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Hot chick clapping her ass on webcam
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 10 FAMILY SEX I had finished my college studies and now I was fully involved and was helping my dad and uncle in business. You all are aware that I was started taking interest in business when I was in college. By the time I finished my study, I become expert in export marketing of our product. I visited foreign countries even when I was in college and started dealing with foreign buyers at my own.

One day, I was feeling very tired when I returned from our farm house in the evening after hard work. My parents were waiting for me in lawn for me. I took tea with them and went to my room for a shower to become fresh. I removed all my cloths and entered in the bathroom.

You know that I am a very sexy girl and I could not stop myself from squeezing my own boobs with my own hands during the shower. At one stage, I moved my fingers up to my wet pussy but I did drop idea of fingering because I was already too tired.

I noticed the hairs were started to grow on my pussy and as I wish to keep my pussy clean and free from hairs all the time, I decided to clean them before sleeping after the dinner. I came out of the bathroom and put fresh bra and panty in place and put a gown on them for comfort. I searched for hair removing cream and I found it. I kept it on side of the bed to use it later. I was watching T.V. for some time and came down for dinner with my parents. My uncle was still out for some work and my dad informed me that he will come late.

We were taking dinner and my dad told me. Julee! Either you, or John (my uncle) or both of you have to go to Italy. In the day, we received a mail from one of the buyer and he wants some body there to discuss business for the next season.


Me: O.K. dad. Let uncle come and we will decide it tomorrow. Dad: OK. We have time in our hands. We were finished our dinner and were talking on general matters for some time. My dad noticed that I am tired so he told me to go for an early sleep. When I got up to go to my bedroom, I saw my uncle's car was coming. I said good night to everybody and went to my room. I locked my room from inside and also locked bathroom from my side.

(You are aware that my parents and I share a common bathroom between our rooms) I removed my gown and also removed my undergarments, took a towel and some tissue papers. I was sitting on the bed, resting my back on pillows and folding my legs and widen them in a comfortable position to apply hair removing cream on my little pussy hairs.

I put the towel under my naked ass and applied the hair removing cream. I had to wait for some time before cleaning the hairs. Now, after applying hair removing cream, I straight my legs in slightly widening position and put my head on back of bed. As I was already tired, I did not know, when I gone sleep in naked position with hair removing cream on my pussy hairs. I woke up after some time. Lights were still on because I went sleeping without turning it off.

May be this was the reason I woke up in half an hour. I saw the wall clock was showing 11.00 o'clock. I took tissue paper and started to clean my pussy.

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I stood up, went to the bathroom, locked bathroom door from inside which opens to my parent's room. I flushed the tissue papers and have cleaned my pussy with water.

My silky pussy was hairless again. I have unlocked the bathroom door of my parents and locked it from outside of my room. I took towel and wiped out my pussy before going to bad and turning the lights off.

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As my sleep was disturbed once, I was not getting it back and was lying naked on the bed with my eyes closed in search of sleep. After some time, I heard some sounds coming from my parent's bedroom. I understood that there must be a fucking game going on between my parents. (You are aware that I have watched my parents in sex so many times and I have learned my first lesson of sex after watching them in sex game.) For one moment, I thought that let them do it but as I am not getting sleep and I always enjoy watching my parent's fucking, I stood up to try my luck to see whether bathroom door is unlocked from inside of their room.

I turned the knob silently and was very happy to find it opened. I have opened it about an inch as I do always to watch them. As always, lights were on because my parents always enjoy keeping lights on during sex. Both of my parents were naked. (I was also naked that time) My mom was sitting on the corner of study table; her legs were around my dad's waist. They were in such a position that I could not see either my dad's cock or my mom's pussy. What I could see was ass of my dad and my mom's boobs.

Dad was holding both of her legs of in his hands. His cock was already in deep of my mom's pussy. I am very happy that my parents are having a very happy and successful sex life. They still love sex so much in there fifties and enjoy it in different positions like I do too. Their lips were locked and my mom's hands were on the table behind her for support. They finished a long kiss and my dad stood straight. Her legs were still in his grip and he started slowly stroking his cock in and out of my mom's pussy.

Her naked boobs were moving up and down with my dad's strokes. She was telling something to my dad and my dad was also telling something to her which I could not hear.

They must be talking sexy things. Unknowingly, I moved my hands up to my just did hairless pussy. It was already wet with juices seeing my parents fucking. I took every care not to make any sound. I have not started rubbing my pussy hard with speed because I knew that there will be some voice at the time of experiencing orgasm which I could not control.

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I was moving my fingers slowly above my silky pussy lips. There, dad has started his speed and mom's big boobs were dancing up and down with every stroke. It is always enjoyable for me to watch my parents fucking and I was doing it once again. The most important thing is that I was never caught any time watching my parent's fucking or having sex with my uncle. I always take care for a very safe sex game whether i am watching it or doing it. Dad have increase speed of his stokes and mom's eyes went close in pleasure.

Her big boobs were dancing and dancing. Moving and moving. Fast. Fast. and. fast. My dad was fucking my sexy mom and their sexy daughter was watching them. Now dad's speed has crossed the limit and he was fucking hard with strong and powerful strokes. I understood that they are near their climax and unwillingly, I had to move from there because of in fear of being caught. Slowly, I shut the bathroom door without any noise and came to my room.

I did not forget to close the bathroom door from inside of my room. I was already too wet, hot and horny. I was in need of a good and strong fuck and thank god, my uncle is always there to do this.

I put gown on my naked body and walked out of my room with key of my uncle's bedroom ( I keep a key of his bed room and he keeps a key of my bedroom so that we can reach each other for a fuck without any problem ) just opposite of my bed room. I tried his door but it was locked. I used the key and opened the door.

Uncle was in deep sleep on his bed wearing only underwear. His upper portion of the body was naked. There was dim light of night lamp but I could see all clearly. He was sleeping on his back and his underwear was flat above his cock and I understood that his cock is soft.

I locked the door and reached up to his bad and was thinking how to start. For one moment, I thought that I should not disturb him but at very next moment, I dropped that idea because I was in urgent need of sex. I was on his bed sleeping next to him. I moved my hand to his soft cock. He was still in deep sleep.

His cock was very soft like a child's cock and I have started to massage it softly. His cock was becoming growing like air is going in balloon.

It was getting hard and hard very soon. He was still in sleep and must be seeing some sexy dream when I made his cock hard. Soon, he opened his eyes realizing his cock in my grip over his underwear.

Uncle: oh darling! I was with you in dreams. Me: I am here with you. He turned towards me. My gown was up to my knees that time and he moved his hands on my legs up to my waist. He did notice that I was not wearing anything under my gown.

He opened knot of my gown and I let my gown out through my arms. I was completely naked with just cleaned pussy before him.


I took charge of his dick and removed his underwear through his legs. Now, we both were in our birthday suit. I was moving my hands on his body and his hands were roaming on my body touching all up and down of my body with love.

He took me over him and our lips were locked with each others. He took my spongy tongue in his mouth and was sucking it. I became hotter and was rubbing my naked body to his naked body.

His fully erected, hard, hot, long, thick and rod like cock was touching my bums. I was rubbing my hard boobs against his hairy chest. I was disparate to have his cock deep in to my pussy. I moved my hand under me and took his cock and positioned it under my pussy. His hands were moving on my back and he was squeezing my round ass. His fingers ran many a times on my ass creek which made me more mad. He understood that I need a fuck immediately without wasting any time. He pulled me little up and started to suck my hard nipple.

He was moving his tongue on my nipple in such a sexy way that I was feeling myself in the air on love plane. Now the position was perfect to have his hard cock in to my pussy. I moved my hand again under me and hold his cock between my fingers. It was so hot and dancing that I could not control myself from putting it on my pussy door. I pushed my back down to have it in to my pussy but we were in such a position that only head of his dick was went in to my pussy. He finished his nipple sucking job and we were adjusting our position for a wonderful fuck.

I was sitting on my knees on his sides. His cock was deep in to my juicy pussy. I put both of my hands behind me on his thighs to make a perfect position to allow his hard cock to go in and come out without any problem.

He was squeezing my boobs softly and I took charge of fucking in woman on top position. Before starting in and out action of his dick in to my pussy, I did a surprise act for him. While sitting on him and his cock in side of my pussy, I moved my back/ass in round like a grinder and oh my god. what a never before experienced pleasure we were having by my action. I was continued to move my ass in round and round and round.

His hard cock was rubbing on my pussy's inner walls on all the sides. You can imagine impact of this action very well. While I was moving my ass in round and round, his hands was under my ass squeezing and supporting my action.

I did this action for about 10 rounds and returned to the normal fucking game. I was moving my ass up and down and his cock was moving in and out of my pussy with my action. He was also supporting my action from down moving his back up when I was moving my ass down. His long and hard dick was touching deep in to my pussy and we both were enjoying.

We started slowly but we had increased our speed automatically. I was stroking from up to his cock and he was stroking my juicy pussy from down. I noticed both of my boobs were dancing and moving up and down with our stroking action.

Once again, I remembered my mom's boobs moving during sex game with my dad before some time. We both were moving our backs in a systematic way like we are dancing on the floor. As I was already too hot and horny by watching my parents fuck and have also moved my fingers for quite some time on my pussy before fucking with uncle, I was near my climax very early. Uncle understood this from my speed and action and co-operated fully to take me up to my destination.

A sexy sound of fucking when his cock was going inside and coming out side was coming to our ears. I believe that fuck sound and music is the best music in the world. My ass was in action up and down.

up and down. up and down. There were no sign of finishing from uncle but I was about to reach. Oh dear. darling. I am reaching. Were the words coming out from in my mouth in sex pleasure and I fished. I experienced a strong orgasm. I was sitting on joint of his legs with his cock deep in to my pussy and was squeezing my pussy in pleasure.

I remained in that position for some time. What a wonderful fuck. I am very lucky that I have wonderful fuck every time with minimum two strong orgasms each time. His squeezing of my boobs was continued and we both were sweating little bit. I knew that we shall have to go for another round of fucking because uncle was still on his mid way and I wanted to take him till the last station of joy and pleasure.

I moved down on the bed from his top as I was not having much energy left in me to fuck him in woman on top position. I was lying down on the bed with him on my back. His cock was wet with my pussy juices and I could notice that it had become more stiff and waiting to throw cum showers in side of my juicy pussy. He kissed me again and was moving his hands all over my naked, lovely and sexy body.

He indicated me to turn around and for a moment, I thought that he was going to fuck my ass. But I know that he did not like ass fucking.

I understood that he was going to fuck my pussy from behind. I was on my side and my upper leg was slightly on his legs. In short he was in a perfect position to fuck me from back side. He took his hard and wet tool in his hand and put it on my golden door of pussy.

His hard cock was slipped in side of my pussy without much problem as both my pussy and his cock were wet enough.

I was in his arms and my boobs were in grip of his palms. He was moving his back to guide his cock in and out. His ass was moving forward and backward. His thighs were touching to my round and well shaped hard ass while he was stroking me from back.

All fucking positions are unique and I like all of them but there is some unexplainable thing about receiving the cock in pussy from back side which I like every time. I thought about my parents that time. They must have in deep sleep after enjoying good sex, without knowing the fact that their daughter was being fucked in another room by her own uncle.

He was making hard strokes in to my juicy pussy and there were again sexy sound in the room when his thighs touch my lovely ass with every stroke. Both of his legs were between my legs, folded a little bit from his knees to give me and also take maximum possible fuck pleasure.

His cock was moving in and out with his every movement and stroke. I started to develop another pre orgasm pleasure and I too started to match his strokes by moving my ass. I was towards my second pleasure and he wanted to reach early to his first destination. Fucking pussy from back side allows minimum movement of your body and we were doing this skill fully.

I could feel inside my pussy that his cock became more stiff and hard. I too was near my second orgasm. He had increased his speed and his strokes were more power full now. I was reaching. reaching. reaching. And. reached to my second fuck pleasure orgasm. He was continued to stroke me fast and I knew that he too will finish soon.

His cock became more stiff and he fired shower of his warm cum in deep of my pussy and hugged me tight from behind. I was already in heaven with him and he also enjoyed is sex journey with me.

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His cock was spreading warm cum in to my pussy. I could notice that he had stiffen his ass in pleasure of firing cum and his cock was dancing in my pussy with every cum throw. He was moving his hand with love on my body, on my boobs, on my ass and on my thighs up to knees.

My eyes were closed in a great fuck satisfaction and I was enjoying and liking movement of his hand on my body.

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We remained there in the same position with his dick inside of my pussy. His cock was started to becoming soft after a good pussy taste. He moved backward and his cock was out of my pussy. I stood up and went up to bathroom to clean my pussy with soap and water.

When I returned from bathroom, I could not control my smile when I saw him in the same naked position on the bed on his back. His soft but wet cock was resting on his balls. He knew that I like soft cock so much and he always allow me to play with it, suck it after a good fuck.

I reached up to his cock and took it straight away in my mouth. I tested a mixture of my own pussy juices with his cum from his soft cock.

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The cock was so soft that I could take it fully in my mouth up to his balls. My hands were playing with his balls and he was also enjoying this with his closed eyes.

I took it out and grip it in my palms. It was fully in my palms like a rat. I rubbed it on my boobs and oh my god. oh my god. What a good feeling, His soft cock on my soft boobs. I took it again in my mouth and it has started to become big again.

Length of his cock was increasing and I could not keep it fully in my mouth. Within no time, it was again in fully erect position ready for another sex game.

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I experienced two orgasms in his one go and I wanted to give him second pleasure. I pulled down cock head skin down and was sucking his cock like an ice cream. My tongue was moving on his soft cock head and I tasted pre cum coming out from small hole of his cock.

His cock was becoming stiff and stiff. His cock head was in my mouth and I hold his cock from down and tighten my grip on it. I was moving my hand up and down and was sucking his cock. His cock was completely in my grip, down portion in my hand and upper portion in my mouth. He was moving his fingers in my hairs in love and pleasure.

Once again, within a short period, we were involved in another sex game. How lucky I am. Now his cock was became so hard and long that only his cock head was in my mouth. I took out it from my mouth but it was still in tight grip of my hand. I moved my head up and locked my lips with his lips.

He was sucking my lower lip and I was sucking his upper lip. My hand was continued to do up and down movement holding his cock. We finished our kissing and my head was resting on his hairy big chest. His long, thick and strong cock was before my eyes and I was giving him a good hand job according to my best. His hand was moving on my back up to upper portion of my ass. I was enjoying it too.

His cock was so long that only 50% was in between my palm and I was doing it up and down, up and down, up and down. I knew that it will take a longer time to cum because he is a sexually strong man and he just cum in side of my pussy. I changed my hand and now I was in such a position that my head was on his arm and I was straight on the bed on my back.

He too moved his hand up to my pussy because it was very easy for him now in this position. I widen my legs to allow him to play with my pussy. He was moving his middle finger on my pussy lips and after moving it for some time, he put his finger between my pussy lips and was moving it up and down in between my pussy lips. It was a wonderful fucking night to have pleasure once more. I was continuing stroking his cock and he was stroking my clit with his skill full finger.

My pussy, once again started to release juices which made easier for him to move his finger. He also inserted his finger in to my pussy hole and I enjoyed his finger fucking after hard cock fucking.

He asked me to move little upward so that he could move his finger deep in to my pussy. Now his middle finger was moving deep in to my pussy and he was stimulating my clit with help of his index finger and thumb. What a wonderful finger fucking I was having. I have increased my hands speed and he had also increased his speed of doing his finger in and out with stimulating my clit again and again. I was again near finish and my legs were became stiff and stiff before another orgasm with finger fucking.

My eyes were gone close in pleasure. I was continued to stroke his dick up and down to the best of my ability as I wanted to give maximum possible pleasure to my lover and fucker uncle. He was doing finger fucking to me and I was giving him a good hand job.

We both were moving our hands in speed and like always, I reached first before my partner finished. I have tightened my legs and thighs with his middle finger in side of my pussy in pleasure of another strong orgasm. I did not stop my hand action on his dick and I was doing it up and down holding it tightly. He started to lift his back and I understood that he is ready to fire his cum. I was continuing doing it up and down. Up and down. Oh dear!!!!!!! He said and thrown his cum high up in the air with a great force.

His cum came down on both of our naked bodies all over, particularly on upper parts. He was firing his cum again and again and I was holding his cock and was stroking it mildly and softly so that he could fire out all his cum. His cock was dancing in my hands and we hugged each other tightly in full sex satisfaction.

As his cum was on both of our naked bodies, we were feeling sexy and sticky wetness but we remained on the bed in hugging position for some time with our eyes closed. He kissed me on my cheek and we both went to the bathroom together to clean ourselves. Upper parts of both of our bodies were full of his cum, more by hugging each other. We both were feeling tired, particularly I was feeling more tired.

We looked on the clock while going to bathroom. I t was 1.00 o'clock in the night. We took shower together at this time of night and cleaned each other's body with a lot of love. He did not forget to massage my boobs during shower and I did not forget to rub his soft cock and squeezed his ass.

We wiped out each other's naked body with a soft towel and returned to the room. I put my gown on my naked body and he was having towel around his waist. I kissed him and said "good night dear!" "Good night my darling, Have a nice sleep" he said and came up the door to lock it from inside. I moved out of his room and reached up to door of my room.

I opened the door of my room and turned back. He was watching me. I smiled and waived my hand. He too smiled and waived his hand. I have locked the door from inside and went up to the bed. A flash back film of fucking parents and my fuck with uncle was running through my closed eyes and I did go in to deep sleep very soon.

In the morning, on the breakfast table, we discussed about foreign business trip and it was decided that both, my uncle and me will go to Italy for a week after 10 days. Everybody moved to their work after breakfast. Uncle and dad went to farm house, mom went to the kitchen and I stepped in to the office on front side of the house.

I called my boyfriend and informed him about my foreign trip. He also informed that he will be going to Delhi next week for an interview in MNC. We were having about a week in our hands before going out and we decided to enjoy it by making a good program. As it is already very long story, I finish it here and I will tell you about my further enjoyment with boyfriend and also about my exciting foreign trip with uncle, in next part of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY.