had better remove some more of her fear. Sena Gasped and said, "No, look at all the people around now." She was right, but I left my hand on her knee and whenever the coast was clear, would move my hand up to the top of her thighs and brush my fingers against her mound.

She would half-heartedly try to hold my hand away, but really didn't put up much of a fight.

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About half an hour out from landing in London, The Captain came over the intercom again and gave us our estimated time for arriving outside the terminal and informed the hostesses to start preparing the cabin for landing.

Sena grabbed my hand again, and when I glanced into her eyes, I saw that the fear was back again. So I reached over and lifted the blanket back onto her knees, then slipped a couple of fingers between the buttons again and let them brush against the lips where I guessed her clit to be.

Again she was gripping my hand so hard, it was close to being painful, but she didn't try to stop those fingers moving around. So I pressed a little harder, so that her lips parted and the fingers slipped in between the lips and into the warm, drenched slit that contained her little nub of pleasure. Sena gave a little mew of pleasure; she opened her legs slightly and pulled my fingers hard against herself.

I wanted to start frigging her off, but noticed the hostess coming towards us down the aisle, checking seat-belts. I had to remove my hand and shift the blanket down, so that the fastened seat-belt was visible, and then got Sena to release my hand, so I could fasten my own. As soon as the hostess had passed and it looked like they were getting strapped in themselves. Sena grabbed my hand back again and thrust in down between her legs.

I half turned towards her and used my right hand to open a couple of buttons, then slipped two fingers back into her velvety smoothness, the lips parted around my fingers and I settled one on each side of her clit. Moving the fingers in little short strokes got some rapturous squeaks and moans from Sena.

I guess she knew the drill with the hostesses now and was showing no signs of worry about their catching us. Sena was very wet, I pushed further down and felt around her opening, she slid down on the seat, opened her legs and tried to pull my fingers into herself. The angle was all wrong for me with that hand, so I fought against her and slid my fingers back up to her nub of pleasure. Now with my right hand, I probed around her entrance then inserted two fingers, bending them up at the ends and rubbing the tips against her "G" Spot.

This certainly had the effect I was hoping for. Sena gyrated her hips around my hand and her juices flowed freely. I upped the tempo and was rewarded with Sena having another explosive orgasm.

I left my hands where they were and let her slowly come down.

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A few minutes later the plane touched down at Heathrow. She cleaned herself with the handtowels and buttoned up; all her inhibitions around me had disappeared. She did ask me again for her knickers, but I was adamant they were now mine. As the plane was taxiing to the terminal, I glanced over at the big guy in the opposite row. He was staring over at us, and I have no idea when he had woken up, but I was pretty certain by the look on his face, he had seen some of what had happened before we landed.

He looked away a bit embarrassed, but had a faint smile on his face. I didn't mention anything to Sena, I'm certain she would have been mortified. We dis-embarked together, and walked as far as the transit lounge entry. I gave her a kiss goodbye, and parted with reluctance. So I had finally managed to join the mile high club, albeit around 20 or 30 years later that I ever expected too.